Part III
Bringing It Home


Chapter 12

The UN's One-World Religion

The histories and symbols that served our fathers encumber and divide us. Sacraments and rituals harbor disputes and waste our scanty emotions.... The modernization of the religious impulse leads us straight to the effort for the establishment of the world state as a duty....1
— H.G. Wells, author, historian, and one-world Fabian Socialist, The Open Conspiracy, 1928

The United Nations is the chosen instrument of God; to be a chosen instrument means to be a divine messenger carrying the banner of God's inner vision and outer manifestation.2
— Master Sri Chinmoy, head of the UN Meditation Room

The responsibility of each human being today is to choose between the force of darkness and the force of light. We must therefore transform our attitudes and values, and adopt a renewed respect for the superior law of Divine Nature.3
— Maurice Strong, UNCED Secretary-General, keynote address to the UN Earth Summit, 1992

We must now forge a new "Earth Ethic" which will inspire all peoples and nations to join in a new global partnership of North, South, East and West. 4
— UN publication In Our Hands: Earth Summit '92

[T]he Antichrist and the Second Coming of women are synonymous. This Second Coming is not a return of Christ but a new arrival of female presence.... The Second Coming, then, means that the prophetic dimension in the symbol of the Great Goddess ... is the key to salvation from servitude....5
— Mary Daly, radical feminist "theologian," Boston College

Witches were freedom fighters for women because they taught contraception and abortion. The modern contribution is to elevate reproductive freedom to a universal human right....6
— Gloria Steinem, socialist, radical feminist, founder of Ms. magazine

Only a person totally deaf and blind could fail to notice the incredible occult, New Age, and neo-pagan explosion that has been rapidly transforming the Americas and Western Europe into what the advocates of global change gleefully refer to as "post-Christian civilizations."


A majority of Americans still consider themselves Christian, but find they are increasingly in retreat before a steady onslaught of anti-Christian media assaults, court rulings, attacks from academia, and pop culture offerings. Meanwhile, hedonism, Satanism, witchcraft, astrology, vampirism, homosexuality, Eastern mystic cults, and "Indigenous Peoples" religions are exalted by the same media mandarins and Hollywood elites who control our "news" and "entertainment."

What very few of these Americans realize is that this hideous "spiritual transformation" is tied directly to the United Nations, where the one-world architects intend to enthrone their planned New World Religion. And as this Satanic enthronement progresses (yes, we mean, literally, Satanic), Christians — and Orthodox Jews and Muslims as well — will find themselves increasingly in the crosshairs of the new world order, singled out as "bigoted," "dogmatic," and "intolerant" for insisting on clinging to their "archaic" and "divisive" religious beliefs.

Religious leaders and adherents of all sects are being aggressively evangelized to adopt the UN's new "global ethic," a gooey mιlange of religious syncretism, environmentalism, socialism, and militant secular humanism. People of all religious backgrounds are being enlisted to embrace this "global ethic" as a "core belief" of their religious faith.

As more and more people adopt this new "planetary consciousness," the one-world Insiders know that support will grow for:

  • global disarmament, for both individuals and nations

  • world government

  • paganism

  • environmental extremism

  • socialism and Communism

  • religious persecution, in the name of "tolerance" and combating "hate"

If the above statements are shocking and incredible to you, then you are unaware of easily verifiable facts concerning events and developments that are dramatically impacting our society. Many of the steps in this diabolic scheme are taking place before our very eyes, in the open, as British novelist and Fabian Socialist historian H.G. Wells proposed in 1928 in his The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints For a World Revolution.

Wells, an ardent one-worlder and one of the most widely read authors and intellectuals of his day, conceded that human history has proven that religious ideals are essential to the sustaining of any society.


However, having rejected Christianity and all other religions, he determined that only a new "modern" religion could sustain the socialist world government he was advocating.

"The conspiracy of modern religion against the established institutions of the world must be an open conspiracy," he averred, and must reject "secret methods or tactical insincerities."7

This statement was itself a "tactical insincerity," of course, since Wells and his one-world, socialist comrades never planned to be completely open about their schemes. Thus the brazen symbol of deception on the Fabian Socialist coat-of-arms: a wolf in sheep's clothing!

"It seems unavoidable," said the Fabian strategist, "that if religion is to develop unifying and directive power in the present confusion of human affairs it must adapt itself... ; it must divest itself of its sacred histories, its gross preoccupations, its posthumous prolongation of personal ends."


"The time has come," said Wells, "to strip religion right down to" what he saw as the spiritual essentials: "the desire for service" and "subordination."8

But "service" and "subordination" to the deities created by Prophet Wells and his fellow high-priests. Never one to allow humility to dim the glory of his divine brilliance, Wells boldly proclaimed:

"So I bear my witness and argue my design. This is, I declare, the truth and the way of salvation."9

Moreover, he announced,

"... it will be a world religion. This large loose assimilatory mass of groups and societies will be definitely and obviously attempting to swallow up the entire population of the world and become the new human community."10


Occult Connections

The global religion envisioned by Wells was a secular, socialist one, but some of his fellow Fabians had migrated from atheism to the occult. Two of the most important pilgrims of that variety were radical feminist Annie Besant and British journalist and newspaper publisher William Stead.

