In many ways Nurrungar is similar to the base at Pine Gap. On the surface it's military role is to draw information from a series of geostationary satellites which watch for missile launches and nuclear detonations throughout Asia and the Middle East. However this represents a small percentage of it's activities.


Basically it acts as a back up facility to Pine Gap complete with extensive underground installations and an illegal nuclear reactor which has to be supplied with large amounts of water carried by a regular train service originating in the southern part of the state of South Australia. Like Pine Gap it is situated in an isolated area of low electro magnetic activity and sealed off from the public view by a security zone which is part of the 'Woomera Prohibited Area'.

From the time construction of Nurrungar began in 1969 the U.F.O. activity in the Woomera area increased to similar levels experienced during the height of the nuclear and missile testing of the 1950's and early 1960's. It remains one of the most active U.F.O. areas in Australia. One source told the writer that E.T.'s used Nurrunga just as they did at Pine Gap. They have a free hand and there was no way of controlling them. "They run the place," he said.

Apart from it's more obvious functions, the main purpose of Nurrungar remains top secret. It is known that it has similar communication links as Pine Gap as well as a separate undersea cable link to the U.S.A. Also it is rumored that direct links are maintained with a similar installation situated in North West China and the ultra secret American base at the South Pole.

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The principal partners in this new venture are the United States and Australia. Under the UKUSA agreement the British and other club members are given access to the information gathered when it is considered necessary. The controlling bodies of the ultra modern installation are the American NSA and the Australian DSD. It's purpose is to monitor the entire Australian telecommunication system with particular emphasis placed on all incoming and outgoing international telephone call, facsimile messages, telex and radio transmissions.


It operates in conjunction with Pine Gap and to a lesser extent Nurrungar giving it almost unlimited intrusive powers into all levels of electronic communications in Australia. No one is safe from it's prying abilities which take place at every level.

As the Geraldton installation is one of the most modern of it's type in the world it was also one of the most expensive ever built. The Australian government announced that it had contributed four hundred million dollars to the project but in reality their investment was much more. A source quoted the actual figure at one billion and four hundred million dollars with the American government contributing equipment and technical know-how. In this way the U.S.A. normally makes a profit on the deal particularly after the host country covers the establishment costs in full.

Geraldton represents an important part of the constantly increasing surveillance network based in Australia. The system as it stands now is capable of conducting world wide clandestine surveillance and just like its counterparts in the United Kingdom, one of it's major purposes is to gather intelligence information from throughout the United States. In this way the various agency head offices in the U.S.A. cannot be accused of illegally operating outside their charters. One has to ponder who is behind these extending tentacles and what is their ultimate objective.


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Following the high levels of British missile testing of the 1950's and 60's the Woomera facilities fell dormant for almost twenty years. They are now experiencing a new lease of life.

NASA has become a regular customer having launched numerous rockets there over the past two years. The Japanese space agency will be starting tests, of their space shuttle at the range during the second half of 1996 and perhaps most important of all will be the launching of the Russian designed satellite carriers which will be assembled at the Australian Submarine Corporation in South Australia. The government is injecting substantial funds into the Woomera range to bring it up to modern standards and turn it into the best space launch facility outside the U.S.A. and Russia.

It is rumoured that the new American space plane which is designed to fly in and out of orbit under it's own power will have it's principal base of operations at Woomera by the end of the decade and NASA intends to construct large ground facilities there by that time.


This would represent a major move by NASA as their center of operations has always been the continental United States and there appears little reason for them to move a large part of it to a distant foreign country. Perhaps the future security of the American's capabilities in space are at stake in view of a possible world disaster occurring towards the end of the century.


If NASA had advance knowledge of this it would be a top national priority to reposition such vital resources in a safe area.

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Although still important for Very Low Frequency submarine communications in the Indian Ocean the rapid advancement of technology has tended to push the Exmouth Bay facility into a back up role.


The station is now mainly operated by Australian personnel indicating that it no longer retains the high levels of secrecy placed on it by it's American builders.


Never-the-less it remains part of the global network and is said to be involved in a wide range of low frequency and resonance experimentation in conjunction with Pine Gap and the Alaskan based HAARP project. North West Cape could be a key point in controlling the HAARP magnetic field over a large part of the Southern hemisphere.

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Probably best described as the Wright-Patterson A.F.B. of Australia, East Sale has been involved in top secret operations since the second World War. NASA makes extensive use of the facilities on a regular basis and it appears to be their main Southern hemisphere base for high altitude U2 operations over the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. In addition to these reconnaissance operations NASA regularly operated it's flying astronomical observatory from East Sale as the area south of Australia provides excellent viewing of the Milky Way galaxy and solar system.

