Omega Game Secrets and the Ouroboros Breakout Choice

  • What are the ultra-secrets that the Echelon is afraid would screw the pooch (breakdown of civilization into panic) if they were let out of the old bag?

  • What cannot be allowed to find curry with mainstream public science authorities below level 1?

  • What is the final ontological matrix of hidden truth?

  • What elucidates all the aspects of the true-to-life UFO phantasm in our past, present and future?

  • What are the critical goals of Echelon beyond information suppression and technological catch-up?

  • What are the hyper-intelligence focal points for the future?

The sun, our sun, is dying, and too soon.


This was caused by regional dimensional vortex shutdown some 90,000 years ago. Solar instability can cause much life on Earth to be unsustainable in 40 years. Ancient astro-theology calendars all end around now. There are also dangerous interplanetary bodies, with civilization threatening capability due to cause more serious damage to Earth in another 150 years.

One way or the other we are slated to leave Earth, sooner or later, or else. This is a prevailing secret truth. Those in control would rather save themselves and a few elite than worry about the whole of mankind, despite the presence of a few well meaning but deluded true human patriots amongst the bunch. Remember when Apollo 13 said “Houston, we have a problem”, this is a case where the only equivalent is “God, we (Earth) have a problem”. All other human problems dwarf in comparison. But that is still only the surface veneer of things.

The cosmic regional hyperdimensional vortices began to open back up in 1994 in the region beyond and in line with the Sirius double star system, (correlate ancient Egyptian and Dogon myths). They will be increasingly open again within the next 20 years, and hit first peak resonance, as a 'wave' on Earth within the next 5 to 10 years - probably 2006 or 2007. In the omega game, the critical choices are fast approaching.

Originally, the death sentence to our sun, was caused by ancient hyperdimensional vortex closure near Sirius, and unfortunately starved the sun of divine energy and caused it to emit vibrations of death and illness. On the other hand if closure had not been done, then some horrific ancient evils would have continued unabated.

The critical compensating element was the injection from high hyperdimensional sources (spiritual sources) of special soul substance of 'high spirituality' into Earth humanity at the time. 90,000 years ago, original Neanderthal humanity was given a remarkable gift - a higher soul substance distributed itself into humanity from beyond the physical universe. It was a compensating action against genetic evils that had already occurred. Incredibly, there was a side effect. Humans were 'endowed' to become spiritual powerhouses with their own individual soul vortexes.

The Earth was eventually fully quarantined about 2000 years ago, after the Immanuel Operation, and evolution largely allowed to take its course, except for meddlers who would get through, from space or from underground. Occasionally, counteracting positive forces would in extreme cases of continuing meddling, have to intervene.

Angels and devils are good and bad ET's, and some devils have good looking angel 'duplicates' under their covert control, and some angels shapeshift to look like average human beings or even animals, so for the untelepathic, and that is most of us, it's a terrible mess to decode. Plenty of room to get into trouble.

The original offending aliens who wanted control of Eden as their own perverse playground to control, manipulate, suppress and rule, were kicked off Earth to a planet in the nearby Sirius and Betelguese systems, but a few stayed hidden on Earth underground. This has been known by in-the-know status quo human powers for thousands of years.

The Sirius vortexes have opened up just enough to amplify the capacity of the soul in human beings and commence another major 'natural' genetic transformation, apparently encoded and dormant in humanity since the original genetic counter-engineering by positive Sirian forces 90,000 years ago.


Because of this, the sun's life can be extended if the coming big energy wave goes more positively than time travelers coming back would have us believe it went for them. What we do between today and 2007 is critical to how the wave hits then. Actually what humanity already did in the last ten years to evolve has made much of the unpredicted new future tracks even possible and now probable.

With the spiritual (hyperdimensional) vortexes now partly reopening, with enough human spiritual development, the sun can be stabilized, temporarily, or even completely. The time available for space migration can be cushioned so radical future genetic engineering does not overtake the human race and we do not turn ourselves into hive-mind ET that we see today from the future.


The need for space migration can be entirely relaxed because the sun can be stabilized for another 4000 years. We can take centuries getting off planet as a whole, instead of having less than 60 years before human extinction if we don't get away from the sun.

The coming wave has already happened negatively, as evidenced by the existence of many time travelers - future humans - coming from distant futures long after disaster had already happened. They had advanced enough to migrate their souls back to catch a different part of the big wave that is about to happen, still in our future, but almost upon us.

The soul migration back from into the 'past', our present, is to redirect the human 'future' spiritual evolution from what futurally ostensibly happened. Therefore the present 'real future' is engaged in counter-phasing itself into a better outcome. Humanity is hitchhiking back into human genetics and our current time registration to catch a new direction on the coming wave. Cosmic surf's up!


The migration back to the present of all the human souls from the future is evolutionarily grounded through reincarnational redirection of these souls eventually into Human/'ET' hybridized bodies. The abduction programs by many aliens represent an alien-human abductee agreement, agreement mostly unconscious to the abducted humans, in a joint effort of alliance to effect a 'dimensional immigration' deed. The story often follows the souls or the genes of the abductees are related to the souls or the genes of the aliens, in some distant future looping back.

Future humanity screws up bad and in the mad and seemingly so rational scientific and engineering effort to save the human race, they genetically engineer the human race for space travel, and most fatefully engineer the elimination of considerable emotional neurotransmission capacity. Why? As a panic and depression management measure in the future to 'save humanity'. It is a science and survival debacle that 'has already happened', and is reflecting back on us now as it tries to find it's way anew.

Some ARC military components and assets interacting with the aliens in abduction activity are tasked with assisting the effort of the aliens as part of the secret evolutionary trade agreement. Other ARC elements wish only to acquire technology and disbelieve the alien's claims to be future humans, even though admitting alien intervention in spiritual matters on Earth for thousands of years. These ARC elements are only interested in power and getting into the cosmic power and turf game.