Besant became a fervent disciple of Madame Helena Blavatsky, the occultist, satanist founder of the modern Theosophical movement. Besant eventually became the international president of the Theosophical Society.

Alice and Foster Bailey, who succeeded Annie Besant, unabashedly revealed their demonic sympathies with the launching of Lucifer Publishing Company and its theosophical journal, Lucifer. Later, however, they realized that the Christian West was still too "unenlightened" to accept open Luciferian doctrine and changed the name of Lucifer Publishing Company to the more esoteric (and less likely to offend) Lucis Publishing Company.


They also established the Lucis Trust to serve as the umbrella organization for a profusion of globalist/New Age/occult organizations and programs that are key catalysts of the emerging new world religion. These include the Arcane School, World Goodwill, Triangles, Lucis Publishing, Lucis Productions, Lucis Trust Libraries, and the New Group of World Servers.11

According to the Lucis Trust,

"World Goodwill is recognized ... at the United Nations as a Non-governmental Organisation" and is "represented at regular briefing sessions at the United Nations in New York and Geneva."12

The "regular weekly broadcasts of talks given at World Goodwill Forum meetings and programs produced by Lucis Productions" in London and New York are beamed by Radio For Peace International in English, Spanish, German, and French, on shortwave, to a "worldwide audience" from the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica.13

Lucis Trust also serves as custodian of the Meditation Room at the UN's New York headquarters.14 This dark and ominous theosophical shrine contains no symbols of the world's major religions. A barren, metallic altar and a stark, Picassoesque mural of geometric shapes provide spiritual symbolism. Literature provided at the UN describes the symbols as "a rectangular six-ton block of iron ore lit by a single shaft of light and a muted abstract painting at the far end of the small room, similarly illuminated."15

And what does all this signify?


Theosophist authors Eunice and Felix Layton connect the room's symbolism to,

"the story of the descent of the divine into every human life, its apparent death and burial in the material world and its inevitable final triumphant resurrection."16

Keep in mind that it is Lucifer, the "light-bearer," who is the "divine" one in Blavatsky's twisted theosophist theology, and you'll understand why this bizarre temple is entirely apropos for the Tower of Babel on New York's East River.*


* Another principal conduit of UN spiritualism is the Temple of Understanding, operated with the support of the Lucis Trust. It is located near the UN at the historic Cathedral of St. John the Divine, a center of political and occult/New Age activism, which also houses the radical Interfaith Center of New York and the Luciferians of the Lindisfarne Center. Launched in the early 1960s as the "spiritual counterpart of the United Nations," The Temple of Understanding's founding sponsors included an odd assortment of Establishment Insiders, socialists, humanists, Communist frontiers, religious figures, and entertainment celebrities: Senator John D. Rockefeller IV (CFR, TC); then-Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara (CFR, TC); Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger; IBM president Thomas J. Watson (CFR); Socialist Party leader Norman Thomas; Eleanor Roosevelt; Time-Life president James A. Linen (CFR); homosexual author Christopher Isherwood; and Fabian Socialist professor and columnist Max Lerner.19

The Temple of Understanding works closely with the UN Secretariat, the World Council of Churches, the World Conference on Religion and Peace, the UN's Society for Enlightenment and Transformation, and other "spiritual leaders" to sponsor convocations for "global spirituality." These conferences, which have burgeoned in size and frequency over the past decade, invariably turn out to be workshops for religious syncretism, which aims at melding and blending the world's disparate faiths into one global, neo-pagan, occult religion or "Earth Ethic."

William Stead, publisher of the radical Pall Mall Gazette, was not only a socialist and theosophist — he was also an intimate associate of the super-rich, megalomaniacal, homosexual Cecil Rhodes, whom we discussed in Chapter 3.

Recall that Rhodes, William Stead, and a small group of highborn graduates of Oxford and Cambridge, all fervent apostles of the socialist Professor John Ruskin, formed a "secret society" (the words are Rhodes') called the "Society of the Elect." Rhodes admitted that his plan for dominion was "a scheme to take the government of the whole world."17


In other words, a conspiracy. Envisioning a UN-type world government vested with irresistible military force, Rhodes insisted that the scheme must entail "the foundation of so great a power as to hereafter render wars impossible."18 It was in the furtherance of this conspiracy that Rhodes' secret society founded the Royal Institute of International Affairs and CFR.


Both of these front groups, as we have seen, played key roles in establishing the UN, and are likewise involved in building the new global religion.

Indoctrination: Subordination to the State

Let us drop back for a moment to revisit H.G. Wells. We have noted the continuing influence of his occult, socialist confreres Annie Besant and William Stead from early in the last century to the present day.


