Chapter 3

The Drama in The Universe Continues

I could see that as love purifies us, it bares in us those areas most in need of growth. In this struggle with love, our emptiness and fear are unearthed and pain is released.


As we see and accept ourselves in this process, and understand and respect the others, we become more aware of our wholeness.


Rick and Louisa Clerici: Sparks from the Fire of Time
Planet Earth was originally created to be a Garden of Eden. As many books on the subject may tell you, it is the most beautiful planet of its kind in the entire Universe. The reason for this is because it was originally planned not as a planet for habitation, but rather to be a hideaway lovenest for both Enjliou and Callia. It’s intent was to be a getaway place from the varied pressures of Creation and the ‘kids’. That is why it is so unique in the Universe, and indeed in all of Creation.

It might seem strange to us perhaps that ‘God’ takes a vacation, but remember ‘as above, so it is below’. Rest points in eternity are important on every level of expression of Soul, whether it be the higher, more advanced ones, or those who are just beginning to enter into the cycle of cosmic learning. So it was for the Creator Parents as well. And what better place to rest than on a small blue and green orb stuck far way from everything, right out in the very corner of the Universe. Its peacefulness lay not just in its beauty as a dream place to vacation, but also in its privacy.

Other Universal Beings such as Ramtha, and here again, Schlemmer’s Council of Nine, echo the same opinion of this planet’s uniqueness:

“. . . your planet Earth is the most beautiful that exists in the Universe. It has a physical variety that no other planet has. . . . It has aspects of all planets. It is like a composite of the Universe.”

In the Gnostic Scriptures we find a textual fragment entitled The Uniqueness of the World that also hints at this uniqueness. The ancient manuscript refers to an early church father named Basilides and describes his model of the universe in which there are 365 heavens, but only a single world. This model, interestingly enough, also suggests that the heavens he speaks of are concentrically arranged about the earth, much as we have described the dimensions of existence to be arranged around every living thing in Creation. The number of dimensions perceived depending on the shades of difference where one is willing to draw a line.

Scholar Bernard Layton agrees that the doctrine that the world is unique was a philosophical commonplace, accepted by Stoics as well as other early schools of Christian thought.

In truth the Earth was also designed as one enormous temple – a monument to the FATHER, built to harmonize with the universal galactic center, as are all planets, and as can and will be seen by the ruins evident on Mars and on other planets in other solar systems as we begin to branch out further into space. The temples built by the various religions, and worshipped in by so many millions of people each week, are simply smaller versions of the planetary temple. They are built along the same pattern or gridworks of that of the planet and indeed of the Universe itself.


They are built, however, on a smaller scale and to a lesser degree of energy and of vibration. While the planet is the microcosm (again we get the series of nested Russian dolls, stepping up and down the energies of Creation from one level to another), the solar system steps up to the higher level of the galaxy, to a level of a nebulae, to a level of a smaller Universe and so on up the ladder until eventually we come to find that this Super Universe is a smaller scale model of the Grand Central Universe of the original Creator ITSELF. Control of the temples, and of the temple aspect of the planet is a key element in controlling the people on the planet as we shall find when dealing with the history, control mechanisms, and future plans of the coming New World Order.

Ruth Norman, in her History of the Universe Volume I, describes this exact concept only in the very exact reverse order:

“And so we go down into the lower octaves of the various planetary structures within these whirling galaxies which, in a harmonious way, constantly receive and send the pulse beats of the Infinite Mind so synchronously that there is a constant relaying of great intelligence throughout the fiber that makes up these great island continents. Because of the great mechanics involved in this manner, the Spiritual brotherhood of Unarius is so organized that it works in and within this great organism, to be effective in a most helpful manner, down into the lowest of the chromatic structures of the universe.”