Earth is such a magnet for monitoring by different alien civilizations because, and other than the usual explorers, most ET civilizations visiting us have some stake in the experiment, the divine garden. They have some small or large genetic and soul substance contribution in the experiment called Earth as a whole, and the agendas drive from this.

Many are coming back for genetic retrieval or soul retrieval operations, in case the coming massive multipolar quantum resonance wave goes wrong. And in trade, they are contributing evolutionary trim-tab adjustment opportunities to humanity by covertly injecting technology and spirituality generally, and effecting direct genetic alterations and belief adjustments specifically with certain abductees.

Most hybrids are not sticking around after they are created with the help of the unconsciously agreeing abductees - most go interstellar. For future humans to time travel back to our present in their own evolutionary repair operation, including both migrating into new genetic complement bodies - the Hybrids, and making genetic adjustments in certain human beings, means the coming wave is very special.

The coming resonance wave in the next decade, is in many ways, hyper-dimensional and beyond our current ability to comprehend. To some need-to-know ARC elements, this smacks of hyperdimensional invasion, yet to other need-to-know ARC elements it is the chance for apotheosis. The question is, is it a false or genuine apotheosis? Is it spiritual liberation or entrapment? The spiritual soul substance endowed in human beings makes humanity coveted by certain negative spiritual forces millions of years long extant in the universe, such as certain elements of the people of the snake, earlier 'fallen' experimental remnants from Earth history.

The reason there are over 75 technologically advanced alien species monitoring Earth, and abductions occurring from aliens from as many as 40 different planets, Earth is the site of a joint alien long term biology and spiritual consciousness growth experiment. The joint experiment has had it's conflicts between custodial participants. There is more than meets the eye. 90,000 years ago when the regional hyperdimensional energy vortices were shut down, and the definition of human transitioned from homo Neanderthal to Cro-Magnon distinction.

Now today we are beginning another equally immense genetic and dimensional consciousness evolutionary shift that has been encoded and dormant in our genes for 90,000 years and recently unlocked in all of us by the vortex, and slowly causing metamorphosis of our species.

Since some of that special genetic engineering was performed and designed by entirely hyperdimensional sources, all the aliens in the universe are waiting around right now with baited breath, waiting to see what happens. Whatever happens, it has never happened before in the history of this universe.


Hence all the attention suddenly now more upon us out here on this lonely rim in the Milky Way.



The Milky Way, it turns out, is no ordinary spiral galaxy.

According to a massive new survey of stars at the heart of the galaxy by Wisconsin astronomers,

including professor of astronomy Edward Churchwell and professor of physics Robert Benjamin,

the Milky Way has a definitive bar feature -- some 27,000 light years in length -- that distinguishes it from pedestrian spiral galaxies,

as shown in this artist's rendering. The survey, conducted using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope,

sampled light from an estimated 30 million stars in the plane of the galaxy in an effort to build a detailed portrait of the inner regions of the Milky Way.
Illustration: NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt (SSC/Caltech)
Date: 2005


  • Isn't it great that we can keep all this secret or consigned out in the open to mental illness and human pop culture fantasy? Otherwise, most everybody in the need-to-know believes these truths about the current human situation in the larger cosmic scope of things would be too much for our little brains to handle and civilization will fall to the worst kind of hysteria.

  • But if we don't know the truth do we not also automatically assure our consignment to insanity down the line?

  • Could it be we are being rushed into the space age with alien help for without it we are doomed?

  • Or could the truth be that the crucible of this oyster Earth has produced some very beautiful human pearls, with amazing capacity to care, and to love?

  • Could it be the soul substance we were endowed with is meant to develop new evolutionary factors for the universe?

  • Is the grander plan one of humanity ultimately spreading out amongst the stars, seeding it's consciousness and propensity to cause change, something most ultra-stable ET civilizations are rather afraid of, and few are welcoming?

  • Does humanity have the right stuff?

Some humans and aliens believe we do not and should be just used and herded as a hyperdimensional powerbase commodity.


Some humans and aliens believe humanity does have the right stuff to break free of their bonds and survive, but will take a long time getting it right. Do we repeat future bad history currently on schedule or do we phase tunnel into a new future history? Does the snake eat it's tail, where the Omega is game over and starts over as the Alpha once again, or do we graduate to a new level Alpha, beyond the historical pattern loop. The loop is the harvest being plowed under.


Can Ouroboros stop eating it's tail and move into the next spiral position of evolution?


If it happens well and goes positively, the loop will be broken and the new unpredicted, virgin future will occur. In that future, certain negative power enclaves do not survive, being obsolesced by spiritual evolution in humanity. If it goes negatively, again, the loop will stay locked, and the ancient future will happen again. In that future, certain positive influences will again leave this universe until the pattern is ready to unlock again, in another 90,000 years. However, it appears that this will not happen, and that the positive outcome is probable now.

However, from the point of view of the agnostic and atheist and certain religious ARC elements, the critical counterbalancing elements that will occur to assure this positive outcome are related to how the munitions of hyperdimensional symbols, operationally activated, will be used to either psychotronically dampen or amplify the coming immense evolutionary wave into consonant or dissonant form. The question is not just what will help or hurt humanity, the question is what will help or hurt their need-to-know institutions? Many double standards are in process.

The hyper-cryptographics of spiritual energy control and will be decisive battlefield elements in the psychotronic operations theater over the next ten years. This brings the real military battlefield directly into coordination of religious scale operations. It is now a 'divine' and 'pseudo-divine' battlefield operations theater. If one thinks about it carefully enough, one will notice this would already have caused a new secret unification of the historically separated scientific and religious institutions, as a matter of survival, into one entity in order to manage the threat response.


The threat is real. The response is really unreal.


And that is how and why ARC works as it does. It is the only responsible thing to do. Everything in the world is at stake, including our souls and our free will to shape individual destiny.

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The Sticky Icke Factor Cult Propaganda War Extended Report


Taking seriously the frightening magical mystery tour of David Icke.