But Wells himself is also very much alive in "world order" circles. Quotations from his works are scattered throughout New Age and new world order books and publications. The World Federalist Association (WFA), for instance, continues to publish some of his essays, including "How a Federal World Government May Come About," taken from his book The Outline of History (1920).20


According to Wells, in that one-world polemic:

The essential task of men of goodwill in all states and countries remains the same, it is an educational task, and its very essence is to bring to the minds of all men everywhere, as a necessary basis for world co-operation, a new telling and interpretation, a common interpretation, of history.... The world perishes unless sovereignty is merged and nationality subordinated.21

Wells sets down what he sees as "the broad fundamentals of the coming world state."

"It will be based," he says, "upon a common world religion, very much simplified and universalized.... This will not be Christianity nor Islam nor Buddhism nor any such specialized form of religion, but religion itself pure and undefiled; the Eightfold Way, the Kingdom of Heaven, brotherhood, creative service, and self-forgetfulness. Throughout the world men's thoughts and motives will be turned by education.... And education, as the new age will conceive it, will go on throughout life."22

Sound familiar?


This is precisely what we have been experiencing in our schools and colleges, as well as the government-directed "lifelong learning" programs that gradually have become an integral part of so many corporate and governmental jobs. Which is not to imply that we are, or ought to be, opposed to "lifelong learning," as the term is commonly understood, in its most innocent and benign meaning.


To the contrary, we accept it as a fact of life.


Ours is not the first generation to realize that learning does not (or should not) end with the completion of for-mal schooling; wise people (of all socio-economic and educational backgrounds) throughout the ages have recognized the need for (as well as the pleasure to be derived from) continuous lifelong education. In today's fast-changing, technology-driven world, it is more important than ever to be constantly updating skills and learning new ones.

However, in using the same terms, we do not all mean the same thing. We should be very familiar with this phenomenon by now. "Tolerance" no longer means "live and let live" civility; it means using the power of government to force majority acceptance of the perverse practices of a militant minority. "Peacekeeping" means carpet-bombing and/or invading and militarily subjugating whomever the UN has designated as villain du jour. "Multiculturalism" means demonizing Christian and European civilization for genocide, exploitation, and raping Mother Earth.


"Investing" doesn't mean private individuals freely deciding what to do with their own capital assets; it means politicians and bureaucrats plundering your savings through taxation, and then spending it on socialist boondoggles.

So we should not be surprised that the same coercive Utopians have also co-opted "lifelong learning." In their lexicon it no longer is an elective; the individual cannot be allowed to determine if and when he will take any continued formal schooling. Such important decisions must be made by superior "experts." Or as Wells put it, "we should have the collective affairs of the world managed by suitably equipped groups of the most interested, intelligent and devoted people" — such as himself and his fellow Fabians.23

Subversive World Council of Churches One of the early major attempts to co-opt religion in the service of world government came in 1942. Time magazine devoted considerable space in its March 16, 1942 issue to a report on a gathering at Ohio Wesleyan University of hundreds of delegates representing the more than 30 denominations called together by the notoriously pro-Communist Federal Council of Churches (FCC).

The FCC (which later changed its name to the National Council of Churches, NCC) was the American branch of the Communist-controlled World Council of Churches, which still exists and has never ceased its subversive activities.

Chairing the 1942 FCC

Wesleyan confab was Insider John Foster Dulles, a founder of the CFR and, together with his brother Allen Dulles (CFR), a member of the Woodrow Wilson-Colonel House team that tried to foist the League of Nations on the United States. John Dulles would later go on to promote the new world order as Secretary of State under President Eisenhower. However, at the 1942 FCC conference he was lining up church support for the United Nations that would be coming three years later.

As Time reported, the Dulles-led conference produced a political program of "extreme internationalism." Some of the "high spots" of that program were, said Time:

  • Ultimately, "a world government of delegated powers."

  • Strong immediate limitations on national sovereignty.

  • International control of all armies and navies.

  • "A universal system of money...."

  • Progressive elimination of all tariff and quota restrictions on world trade.24

According to Time, the conference,

"held that 'a new order of economic life is both imminent and imperative' — a new order that is sure to come either 'through voluntary cooperation ... or through explosive political revolution.'"


"'Collectivism is coming whether we like it or not,' the delegates were told by no less a churchman than England's Dr. William Paton, co-secretary of the World Council of Churches." 25

The problem is that Dr. Paton and his comrades did want collectivism, and they were doing everything in their power to fasten it upon the peoples of the world, through both patient gradualism and "explosive political revolution." The Time story finished on this note:

The ultimate goal:

"a duly constituted world government ... an international court ... international administrative bodies with necessary powers, and adequate international police forces and provision for enforcing its worldwide economic authority."26

The Dulles-FCC propaganda parley no doubt greatly assisted the Insiders' globalist plans, both in building religious support for U.S. entry into the forthcoming United Nations, and in neutralizing opposition to the same organization. In the decades since that confab at Ohio Wesleyan University, UN religious summitry has played an increasingly important part in the one-world transformation scheme.

The World "Peace" Summit

The granddaddy of these convocations, the United Nations Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders, was held in New York City in late August 2000 (not to be confused with the gathering of Heads of State at the UN's Millennium Summit, which followed in September). The Peace Summit offered terrifying glimpses of the outrageous and demonic "global spirituality" the Insiders have planned for us.

