Did You Know? Part 3

*Gabriel Wolff was an Israeli draft resister who spent 90 days in an Israeli prison because he refused to serve in the Occupied Territories. He stated that 40 per cent of potential soldiers claim mental illness in order to avoid serving in the military. Interview held on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! program on WBAI, community supported radio station in which Amy Goodman herself has been assaulted, harassed, and forced to file a grievance in order to save her job because she speaks the truth. She filed the grievance prior to being assaulted. The assault was fairly recent.

*Members of the World Economic Forum (WEF) according to Trilateralism  include:
Madeline Albright
Ken Alibek, works for Hadron, Inc.
Yasser Arafat
K. Rone Baldwin, President General Electric
Michael Bloomberg
CEO of Guicci
CEO of Texaco
CEO of U.S. Airways
Chubias, Russian Mogul
George M. Church, Professor of Genetics, Harvard University
Bill Clinton
Douglas N. Daft, President Coca-Cola
Lone Dybkjaer
Ken Dychtwald, Gerontologist, The Esalen Institute, Headquarters of The Human Potential Movement in California, Runs company: Age Wave
Richard W. Edelman, CEO Edelman Public Relations Worldwide
Michael J. Elliot, Editor of Newsweek International
Bill Gates
Stephan Götz-Richter-Website The Globalist
Jörg Haider
Allan G. Hasselfeld, Top Director, Hasbro (toys)
William A. Hazeltine, CEO Human Genome Sciences
David Heber, Professor, UC Berkeley
Jane E. Henney, Head of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Charles O. Holliday, Jr.
Chua Mui Hoong, Journalist The Straits Times-Singapore
George Kailis, President MG Kailis Group, Australia
Raymond E. Kendall, Secretary General of the International police force-INTEPOL
Mogens Lykketoft, Danish Minister of Finance
Gorän Lindahe, Head of AAB
Jonathan Mann, CNN
Rick Menell, CEO Anglovaal Mining Ltd. South Africa
Shimon Perez
President of ABB
President of Bayer
President of Nestlé
President of Siemens
President of SONY
Jeffrey S. Quoss, Director, Thyssen Steel
Poul Nyrup Rasmussen
James J. Schiro, CEO of Price Waterhouse Cooper
Klaus Schwab-Founder 1971
Vandana Shiva, Head of Third World Network & Chief of India's Foundation for Science Technology & Natural Resource Policy (She seems to be good, however, as she damned Monsanto)
Ted Shrivers (JFK's nephew & Maria Shriver's brother)
Peter Singer, Philosopher of Human Values Princeton University
George Soros
Terrez M. Thompson, Deputy Director of Communications Strategy and Global Communication at Coca-Cola
Guy Verhofstadt, Prime Minister of Belgium