A deep dark reptilian conspiracy. If but for a slap dab interval of high voltage shock treatment. This is a breaking New Age propaganda war where the line protecting people from hate speech activates anti-defamation efforts of the first order.

According to David Icke - the Bushes, Kissinger, the Windsors, the Rockefellers, the Rothchilds, and numerous other world controlling autocrat folk are shapeshifter Human-Reptilians seeded from Orion ET's back into prehistory. They are human alright, but preserving special 'demonic' bloodlines and practicing ancient worship that existed long before the birth of Christ. Uh Oh. Can anyone say 'children of Cain'? ET's of all stripes already invaded a long time ago by genetically engineering humanity, and were even being involved with high history Messiahs - Jesus, Mohammed, Joseph Smith, and many others. Double Uh Oh.


The good ET's cleaned up the place and left us to ourselves, and a remnant of naughty ET's has had a gradual influence for thousands of years and positioned themselves within humanity.

Born again Christian UFO debunkers would call this another present day modern age high tech pop culture Christian history of Heaven and Hell denizens with Earth in the middle. High tech Gods for a high tech society, and therefore most certainly not holy. And of course the present day ET folk claim favor of holiness.
This is the same game, just like the debunkers 'properly' branded Billy Meier, another UFO contactee who was contender for ambassadorial throne to connection with the 'right' and good ET's.


Remember the Pleiadean ET 'Iswish' godmen who brought us 'Jmmanuel', the original and 'true' name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth? In other words - false prophets to the throne of Christ from the point of view of the establishment. But since Billy and his Pleiadean parties roundly denounced as corrupt the practices of institutions of mainstream religion, regardless of the 'evidence'.

In the David Icke story our key world leaders are secretly satanic ET reptilian snake worshipping humans with a some ancient reptilian ET blood preserved in their genetic lines. Oh that's all? This is the thesis of the millennially deranged say the anti-hate speech folks. Mr. Icke is saying ET's invaded us and already rule, in the guises of our most beloved leaders of past and future to come! Where's the popcorn?


No one is going to endorse this one as anything other than mental illness. Supposed evidentiary trails are standard NWO fodder about a bunch of conspiratorial Lizards who like to worship the sun, profit, control and science.


They like warm rocks. They worship blood, a tasty treat. The consumption and sacrificial offering of life-force is a sacrament. And our leaders do this? That's also, in our western world sciences, a pretty tidy narrative for a quick diagnosis of sociopathic paranoid schizoprenia, many competent authorities might suggest. So just what is the sticky Icke agenda if not outright defamation and hate speech? Even if the absolute incredible were true, and some percentage our beloved leaders were found to be truly wolves in royal sheep's clothing, that is still playing with fire and asking to be burned.


With all the self-published books and growing following Mr. Icke has managed to generate, the legitimization of the discourse could develop into a mass social hysteria paranoic response. That is dangerous. He is focusing on pointing out the leaders in our midst who are accused to not be quite human, and that the sides are polarized: The Icke accusations are false and true. Icke is getting his just due for inciting ridiculous anarchistic notions. He's taken a mix of old biblical and UFO/Sci-Fi lore of grand heavenly angel versus devil altercations, and connected it to genetic alteration of human beings, somehow making the serpent race to our leaders.

The chaos will arise not because the allegations will ever be provable, or even dignified with response, quite the contrary. Assets will be deployed to counter-attack, to help the victim of a hate speech bully. The very considerations bring immediate categorization as hate-literature, hate-inciting, and anti-semitism the ADL is ready to quash, even if none of those labels hold real water upon close examination. The legal system's reverse railroading system could go into full operation to suppress the likes of Icke-ism. But wait, not so fast, lets go about this from the “beginning”, the story according to Uncle Icke.

Reptilian entities across this universe have been the basic line of universal order in lower dimensions (like Earth) for thousands of years now. Wow! But, so what if they can shapeshift into Rex after a hot and juicy satanic ritual? So what if they are part reptilian and chow down on occasional human sacrifice. Meat tastes better really fresh.

There's been all too much reptile bashing going on. So you don't like the great Croc or Snake-god getting offered a little blood-force offering? Feelings and emotion are expediencies to be controlled, saith the old lizard brain. Reptilian ET's are emotionally stunted physical-plane power worshippers. They go back millions of years having high-technology.


They have perfected dark-force mind technology, and genetic control technology. But goodness, that does NOT mean they don't take pride in taking good care of their lower-life-form chattel races, we can be sure. Especially if they are already sitting in the Oval Office, Palaces and the Vatican all with common ancient bloodlines with the devil. Yeah right. Getting boring.

Managing other races has been a process of long term covert control and manipulation. It is refined ET science. If ET is already here and present on Earth for millennia, and supposing ET is smart and doesn't want to spoil the broth, that would mean the ET invasion has really largely occurred and been long over for thousands of years. Duh! No ET invasion is imminent since they are already well integrated into the ruling classes of humanity for millennia.


Having some continuing repto-humanoid bloodlines in the ruling classes since ancient times is just a way of life. Oh God. Who cares? Get over it. So what? What's the big deal? We all have ET blood of some kind and we all probably can shape-shift if we are correctly trained for it. Just ask any Yogi worth their salt in India, or any well trained remote viewer who has looked at these domains.

And just because erudite power focused folks can whip up a little shape shifting or dirty blood-letting magic to keep that crypto-symbolic conduit of dark power refreshment going, does NOT mean Rex does poor management work. Most bosses are by definition reptiles, and all you need is a little functional social psychosis, and voila, unstable people (a larger % than you might think) will believe the anti-Christ apocalypse is already upon us and some even go postal.

Sure it's a lot more sinister than Clinton's Priapus worship could ever dream up, which is why the most egregious Satanic folks are very smart and wrap themselves in the flag and Christianity of, and title of outward righteousness just to be entirely safe and secure. Duh. A few highly controlled private rituals here and there under the guise of national and global security. But these repto-boys are not so sloppy as that disgustingly empathic Clinton mammal. They know much better how to keep their scales out of view of the poor and stupid bewildered mammals. Vote for W, he won't molt in public.