The outrages began even before the Peace Summit began, when the UN organizers announced that the Dalai Lama would not be invited because his attendance would offend Communist China!27


So, while more than a thousand religious leaders and gurus representing every conceivable "faith tradition" gathered in New York under banners of "tolerance," "peace," and "brotherhood," one of the world's best-known religious figures, the revered leader of millions of Buddhists, and a man who exemplifies those virtues the UN summit extolled, was barred from attendance — because the totalitarian, genocidal butchers who have been brutally occupying his tiny kingdom of Tibet for half a century would get upset!

The hypocrisy and outrage multiplied as the Summit got underway. Not only was the Dalai Lama excluded, but Red China was given a platform to denounce him and the many other victims of their brutal religious persecution. Representing the Butchers of Beijing at this UN spiritual confabulation was "Bishop" Michael Fu Tieshan of the PRC's "Patriotic Catholic Church."28


Bishop Fu is not a genuine Roman Catholic bishop recognized by the Vatican; he is an agent of the Communist government who provides protective cover for his masters while they cruelly oppress real Catholic bishops, priests, and lay faithful. Real Chinese Catholics like the late Ignatius Cardinal Kung Pin-Mei, who spent more than 30 years in Red China's prisons. Cardinal Kung was arrested in 1955, along with more than 200 other Catholic priests and Church leaders.


They were abused, tortured, and publicly humiliated at show trials. Cardinal Kung was kept in solitary confinement during much of his heroic three decades of imprisonment. He died in exile, in the United States, at the age of 98, on March 12, 2000 — just a few months before the UN "Peace" Summit. He was the Catholic Church's oldest cardinal.29 Other aged servants of God remain in prison. In February 2000, for example, shortly before Cardinal Rung's death, 80-year old Archbishop John Yang was arrested during a midnight raid at his home by the Communist authorities.30

The persecution continued after the Summit as well. On September 14, 2000, barely a week after the PRC butchers were welcomed to the Summit, Bishop Thomas Zeng Jingmu was arrested in his town of Hangpu, in the Southeastern province of Jiangxi. The frail, 80-year-old bishop was taken by force to the local prison of Linchuan. Bishop Zeng, who has been arrested many times for his faith, has suffered more than 30 years in prison since the 1950s. Also arrested at the same time as Bishop Zeng were Auxiliary Bishop Deng Hui and Father Liao Haiqing.31

Many other Christians in China share this same fate. A few days before the start of the Summit, three American evangelists were arrested in China in the tyrannical regime's crackdown on Evangelical Protestant "house churches." The Americans were among 130 Christians netted in the Communist sweep of worship services in private homes.32


This was but the latest in an ongoing pattern of persecution that includes the execution by firing squad of Reverend Liu Jiaguo.33 And the persecution of Christians has been increasing and intensifying — not mellowing — in recent years, with each new concession from the U.S. and the West. At the same time, the Beijing regime has also been engaged in an ongoing brutal suppression of the Falun Gong spiritual exercise and meditation sect, as well as a continuing persecution of Chinese Muslims.34

In his address to the UN's "spiritual" Peace Summit, Bishop Fu Tieshan, the puppet-stooge of these Red Chinese persecutors, said:

Let us pray for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, respect the purposes and principles of the U.N. Charter, and from now on, guard against and put an end to anything that taint and desecrate religious purity... Today in China, facts and other practice genuinely reflect the harmony between different religions. And under the protection of the Constitution and other laws, we enjoy comprehensive and full religious freedom.35

In an obvious attack on the Dalai Lama and the many brave religious believers suffering under the Communist regime, "Bishop" Fu said:

"At present, there are still many violent and evil activities going on 'in the name of religion.' Some people have made use of religious differences to fuel ethnic feuds and provoke so-called conflicts of civilizations; some want to trample upon the sovereignty of other countries under the pretext of 'protecting religious human rights.'"36

Did any of the esteemed spiritual leaders attending the Peace Summit walk out in protest over this brazen display of hypocrisy? Did they announce their "solidarity" with their brothers who are suffering for their religious convictions? Did they demand that Red China stop its vicious persecution of all religions? Did they even timidly ask our Beijing "partners" to lighten up with the truncheons and thumbscrews?


Hah! Not even close! Instead, they politely applauded (some enthusiastically cheered) this puppet of the Communist persecutors.

Most Americans, if they saw or heard any coverage of the Summit in the major CFR-dominated media, were not apprised of the cruel charade that was played out there. Few are aware that Bishop Fu Tieshan is a fraud or that religionists of all types are routinely persecuted in Red China.

CNN certainly wasn't going to expose this sham; CNN founder and current vice-chairman of CNN parent company Time Warner, Ted Turner, not only was a major financial sponsor of the Summit, but also honorary chairman of the event.