Apart from the NASA activities many other American and foreign nationality aircraft have been seen flying into the base or parked outside the ground facilities. In the main these appear to be large transport aircraft such as the C5 and C130. Some Sale residents have told convincing stories about other strange aircraft operating mainly at night time which appear to be American Stealth fighter planes or very similar in design.

Since the late 1940's East Sale has been deeply involved in the U.F.O. problem. As the main military and photographic interpretation center in Australia it was given the initial task of examining the sudden stream of U.F.O. movie films and still pictures which began flowing from military sources in 1946/47 and asked to come up with some acceptable answers. It was unable to do so. In fact it quickly became patently obvious that they were dealing with an entirely new phenomenon which had the characteristics of a super science which was not of earthly origin.

Over the years and in co-operation with the United States and other major world government authorities East Sale has become a major U.F.O. research establishment incorporating the Australian Defense Science and Technology Organization (DSTO).


This organization, established in the early 1950's in conjunction with British Commonwealth and United States government military intelligence services was given the Australian mandate to investigate U.F.O.'s, try to determine their origins and objectives and take advantage of any technical knowledge gained from the investigation. Little did they know the extent of their task and the magnitude of the problems they would have to face over the next forty five years.

As the central point of official U.F.O. research East Sale conducts joint investigations into all aspects of the U.F.O. phenomenon including crash retrievals. As mentioned earlier in this report the National Safety Council which was situated in West Sale was the main instrument of the retrieval operations until it's sudden closure in 1989. Obviously operational methods were changed as it would be most unlikely that interest would ever be lost in extraterrestrials artifacts.

An organization the size of the East Sale D.S.T.O. requires a large staff of trained personnel which, over a period of time, requires a continuous flow of trained replacements who are able to continue the research programmes as the older staff retires or leaves the group for other reasons. Talent scouts are always on the look out for young recruits who would best suit the future needs of the service. One such recruit was the enthusiastic Air Training Corp pilot Frederich Valentich.

Most people are familiar with the disappearance of Frederich Valentich on the 21st October, 1978. There is strong evidence that Valentich, together with his Cessna 182, was abducted by a large U.F.O. while flying over Bass Strait south west of Melbourne. What they are not familiar with was his interest in U.F.O.'s and the special training he had in the subject during a fifteen day course at East Sale just prior to his fateful mission.


It seems he had been recruited by the Australian Chapter of the most secret intelligence service in the world and was overawed by the trust that had been placed in him. The fact he disappeared so shortly afterward and in such unusual circumstances gives much food for, thought. Could it be that the final encounter was expected or even arranged? Anything is possible in the secret world, even the sacrifice of a young pilot to serve a supposed higher cause.

Other evidence points to the fact that the East Sale base has been deeply involved in the U.F.O. business for a long period of time.

An intriguing story was told to the author by a retired television executive who had previously managed the news department of a major TV station in Melbourne. He was convinced that the story was true and the word of his then responsible staff members could not be doubted.

During the mid 1980's the TV station news department received a standard public relations request from the RAAF East Sale air base for a film crew and reporter to attend the opening of a new administration building by the Minister of Defense.

On the designated day two cameramen, an assistant and a reporter left by the company helicopter for East Sale where permission had been granted for them, to land on the base helipad. The day was warm and clear and due to an early departure coupled with a brisk tail wind they arrived there around forty five minutes prior to their designated time.


They were met by two armed guards who were very friendly and did not seem at all disturbed that they were early for their appointment. The guards asked them to wait in a lounge area beside the helipad, said they would return for them and promptly left. After a few minutes the group decided to take a look around the other helicopters that were standing on the pad and take a few background shots for inclusion in their report.

After taking some short views of the helicopters the cameramen walked out of the helipad area so they could take some shots of some of the large hangers spread across the base. One such hanger was about one hundred yards to the right of them and two side doors were partly open.


Like good inquisitive news men they decided to walk over and ,take a look inside. As they walked towards the hanger they noticed how quiet everything was, apart from the aircraft standing around, the base seemed devoid of human life. They picked up their pace and were soon at the hanger doors. What they saw inside caused them to stop in their tracks and really wonder what they were looking at.


Towards the rear of the hanger was a large metallic grey disc like object standing on three short legs. It was about sixty feet in diameter with a central height of about eighteen to twenty feet. Scaffolding was arranged around it's right hand side with a platform extending to what looked like a curved top doorway situated near the top of the object. They also noticed what appeared to be small square windows on each side of the doorway and evenly spaced around the top of the object.