Michael Lawrence Morton, a planetary grid researcher cannot help but express the wonder of the exactness that he finds in the complex construction of the Earth’s energetic:

“And every Grid Point has a Grid Latitude and a Grid Longitude, and every Grid Latitude and Grid Longitude has a precise number of arc-degrees, arc-minutes, and ‘fractional’ arc-seconds ... that’s FRACTIONAL numbers of that we are talking about an AMAZINGLY specific and precise SET of correlations, here. Do you understand the ‘magnitude’ of the significance of this?”

The intricacy involved with Creation shall be taken up at various points throughout the book to save from stretching the limits of the reader’s mind all in one go. To find out that the Creation story itself has been known since the advent of life here on this planet, may not, however, be such a stretch for the individual imagination. Hidden away in the language of myth and metaphor in numerous Creation stories from around the world have always been the thinly veiled references to these very same archetypal Creators.


One such reference is to be found at the beginning of the Enuma Elish, the Babylonian creation epic:

“When on high the heaven had not yet been named,
Firm ground below had not been called by a name,
Nought but primordial Apsu, their begetter,
And Mummu, and Tiamat—she who bore them all,
Their waters mingled as a single body.”

Here, Apsu (the male) represents the Creator Father, Enjliou; Mummu, also male, represents ARTOLA, the son; and Tiamat, the female, she who bore them all, represents the Creator Mother, Callia. The division into the male and female aspects necessary to create, can also be seen in the division present in the two hemispheres of the brain.


Here we have both a masculine and a feminine side, but it is the combination of the two sides that will allow an individual being to fulfill the old adage that it takes both a mind and a heart to ascend into Heaven.

“I can feel this process happening as thought and thought and thought. This idea created itself into a series of processes and beings who defined, limited and controlled matter. This universe of processes and experiences was not made by the universal COSMIC CREATOR: this world with a beginning and an end was created by a lesser urge, the demiurge, which expressed itself as “the gods.” On Earth, we have experienced this creation as the Luciferian rebellion, the Orion Agenda, the communion with the cycle of the gods who came down which is now coming to a close. Before the creation of the third dimension—a universe brought into existence so that we could consciously learn how to be in a holy state, zero, the numinous—before matter, time, and form, there was only the infinity of God and the Void (the feminine principle). Once consciousness or thought occurred, the Void was threatened by the possibility that nothingness had no existence. The Void felt the desire to define nothingness! Once this process of separation began— a duality into self and other—a whole series of experiences was initiated in order to manifest existence. At this point—the Alpha—the Creator withdrew its name, for the opposite of definition is naming—unifying. Listen to me very carefully now for the scientists on Earth are trying to steal the creator’s name by calling the first laser for Star Wars, Alpha.

“Definition is the original confusion which has been reverberating down through time on this planet. The only thing that counteracts this process is naming the self by exploring one’s own creativity. Our link to the galaxy is through art, beauty and love, which frees us from materialism—the addiction to things we are conditioned to believe we need. Creativity, or moving into experience with the Creator, is more powerful than any force, even materialism. We only create if we trust the process and let go of control. There must be no judgment about results or about reasons for creating in the first place. Any judgment instantly catalyzes the numinous into form. If healers stop to ask why they heal, artists why they art, lovers why they love, then experience falls back into definition, which blocks God’s delight! Just by asking a question about existence, one is open to the negative path.”

We pick up the Creation story again with the time of Callia’s forced exile by Enjliou into the Void, for it was out here in the Void that She became lost for a long and lonely time surrounded as it were by complete and utter darkness. This was truly a terrifying time for the Creator Mother. Imagine how fearful utter Darkness can be for a Grand Being created solely of Light.


If the LIGHT of the FATHER is LOVE, then Callia was not only alone and afraid while she was out there, but She was also without LOVE.


More of the Mother’s own Story of original Imprinting

“I have to tell this story using consciousness’ words, even though words can only convey an impression of what it was really like there. The advantage of this is not only that it makes it possible for there to be communication in this way, but also that it makes it possible for interpretations made from these ancient imprints to be given so that they can be noticed for what they are; interpretations of original imprints. Mind thought these interpretations were fact and did not question them in many cases.