Turner, who is infamous for his profanity, womanizing, and scathing verbal attacks on Christianity, Christian leaders, the Ten Commandments, and Biblical morality, couldn't resist using the Summit podium to criticize the "very intolerant" Christianity of his boyhood and to propose a more global, all-embracing spirituality for the "one human race."37

Global Ethic Kung Phooey

The "spirituality" that One-World Ted and his fellow Insiders have in mind is to be found in the UN's "Declaration of a Global Ethic," which UNESCO commissioned renegade "theologian" Hans Kung to draft.38 Yes, while real Christian heroes like Cardinal Kung, who suffer torture for their faith, are completely ignored by the CFR "news" cartel, left-wing ideologues like Hans Kung are celebrated.

For those who like their theology dished up from the likes of Ted Turner and Bishop Fu Tieshan — which appears to be most of the globalist folk who populate the UN diplomatic corps and delegations to UN conferences — Hans Kung was a perfect choice.


In his 1991 book Global Responsibility: In Search of a New World Ethic, Kung declared:

Any form of... church conservatism is to be rejected.... To put it bluntly: No regressive or repressive religion — whether Christian, Islamic, Jewish or of whatever provenance — has a long-term future.39

Moreover, he said:

"If ethics is to function for the well-being of all, it must be indivisible. The undivided world increasingly needs an undivided ethic. Postmodern men and women need common values, goals, ideals, visions."40

That's right, UN "diversity" is broad enough to embrace every imaginable navel-gazing mystic, diapered swami, saffron-robed guru, befeathered sachem, spell-chanting shaman, New Age psycho-babbler, tree-worshiping pantheist, witch, warlock, druid, animist, or Marxian spiritualist — but not those terrible, monotheistic creeds. Mustn't tolerate any of those "dogmatic," "absolutist" faiths; of that the "tolerant" globalists are dogmatically, absolutely certain.

Another prominent "theologian" of the UN's "global ethic" is Dr. Robert Muller (whom we introduced in our Prologue). A former UN Assistant Secretary-General, Dr. Muller served 38 years as a United Nations "civil servant," and — following his retirement in 1985 — has served as chancellor of the UN's University for Peace in Costa Rica. He is the author of the World Core Curriculum now in use in schools worldwide.


In his influential book New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality, Muller opines:

"If Christ came back to earth, his first visit would be to the United Nations to see if his dream of human oneness and brotherhood had come true. He would be happy to see representatives of all nations."41

We remind you, dear reader, that in the contorted theosophical sophistry of Muller and company, "Christ" is not Jesus Christ but Lucifer. According to Muller, the UN's wondrous endeavors are leading us on a "grand journey of humanity towards oneness, convergence and unprecedented happiness."


What's more,

"We were approaching Teilhard's point of convergence, Wells' last chapter of The Outline of History ... Sri Chinmoy's world oneness ... the apotheosis [deification] of human life on earth."42

The "Teilhard" Muller refers to is Pierre Teilhard de Chardin -the renegade Jesuit priest, theologian-philosopher, and paleontologist who perpetrated the great "Piltdown Man" evolutionist hoax. "Wells" is, of course, H.G. Wells, whom we introduced above. Sri Chinmoy is the one-world, New Age guru who runs the UN's Meditation Room and regularly leads the meditations.


Chinmoy has offered his prophecy regarding the UN's divine mission:

The United Nations is the chosen instrument of God; to be a chosen instrument means to be a divine messenger carrying the banner of God's inner vision and outer manifestation. One day, the world will ... treasure and cherish the soul of the United Nations as its very own with pride, for this soul is all-loving, all-nourishing, and all-fulfilling.43


"Spiritual Leaders" for the New Millennium It was Master Chinmoy, appropriately, who presented the UN's U Thant Peace Award to Maurice Strong, the globe-trotting billionaire best known for his role as Secretary-General of the 1992 UN Earth Summit in Brazil.44 Strong was receiving the honor, said Chinmoy, for "his lifelong commitment to the soaring ideals of the United Nations."

The award was named for U Thant, the Burmese Marxist who served as the UN's third Secretary-General and who, in 1970, brazenly declared:

"Lenin was a man with a mind of great clarity and incisiveness."45

Maurice Strong, who apparently shares Lenin's "great clarity and incisiveness," has been a driving force in bringing the most extreme enviro-Leninism and far-out reli-gio-Leninism into the social, political, economic, religious mainstream.

Other vaunted "spiritual leaders" who are guiding humanity into the developing "global ethic" of the new millennium include:

  • Mohammed Ramadan, president of the UN's Society for Enlightenment and Transformation, which has offices in the basement of the UN building where every conceivable variety of "spiritual sage" — witch doctors, mystics, "channelers" UFO enthusiasts, reincarnated Masters — contribute their cosmic energies to the sacred mission of the UN.