It did not take them long to realize they were in the presence of something really unusual and their immediate reaction was to turn on their video cameras and tape as much of it as they could. They walked around the object noticing various details including surface markings in various places which looked similar to Korean script. As they walked behind the scaffolding they approached a brightly lit mobile office and to their surprise saw that it was occupied by three people.

There was a tall elderly balding man in a white dust coat talking to two smaller men in the center of the office area. It appeared they were looking at drawings on a small table and were so involved in what they were doing they did not notice the cameramen taking videos of them through the doorway and side windows. A minute or so passed and then the tall man looked up and appeared puzzled by the two cameramen..


He walked to the door and asked them if HQ needed more pictures and why hadn't they called him about it. The TV men replied that they were only looking and had nothing to do with HQ. This really did it and the man's expression changed from puzzlement to what could only be described as absolute horror. He shouted at them to stay where they were and grabbed at a telephone. At this point the two TV men decided it was time to leave and they quickly walked around the object and out the hanger doors.


They were almost back to the helicopter area when a car screeched to a halt in front of them. Out jumped four guards including one of the officers who had met them about half an hour before. He smiled and asked them what they had been doing. They smiled back and said they had been looking around and were particularly interested in the new plane they had seen in the hanger.


The officer looked thoughtful for a few seconds then said as the area was restricted and photography was not permitted without prior permission, he unfortunately would have to insist on taking their cassettes from the cameras advising they would be returned after security had a look at them. He then said it was time to go to the new Headquarters Building and set up as the Defense Minister would be arriving in about fifteen minutes. Nothing more was said and it was if nothing had happened.

On the way back to Melbourne the cameramen discussed what they had seen in the hanger. They both new it was not a normal aircraft and decided it had to be one of those flying saucers that they had been hearing about for years. Also there was something very strange about the two small men in the mobile office. When they thought about it they realized they were the size of five year old children but looked much older, they wondered if they , were dwarfs, but then why would the airforce employ such people? It just did not seem right.

A few days after the event two new tape cassettes arrived at the television station. There was a note with them from the Airforce advising the originals had been accidentally damaged and to please accept tow new ones with their compliments.

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Although not situated on the Australian continent the American Antarctic Base situated at the South Pole is an integral part of America's network of secret bases in the Southern Hemisphere. It is linked via satellite to Pine Gap and other bases in Australia, Christchurch in New Zealand (it's main supply base), Punta Arenas in Southern Chile and the long standing C.I.A./NSA base in Cape Town, South Africa.

The base is built mainly under the ice. This was done by mining out large trenches in which buildings were placed in neat rows. The trenches were then covered with ice and snow. Due to the natural ice build up over the years the base is now deeply below the surface of the ice cap.

Due to the large airspaces in the trenches (now tunnels) the ambient temperature of the air was raised to above freezing level without effecting the surrounding ice. This combined with the individual heated buildings make it a comfortable place to live.

The main purpose of the base appears to be top secret experimentation in the area of electro magnetism and the earth's magnetic field. In fact so secret are these activities that personnel are openly hostile to any uninvited visitors even though such visits are few and far between.


One such case involved the Australian millionaire adventurer Dick Smith in the late 1980's. Mr. Smith was on a trans polar flight in his private plane when he encountered bad weather and strong head winds. To play it safe he decided to land at the American Base and request additional fuel. He later described his arrival there as an unpleasant incident. Although the base administration knew who he was, he was greeted by an armed angry group of men who told him he had no right to be there and to leave immediately. He told them that he needed fuel and would pay for it.


This was met with a refusal and an order to take off without delay. In fact the Base Commander put the order in the crudest of terms. So much so infact that Mr. Smith started to fear for his life. On leaving the base he decided to turn back to the Russian Base where he was warmly welcomed, accommodated for twenty hours in very comfortable conditions and given all the fuel he needed free of charge. On his return to Australia he made very bitter comments about his reception at the South Pole.

Another rather amusing incident occurred in December, 1995. This involved a lone Englishman who was walking and sledge sailing across Antarctica to create a record for the Guinness Book of Records. He sailed into the base on Christmas Day and wondered if it would be possible( to telephone his mother in England to wish her a merry Christmas. Once again the reception was hostile and, believe it or not, was told to leave immediately.


Being stubborn he insisted on using the telephone and after a lot of argument he was allowed into an above ice hut and told he could make a quick call. He did so and after hanging up was presented with a large bill for the cost of the call. It was inferred he may have trouble leaving if he did not pay. Fortunately he had spare English money on his sledge and decided to pay up. Finally to add insult to injury he was given a very poor exchange rate for his English bank notes.

