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Rainier And Thread Below
by Tommy Beartooth
15 September 2002

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I see some have thoughts other than about skirts. You all must have noticed how closely America and Britain have been on the Middle East. And no wonder why. Both countries foreign policies are determined by The Pilgrims (London-New York) whose members are the richest people on earth---Rothschild--Rockefeller---Mellon---Du Pont--Vanderbilt--Duke--Reynolds--Cullman---Astor---Grosvenor Windsor etc.

Read about it in Review of Reviews May 1902 pp 552-561 founded by wills of Cecil Rhodes diamond monopolist. Rhodes believed 200 years---and many (managed, preplanned) wars would be necessary as The Pilgrims were to be (verbatim),

"a secret society gradually absorbing the wealth of the world."

President of US, Secretary of State and ambassador to Britain ALWAYS members---no text on political science or govt. mentions this. I have brought this up before. Other organizations like Bilderberg are often viewed as dominant, but Bilderberg exists only to influence transitory politicians.


With The Pilgrims absorbing the world's money (where do you think the $7 trillion in stock losses went in the Nasdaq bust and NYSE declines---they got their payrolls back) they dominate all other societies. The Pilgrims motto Hic Et Ubique--Latin--here and everywhere---their holdings are global, therefore, globalization, protested by so many. All Rhodes scholars (Bill Clinton, Democrat, Sen. Richard Lugar) under control of Pilgrims Society ("I am on the lookout for those who will do the governing of the nations in the years that are to come," 1902).

Federal Reserve System, creating "money" out of nothing and loaning it to the world, a creature of The Pilgrims Society (Paul Warburg contrived legislation with Sen Aldrich, David Rockefeller's uncle.)

In spring 1979 I confronted Sir Ivor Seward Richard, U.K. ambassador to UN and Pilgrim Society member, wearing T-shirt with Society's logo---he fell all over himself to get away from me and running tape recorder. His maternal grandfather was Secretary of State Seward in Lincoln cabinet, made Alaska Purchase from Russia.

Pilgrim Society planning mideast war, intends to bring Anti-Christ to power to "solve" world's problems.

Random quotes about various Pilgrim Society members and families:

David Rockefeller:

"the power he wields crosses all borders, can make or destroy governments, start or stop wars, profoundly influence everyone's life"

(biographer William Hoffman)


"It is doubtful if there exists enough money in the entire world to make their holdings liquid"

(Emanuel Josephson)

Andrew and Paul Mellon:

"Mr. Mellon has violated more laws, caused more suffering and illegally acquired more property to satisfy his personal greed than any other person on earth---billions, zillions, do not seem unusual to Paul Mellon---Paul controls thousands of companies--the Mellon fortune is equal to two-thirds of all the gold in the entire world---determining all Mellon holdings would be a virtually endless task---phenomenally valuable assets are often listed on their books as being worth $1"

---Hoffman & Lundberg ("Rich & Super Rich")

"It can at once be realized in what transcendent degree Astor's wealth towered far above that of every other rich man in the United States"

---Gustavus Myers

"The Rothschilds virtually endless assets"

---Frederic Morton

"The Rothschilds $6 billion fortune as of 1890, a hair-raising figure"


"there was little withstanding of him, his very name was a terror to those of lesser capital" (Vanderbilt)

---Gustavus Myers

"Warburg counts among his friends some of the most powerful men in the world"

---Business Week

"Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster, owns 300 acres of the choicest property in downtown London, as well as immense tracts of land in Canada, Hawaii, Australia and elsewhere"

---Parade Mag.

HEY PILGRIM SOCIETY---keep on absorbing the wealth of the world---all most stupid Americans want to do is watch football or Oprah Winfrey!

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The Atrium
World Is Ruled From London
by Tommy Beartooth
29 April 2004

The British Empire encompassed many times the land mass gained by Hitler. The British Empire and its Chinese Opium trade may have cost more lives than Hitler. But there is a theme playing somewhere in the distance that suggests, only certain types of lives matter!

The British created Hitler at the Treaty of Versailles with terms against Germany so punitive it ensured that Germany would again go on the offensive. The time span required was the time needed to raise another generation of young men.

The creature that controls our financial lives is the Federal Reserve System. It is modeled after the Bank of England, with which it collaborated to cause the crash of 1929 and the great depression. The way to make money fastest is when others are losing theirs. Before that, we had no central bank since 1836 (77 years) because Andrew Jackson abolished the British controlled Bank of the US, whose unbacked paper notes became WORTHLESS by 1842. Jackson recognized that only gold and silver are real money. Paper money, not redeemable in metal, ALWAYS returns to its true value---ZERO.

The Continental notes just before 1800, became worthless, "not worth a Continental," so did the Lincoln "greenbacks," and Confederate scrip. Your Federal Reserve notes are in fact worthless. It is only the perception that they have value, that maintains the pretense, but the pretense is fading. When you pay more, and notice the item weighs a bit less, that's the process of the Federal Reserve note becoming worthless. There is danger that in the near future, a Federal bank freeze may be ordered.


The purpose will be to stop Americans from converting bank demand deposits into tangibles---gold, silver, platinum---even diamonds are tangibles (things having intrinsic value in and of themselves, not dependent on government edict for "value.") We live in a pre-Fascist, pre-totalitarian state. And you thought it was just about telling you, you can't wear certain clothes. Well, you can wear a military uniform and go fight for the British under the guise of fighting for America. Bush intends to invade and occupy Iran. The goal is to get at the great Caspian Sea oil region. The huge British Petroleum company will get its slice.

That small nation West of continental Europe is a second rate military power, but atop the financial pyramid, so they use US military force. Take a look at the Defense Policy Council and the British connected warmongers there.

The following organizations represent British influence here:

  • The Pilgrims Society (limited to 1,000 members, old intermarried East coast wealth, controls all our foreign, military and financial relations)

  • Newcomen Society of North America (18,000 or so members, many big business execs, named after James Newcomen, inventor of steam engine)

  • English Speaking Union (haven't looked at numbers lately, goal is to force English as universal language)

  • Rhodes Scholars

  • Council on Foreign Relations (heavy with ambassadors)

  • Atlantic Council of US (headed by former Ambassador to England, Pilgrim Society member Henry Catto)

  • National Planning Association

  • British North American Committee

  • Yale societies:

These financial racketeers are working to install an "antichrist," is what evidence suggests. These people could also be called "Tories," working with the British Crown and its associated wealthy exploitative families, who sucked the wealth out of the British Empire ("Commonwealth") for CENTURIES! I strongly believe the conquering Romans left their most warlike genes in "Britannia!"

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