by William F. Jasper
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About the Author

For the past decade, William F. Jasper has served as a senior editor of The New American magazine, published by an affiliate of The John Birch Society.

Mr. Jasper has covered firsthand many of the major UN conferences, including the 1992 "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janeiro, the 1998 Rome summit for an International Criminal Court, and the September 2000 UN Millennium Summit in New York. His previous book, Global Tyranny - Step by Step: The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order (1992), has been praised as the most authoritative and detailed expose of the UN ever written.

As a student, William Jasper was an early victim of the radical Marxist indoctrination so prevalent on our nation's campuses. However, following a thorough investigation into the authenticity of what he had been taught, Mr. Jasper went through a conversion. That conversion led to his joining The John Birch Society staff in 1976 as Director of Research for the Society's West Coast office. He soon began contributing to the Society's magazines, American Opinion and The Review of the News, which were superseded in 1985 by The New American.

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Mr. Jasper attended, as an undercover reporter, numerous meetings of revolutionary, terrorist, and/or subversive groups. He also worked as a research adviser for the video documentary No Place to Hide: The Strategy and Tactics of Terrorism, produced by Congressman Larry McDonald's Western Goals Foundation.

In 1988, Mr. Jasper scripted and produced his own video documentary, Out of Control: The Immigration Invasion, based on a decade of research, which included numerous trips to our southern border riding alongside members of our border patrol. That documentary was perhaps the first effort to thoroughly expose the revolutionary agendas at work in creating the immigration crisis - a crisis that didn't gain widespread public recognition until several years later.

In the months following the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing tragedy, Mr. Jasper interviewed literally hundreds of witnesses. His series of articles in The New American provided devastating evidence contradicting the official "lone-bomber" scenario so tenaciously promoted by the Janet Reno Justice Department.




Below the surface of public attention, internationalists have been working for decades to build the United Nations into an all-powerful world government.


In this carefully documented study, William F. Jasper shows that, with the United Nations, the American people are being offered what amounts to poison disguised as candy.

From all directions we hear that global problems require global solutions which means, we are told, that America must surrender more authority to the United Nations. Mr. Jasper exposes that power grab, one of the greatest "trust me" schemes in all of history, as totally corrupt.


Behind the humanitarian pretexts, he demonstrates a much more sinister agenda at work.

In The United Nations Exposed, the author offers readers an incredible treasure of understanding of what is happening to America - how and by whom.


But most importantly, Mr. Jasper concludes his expose by explaining how responsible Americans can use an understanding of the threat to preserve freedom.





Part I: Foundations

  1. The Threat 

  2. Disarmament and Submission

  3. The Secret Network of Power 

  4. "Capitalists" and the Communist Dimension

Part II: Stealth Strategies for Building the Superstate

  1. Orchestrating the Globalist Concert 

  2. Enviromania 

  3. UN's War on Private Property

  4. UN's International Court of Criminals 

  5. Civilian Disarmament 

  6. Regionalism 

  7. World Money System

Part III: Bringing It Home

  1. UN's One-World Religion

  2. UN Declares Total War on the Family 

  3. What Must Be Done






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