An Australian scientist who had spent a year with the Aurora Borealis (Southern Lights) research team at the main Australian Antarctic Base situated at Mawson told the author an interesting story about American activities in the region. He said that when the Americans conducted their regular experiments big changes occurred in the Aurora and communications were effected.


He did not know exactly what they were doing but believed they were driving electro magnetic energy into the earth's magnetic field which was causing the disruption in the Aurora. He agreed that it was probably related to the HAARP experiments in Alaska as he had heard the effects on the Northern Lights were similar.

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The Tidbinbilla tracking station situated close to Canberra in the A.C.T. is the most important in Australia. Established under a joint agreement between the United Kingdom, Australia and the U.S.A. it is an essential part of the U.S. space programme. It is also a vital control center for the Hubble orbital telescope. In fact the first images transmitted by the telescope were received by Tidbinbilla and they caused quite some concern.

A scientific advisor to the Australian Government told the author that he was present when the first photographs arrived. They clearly showed solar systems around the closer stars at which the telescope was aimed. According to this advisor it was possible to discern more than fifty new solar systems in the first few hundred pictures. It seemed apparent that virtually every star has a solar system of one type or another and the evidence arriving at Tidbinbilla was undeniable.


The revelations caused consternation among the control room staff, particularly the Americans who were angered that Australians and British were parties-to these revelations. A meeting was hastily arranged and although all present had security clearances they were told that it was of utmost importance that nothing leaked out and they must not talk about what they had seen.


One American scientist said that the public must not know about any new planets as it would "start them thinking and who knows where that would end." It had to be kept secret. But how can the results of such a highly publicized event be kept secret?


The answer was quite simple, tell the public that due to some miscalculations the telescope was faulty and was not able to produce clear pictures. It would have to be modified before it could be used properly and such modifications could only be carried out by a special space shuttle flight to be arranged in about two years time.

The story was accepted without question and NASA was only too happy to take the blame. They had made such a large investment in the Hubble telescope that it was not difficult to obtain extra government funds to conduct the so called repairs.

NASA was now in an ideal position. It could carry out extensive testing of the telescope in absolute secrecy as it was assumed it did not work.


The door was open to make improvements to the system and get a closer look at those planets. A new camera costing U.S.$100,000,000 was constructed and a modification to the secondary mirror system, which could be adjusted from the Earth, was designed and produced at similar cost. The power system was expanded in size to handle the increased electrical consumption of the new camera and integrated computer system.


Rarely do scientists have the chance to test their equipment in such a way and, then make modifications at any cost. The Hubble telescope now operates around the clock and the results are most satisfactory. All photographs are carefully checked and even airbrushed prior to release to other scientists. The lid is on and will stay there for a long time to come.

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Situated in a beautiful area in New South Wales the Parks radio telescope complex is perhaps the most important of it's kind in the world. Larger facilities exist in the Northern hemisphere but none of them have the advantage of a clear and direct window to the Milky Way.

Parks has been involved in the U.S. space programme and many major research projects over the past thirty years. According to a government source it detected intelligent signals from outer space more than twenty five years ago and has done so ever since.


Perhaps the most publicized project in which Parks has been involved was the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) programme which was abruptly closed down in 1995. It was meant to be a cover or public relations operation to keep the public reminded that nothing was out there and if it was, it was so far away it could not be found. Unfortunately for the secret governments it did not turn out that way.


Parks hit rate (a hit being a positive identification of intelligent signals) was alarmingly high. The plug had to be pulled before too much leaked out. The public was told that as nothing could be found the project would be terminated immediately to stop any further necessary depletion of funds.

The results of Parks intensive investigation produced some bizarre results. Intelligent radio and what proved to be television signals were identified in several parts of the galaxy and emanating from areas up to three thousand light years away from the earth.


The contents of these emanations are classified above top secret as they indicate that technical civilizations equal or superior to our own were very active more than three thousand years ago. Without d-doubt the most interesting material of all would be the enhanced television pictures which apparently showed the daily life of a number of alien civilizations of ages past and still do.

The American NSA has close co-operation with Parks and has liaison staff posted there on a full time basis. Under these arrangements the Parks facilities are a defacto outpost of the NSA's vital intelligence gathering network.


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The late Sir Phillip Baxter who was the head of the Australian Atomic Energy Commission during the nineteen fifties and early sixties was convinced at that time that the world was careening head long into inevitable nuclear destruction. He strongly advocated the production of nuclear weapons in Australia, the strengthening of all it's defenses and close military involvement with the U.S.A.


He said Australia could be turned into the world's lifeboat and in the event of the major destruction he envisaged, could harbor the most important parts of world civilization, a sort of totally self sufficient Atlantis from which the world could be recreated.