After all, these reptile bloodline power folk have all the training and millions of years with experienced demonic lower astral assistance available to help them, their sacred progeny. (Don't eat too much ice cream now). A little sacrifice here and there, a peoples here, a tribe there, an ecology there, a religion there, all keeps things in 'order', and managed 'chaos', and the Croc God is properly propitiated to invoke a yummy demonic energy juice bar for all these hungry Rex folk. Souls all Set to go.

Just because sales reps, oops, we mean elite human-reps are masters of deception and NWO control games, does not mean they are not by some measure, benevolent and effective shepherds. Hiss, hiss. For the Repto-ET component of our civilization to disappear would be tantamount to civilization disappearing. They are the experts on law and order, the most ancient purveyors of government and war and psycho-social control in the universe. Without them we are just singing praises to an absent creator God. Now isn't that a waste of time??? They would suggest.

The best civilization might have hoped for, without underlying reptilian covert-ops circumstances (called Satanism), would be to have made it to the Bronze Age by about now. How would we like that?


These manipulative human-snake people, the masters of physical order, disorder and security, are here to stay, and they have been here as long as any other ET. Earth is as much their bio-gardening turf to claim as any other righteous divine beings. So there. We're coming to eat you. Yeah right. LOL.

Now ignore all this as just what it is, psychotic foolishness of so called New Age snake-oil salesmanship, and defuse folks like David Icke who are advocating a boycott of our top snakes.


Without our top snakes running things, is anyone going to see above all the confusion and maintain civilization and institute laws for social conduct, and what to do with all the people that refuse to 'get along'. David, are you listening? Lets continue in the spirit of fad believability and see where this leads.


If 666 is the sign of 3 Cobras, each cobra represents one of the three main branches of the snake people cult:

  • in Christianity terms, the Father, the Sun (Son), and the Holy Ghost;

  • in Occult terms, Blood, Sun, and Homunculi or Or Lucifer, Satan and the Demonic ghosts;

  • in geographic terms, England, France and United States.

  • Or maybe it's Chaos, Control, and Cruelty.

  • Or more likely Larry, Moe and Curly.

In other words, a symbolic overlay infiltration is intimated.

How dare Mr. sticky Icke malign the good character of Prince William Windsor and the Royal Family and just about everybody else in the old money and royalty worlds!


After all, doesn't everyone want to see young heart-throb Prince William become King of the New World one day? Don't we want W. ('W' as sign of the snake of course) to become our next beloved straight shooter president? You know reptilians, they can talk the talk, walk the walk, but ask them to define compassion and it has something to with opportunities in free enterprise and capitalism for people to help themselves, or suffer the consequences. If you can't worship money, you are 'out' of the system.

Poor Mr. Icke should know better. If you are going to poke sticks at our favorite nice snakes in high places, you had better realize that whether any of your allegations are true or not, these Barneys will bite back. One way or the other, and without warning. No wonder David Icke is rapidly being promoted by higher ups to be on everyone's poopoo-list, and has gotten himself a taste of things to come in Canada recently. Heresy, Hate, Hell and Highwater. Yes, that is tricky Icke, leading the crest of a whole new anti-leadership cult, except for him of course, he would probably make a great leader, right? That's the fear some actually have.

Dear David Icke is preaching the ultimate horrific, hell-raising, religious heresy, the ultimate sin, the ultimate defamation, the ultimate blasphemy, the ultimate hate crime (all roundly say). The heresy that ancient super advanced reptilian ET's (devils) have taken over the world and secretly already ARE the leaders of the world, ruling from the palatial crypto-symbolic bunkers of Christianity, Royalty, Capitalism and Politics. They are all Satanic-ET (SET) worshipping, blood sacrificing owners of us bewildered mammal chattel. Glad someone is minding the store. Guess Conan didn't behead Doom after all.

Icke had better be stopped quick, before millennial madness grants him further open refrigerator door favor and he starts to get people to believe his mountain of garbage about our leaders being devil worshipping folk. Gosh, this bashing has got to stop. Support your snake today by stopping people like Icke that cry 'snake' in crowded sweaty theaters! The only people that will get hurt are the mammals.

Intermission.... Now please return to your comfortable secure state of denial and pop culture sci-fi fantasy categorizations of repto-humanoid strangeness, and remember that in this day and age, any idiot can go about bashing something they don't understand, or fuse religious myth with modern myth and stir up a batch of revelatory poobah.

A repto-humanoid is merely a better human, not a worse human. Rex likes Harmony through Control, and Control through Chaos. It is not such a bad way to go actually. It keeps us all busy and preoccupied with sufficient problems so we don't have to hurt our brains thinking, feeling, and evolving into uncontrollable spiritual creatures, hell forbid.

You see, without a good measure of control, you human mammals could become a real spiritual problem in the local universe. You Earth humans are now getting out of control, despite all the good Draco ET sciences, human religious symbol control, and covert social counterintel-ops. We absolutely must stop this New Age cult stuff before you humans get out of spiritual control.

Stop. Don't Think. No, you don't need to think. Follow your common sense and sane world view, not your sticky-Ickies who should get therapy or institutionalization before things follow in the footsteps of the People's Temple, Solar Cross, the Davidians, and any other reptile bashing cult who deserves to die. That is not an idle fear. We are at the Millennium and social identity is under a lot of stress. Frightened people can adopt frightening beliefs.

Damn right, we put Mr. Sticky on the Watch-For list in Canada. In the final analysis, spiritual control and spiritual energy manipulation is the only way you common human sheep won't turn into psychic H-bombs and destroy the universe. Huh? Because your stupid Creator, for some idiot reason, decided to put some of their own higher soul substance into you humans after Rex genetically messed with you a bit too much a while back. That does not mean you are owned by the Creator, just because He turbo-charged your spiritual potential with extra soul punch. Rex has a claim too on Earth souls, goes the story.


Story sounding familiar?