“. . . I had only feelings moving Me without knowing they were moving me or even that I felt them. I did not know where I was, or if there were any other place to be other than this. I knew nothing, only emptiness; great emptiness, which impressed me with the feeling that the void was large. My own lack of presence there and vague feeling of dislike blurred into hopelessness and a feeling of needing help. I must have gone blank again for a long time.

“Suddenly, I felt something there. It felt good. I did not know it could happen. I startled, but I was also overjoyed. Whatever this was apparently thought My startle meant I didn’t like it, because it moved away.

“It hated Me and had no sympathy for me. I knew that. I did not like it, either, and wished it would go away.

“It did leave, and I really felt abandoned then. I hadn’t liked it, but at least it had light, I now realized. I sank into an even deeper dark nothing.

“Nothing happened for a long time, until I finally saw or sensed the presence of light again. I awoke, as if startled awake from a long nightmare of grieving. I wanted to move toward the light. I was excited, expectant and hopeful. I yearned for it and tried to reach for it as much as I possibly could, hoping I would not frighten it this time. Propelled by fear and desire to try to have Him again, I somehow touched into this light. I was shocked and not received the way I had hoped I would be.

“. . . I laughed at Myself many times there when They made fun of Me. How They must have hated Me when I laughed as though I saw Myself as They saw me and did not know what They were really laughing about. As much as He pretended to love me and that all the anti-female jokes were only humor, the hatred showed when He had sex with Me. It was brutal, hard and mean, and then He left Me, pregnant. He did not care how I felt about it, and for so long I did not know I had the wrong him there. Rage was all he was, denied rage, in fact. When the split came and rage was denied, he never let me know it, and he never let me know that he was not all there was.”

Gnosticism tries to define these differences between Creation and the Void by drawing the boundary between the divine and the created orders in terms of their location in space. To a Gnostic, the darkness has not yet been dispelled, but eternally envelops the inferior realms of being, the layers of flesh and matter. The “moments” of creation do not represent points of transition from the “old” world to the “new,” but rather signify grades of spiritual perfection—islands in an ocean of darkness which is the Void.


Theologically, these degrees of perfection are pictured as emanations as in varying degrees of light emanating from a source—the mysterious High God, the hierarchy of elements in the universe according to their distance from, and reflection of, that transcendent source of life. The principal emanations are what the ancient Gnostics called aeons (literally “ages” or “eternities”). These aeons are deified as entities in space, as the chief features of the great cosmic map for which events in time are only pale and illusory likenesses.

This interchanging of temporal categories into larger spatial metaphors is seen in the following passage from the hermetic literature:

“Of Aeons, Powers, Intelligences, Gods, Angels, Spirits delegate, Existing Non-existences, generated Ingenerables . . . years, Months, Days, Hours, --of [the] Boundless Point, from which the most minute begins to increase by parts.”

In her near-hopeless efforts to find Her way back to Creation, Callia was first able to find Her way to a temporary shelter here on Earth. And it was for eons of time that She was simply abandoned here, ‘marooned’ if you will. She was here all alone, in great pain—so great a pain that She almost died, starved of the very essence of Her Being, the Light she needed to exist.

She was in fact so weak that She could barely rise to lift Herself off the planet and make Her way home.

Can a spiritual essence die? No. But it can be so starved or drained of its natural Light as to where what should be a roaring flame of Light, is hardly more than a flicker, a spark, a pilot light, barely holding on to its existence.

To appreciate the division that caused this whole event, we must take a look at what was going on inside Enjliou right before this happened. Here, Enjliou explains His feelings leading up to the time when Callia was cast off from Himself and wandered into the Void. Again, this is from Ceanne DeRohan:

“. . . Her fear was relieved when I appeared not to notice her, but this did not satisfy Her because She had a desire to be accepted exactly as She was and loved.