As it turned out it was not necessary to expend huge amounts of capital to produce nuclear weapons as due to Australia's close relations with the United Kingdom, and America and the fact that Australia was already a major producer of uranium it was not difficult to strike a deal with both parties to secretly store suitable nuclear weapons in the country for the use of the three allies should it ever prove necessary. However it was important to have a suitable delivery system and the Australian Government chose the then new American F-111 fighter bomber.

The nuclear weapon stores have remained in Australia and over the years expanded to accommodate a wide variety of new weapon systems that have been developed since the 1960's. This information has been kept from the Australian public and for obvious reasons there is little likelihood the present policy of secrecy will change.

Sir Phillip's proposal was publicly brushed aside and the media in general tended to infer that it as nothing more than an eccentric dream of an aging scientist. However behind the scenes his ideas were considered with great seriousness and appear to form the basis of current thinking in relation to Australia's strategic planning. Nuclear war remains a threat and one which will increase as more and more nations either buy or develop their own weapons systems.


Apart from that there appears to be several new dangers facing the earth ranging from world climatic disruption, possible cosmic cataclysm or even an invasion from outer space. Whatever the driving forces are, Sir Philips original plan of turning Australia into a lifeboat (perhaps now better described as a fortress) seems to be the first priority and the main driving force behind it is coming from the U.S.A.

At this point the author would like to clarify why this report was started in the first place. It's always important to know what motivates such things and why it is necessary to record such matters.

During March, 1994 the author heard from a European correspondent requesting his comments about a letter he had received from a friend in Western Australia. To clarify this for the reader an extract of the Australian's letter of 14th February, 1994 is quoted verbatim as follows:

"(1) There is at the present time a massive upgrading of the Australian rescue and disaster services. This was started about three years ago (Circa 1991) according to one newly trained instructor of these updated rescue services, and all this has to be in place and ready by 1998 (!?).

The services involved are the Government controlled and operated rescue services, and also the so called "Volunteer Rescue Services", Police Rescue Services, plus Fire Brigade and Ambulance Services.

(2) The second thing to be noted, two licensed gun-dealers (the above mentioned newly trained rescue service man is one of them) tell me that their gun-dealer licenses are terminated in 1997 (!?). I gather that all other gun dealers (at any rate in New South Wales) will also have their gun-dealer licenses terminated in 1997.

I recently had a long talk with this man, whom I have known for a long time. He is of the opinion that around 1997/98 the Federal Government intends to withdraw all firearms from the general public, and that the only people who will then have firearms will be the military and police. (Of course the criminals no doubt will still have their illegal weapons, I suppose).

In view of the foregoing, one may legitimately ask, I think, why it is necessary for the Australian public to be disarmed at precisely the same time as a vastly upgraded rescue and disaster service will be in place?

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After some thought the author made a brief reply as he was already aware of some rather odd changes being made to emergency services Australia wide. He believed that if urgency was involved then events would speed up between 1994 and 1998 and so many people would be involved that it would be impossible to keep the lid on such developments for an indefinite period of time. Some of those involved would have to talk. Little did the author know what he was getting into when he started to ask questions of old friends and contacts and probe in many dark corners.

From mid 1994 the pace of events was already showing signs of increased speed. By the end of 1995 it was almost impossible to keep up with the rapidly changing events and since the change of the Federal Government in March 1996 it seems, to use American phraseology, "all hell has broken loose".


The previously expected urgency of Government action and their often inexpiable behaviors clearly indicates a timetable that is being followed at all cost and one which seems to be very limited in scale. There is a definite atmosphere of tension and apprehension which the Government is doing nothing to alleviate. In fact they appear to go on promoting their plans without regard to public feelings and in some instances as if they were hell bent on committing political suicide.


The fact that all the parties in Government seem to be working together in some kind of national consensus increases the strangeness of the situation. Presently no opposition exists.

The author will now deal with events from March 1996 to June, 1996 which he believes definitely indicate the high level of urgency which now prevails and the crash through or crash attitude of the Australian authorities.

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The Victorian State Government headed by Mr. Jeff Kennett promised prior to his re-election that every state secondary school will establish emergency service cadet corps to help develop leadership and social skills. Many private, fee paying schools have maintained army orientated cadet corps but these have been eliminated from the public state education system for many years.

It is interesting to note that instead of basing the new cadet corps solely on the Army the State Government proposes to involve 213,000 students in all other military and emergency services. Students will have a choice of training with the Army, Air Force, Navy, Police, Fire Brigade, Country Fire Authority, Conservation Department and the Metropolitan Ambulance Services.


