by Steve Hammons
May 19, 2006

from AmericanChronicle Website


New information has been made public about the alleged “Project SERPO.”


This disclosure comes from what appears to be different sources, and has been posted on a different Web site than previous information releases.

The information comes from an anonymous source referred to as “TC,” who reportedly contacted the researchers at the “Open Minds Forum” operating on the Web site, around March 2006. Later information came in April and May.

Information from TC is posted on this site, under the section titled “Seinu Disclosures” and the subsection “T.C. GROUP –The Seinu Disclosures.”

The Open Minds Forum researchers reportedly have done significant initial investigation of the source and the information. They state they have not posted these reports until this month, after they had conducted research on the information.

They do not confirm the truthfulness of it, nor do they dismiss it. Additional research related to consistencies in TC’s information is posted on the same Web site under the subsection title “TC consistencies.”

According to this source, a close associate and friend of his, who he identifies as “J,” passed on confidential information from his journal to TC while J was on his deathbed. This information in some ways seems consistent with Project SERPO and the many other reports about UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors, yet also directly contradicts one of the main claims about Project SERPO.

TC’s account agrees that visitors from the Zeta Reticuli star system crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, and that a live being survived on U.S. soil until 1952. His descriptions of these beings appear consistent with the many other reports. The evolution of the U.S. Government response to these visitors also seems somewhat in line with the Project SERPO reports and similar accounts.

However, TC states that no exchange program involving the U.S. military and the inhabitants of the planet Serpo or Seinu took place. He claims Project SERPO, originally called “Project SERPONIA,” is a disinformation cover story.

For those who have been following the Project SERPO and Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT reports, the accounts about an exchange program from 1965 to 1978 involving a 12-person joint-service U.S. military team and extraterrestrial visitors from a planet in the Zeta Reticuli star system have been fascinating.

The information has been periodically posted on the Web site over the last six months. The releases have come through an e-mail discussion group, reportedly from anonymous sources claiming to be current and former U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officials.

Now, this version of events has been joined by a somewhat parallel story from TC that contains different and more disturbing details.




Some of the information posted from J and TC follows:

“I have been instructed to pass the following information on to you per my dear friend’s last request. May God rest his soul.”

”You may come to find the information somewhat shocking and unable to understand as [redacted] has. I pray the Almighty will look out for the inhabitants of this planet as the coming years will bring much misery. I pass on this information in the hope that you, as an unbiased observer, will make sure the public learns the truth.”

“The malevolent EBEs [extraterrestrial biological entities] have abducted many of us to help their dying race. We the human population are their experiment.”

President Eisenhower comes aboard in ’53 as I did. When he realized the threat was real, he contacted the Soviets, British and a few other trustworthy heads of state.”

Eisenhower believed the only way to defeat the alien technology was to play along with them until we could defend ourselves against them.”

“By '56 we had a surprise visit by a second alien group. They were called the Etherians, we called them the handsome people. They were humanoid and tall.”

“At ‘J's funeral, we were astonished at the site of many distinguished people. As I was preparing to leave, a man approached and said verbatim, ‘Mr. [redacted], I am truly sorry for the loss of your friend. He will be missed by many.’ He then took my hand into both of his and shook it. As he did, he slipped a sheet of paper into the cuff of my shirtsleeve. As he turned to walk away, he said, ‘Goodbye Mr. [redacted],’ and winked his eye.”

”I have never seen this man before and was uneasy as to his intensions. As I climbed into the limousine, I pulled the note out and read the message. It was an address, date, time and a sequence of numbers. My wife told me to throw it away. I must admit, (name removed), that I was curious and felt a need to learn why I was given this message, so I went.”

“Two days following the funeral I went as instructed and brought along a friend who is a retired police captain He has a permit to carry a firearm, which made me feel safe. We drove the thirty minutes to the city where we came to a five-story building with a security gate.”

“My friend took the message and punched in the sequence of numbers written on the bottom of the note. The gate opened and we drove up a ramp into a parking garage. We walked over towards the elevator and my friend tried the stairwell door, but it was locked. The elevator started moving, but we could not activate it due to a box similar to a credit card scanner that was on the wall. I guess you needed a special card.”