“. . . I had no way of knowing, without having My Will go outside of Me, what it was like to be without light or love present. I had to push My Will outside of me and have her feel what it was like to be Lost Will in space.

“I had to push My Will outside of Me on a wave of hate; otherwise there would have been some light and love present to sustain Her, and She would not have had the experience We needed. I did not know how this would feel to Her, and when I did feel it, the feeling was so terrible, I had to disconnect from Her. She had to receive this denial in order to have the experience We needed, and in the passionate fury I had worked Myself into it order to hate Her, I thought I did not care what She had to experience.

“. . . I did not know that to Her, loving Her meant accepting her as She was and helping Her to go through Her fear first. I thought I had not had time for Her fear. I thought We would never move if Her fear were allowed to get the upper hand.

“She was already holding back out of fear anyway, so I finally got the impression from her that I needed to help Her with Her fear. How? Most of the time I felt like I didn’t have fear, only anger at Her for having fear. Whenever I allowed My anger, Her fear seemed to worsen.

“. . . I have guilt now that I had so little faith in Myself, but then I had all the feelings that humans have now about getting to have a mate and a relationship and no longer having to be alone. I had great desire not to make a mess of it anymore, and I gave this desire the place of uppermost importance with Myself. In advance of experiencing the Will in Her now emerged state, I judged everything I had thought to be a problem now. I judged all of that behaviour to be unloving and literally shoved it aside.

“When I had done this, I looked toward the Will in expectation of having Her love Me for it. I found beside Me a huge golden light that encircled Me in Her arms and I took this as a sign, although I later found it was not a sign, for the Will had no love of My denials. At that time, I had desire to overlook this and She did also because We had had such a long and difficult time achieving enough balance that the Will even could emerge. We wanted to go on now, and We feared that looking at any problems might put Us right back where we had been.”

Abusive relationships did not begin here on planet Earth, nor on any other planet for that matter. Instead, it is only an archetype handed down to us from the higher worlds, from Parents who manifested us into this world, burdening us with their own Lost Will and in turn creating on this plane of existence –the most formidable, the most difficult, and also the most challenging learning experience of all.


Spirit and the Endless Void

There are two directions in Creation, one centrifugal, or out-flowing, the other centripetal or inward-flowing. Some religions call this ‘the Breath of God’, the exhaling and inhaling of Creation. The Light which the FATHER is, travels outward to the very corners of the created Universe carrying with it the manifestation of all that is, including the individual essences of Soul to be manifested in order to gain experience. This Light then returns to the FATHER bringing with it the harvest of those ‘individual atoms of God’ that have chosen, and have earned the right, to go on to a higher level of Creation.

The Council of Nine express this idea while referring to the rebuilding of the planet after a major disaster such as the Great Flood:

“It became necessary then to populate Planet Earth, so that the cells of the Creator could become individuals and free souls, in order for them to become one in unity and harmony by choice.”

Choice and Intent are everything in Creation.

This Breath of God travels in a spiral direction down through the various levels of Creation or Heaven until it reaches the very lowest rung of the ladder. It is from the very spiral nature of this energy that the word which describes it is formed—‘Spirit.’ As it manifests into the worlds of the physical plane it appears to be a vortex, and this is the name often applied to the portals of the planet through which the energy comes. These vortexes or portals create ‘windows’ into and out of the planet for the energy to continue circulating , much as a bedroom window allows the free circulation of air into a home.


The chakra system of energy that supports the human body is a microcosm of this form, masculine energy flowing in a clockwise or downwardly ‘creative’ direction. Female energy travelling conversely in a counter-clockwise or upwardly ‘destructive’ direction.

Every living thing, the planet, the continents and even particular regions of the planet as well, all have their corresponding chakra system that allows for the ebb and flow of this Universal energy. The battle to control the access to these energy centers is also a key issue in the current battle raging for control of this planet, and indeed for the entire Universe.

