June 1996

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This Report was given to the publisher of RMNews the year it was written, 1996. The Source who hand delivered it would not state who the author was.

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This report results from two years of part time investigation of recent developments in Australia which appear to indicate that some unusual and urgent preparations are being made to turn Australia into a self sufficient "safe haven."


The details mentioned in the report have been kept as concise as possible to enable readers to make up their own minds about the wide ranging evidence which suggests a well organized and developing plan of action aimed at reaching culmination by the end of the present decade.


This report can be considered as interim only as the process is ongoing and apparently gaining in momentum. The author intends to continue his investigations and publish additional reports in the future.
JUNE 30, 1996




  1. Fortress Australia Hidden Agenda Emergency Services

  2. The National Safety Council - Victorian Division

  3. Things Military

  4. Command Integration Of Australian Armed Services

  5. Coast Watch Service

  6. Police Services And The Prisons

  7. The Camps

  8. The Overpopulation Problem

  9. The Rabbit Plague

  10. Business Investment In Australia And The Looting Of The Banks

  11. Relocation Of American Company Head Offices And Citizens

  12. Secret Bases And Other Machination

  13. The Purpose Of Pine Gap

  14. Nurrungar - "Joint Defense Space Communication Station"

  15. Geraldton Western Australia

  16. Woomera Rocket Range

  17. North West Cape Western Australia

  18. East Sale Raaf Base, Victoria

  19. The U.S.A. Antarctic Base

  20. Tidbinbilla Tracking Station - Australian Capital Territory

  21. The Parks Radio Telescopes - New South Wales

  22. Lifeboat Australia

  23. Very Obviously Some Highly Disturbing Events Are Envisaged As Taking Place At That Time!"

  24. Emergency Services - March 1996

  25. Military Matters

  26. Pine Gap

  27. New Space Launch Facility To Be Built Near Darwin

  28. Police And Prisons

  29. The Attack On Gun Ownership

  30. Addendum To Report No 1