Now, this extra powerhouse punch you humans possess in the soul department comes in handy as an offering to the spiritual (demonic) allies. But if you wanna-be god-mammals try to sprout wings and fly the paradigm coop, psychically speaking, start to evolve out of control, good gardener Rex won't be able to take care of you anymore. Remember that. You will probably die from too much higher light exposure.

Remember Mark Twain saying something about if you are looking for bad music and boring company, go to heaven, and if you are looking for good company and something to dance to, go to hell. We keep it nice and warm for all you sinner volunteers. Nothing like some fresh blood to invigorate the work force. After you are down here for while, you will think this Earth place is way way too cold, and want to help us heat the damn place up, so we don't have to stay so near our Hades hearth all the time. Checkers anyone? Or would you prefer Chess? Hal, open the pod bay door... I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that.

How about we take the whole metaphor war to another level and go for the artery, and a nice interspecies archetypal geno-resonance stew:

  1. The Reptilian Lizard-like geno-archetypal way, relative to us, comes from the Orion stellar region, where “Ends justifies the Means” has been dominant.

    1. Total Control oriented.

    2. Security is one of the life focuses.

    3. Reptilian genetic Memes resonating people, naturally gravitate their behavior to domination and control, superiority, and expediency, sometimes deceptively as beneficent dominion and security.

    4. (Germany, England, upper class USA, France, the Vatican, old USSR, old Spain, upper class India, China).

    5. God is Power and Control Fear is the motivator of Body and Mind


  2. The Avian Bird-like geno-archetypal way, relative to us, comes from the Pleiadean stellar region, where “Means is equally important as the Ends” has been dominant.

    1. Balance between Freedom and Control, oriented.

    2. Pleasure is one of the life focuses.

    3. Avian genetic Memes resonating people naturally gravitate their behavior to finding the equalization, balance and equity between ends versus means conflicts, the middle path.

    4. Flock and behavior.

    5. (Swiss, middle class USA, Egyptian, Jewish, Arabian, and some French).

    6. God is Balance and Cooperation Fun is the motivator of Mind and Heart


  3. The Feline Cat-like geno-archetypal way, relative to us, comes from the Sirian stellar region, and influenced beyond, where “Means justifies the Ends” has been dominant.

    1. Total Creative Freedom oriented.

    2. Free-will is one of the life focuses.

    3. Feline genetic Memes resonating people naturally gravitate their behavior to spiritual values over any physical values, the independent path, outside of norms of behavior, live more in spirit than form. (However the Reptilians invaded a planet in Sirius and so there are now references to the negative Sirians, which are not feline)

    4. (Hungarian, African, lower class England and USA, old India, ancient Egypt, old Sumeria, Australian Aborigine).

    5. God is Love and Light Love is the motivator of Spirit and Heart

You can see how the reptile people like to be top dogs, and have the control-freak propensity to get there.


The bird people become the middle dogs because the cat people can't be bothered with stupid power plays that are irrelevant to spiritual growth and just hanging out and being sensual with nature.


Reptiles are the Republican Christian right, birds are Democratic Agnostic left, and cats are the Reform Party between their regular naps. But there are plenty of exceptions in all categories, this is a bunch of hocus pocus generalities no matter how you cut it.

All these ET folks, the classic legendary past historical Lizard-like, Bird-like, Cat-like ET's, and now many others are involved with most people here on the planet one way or the other. How? Through the gene pool over the long term, through the soul pool, through the environmental pool, through the human collective unconsciousness pool, and very importantly, through the human symbol Meme culture pool.

This model of a soup of different ET genes to make humans and the same for the rest of our Biosphere is the big rap goes from a lot of different New Age channelers, almost too many to list. Of course, New Age channeling, besides some measure of pure pop culture imagination, is feared to be influenced by covert unauthorized independent, individualized ET-to-person CONTACT.

The Falun Gong leader Master Lee, (with sway over a hundred million Chinese now practicing only in mind out of fear of re-education), seems to believe all modern computer technology is a plot to take over humanity by evil old world remnant ET's that want to control humanity. Everybody that has a computer is cataloged by these ET's. But that's another story. Back to other flypaper.

Sounds like a three ring circus. All smooth talking David Icke has done is turn the reptile ideas up as something somehow crucial to now pay attention to. Big yawn. Way past that. What is poor David's problem? Did he get bit by a snake when he was a child? Served him right probably some will think.

David Icke is a revelation-showboat over-reacting to the fact of concentrations of ET souls and ET genetics into different human genetic lines and occupations on this planet, something that had been going on forever since Adam and Eve. This has been going on for a long time as we human folk are a multi-alien race joint experiment. The harvest from the experiment is getting closer.


What a mish mash, what is he talking about? Icky thinks the world leaders are reptile-human shapeshifters! What is he smoking? The rightest he can be is a basic assumption like this: Reptilian ET's have NOT concentrated their genetics into ruling class bloodlines on this planet. Rather, humans with emphasized Reptilian ET phenotype expressed traits are naturally attracted to power, control, security, and leadership roles. No problem. Sounds good to us.

But if our leaders are really in league with devil-folk, and Humanity is created by a joint ET genetic 'divine' and 'heavenly' experiment, then we are indeed in a pickle if our leaders are already secretly allied with the wrong dudes. The major rub is when the holy ET host caretakers come back and contact our governments, and they are rebuffed and refused. Why? Oh there is a bit too much Reptilian blood in the leader lineages to stand such an accommodation to ET Bird or ET Cat folk, or ET whatever folk. The snake people own the Earth? Doesn't anybody want to wake up yet? Or fall asleep?


Do you realize people that if you take any of this sticky Icke stuff very seriously, without thinking about the common sense implications of such radicalized beliefs, it could become a very negative thing. It can develop into mass psychosis and hysteria, putting a lot of men in white coats to work, institutionalizing the bunch of you totally insane nutcases running wild with an internet forum and a fanatic following of fools.

