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March 18, 2020

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David Icke Explains How the Elite are Using Coronavirus to Reshape the Global Economy

by Phillip Schneider
March 21, 2020

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"This coronavirus hysteria

gives them an excuse to do what they're doing,

and the consequences of what they're doing

is to dismantle the world economic system."

David Icke



On Wednesday, David Icke appeared as a guest on London Real to discuss his perspective on the coronavirus and the global lockdown happening right now.


The greater implication, he says, is that while people are in a state of fear, they are passively allowing increasing authoritarian controls over their lives, and that this new power grab will not be rolled out when the crisis ends.


The types of government totalitarianism that are being pushed amid the coronavirus outbreak include the encouragement of going cashless, mandatory vaccinations, and most importantly, vast economic controls which we have never seen before this event.

"The way the whole economic system is being shut down is suicide. What happens when it reaches a point where in its present state it cannot survive?"

David Icke

In most US states, local governments have closed down restaurants, bars, hair salons, and coffee houses against the interests of business owners as a means to stop the spread of the coronavirus.


As a result, millions of people have already lost their jobs and are unsure about whether they will be able to pay rent. Governments claim that without extreme measures, many more will die, and hospital beds will overfill.

"You have to keep the reaction in proportion to the problem," David says. "so maybe more needs doing in parts of Italy."

David has argued for years that the financial elite are attempting to create what he dubs the "Hunger Games society," where most people live in poverty while a few at the top enjoy vast wealth and are protected by a police state which enforces strict controls on most people.

"This ‘hunger games' society is designed to have no small business, no medium-sized business globally, just gigantic corporations that control and produce everything…


What this coronavirus hysteria is creating is a situation unfolding by the hour worldwide that is destroying small business, family business, [and] even medium-sized business."

David Icke

It's hard to disagree that the biggest impact of the virus will be economic, and David's explanation fits in with the globalist agenda that so many patriots and concerned citizens have been working to expose for several decades:

The Response to Coronavirus is the New World Order / Agenda 21...

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