As this neutral creative energy known as Spirit reaches the lowest levels or farthest outposts of Creation, it then reverses direction to begin its upward spiral back into the very heart of Creation Itself. This is the Light of the FATHER carried on the Sound Current also known as ‘the Audible Life Stream of God.’ It is the energy that supports all of Creation, a neutral force which can be used to create or manifest at any level of existence. Being a neutral force, it can be used for positive purposes or their antithesis. It is the key to understanding the Ancient Mysteries from which the New World Order sprang, and also the key to understanding the coming ascension of planet Earth back up the spiral of Creation into a higher dimension of Being.

Time exists as function of Space and of this movement of energy through the various spheres. All things however, have their allotted period of time, and this brings to us all the Great Cycles of Time talked about in so many religious texts. The end of the Mayan calendar is the end of one such major cycle of Time. It is this Breath of God that supports all things and also brings all things to their ultimate and final conclusion through the various cycles of Creation.

The Hindu’s express this idea in the twin aspects of God known as Shiva, the procreative force which is also the destroyer as well. Shiva’s consort, coincidentally, is the mother goddess Uma, or Kali (so very similar to Her true name, Callia).

In many Eastern religions Creation is the positive or masculine aspect of God, and the Void into which things are created is the negative or feminine aspect. The creative aspect of Shiva is often represented by the lingam or male organ that fills the space of the yoni, or female sexual organ. This reflects the true nature of the feminine as that which opens or makes way for Creation to occur. It is NOT however, the feminine creative principle in and of itself.

As the Council of Nine put it:

“. . . the female power is rooted in knowingness, instinct-intuition, and in a deeply physical engagement with the life-process. The female (and the feminine side within men) does not need intellectual explanation to know what is right or proper. Feminine power is the power to work in tune with the rhythms of Nature (to work with the Creator instead of in competition with HIM). The feminine way is to utilize the available energy and channel it sensitively in the most appropriate manner and direction. The male way is to create new energy and shove it where he wants.”

Modern astrophysicists admit that to them there are a lot of things out there which they have no idea what they are made of, what fills space or the Void is one of them.

Fritjof Capra attempted to answer this enigma, and to bring together the science and religion in his book, The Tao of Physics. Hereto he grapples with explaining what both science and religion believe about the Void:

“The field theories of modern physics force us to abandon the classical distinction between material particles and the void. Einstein’s field theory of gravity and quantum field theory both show that particles cannot be separated from the space surrounding them. On the one hand, they determine the structure of that space, while on the other hand they cannot be regarded as isolated entities, but have to be seen as condensations of a continuous field which is present throughout space. . .

“The field exists always and everywhere; it can never be removed. It is the carrier of all material phenomena. It is the “void” out of which the proton creates the pi-mesons. Being and fading of particles are merely forms of motion of the field.

“The distinction between matter and empty space finally had to be abandoned when it became evident that virtual particles can come into being spontaneously out of the void, and vanish again into the void (dimensionality), without any nucleon or other strongly interacting particle being present.”

Capra then gives a diagram of such a process using the familiar coupling of male and female, positive and negative, as well as the third force which binds them together. He then continues:

“The vacuum is far from empty. On the contrary, it contains an unlimited number of particles which come into being and vanish without end.

“Here then, is the closest parallel to the Void of eastern mysticism in modern physics. Like the eastern Void, the “physical vacuum”—as it is called in field theory—is not a state of mere nothingness, but contains the potentiality for all forms of the particle world. These forms, in turn, are not independent physical entities, but merely transient manifestations of the underlying Void. As the sutra says, “Form is emptiness, and emptiness is indeed form.”

“The relation between the virtual particles and the vacuum is an essentially dynamic relation; the vacuum is truly “a living Void”, pulsating in endless rhythms of creation and destruction. The discovery of the dynamic quality of the vacuum is seen by many physicists as one of the most important findings of modern physics.