  • Apostate theologian Matthew Fox, whose radical New Age spirituality embraces Wicca, homosexuality, abortion, and one-world socialism. An apostle of the Gaia (Earth Goddess) Gospel, Fox says, "I believe the appropriate symbol of the Cosmic Christ... is that of Jesus as Mother Earth crucified yet rising daily... [T]he symbol of which I speak holds the capacity to launch a global spirituality of untold dimensions appropriate for the third millennium." 46


  • Gerald Barney, founder and executive director of the Millennium Institute and a co-chair of the 1993 Parliament of World Religions. In his keynote address at that summit, he said that "an internationally famous, highly influential author on sustainable development told me bluntly, 'Religion must die. It is the fundamental cause of virtually all social, economic, and ecological problems and much of the violence in the world.'"47


    The only alternative to the destruction of religion, Barney asserted, is the "reinterpretation and even rejection of ancient traditions and assumptions" and the creation of a "'sustainable' faith tradition on earth...."48 "Every person," Barney said, "must learn to think like Earth, to act like Earth, to be Earth."49 Barney was the lead author of the enviro-Leninist Global 2000 report for the Carter administration and was a national program director for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.


  • William Irwin Thompson, founder of the (Luciferian) Lindisfarne Association. "We have now a new spirituality, what has been called the New Age movement," Thompson says. "This is now beginning to influence concepts of politics and community in ecology.... This is the Gaia [Mother Earth] politique ... planetary culture."50


  • Mikhail Gorbachev, former Soviet dictator, butcher of Afghanistan, and chairman of the Gorbachev Foundation and Green Cross International. In a Los Angeles Times interview of May 8, 1997, Gorbachev insisted humanity must embrace "a new environmental legal code rooted in an Earth Charter ... a kind of Ten Commandments, a 'Sermon on the Mount,' that provides a guide for human behavior toward the environment in the next century and beyond."


    "The most important thing," he said, "is the shaping of a new value system" from a "new synthesis" of "democratic, Christian, and Buddhist values ... which affirm such moral principles as social responsibility and the sense of oneness with nature and with each other."51


    Gorbachev's week-long State of the World Forum 2000 extravaganza in New York City was the bridging event between the Peace Summit and the Millennium Summit, with many of the heads of state, ambassadors, UN officials, and spiritual leaders from both events also participating in the Gorbachev Forum.


Earth Charter Subversion and Perversion

Comrade Gorbachev knows something about the Earth Charter, since he helped compose it. It was his good friend, Maurice Strong, as chief of the Earth Summit, who commissioned him to take up the important task. While much of the Charter sounds like harmless eco-babble, or even sensible earth stewardship that is compatible with Christian theology, it is larded with deceptive code words and traps aimed at destroying Judeo-Christian moral values and the non-socialist political-economic systems.


Article 12 (a) of the Earth Charter commits signatory governments to:

Eliminate discrimination in all its forms, such as that based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, language, and national, ethnic or social origin.52

This is very clearly aimed at expanding the socialist state into all spheres of life and especially to undermine the legal codes of nations based upon the moral precepts of the monotheistic religions, all of which proscribe homosexuality. The Charter, like the many "human rights" conventions it promotes, seeks to give homosexual activists a pretext to claim legal footing to challenge in the courts and legislatures national, state, and local laws against sexual perversion.

This is already happening. The first case we are aware of was launched in 1992 when Nick Toonen, a homosexual rights activist in Australia, asked the UN Human Rights Committee to investigate the state of Tasmania's anti-homosexuality statute. The UN committee determined that Toonen could be classified as a "victim."53

Similarly, here in the United States, militant sodomites have charged that they are "victims" of human rights violations because of our laws against homosexual practices and have taken their cause to the United Nations. If we allow current trends to continue, we most certainly will see a federal court in the near future rule that U.S. state laws concerning sodomy must be struck down to comply with UN "human rights" law.

Christian-Marxist "Unity*' Following the conclusion of the State of the World Forum 2000 (September 4th-10th) in New York, Mr. Gorbachev was off on a multi-week evangelistic crusade that took him to some surprising venues. He was received with apparent enthusiasm at churches in Florida and Tennessee.

Then it was off to Salt Lake City, where Gorby addressed Franklin Covey's International Symposium at the Salt Palace.


* Thanks to a celebrity status that has been bestowed on him by the Insiders, Gorbachev is received like a rock star by politicians, journalists, business and religious leaders, educators, and entertainers worldwide. He is, reportedly, the highest-paid name for hire in the world, commanding $100,000 for a half-hour talk. Gunter Kunkel, president of the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, California, felt his group had gotten a "bargain" because they only had to pay $75,000 for 50 minutes of the Gorbachev wisdom and charm. "Can you think of anybody bigger?" the awestruck Kunkel asked the Los Angeles Times' Mike Anton. "It will probably be the greatest night we have seen here."58 Prior to the Millennium Summit, Gorbachev scored one of his biggest coups to date, when, on June 27, 2000, he was given a place of honor between Cardinals Sodano and Silvestrini at a Vatican press conference in Rome.59


At a Salt Lake City press conference, the Nobel Prize winner lamented to the assembled media corps that "we do not have a new world order, the kind of new world order that we need." 54

Later, in California, he shared a stage with William "Star Trek" Shatner, before beaming his "global ethic" sermonette to a global television audience from the Reverend Robert Schuller's famous Crystal Cathedral. "I know that he calls himself an atheist," Rev. Schuller said, but Schuller believed, nonetheless, that God had used Gorbachev "in a mighty way."