Icke-ism turns New Age Religious and Conspiratorial social discourse about many of our most revered leaders into a dance with the devil. Leader personages are all placed into disgusting association with the absolute worst imaginable attribution. Direct literal comparison with animals, devils, Satanists, ET's, occult, child sacrifice, and so forth are made.

That kind of Icke-ism could be consigning lots of marginal gullible spiritually hungry and disillusioned people to mental illness. Or is it? They could face life long forced drug treatment for schizophrenia and paranoid delusions when they psychotically break and can't quite ever recover. They will be seeing Reptilians everywhere! Permanent human attention distribution disorder. Good grief. Will the masses revolt? Will the mentally ill ever recover? Now you see the competing pictures.

Is Icke a revealer of anti-Christ doom and gloom, playing into the bloody hands of Satanic rite practicing leaders we ALREADY KNOW AND LOVE? If you follow this snaking logic, then Prince William is the real-to-life Damien Thorn to be. Now the Crown is pissed. This is psychological war.

The global security apparatus is designed to respond, not just observe. It sure is not worth yelling 'Bomb' in a crowded airport when the so called explosive element has been there since the dawn of human time before the airport was even built. Way back to the Garden of Eden when humanity got initiated into the wonders of God's wrath after tasting a little knowledge from the Tree of Life.

If Icke reads this and thinks it the writing of Orion genetic sympathists, he is right. It would certainly be nice to know humanity had plenty of good genetic influences from as many influences as possible, the more the merrier, and why not? Look what it has made. If we are made in the image of God and that image is indeed comprised of many pieces of God's ET fruits, then that sounds just dandy. The human form, in all colors, and the human soul, in all colors, is a beautiful thing.

If the ruling elite preserves a bit more of the Reptilian influence, that sounds like business as usual. Who thought our leaders were not mostly snakes, anyway? In truth, David Icke is NOT an anti-semite, or a conspiratorial wing-nut, or a purveyor of hate-beliefs, no, he is a purveyor of pseudo-truth turned into overblown almost psychotic revelation. And like all over-zealous messianic propheteers, he could make himself a magnet for people who are not so emotionally and psychically stable, and are looking for something to blame all their life pain on.

Reptiles in the White House? Snakes in the Federal Reserve bank, in the IMF, in the House of Windsor, Rockefellers, Rothchilds, and so forth? We should damn well hope so! How else are we going to keep all our eggs safe, our dinner live, our territory controlled, and our rocks nice and warm? Yeah sure there are reptiles everywhere, in prisons, in police forces, in legal offices, in medical research buildings, in military uniform, in financial buildings, in government congress. But your top leaders and families are reptiles of the best kind. What's wrong with a little worship now and then? It is what makes culture control tick.

ET-in-us is part of life. And reptiles are, shall we say, a necessary 'evil' to make damn good evolution happen. Paraphrasing what the Snake God Doom said to Conan, you are what we have made you. Without us, you are nothing. Same goes here. Oh boy, the occultists are a clapping. The Christians are a praying. The debunkers are a frowning. And the rest of us are all having a good laugh between occasional fits of unfounded paranoia.

If you are the unstable type, repeat: Ignorance is bliss, ignorance is bliss, ignorance is bliss.

Is ET real? Is Satan real? Is reptilian-human bloodlines in our leaders and royal families real? Is satanic worship the means of Earthly power more than God worship? That is the problem with the sticky Icke hypothesis: it's the proverbial boogieman, ET, the devil, NWO conspiracy, and all key world leaders all thrown into a conceptual and turned on 'high'.

When modern communication systems like the Internet allow all manner of human mental illness to parade as learned wisdom. If annoyed and alarmed, authorities may respond to this as seditious social information warfare of the highest order. Instead of a war of viruses or hacker attacks in computer networks, it a virus planted into human Meme transmission networks. It's a Meme cracker attack on hallowed symbols of authority and sacred dignity.

Isn't that what defines 'hate'? That is how any system classifies a cracker attack - as prejudiced, hateful, institutionally destructive anarchistic behavior. This classifies under a type of social psychological operations David Icke and his followers will have a problem that won't go away if they don't wise up. This sticky wicket is one story you will never see made in Hollywood! And rightly so. Or maybe it was, come to think of it.

The sticky Icke story is one the most convoluted world leader personage-defaming UFO pop culture stories going.

The Icke Lizards From Space kind of game shows up when all the institutions and centrist controls become easy targets for modern cult myth overlay. When overlays are promulgated by charismatic personalities, it amounts to detonation of information warfare munitions.

That's what defamation, libel, and anti-hate-speech laws are all about, to have means to slow down people who are damaging public reputations with lies and slander. In this case, suppressing Icke pop culture fantasy is justified in the minds of authorities after they read the essential message. Icke just crosses the line by making statements treading on all the symbolic holy cows.

Now log off and stop scaring yourself for no good reason, and thinking that the world is going to end at the hands of ET Barney or NWO repto-boys.

Sorry to disappoint all the D & G'rs, but the world is not going to end, except by our own bloody hands, to say it with plain London English. Oh yeah, a small asteroid impact or two, but not the end of the Earth. The impacts will be used to trigger the Omega Pandora Fail-safe plan, better known as the good old NWO 'firing solution'.

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The Egyptian Gods, the Lucifers and Messiahs, and the Future


The Egyptians were fully clued in at one point.


There is a real, and frightening reason so many extremely important people are going to 'worship' at the pyramid of Giza in Cairo this December 31, 1999. Will the pyramid be pointing to Sirius at a certain moment? Will the Sirius vortex of the God or Gods or the Goddess cause some event to occur, even if only psychic, while sweaty Zahi Hawass flips switches for the crowds? Sirius is called the vortex of God or Gods and/or the Goddess. This is where, for all intents and purposes, divine beings outside of “physical density” and it's relative regions, originally come from.

The originating Giza Pyramid builders designed-in a record of this and the predictions of eventual comings of messiahs through history. Sirius is where, for all intents and purposes, divine beings outside of “physical density” and it's relative regions, originally came from. Near Sirius is a doorway to what we would call heaven.