It is expected that in two to three years time a large pool of basically trained young personnel will be available to support these services if required. This programme is already in existence in Western Australia and it is expected to be adopted by most other states over the next two years. The cost of operating the scheme in Victoria is expected to be around $50,000,000 per year.

Considering the effort being put into the reorganization and development of all Australian emergency services the Cadet system (like the Scout movement) is an excellent way of training young and enthusiastic personnel for future use without having to enlighten them as to their true purpose. If all Australian states join in there could be as many as 1,000,000 students under part time training by the end of 1997.

After his re-election in March Mr. Kennett immediately authorized a pilot study programme to commence in several schools in view of developing a state wide Cadet system by 1997.

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(1) During late March the Federal Government announced that the Australian Army would start training Singapore Air Force helicopter pilots at the Army Aviation Centre at Oakey, 150KM west of Brisbane where a squadron of twelve super puma helicopters and about two hundred and fifty service personnel and their families would be based. Singapore forces already had flight training at several RAAF bases and armored training at Shoalwater Bay, Queensland.

(2) The Federal Government announced that it was purchasing one hundred special multi wheeled armored all terrain vehicles, for the Army. These will be supplied by Canada and stationed in the northern part of Australia. The government has also decided to set up a part manufacturing programme for these vehicles in the near future. It is expected that more than five hundred will be produced within three years.

(3) The Labor Government lost the federal election in March and were replaced by the Howard Conservative government. One of the new governments first action was to instruct the Australian Submarine Corporation to speed up the production of the Collins class submarines. The production is presently running to the original schedule but the government wants them as soon as possible. The factory will be expanded and staff numbers increased to achieve this.

(4) The frigate building programme in Melbourne is also to be speeded up. So far the second frigate is operational and the third is due to be launched this year. The government wants all ten within three years.

(5) It appears that Australia has continued to purchase large numbers of used but refurbished F111 fighter bombers from the U.S.A. There are indications that the airforce now has around 280 F-111 aircraft at their disposal! This is an enormous number in anyone's estimation and it is difficult to understand why Australia would need such a large number of them.

(6) The ever increasing amount of sophisticated military equipment is causing a serious shortage of skilled man power to operate it, particularly in the airforce. To get around part of the problem the armed services are offering positions to outside contractors such experienced airline pilots and flight engineers. Of course no one will go into such services for lower wages so the services have agreed to pay such outsiders at commercial rates and add a variety of benefits and perks to make the new positions more attractive.


This means that an experienced pilot contracted from outside the airforce could be paid three or four times more than a regular careers airforce pilot of the same rank. Obviously the urgency of obtaining the services of the new staff outweighs the conflicts it will no doubt cause. It has been rumored that should the need arise the U.S. government will provide a large number of skilled personnel on a lease basis to operate all the equipment should this prove necessary during a time of emergency.

(7) Shortly after the new federal government came to power in March new discussions began with the U.S. Government about the establishment of a greater American military presence in Australia. These discussions are still underway and are expected to continue for most of 1996.


The U.S. government has asked Australia to agree to the establishment of a major network of military supply bases in Australia which will be stocked with large quantities of munitions, spare parts and complete equipment to fully support any American military operations in the Asia/Pacific area. The U.S. government has promised substantial investment in this project involving the joint co-operation of Australian companies.

(8) The U.S. government has proposed that a major naval base be built for their use at Darwin in the Northern Territory. It is expected that the Australian government will agree to this during 1996.

(9) The U.S. government has further requested the setting up of training facilities in Australia at which American military personnel can be field trained in all forms of warfare. This would be in addition to the present airforce training facilities already in operation.

(10) Apart from the new naval base at Darwin the U.S. government has suggested they establish a substantial military presence in the northern part of Australia. This will be discussed in Washington in June, 1996.

(11) The new Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Howard, made it clear in May 1996 that Australia must have wider and closer co-operation with the U.S.A. "at every level."

(12) On the 11th June, 1996 the Australian government announced that there would a major shake up of all military services with a much greater emphasis placed on combat capability and readiness than top heavy administration.

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In March it was announced by the U.S. and Australian governments that the top secret base at Pine Gap, Central Australia was being expanded. A second above ground power station is now under construction as well as a large number of houses for additional staff. Normally Pine Gap has a staff of 400 to 500 at any one time.


This is being increased to around 1,200 this year. The reason given for the expansion was the need to keep a close watch on the Asian area with particular attention being paid to the development of economic espionage. The fact that such a dubious reason was given in the first place is extremely unusual.


Perhaps odd would be a better description. One wonders if the E.T.'s are also having redecoration done.

