America's Concerns -- Part 1

This letter was sent Certified/ReturnReceipt with article number 7099 3220 0009 9958 9315 on July 1, 2001 to Ms. Sandra Feldman and confirmed delivered on July 9, 2001 with the signature of A.J. Humes whose signature was affixed that date.

P. O. Box 882
Lakebay, WA 98349-0882
July 1, 2001

Ms. Sandra Feldman
American Federation of Teachers
555 New Jersey Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20001

Dear Ms. Feldman,
  As the publisher of True Democracy (La verdad sobre la democracia in Spanish), I had occasion to speak with a public school teacher who works in Tacoma, Washington. She informed me that the union is in with the government. It made perfect sense because not only have you never answered my letters in the past but two teachers were terminated because one tried to inculcate in her students in Brooklyn, NY a pride of their African heritage and her colleague was terminated because she supported her friend. No mention was made that the union attempted to save those teachers' jobs.
  I had a meeting with my local committee where I live now on May 22, 2001. There were teachers at that meeting because they are on that committee. They seemed interested in my message. They asked me, "Do you want us to teach the history? I said, "Yes, in high school."
  Everyone to whom I speak agrees with me that the little ones need to be taught the lessons that I have in the first edition on the page which makes my periodical unique-the Demand page- but only five superintendents subscribed when I sent them all a snail mail letter in 1999 with one superintendent desirous of subscribing but having no funds from which to send a Purchase Order. The rest didn't even though they could have afforded to in many cases because they like the status quo.
  The status quo is not good enough for us or for the rest of the world. True Democracy is world news or news which every nation needs because the United States is the world's hegemony now. People are dying overseas and in America because of our government and I do not tolerate it!
  At the meeting with the committee I told the teachers that they would be able to stay in their chosen profession until they determined they wanted to leave. Then, the next day I called and spoke with the secretary to ask her to advise the teachers that they wouldn't have to implement George W. Bush's tests.
  Then, in The New York Times in June, there was a New York Times headline which read, "Veteran 4th Grade Teachers Quit to Avoid Tests" leading me to believe that either the teachers had not been told what I said to the secretary or that there was some break in communication at some level.
  The man who sits in the White House is a common criminal. His family are common criminals. He was "selected" by the Supreme Court which broke the law. I know it and many people know it but what I know that many people in America don't know is Top Secret information. Only the people who've read the first edition know this information. It's been distributed since March, 2001 to international acclaim.
  People in Western Europe, Canada, and Australia as well as Argentina know so much that they know that I am telling the truth but I have even taught them. I have also taught Ph.D's so I am indeed very fortunate.
  This letter will be in the next edition of True Democracy in the "America's Concerns" section because it is a deep concern of mine. True Democracy empowers as no other publication does. It is accurate American history so it belongs in the public schools especially since the New Hampshire state Supreme Court ruled on April 2, 1999 that using property taxes to fund the public schools is unconstitutional.

Ms. Feldman
July 1, 2001
Page 2
         True Democracy will solve that problem because it will "totally fund the public schools for salaries and benefits with no strings, oversight, or obligations attached and with no  attendance correlation."  This was my solution to the problem stated by a superintendent in Montana who sent me a letter stating that he doesn't want the federal government meddling in his schools who also stated that the Washington DC schools are funded by the government and they are a disaster.
  The Canadian schools are funded by their government. They have excellent schools. The United States will have excellent schools too if only you will listen to me.
  Advise the teachers what I am publishing. It's free this year because I am giving the password which is the word freedom because True Democracy is only on my Web site. Then, we as an academic community will have the power to confront anyone who sits in the White House because the one who is there now is being disingenuous with his demand that the schools have to achieve certain scores on those tests in order to receive money from the federal government. He doesn't want to send that money. He will destroy the schools altogether because that is what the elite want.
  You may wonder who I am. There's a section on my Web site which is called "About Us." It is a little autobiographical sketch but in addition to that I am in three Who's Who. One of them, the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England is honoring me again late this year with inclusion in 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century  which will be distributed to libraries world wide so I will not be an unknown any longer.
  The people of the world who know of my work are boycotting this country for vacation until the Congress carries out what the world demands. They will just maintain that boycott in ever increasing numbers with more demands every three months or March, June, September, and December.
  It is not my intention to destroy the economies of the states which people visit for vacation. It is my intention to stop the insanity which our government perpetuates. Then, people will return to visit the United States.
  When, not if, the public schools send the Demand page by the tens of thousands of copies to the Speaker of the House in the snail mail the Congress will realize that they can't maintain the deceits any longer and do what the people want, not the elite and not the military which according to now deceased Col. J. Fletcher Prouty "dwarfs the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergs." Then you will see positive change for the people of the entire world because when the Green Beret assassinated President Kennedy, they betrayed the entire world. They assassinated him because of what he wanted to do. We'll do it for him. Then, we'll have plenty of money for education.
  I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

                          In peace and solidarity,

                          NEWS SOURCE, INC.

                          Arlene Johnson

cc: Mr. Edward J. McElroy, AFT Secretary-Treasurer
    Mr. Nat La Cour, AFT Executive Vice President

[Editor's note: She never replied and neither did either of the two subordinates. If you have children or grandchildren in the public schools or any school, make them aware of this gift. True Democracy is free this year. Next year and thereafter, it will be very inexpensive for everyone. Some have already subscribed.]