From its role as an empty container of the physical phenomena, the void has emerged as a dynamic quantity of utmost importance. The results of modern physics thus seems to confirm the words of the Chinese sage Chang Tsai:

“When one knows that the Great Void is full of ch’i, one realizes that there is no such thing as nothingness.”

In his series of books on the ancient continent of Mu, James Churchward relates the findings of the ancients on exactly this same topic:

“While it is not generally appreciated to be so, the fact remains that our atmosphere is very highly specialized. It is only during recent years, since the advent of radio, that the essence in which the popular atmosphere floats has been recognized as a playing a most important part in the earth’s welfare; and, further, it is not yet appreciated that the essence in which the atmosphere floats is an essence totally different to that which fills space. The essence in which the atmospheric particles float is under direct control of the central magnet, while that which fills space is in no way affected by the central magnet, as the magnet has no power over it whatever.

“. . . Our scientists assume that that which fills space, and that in which our popular atmosphere floats, is one and the same thing. It is not, as shown in the sacred inspired writings of the Motherland.

“The ancients called that in which our atmosphere floats “the essence” and that which fills space they called “the water.” In the ancient writings it is repeatedly pointed out that the light force is carried in the essence, and not in the particles of our popular atmosphere.

“In the ancient writings, the symbol for that which fills space was a series of fine horizontal lines which they wrote “water.” The earthly water symbol was a serpent in motion, like the swells of an ocean, generally written as a series of wavy horizontal lines.

“. . . I think the symbol answers the question. The translators of the sacred writings could find no name corresponding with the original, to give to the plain horizontal lines, but the horizontal wavy lines were well known to them, so they differentiated between the two by calling one the “water” and the other “the waters.” I have never found a word giving the name used by the ancients, only the symbol; but their writings distinctly tell us that it is that which fills space. Not once but dozens of times.

“In many of the vignettes of the sacred inspired writings is unquestionably shown what the fine straight horizontal lines symbolize. As an instance, when the Creator is spoken of as having existed in space, a vignette accompanying the writing shows the seven-headed serpent moving along through fine horizontal straight lines within a circle.”

For the Hindus, that energy or Spirit which fills all space is a vital force known as “prana.”

They have five different manifestations depending on the space in which it exists and its purpose. Still, in essence, it is that same energy of the FATHER which supports all things in Creation.

As a person works through their first experience of the true Creation story, they might be inclined to wonder why this was ever allowed to continue. To understand that point one must first consider two of Creation’s primary characteristics: one is sometimes called ‘the prime directive’–that each part of Creation must have its own Free Will. The second is the fact that the FATHER experiences HIS own Creation through that which has been created. Every new experience that no one has ever had before adds to the body of God’s experience, and to the body of knowledge of all that is created.

In Enjliou and Callia’s difficulties new expressions of Creation were being learned. It is the same here on Earth right now where so much new learning is taking place from experiences and ways of viewing certain experiences that have never been known before.

The Spiritual Hierarchy will not let Us destroy ourselves as some planets have been destroyed before during similar learning experiences such as this one, but we shall cover this in more detail as our journey draws to an end.

The fundamental belief about the universe in Gnosticism was that it contained the two cardinal spirits of Light and darkness. ‘Light” represented truth and righteousness, and ‘Darkness’ depicted perversion and evil. The balance of one against the other in the cosmos was settled by celestial movement, and people were individually apportioned with degrees of each spirit as defined by their planetary circumstances of birth. The cosmic battle between light and darkness was thus perpetuated within humankind and between one person and another; some contained proportionally more light, others proportionally more dark. By tradition, the Spirit of Darkness was identified with Belial, meaning ‘worthless,’ whose children worshipped other gods rather than Jehovah.