”The elevator opened and the same man, who had given me the message, waived us into the elevator. There must have been a hidden camera near the doors. He turned a key and we went up to the fifth floor I believe. Another man was standing there when the doors opened. He asked me to raise my arms and proceeded to frisk me. My friend was not frisked and was told to sit on the couch near an office door.”

“I was told to walk into another office and I opened the door and two men were sitting on a long couch. I’ll tell you, [redacted], I would never of guessed it would have been someone from the WH administration. PW and BM asked me not to use their names, only their initials, due to government computer tracking software. They stood up as I approached them. We shook hands and for the next three hours we discussed ‘J’s’ journal, information that is not in the journal and what is to happen following the meeting.”

“They knew about ‘J’ and how he wanted the public to know about some of the things he shared with you. PW gave me a sheet with the items we had discussed, so I wouldn’t forget. He also asked that you release the information I originally gave you, ‘to start the ball rolling,’ as he put it. The information is to be put on your Serpo forum.” [a list of these alleged discussion items is posted on the site.]

“I wish all the best in seeking out your own truth, but you may not like what you find in the end!”





Although J’s and TC’s accounts are similar in many ways to the Project SERPO releases, the truthfulness of the exchange program becomes a significant point of disagreement.

To review the saga of the Project SERPO story, some of the information from a source who came to be known as “Anonymous” was initially posted in early November 2005 on the Web site. He claimed to represent several current and former employees of the DIA.

At first, the information releases were frequent. Then, there were several periods of time with larger gaps between some of the 22 separate sections of information posted on the site on 18 different dates. April 3, 2006, was the last time information from Anonymous was posted on the site.

The frequently highly-detailed reports about the origins of the program, the selection and training of the military personnel, their journey aboard the visitors’ advanced spacecraft and their experiences over 12 years on the planet Serpo have gained the attention of people around the world.

From the beginning of the releases, there has been healthy skepticism about the truthfulness of the information. After all, even the most open-minded of us had not considered that the state of U.S. Government cooperation with visitors from other planets would have advanced as far as an exchange program. But that was the core of the story from Anonymous and his associates.

Because the people on the receiving end of this information have been quite discreet, it is not publicly known if other releases have been held back or how much more is known about this information and the sources.

It has not been clear if the information has been truthful, partly true, totally fiction, a hoax, part of a psychological operation (PSYOP) or legitimate open source intelligence (OSINT) that has been released to the public at this point in time for reasons unknown.

There was initially an Anonymous #1. And then an Anonymous #2 surfaced. The second source’s information seemed more questionable, according to some people involved.

Now, TC and J state that the information from Anonymous #1 was from the Project SERPONIA cover story. So, the information was truthful in that it was based on an elaborate disinformation program, but ultimately is false info.


TC and J state that the information from Anonymous #2 seems to be simply made up.




According to the Project SERPO reports, it all started with the 1947 crash of a UFO, a small spacecraft, in New Mexico where one injured survivor was rescued and taken to U.S. military facilities.


He helped authorities use the communications technology onboard the craft and they were able to use it to contact his home planet. This visitor reportedly died in 1952 while still on U.S. soil.

In subsequent communication efforts and contact, plans were made between the Americans involved in this effort, then called Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT, and the visitors from Serpo.

Eventually, and as basically as planned, the visitors did return to Earth and in cooperation with U.S. authorities, landed at an American military facility in the Southwest in 1965. There, the 12-person team boarded one of the visitors’ ships to begin the voyage to the Zeta Reticuli star system.

This was reportedly part of the basis for Steven Spielberg’s movie CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. According to some sources, technical advisors for Spielberg have included former U.S. military intelligence personnel who allegedly have knowledge of these projects.

Eight team members returned to Earth in 1978.

Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT was renamed Project SERPO.

It is claimed that the information on the program is contained in the “Red Book,” a highly classified collection of these kinds of records kept in a secure U.S. facility.

According to the accounts of this alleged project, the military personnel chosen for the operation went through an extensive selection process that involved many factors, including how to explain a ten-year absence.

The personnel who were eventually selected for the team included eight men from the Air Force, two men from the Army and two male Navy personnel. The team commander was an Air Force colonel. However, there has been one point of disagreement. Some people who claim knowledge of this mission have stated that two female military personnel were part of the team.

