April 01, 2020

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Do you want to know what's really going on?


Why a flu virus is being used as an excuse to destroy the world's economies and take away our liberties?


Why the MSM (Mainstream Media) is telling us that things are never going back to how they used to be, and that this is the "new normal"?


Why the 'powers that shouldn't be' push so viciously for "social distancing"?


Why they want us all to reduce our circles of friends by 75% and isolate from one another?


Why they want to criminalize gatherings?


Why they want us to stop using cash?


Why they want to introduce digital money and a universal basic income?


OK, then you have to watch this:








We're Living in 12 Monkeys

by  Aaron and Melissa Dykes

March 24, 2020

from TruthStreamMedia Website


It is as if we went to sleep one night and woke up in Terry Gilliam's dystopic viral film "12 monkeys". If you haven't seen that one recently, it'd be great timing to watch it again with fresh eyes.


This entire ordeal we are all living through together has been surreal; most of us have naturally wavered in and out of fear and anxiety, and we don't know what's yet be yet to come.


With the headlines constantly flooding in an information overload as this whole scene plays out, it has been difficult just to keep up with events… but alas, a narrative IS emerging.




The New World Order (NWO)


If we could choose one word for it, we would choose "coordinated".


All these emergencies and viral situations certainly appear to be playing into a previously discussed program which would rapidly - and perhaps - irrevocably change society forever.


As this MIT Technology Review article boldly proclaims,

"We're not going back to normal",

...instead, works are underway to require even more surveillance and tech-authorization for anything and everything, even controlling for our very right to go into public, and into businesses, attend events and more in the future.


Not just now, while things are reportedly getting worse, but perhaps indefinitely...


This is how THEY see the future… and it isn't clear just how much choice any of us would have in this future being outlined now.


Of course, the future isn't written yet, but it is clear that a number of key insiders, and many of the usual suspects, already have a draft-of-the-future in hand, and are attempting to operate from its script.


What is being attempted here is like toast - there is no going back to just a piece of bread if this transformation is completed.


It may be time for a change in our society, but we should all be very, very cautious as to what change the public is preparing to accept, rally behind - and even believe wholeheartedly in under the guise of this recent emergency.


Any number of agendas and conspiracies are getting wrapped up in what appears to be a real Godfather "finishing all the family business" moment.


This is a major move the likes of which we have never seen, and even the aftermath of 9/11 may stand in pale comparison to the change now being attempted.


It has been four days of editing, and warding off disbelief, shock, and anger over and over again… but something major is happening.


Will we say no in time...?


We are slowly realizing like a creeping horror this is what we've been reporting on all these years and didn't know it. So many agendas coming together under one giant umbrella...