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On the 19th June it was announced that a new rocket launch facility would be built near Darwin, Northern Territory. This will be financed by Australian, Russian, U.S. and South East Asian money (particularly from Thailand). Being close to the equator larger than normal payloads can be launched.


Large Russian made rockets will be used for this purpose. Initially these will be fully imported and then part manufactured by the Australian Submarine Corporation in South Australia together with the smaller Russian designed rocket delivery systems they are planning to produce by 1997. It is envisaged that the facility will launch hundreds of satellites for both civilian and military purposes by the end of the decade.

Initially it was proposed that such a facility be built in the northern part of Queensland but due to aboriginal land claims this proposal was shelved. It is also important to note that the Darwin space facilities would be close to the proposed new American naval base and air station which would compliment the military operations centered there.

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As of early 1996 the various State and Federal police forces continue to expand their special operations groups and to train with the military SAS. The excuse is till the same, to counter terrorist activities that may occur during the Sydney Olympic Games in the year 2000. Apart from these activities selected groups in these police forces are being trained to search for weapons in readiness for the impending anti-gun legislation which will be introduced during the second half of 1996.

Since 1994 the police and the military have been conducting joint counter-terrorist exercises of a new and rather sinister nature. The make believe enemies are Australian citizens who start agitating on the subjects of,

"foreign ownership of Australian resources and business and foreign involvement in the Australian governmental system."

It appears that the Anti-Terrorist Plan has been modified to give emphasis to such possible civil activities. These modifications also include insistence that the government takes action to remove as many firearms as possible from civilian hands. It is interesting to note that foreign ownership in Australian business and resources is now above 90% and a large proportion of that is in the hands of American investors.

The development of the private prison system has continued with some speed since the beginning of 1996. In April the Victorian government announced that a new women's prison would be built in 1996/97 and operated by the "Correction Corporation of Australia" which is an American owned company in competition with Wackenhut Inc.


It seems that the criticism of Wackenhut Inc. has caused the government to share this profitable business with others hungry for such opportunities. An additional men's prison will be built at the same time and managed by the British based company "Guard Force Ltd." which, in the main, is controlled by American shareholders.

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Unfortunately since 1987 Australia has been subjected to a series of mass shootings perpetrated by supposed lone crazed individuals wanting to get back at society. Each time such an atrocity has occurred there has been a clamor to ban all guns held by the civilian community.


The most recent shooting was perpetrated at the tourist site of Port Arthur in Tasmania during April 1996 when thirty five tourists were killed by a wealthy 27 year old local man using two stolen guns for no apparent reason.


Within hours a coordinated propaganda campaign of unprecedented proportions was launched in the media, aimed at the elimination of private gun ownership starting with the Australia wide banning of all. self loading rifles and shotguns and the restriction of ammunition sales.

The Federal Government was quick to seize the opportunity and obtained prompt agreement from the states to ban various types of weapons and demonize gun ownership in general. The result has been a public uproar and the possibility of the federal coalition government being seriously damaged by the eventual loss of seats in it's grass root electorates.

This has not stopped the government who strangely suggest that they do not care if they lose power as a result of their new extremist policy. At this point the reader should refer to the extract of the letter from Western Australia on Page 28 of this report. The Australian government does not seem to be in control of the situation.

Despite the noise and the government threats to ban all privately owned firearms together with the incongruous sight of the new Prime Minister, John Howard, addressing a large group of pro gun demonstrators wearing a bulging bullet proof vest, the government has a major problem. To understand this problem it is important to take a short look at some of Australia's past history in relation to the, ownership and use of firearms.

Since Captain Cook (the official British discoverer of Australia) arrived at Botany Bay more than two hundred years ago, firearms have been an important part of Australian society. They were used to subdue hostile native, hunt for food, guard convicts and train new settlers to defend the colony against the possible invasions from France and Russia.

Also, to support all British Colonial objectives wherever such support was deemed necessary. Remaining a Crown Colony until 1901 the founders of Australia were regularly involved in British military affairs throughout the Empire. After federation and the creation of quasi self rule in Australia the obligation remained and it was not until the end of the second World War that Australian allegiance to the British Empire began to fade in favor of the U.S.A.

Guns had played a vital role in the forging of a nation and the support of a great empire, often at enormous individual cost. There is an unquestionable tradition of gun ownership in Australia and an ingrained sense that the right of such legitimate ownership involving the defense of the home and nation should not be challenged by anyone.


Thus it is difficult to understand why the Australian government, which must have an appreciation of these facts, has acted in such a high handed way and is telling a large section of the Australian population to lay down it's arms. The Port Arthur massacre is being used as the excuse to attempt the civilian disarmament of the country, causing immediate and strong resistance from several million Australians.