The group consisted of the team commander, assistant team commander, team pilot #1, team pilot #2, linguist #1, linguist #2, biologist, scientist #1, scientist #2, physician #1, physician #2 and a person whose primary duty was security.

They were “sheep-dipped,” a term used to describe the transition to a covert, clandestine operational status. Their identities were disguised by assigning each of them three-digit numbers in place of their names.

They allegedly underwent a wide range of intensive training over many months that included the sciences, specialized military skills and preparation, astronaut orientation and other activities.

Once the mission was underway, one team member reportedly died en route to Serpo from a medical problem. One died on Serpo. When the team was to return to Earth 12 years later, two team members chose to stay on Serpo. They allegedly were not ordered to return to Earth if they so chose.

Of the eight who returned, all reportedly have passed on, some from medical conditions probably related to the high radiation from Serpo’s two suns in the Zeta Reticuli system.




These kinds of information releases are suspected by some people to be part of an acclimation program to prepare the general public, in the U.S. and globally, for the truth of extraterrestrial visitation to Earth and to open our minds about other similarly significant developments.

There are many people who doubt the accuracy of the Project SERPO information. Now, with more questions being asked, more information and/or disinformation being made public and the claim that Project SERPO may have been a cover story, researchers are digging deeper.

Since 1947, when the U.S. Government reportedly was confronted with an undeniable reality of visitation by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization, the reaction of the public was a concern. That has reportedly been part of the reason for the extreme secrecy and disinformation about this subject. Protection of this intelligence information to keep it out of the hands of Cold War adversaries was another reason. There may be other reasons for the secrecy as well.

The new claims by J and TC indicate that there could be complex alliances between human groups and certain extraterrestrials. There may be several groups of extraterrestrial visitors with different agendas, some helpful and some dangerous. These factors have been reported by other sources as well.

Over the decades, we have become more accustomed to movies and TV shows about UFOs and fictitious visitors from outer space. Some of these creatures are portrayed as frightening and dangerous, some as friendly.


Whether fictitious, accurate or a little of both, these works in the media have helped us think about possibilities involving this kind of contact.

Of interest, a new book was recently published, co-written by four men with respectable backgrounds working in the fields of defense, intelligence, engineering and space:


In addition, the study of “exopolitics” is emerging as a field that explores diplomatic, cultural and political relations between humans on Earth and beings from other planets.

It is not encouraging that the human politics throughout history and now, within our nation and within the international community, have often shown mixed results that do not always reflect well on the human race. Our human development has been a mix of amazing accomplishments, beauty and creativity along with greed, brutality, ignorance and suffering.

Yet, as we go forward, the many good people around the world keep trying, keep struggling to help advance human civilization. And, some might say we need all the help we can get.

Maybe these varied and sometimes conflicting reports about extraterrestrials and special government projects have within them information that will help us get to higher and deeper levels of knowledge and understanding.

We might be able to more clearly identify the true enemies we face and the friends with whom we can build alliances. Our friends may be many and good and strong. Our enemies are sometimes obvious, often hidden, and they are sometimes within.

Maybe this information can help us get to a breakthrough that will help the human race reach new spiritual and scientific truths.

For example, our understanding about the many reports and research on “near-death experiences” might merge with new discoveries about the physics of hidden dimensions in our Universe.

The mysteries of crop circles might be solved and we might gain greater knowledge from them. We could learn what they mean, why they appear and who or what is creating them.

On a more practical level, opening our minds this way could also be part of the probability that our individual and collective consciousness might soon change. ESP phenomena like “remote viewing” and greater knowledge about internal perception could significantly expand for all of us.

As for information about UFOs, extraterrestrial friends and enemies, secret organizations, clandestine programs and similar topics, we can continue putting puzzle pieces together and connecting the dots. The stories and information surfacing now about government projects involving extraterrestrials could just be the tip of the iceberg.

It could be that the Project SERPO exchange program was a cover story, but it was released for a worthwhile purpose. Maybe people who put it forward did so in good faith, believing it to be true or possibly true. Maybe it was just something “to get the ball rolling,” as TC’s mysterious contact stated.

So, it could be that the Project SERPO releases and the so-called Seinu disclosures are both legitimate clues about what is going on.

There could be many more surprises and challenges facing us in the days to come.