The Alexandrian Gnostics taught that the first father, Yaldaboath, equivalent to our Enjliou, was bought forth from the depths by the Holy Spirit, who was called Sophia, meaning ‘wisdom,’ the Gnostic equivalent of Callia. The Holy spirit of Sophia was said to have ‘moved on the face of the waters’.


The Continuation of Creation

Although ideally it takes the negative, female, Mother energy and the positive, male, Father energy of one of the other Creator Beings to create, it is possible for two ‘male’ or ‘female’ essences to also create or manifest beings here in the Universe as well. Lucifer and Enjliou were able to create together. ARTOLA and Callia were able to create together. Callia and Lucifer were able to create together, to bring forth manifestations of the Light. And each Being at this level was also able to create on Their own. These alternative methods of Creation, however, bring about problems with the individual spirits or Beings that have been manifested.

To correctly create or manifest a Soul in its full compliment or glory of the FATHER’S LIGHT takes a male and female energy, combined with the neutral force of the FATHER’s Holy Spirit.

What Enjliou and Callia manifested together, for the most part, were full-complement Light Beings. What ARTOLA and Callia were able to manifest together, for the most part, were also full-complement LIGHT BEINGS. In both these situations, however, those who were manifested were still imprinted with the negative aspects now also inherent in their Parent Creators. Again, “the sins of the father . . .”

What Lucifer created, on his own, and with Callia, were beings that had insufficient Light to be able to properly deal with the higher levels of existence. They were and still are, beings who are unable to make their way home to the FATHER on their own. They comprise many of the sick and the needy of the planet, those beings who are unable to lift themselves above the rudimentary levels of survival. Other beings created during the most intense period of chaos in the creation of this universe, are what is called ‘fragments’ or even ‘disembodied spirits.’


They are “souls” who are not able to be fully manifested in their right form or structure. Lucifer created some of these, Callia created some of these, and so too did Enjliou. It is not the fault of those who were created that they are lacking or somehow incomplete. Then again, it is not the responsibility of all the other individual expressions of soul to help them heal either. These Souls must eventually be returned to the FATHER for correcting the level of LIGHT in their being, unless the Creator Parents can once again be heal Themselves, and in turn heal Their children.

The original beings who were emitted in the first acts of Creation in the Universe came “like massive groups in space”—what the Gnostic would called ‘waves of emanation.’ In these original groups there were greater and lesser degrees of spirits, each with their own designations and tasks to perform. Some of these were of course the Great Arc Angels, the lesser Arc Angels, the rainbow spirits, and the Ronalokas. Ceanne DeRohan goes into much more depth on these further creations in her series of books, than we have time to do here.

Each one of these subsequent group of Spirits manifested, from Lucifer on down, was basically flawed by the dissension which split the creative powers of the Universal Parents sending them off on their own adventures and agendas. Here, once again, we have the archetype of divorce and the ‘traumatized’ child who is a product of such an unbalanced upbringing. If you now have the feeling that you are not just living your own life, but that also of your parents in one form or another, you will understand the effect this Creation had on all of us who were created.


And the drama continued.

During Her time of isolation out in the Void, Callia came close to extinction of Her personal Light more than once before She was finally able to lift herself off the planet and find her way back to Enjliou. From there, She was eventually retrieved by Beings from the Central Universe and taken back for a healing. And, finally, after much time a and recuperation from her near extinction, She and Enjliou were once again reunited, and the work of Creation continued.

Machiavellian theory teaches that the best way to win either a war is to ‘divide and conquer’ your opponent. In this way their forces are split, as well as the energies of their focus. That is exactly what Lucifer did with his Creator Parents. Pitting one Parent against the other, he deepened the rifts and divisions that already existed between them. Those who follow him also use exactly the same processes, as we shall see.

Lucifer’s ultimate goal, however, as mentioned in many religious texts that deal with the Luciferian rebellion, was to usurp the role of His Father. Not just to be like God, but to actually be God, God of His own Universe in Creation—this one, Nebadon.