Even more puzzling is the assumption by the government that following rushed legislation citizens will simply hand in their guns for a small compensation payment. As only three states in Australia have had any form of gun registration in operation over the past twenty years there is no record of where all the guns are.

Further in those states (Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia) where registration was introduced in the 1980's it was an accepted fact that only about 15% to 20% of the guns privately owned at that time were registered in the first place. As for Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and the Northern Territory no method of registration was ever introduced so there is no way of locating the many millions of guns in those areas.

To give the reader an idea of the magnitude of gun ownership in Australia the Victoria Police Force estimated in 1995 that there was approximately three guns for every man, woman and child in Australia. With a population of just over 18,000,000 this means there are around 54,000,000 guns in private hands and only a small percentage of this number are recorded in only three states.


It is safe to say that it would be totally impossible to confiscate even a small number of these weapons without the full co-operation of the Australian public. It is very unlikely that such co-operation will be given and the government knows it.

  • So why are they intent on turning this matter into a major political issue which is already starting to threaten the very foundations of democratic government in Australia?

  • Could it be that the pressure to embark on such an impossible task is coming from outside the country?

  • Due to their lack of understanding, could the future intended occupiers of Australia, the representatives of the new world order, have made a gross miscalculation of the Australian reaction to their demands?

The author feels that this is a decided possibility and events could easily get out of control and produce a major political backlash against these policies.

Another point of interest is that the Australian armed forces own little more than 250,000 small arms. When this is compared with the estimated 54,000,000 in the Australian community it pales into insignificance. It also represents a very real threat against any official organizations, either foreign or local which may decide to use force to get it's way.


Like the United States an armed population is a very big deterrent to totalitarian forces and more a preserver of freedom than a destroyer of it. The Australian government knows this yet relentlessly pursues it's ill advised policies. Perhaps they have no choice. When they are told to jump they say 'how high.'

It is also rumored that all present political parties in government are agreeing with one another on the issue because their leadership is aware of the danger facing the country and when something happens they will be forced into a government of national unity anyway. It certainly would explain the bizarre newspaper and TV images of all the opposing party leaders, standing together, with their arms around each others shoulders, like long lost brothers.

It seems apparent that Australia is being prepared to survive some form of major disaster in the not too distant future. There is some sort of timetable in existence pointing towards the end of the present decade.

  • The big question is what are they expecting that can not be revealed to the public?

  • Could it be a cosmic cataclysm involving a comet or asteroid striking the earth?

  • Are preparations being made with the help of friendly extraterrestrials to resist an invasion of inimical forces from outer space?

  • Is a climatic or seismic crisis developing which would cause social disruption and war throughout the world?

Nothing is sure, only that obvious and massive preparations are being made to protect and secure the Australian continent from a cataclysmic event. No doubt time will tell.

The author would like to mention that as far as possible the information contained in this report was checked and where possible attempts were made to verify it. However it has to be borne in mind that some information may contain some inaccuracies due to the impossibility of verifying source material. Never-the-less the author considers the majority of the information well founded and truthful.

It should also be pointed out that many of the providers of this information required their identities to be covered in such a way that they could not be identified. This involved some minor alterations to the narrative to produce such cover and has not compromised the information described in any way.


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On the 4th July, 1996 the Federal Government announced that new restrictions would be placed on the number of immigrants allowed to enter Australia. Family reunion will be eliminated as a reason for automatic entry to Australia and emphasis will now be placed on English language capabilities and personal skills.


Also immigrants will have to pay a bond of A$30,000 to the government to ensure that they do not settle in major cities but take up residence in rural areas and towns. Should they move to a major city such as Sydney or Melbourne they would forfeit the bond. By introducing such complex regulations the government is expected to cut the rate of immigration by at least 50%.



On the 7th July, 1996 the Federal Government announced the establishment of a new air base situated at the north west tip of Cape York peninsular (the most northern point of Australia) near the small mining town of Wieper. The base will have a three kilometer runway and facilities for the accommodation of six hundred staff.


The completion date for this new A$150,000,000 project is November, 1998. It is interesting to note that due to the lack of man power the base will only have a caretaker staff. All other personnel will be flown in during times of need (see page 30 paragraph 6).



During the first week of July, 1996 Japan successfully tested their first 1/3 scale model of their space shuttle by launching it from a helicopter. It landed by remote control on the main Woomera airport runway. A full scale prototype will now be constructed.


There were a few typos and things we felt were mistakes, such as Aurora Borealis rather than Aurora Australis -- After long thought, it was decided to leave the mistakes as the unknown author wrote them.


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