The doorway was scientifically proven when a pyramid array on a secret satellite detection experiment, revealed a geometric alignment where pyramid energies naturally amplify a stream of energy coming ONLY from near Sirius into our universe. The pyramid effected an interdimensional transceiver function where the subspace tunneling from the Sirius vortex domain occurred, in terms of measurable temporal field modulation.

The reason razor blades don't rust in pyramids is not pop culture fad belief, but the result of temporal field deceleration naturally occurring in the pyramid. This is actually measurable with a tuned crystal resonator detection and reference system. Above the pyramid the time field was found to be minutely accelerated, inside the pyramid it is decelerated. When the pyramid shaft of Cheops at Giza points to Sirius, and is also aligned geomagnetically on the Earth (Cheops), momentus things are predicted to occur or least be signified.


At at certain times of day and year, there are peak conditions in the pyramid to (among other things):

1. Communicate with the Gods from inside the Pyramid, i.e. the King's and Queen's Chamber - using emotion, vision and symbols.

2. Receive energies of rejuvenation and spiritual balance from the Sirius vortex - using emotion, vision, and symbols.

3. Out-of-body experience travel to other planes of existence and initiation and learning, using emotion, vision and symbols.

The originating Giza Pyramid designed-in a record of this and the predictions of eventual comings of messiahs through history.


The old dormant code activation keys were broadcast from the cortex and received by everyone on Earth five years ago. The changes are already beginning.

Echelon knows evolution is in for a bumpy ride, and ET knows evolution is in for a bumpy ride, and the rest of us are told nothing. Yet it is we who are at stake. This is why ET and God's ET agents, and other heavenly influences, are all so active right now, all trying to even up the need-to-know problem through covert mass contact. It is a covert assistance program, not a covert invasion. It is designed to allow us to evolve much faster than our institutions would prefer us sheep wake-up.

There are bad ET's and there are good ET's and a lot in between, too. The saving grace in all this is the hypherdimensional Sirian soul energies of beyond our physical universe invested powerful dormant DNA encoding and high soul substance into Neanderthal humanity 90,000 years ago. The shaft in the pyramid points to Sirius.

It has been confirmed ET parties were associated closely with the existence of certain Earthly historical early messiahs and holy persons. Our religions were partly created by ET. We were truly, in every scientific physical sense of the words as well, aided by heavenly apparatus and intelligence. But this is no ordinary apparatus. We are talking about the scientific verification of the existence of God.

But this could be God as ET themselves parading as God or God's agents, by being able to prove their historical Messianic associations, and the fact our genetics came from their divine test tube.

However this still leaves plenty of room left for deception, since there are so many damned ET factions still vying for position today. Not the least of which is our own highest Echelon response to the problem - the appropriation of the right of apotheosis away from the custodians - no matter how benevolent they are.

This is a dangerous path. It is an outwardly directed path in worship of 'power-over', technology of control, exclusive rights to resources, and worship of the science of separating the observer from experience. This is a climate of alien threat response management by secession from the ET agents as angels of God.

Here is the crux of the problem: The right Messianic ET's were already rejected by our idiot world secret government. Why? Our government would not play because the true heavenly God Messianic ET agents would not broker soul rights by acceding to secret institutional control speaking for all humanity. The worst of it is the human-perceived direct attack by the good ET's on the human institutions of organized religion as being embodiments of the worst kind of corruption.


We wouldn't have any of that. And they were told to take a cosmic hike - and they did - at our request, except for a few isolated continuing contacts with key individual contactees. The ET's gave up on our institutions, and our institutions gave up on them, there was to be no marriage without undesired revolution. Part of ARC Echelon rejection of the ET agents of our historical Messiahs - who were after all good and true and spiritually divine human beings, leaves the populace without a primer for things to come.


So ET is picking up the slack by increasing covert contacts, and there are a quite of few ET visitation joyrides going on too. Our zoo is a hot ticket. Without a primer we are left to to our own wits and conditioning. And guess what? Plenty of alliances have come along who were not the Messianic connected ET's and also claim involvement in our world, one way or another, usually more remote, but still associated somehow.


The plot thickened, especially as some of these ET's turned out to be rather fallen angels of a kind. Faustian bargains had been much more easily made with less caring ET's by our institutions than with the more caring ETs. This means the institutions were left with a messy problem, and until they figured it out, and could wiggle out of certain Faustian bargains, humanity was to be left without a clue.

So the feedback response system is modified to compensate.

Humanity is exercising it's own trim-tab compensation by receiving:

  1. messages from itself in the future as precognition and dreams

  2. messages from itself from the future, as time travelers, both machine and humanoid, coming back

  3. messages telepathically from ET's in the present, and most importantly

  4. messages directly from the original creator God and his once Earthly Messiahs, now operating as relay authentic bridges for humanity to God in these times

The status quo in the institutions, on the other hand, are, respectively:

  1. trying to downplay the dreams and precognitions are millennial madness

  2. making sure to debunk the entire field of channelers as nutcase cults

  3. making sure to debunk the entire field of Ufology as disreputable snake oil salesmen

  4. trying to reinforce peoples allegiance to the organized institutional forms of religion and science

This is the result of the actions of the Echelon elements in secession mode.


The few elements in lower Echelons that have realized the monumental mistakes they have made still don't want to turn over authority to any genuine human contactee! They want to instead attempt to go straight to the source. This is the reason for all the secret society worship of the Gods of ancient Egypt and the reason again, for the coming festivities being attended by representatives of all the secret societies.

But the fact still remains, regardless of the noble attempts to adjust the game through the types like Joe Firmage, without a primer that requires more institutional dressing down to see the whole truth, most of humanity could rush to judgment - into a premature friend or foe determination - and get caught up in mistaken identity turmoil.


This is why there are so many above top secret fake apotheosis programs in a box. They can only get away with all of this as long as we are still under basic embargo and quarantine as a planet.