And he hoped that one day the former Communist dictator would become "a man of faith."55

We join Rev. Schuller in that hope, as we hope that all atheists will become "men of faith" — as that term has been understood traditionally by believers. But, in the meantime, is there any justification for Christians to turn over their pulpits to atheists — to enemies of God — like Gorbachev? Comrade Gorbachev, after all, is a "man of faith": He believes in the gospels of Marx and Lenin.


As we have already noted, Gorbachev declared in 1989:

"I am a Communist, a convinced Communist. For some that may be a fantasy. But for me it is the main goal."56

By both word and act, Gorbachev has confirmed many times since then his continued adherence to his revolutionary faith.

To anyone familiar with Communist dialectical materialism as it concerns religion, Gorbachev's fixation with religion over the past decade makes perfect sense. He is one of the leading global activists working to transform Christianity, to unite it with Marxism! As a master dialectician, he is expert in the use of words as weapons, particularly in using words that will appeal to and disarm Christians.


According to one of Gorbachev's old friends, Natasha Rimashevskaya, he had one phrase he loved to say:

"'As to this question, one must approach it dialectically.' That meant he wanted to entertain a thesis and its contradiction at the same time." 57

Gorbachev's admiring biographer, Gail Sheehy, tells us:

"Lenin is in his blood, say Gorbachev's friends. And Lenin's doctrine of 'two steps forward, one step back' — or complete tactical flexibility — appealed particularly strongly to him." 60

Gorbachev is following precisely the Leninist dialectical line that was spelled out by Li Wei Han of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party in 1959, in instructions sent to Fidel Castro's new Communist regime.


According to Comrade Li:

The line of action to follow against the Church is to instruct, to educate, to persuade, to convince, and, gradually, to awaken and fully develop the political conscience of Catholics by getting them to take part in study circles and political activities. By means of these activities, we must undertake the dialectical struggle within religion. Gradually, we will replace the religious element with the Marxist element.61

Have the Communists forgotten or abandoned this lesson? They have never been more active or aggressive in promoting it! In fact, Comrade Li's 1959 instructions have been reprinted in books currently available in Communist bookstores.


More importantly, it is a simple matter to observe them in action. These same instructions form the basis of the "Liberation Theology" revolution that was launched from Cuba into Latin America and North America in the 1960s and is operating throughout the world today. These instructions form the basis of the Soviet push (under Gorbachev) for development of the new "global spirituality."

While Christian leaders naively praise the new "openness" to religion in Communist countries, Leninists like Gorbachev know this is only a temporary, tactical "one step back." There is no question that the Leninists — with the aid of foolish Christians, as well as agents posing as Christians — are "[replacing] the religious element with the Marxist element."


Thus we have seen a host of books and articles promoting the diabolic dialectic theme of "Christian-Marxist Unity."


One example of this, Christian-Marxist Unity: A Miraculous, Explosive Prescription, the influential text by Raimundo Garcia Franco, tells us:

"Yes, Christian faith and Marxism-Leninism do share almost complete overlapping of common objectives in the building of socialism. We can-pot look backward, since the path ahead is that of creative transformation to communism and to the Kingdom of God on this earth."62

This is the same subversive dialectic that permeates Gorbachev's annual State of the World Forums63 as well as all of the UN's "spiritual" confabulations. When the leaders of these events aren't directly "replacing the religious element with the Marxist element," they are fast at work replacing the Christian element with various pagan and New Age elements, which they recognize as far more flexible and conducive to their Marxist one-world schemes than what they scornfully denounce as "dogmatic," "rigid," and "sectarian."

Christianity's Epitaph? Where is this leading? It is worthwhile noting what the militant paganists themselves say about this. In the Fall 1995 issue of the occult journal Gnosis we find a very sobering report entitled "State of the Hidden Arts: An Overview of Esotericism Today," which offers analyses by a variety of pagan activists.64


Christopher Bamford, head of Lindisfarne Press, exults that the last 10 years,

"have seen a fundamental revision in our understanding of Christianity, not in essence, but in application.... [A] dead monolith has been demolished, and in its place we can sense the presence of a living being...."65

The creation of a "living" Christianity, according to Bamford, reflects the growing influence in "mainstream" Christianity of such thinkers as theosophist Rudolf Steiner, occultist/psychologist Carl Jung, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Gnosis also trumpeted the exultant reports of Diane Conn Darling regarding the rise of neo-paganism, which is busy "building interfaith relations with mainstream religious groups."


One major achievement in this effort, the not-so-darling Ms. Darling reported, occurred when,

"several major Neopagan groups were represented at the 1993 World Parliament of Religions in Chicago. Our presentations were heavily attended, including a beautiful Full Moon Circle celebrated in a nearby park.... Pagan priestess Deborah Light and the Fellowship of Isis (the world's largest Pagan organization) are signatories on our behalf to the Declaration of [a] Global Ethic...."66

Darling glowingly remarked that "polytheism is nearly universal in neopaganism." As is pantheism. According to Ms. Darling:

"Neopagans see the God/dess in all things: in each other, in persons following different paths, in animals, plants, planets, rivers, rocks, and in ourselves.... The Neopagan mythos gives rise to an ethos grounded in the Earth. Indeed, for a great many Neopagans, the Great Goddess is the living Earth herself."67

These denizens of darkness, when speaking amongst themselves, are jubilant because they are positive that they are riding a cosmic neopagan wave that will soon overwhelm what they see as a crumbling, dying Christianity.

Darkness Clothed in Light Having closely followed the UN for more than two decades as a journalist and researcher, and having attended UN Summits from Rio to San Francisco to Rome to New York, it is clear to this writer that the neo-pagan one-worlders at the UN Tower of Babel are accelerating the tempo of their program of spiritual subversion, even as they become more swollen with arrogance. The Rio Earth Summit was a watershed event, very powerfully and publicly wedding the UN to the New Age, one-world, neo-pagan "worldview."

In his opening address to the UNCED (Earth Summit) plenary session, Maurice Strong directed the world's attention to the Declaration of the Sacred Earth Gathering, which was part of the pre-Summit ceremonies.

"[T]he changes in behavior and direction called for here," said Strong, "must be rooted in our deepest spiritual, moral and ethical values."68

According to the declaration, the ecological crisis,

"transcends all national, religious, cultural, social, political, and economic boundaries.... The responsibility of each human being today is to choose between the force of darkness and the force of light. We must therefore transform our attitudes and values, and adopt a renewed respect for the superior law of Divine Nature." 69

However, in the twisted theosophic theology of Maurice Strong, Robert Muller, Sri Chinmoy, and other occultists who dominate the United Nations, "light" is darkness and "darkness" is light. Their "light" comes not from Jesus Christ ("I am the Light of the world," John 8:12), but from Lucifer, "the Light bearer." The Earth Summit was a non-stop orgy of pagan, Gaia-worshiping ceremonies, rituals, sermons, eulogies, declarations, manifestos, and celebrations. It not only marked the introduction of the radical NGO legions as an emerging superpower, but brought the occult nature of the UN out in the open.

Not entirely into the open, however. The controlled U.S. media never gave the American public at large an accurate view of this clamorous chorus. Most frequently, the media presented them as noble, if sometimes eccentric, idealists. The viewing and reading public had no way of knowing the extent and depth of the specifically and rabidly anti-American, anti-Christian animus of the vast majority of the official delegates and NGO radicals.


Nor were they made aware of the overtly pagan and communistic emphasis of the entire Earth Summit program and the conventions, declarations, and treaties that came out of it.

American television viewers did not see the ubiquitous Communist flags, posters, and graffiti that festooned the NGO's Global Forum at Rio's Flamengo Park. Nor did they see the even more plentiful pagan, occult, and Wicca symbols, exhibits, seminars, and programs that could not be avoided at the Summit. They did not see the incredibly gross homosexual pornography display that was allowed to daily assault the eyes of thousands of Brazilian families who visited Flamengo Park. This Ford Foundationfunded70 exhibit of life-size photographs would have been illegal in most cities in America, but it was a welcome addition at the UN celebration.

Quite the opposite of the image of peace, brotherhood, and tolerance presented by the U.S. media, the Earth Summiteers were almost universally venomous, foul, blasphemous, and profane in their constant verbal attacks on the United States, the middle class, capitalism, technology, Christianity, and Christian leaders viciously attacking Dr. James Dobson, Rev. Jerry Falwell, and most especially Pope John Paul II.


When Fidel Castro arrived at the Summit, however, the NGOs and official delegates alike erupted in ecstasy.

Since Rio, the NGOs have become more emboldened, aggressive, sophisticated, professionally organized, and lavishly funded. But it hasn't tempered their fury and ranting; in fact, they have gotten worse.


Having sat amongst the NGO leaders and cadres in their strategy sessions, and having interviewed, dined with, and mingled with top UN officials and delegates at UN venues around the world, I cannot help but arrive at the conclusion that these "peace people," these "civil servants" and self-appointed representatives of "global civil society," are the most pathetic and concentrated collection of pompous, privileged, pampered, hateful, tyrannical, hypocritical, morally revolting specimens of humanity one is likely ever to encounter.

Even more outrageous than the behavior of these miscreants, however, are the arguments of elected American officials that we must continue participating in and supporting this dangerous charade. The UN is elevating, legitimizing, and popularizing all of the demonic influences that are pushing our civilization into the dark abyss.


The Pratt House one-worlders and their Communist allies have energetically embraced the H. G. Wells prescription for sustaining their desired society. In their vision, the human community must be suitably subservient to the UN. Religions advocating loyalty to a higher authority must give way to a "new" mandated orthodoxy demanding that all worship the one-world socialist state. In the emerging new world order, the UN superstate will tolerate no other god before it.

The average American has become so inured to the neo-pagan influences that are saturating our culture that he is apt to simply shrug his shoulders at each new offense, and figure there is nothing that can be done. It's all just part of our inevitable, downward moral spiral, he sadly reasons. But there is something that can be done about this. The American taxpayers and voters have it within their power to change that.


We will explain that in detail in our final chapter.


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