It all depends if we can:

1. keep the ET lid on, and

2. keep the worldly natural catastrophe curve in check, or adapt fast enough to changes in the sun, for example and

3. keep ourselves from killing ourselves off with human conflict triggered NCBW in the next 12 years

All without without absolutely needing ET help to survive and not go extinct, we could pass through this momentum time at the end of 'normal' history and not have to scientifically confront the existence of alien life for almost another century.


Now wouldn't that be nice? Don't worry, the abductions will all soon be over, for the most part. Besides you were just giving and getting some help. Once in a while there are a few demonic abductors running around, but that is kept in check. Every abduction event is monitored by Echelon authorities. Every ET tagged party is an Echelon tagged party. Yet, remember, human free will is still the most powerful element in the mix. You only get abducted because as a soul you agreed to it before you were born.

There is a God who exists as a non-physical creator beyond this universe, of which entities in different ET's civilizations either love or hate, or listen to or turn a deaf ear to, depending on how much their 'fallen' factor is operative. Certain Vedic saints, Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ, and Mohammed, and recently even Joseph Smith, prime examples amongst many, were all contacted by rather benevolent angel ET's, as judged by the quality of the teachings they have promulgated.

Our institutions have recently rejected the right heavenly hosts. They left the rest of us to fend for ourselves, while they secure potential divine secessionary escape routes, or just Mexican stand-off hold-offs. This all means, good and bad ET, angelic and demonic ET, of different ilks can now covertly contact humanity on a telepathic basis, at the least, IF individual humanity 'asks' for it, and get a response, depending on the degree of pattern match. Negative people naturally attract similarly predisposed ET's, and so on.

Our institutions have failed the tests and given into the devil's temptations. The Sirius-Egyptian connection correlates to a coordinate in the heavens that highest Echelon knows the door to 'heaven' is. Certain Egypto-Masonic ASC Echelon types want to negotiate their own exclusive relationship with divinity, and bypass the truly 'holy-host' ET's who reject their all too human power and control games. If we don't watch it, these idiots will try to drag the rest of humanity along with them into Faustian bargain oblivion.

The only assured response strategy options are:

  1. Allow the whole thing blow over through the continued disenfranchisement of Ufology from science and religion, as ARC elements have planned and executed for fifty years, (and hope no massive new UFO religion springs up that would make things like Scientology and even Mormanism look like small stuff). Let the UFO age die-off, by forcing the ET's away through a threatened scorched globe policy.

  2. Allow the whole thing gradually take hold socially through the personal domain of direct ET to person contact (and yes direct God to person contact) going on, physically, telepathically, symbolically, spiritually.

And hopefully all the while try to marry science and religion back together in a way that allows these hallowed institutions to survive. But the bigoted radical cynical scientific rationalism cultists, and the bigoted radical optimistic religious mysticism cultists, will both have to eventually give it up. And as we all know, that will not happen without a fight.

This is why ET is denied the welcome mat on Earth and the No-Vacancy signs are on in the mainstream sense. We need time to just make it go away, or to prepare ourselves for eventual radical cultural adjustment.

Either way, ET is NOT really the issue we need to figure out anymore, even if more than half the ARC Echelon folks are still sweating it, and the abductees are tired of it.

The ONLY issue of genuine import is how our hidden human potential for divine spirituality can dovetail with the coming big wave of cosmic events and 'energies' over the next years so we can make the best out of it, and yes, save our own souls, and our world, with the help of God and/or Goddess.

That is the ONLY question that is relevant to be answered. Everything else turns out to be a grand distraction.

But remember Heaven's Gate. The leader of Falun Gong, Master Li, believes evil ET's recently seeded human civilization with technology and computers as a covert invasion plan. These evil ET's worship technology and science like a religion, to the exclusion of higher dimensions. Drunvalo Mechelzidek holds that technology is the result of a Luciferian rebellion. The environmental crisis has stirred a contemporary “modern age” Luddite backlash against insensitive irresponsible science, commerce and industry.

The Unabomber Manifesto. Earthfirst. Back to nature worship and “superstition”. The backlash against science is just beginning unless science stops worshipping the separation of the observer from the observed as a means to operate with impunity, and derisively dismisses claims that involve the observer. Science is actually on the way to committing suicide. But in radically responding to the problem as a turf war for souls, so will religion.

Don't wait for your institutions to get it together for you. Common humanity may have to stand elitist management for decade or so until the inevitable happens. The inevitable is human apotheosis for the masses as a direct link between human and God and Goddess, and without ET necessarily consciously involved, and without human institutions moderating. And that scares our hallowed institutions of science and religion, our institutions of commerce and politics, it scares them all half to death. No wonder.

Mommy Goddess and Daddy God are coming into direct contact with us in a new radical fashion - not as physical ET's like the government or evil ET's would have us believe, but as personalized loving, forgiving and powerful spiritual energies and entities from beyond this physical universe. They are returning, big time, in non-physical terms, to re-connect and co-create with their original soul substance in this universe, located in, guess what - human hearts.

This Human-Spiritual heart reconnection is feared by the 'fallen' Luciferians mindsets - their game is up. Because once the true reconnection happens, it makes individual human beings hundreds of times more powerful than our high yield hydrogen bombs, in terms of potential spiritual influence. Remember the power of our historical Messiahs? They did not show what they were really capable of, despite the wonders they did demonstrate.


And remember how all Messiahs claimed that any human was capable of the same as they? It was all only ever about growing love in the human heart. It was about growing the capacity for caring and intimacy, the incorruptible means for humanity not falling this time for well laid traps. The alien-human alliance engineered fail-safe awareness traps on the human evolutionary experiment. And they work.

The ET's just hope we humans as a whole species learn our lessons before we get so much power. Since most of us wouldn't trust anyone we know with too much power, and treat other species on our planet like chattel without feelings, that ought to help explain to you why ET's have us under a form of embargo and quarantine. We humans foam at the mouth after all without any help at all from ET races.

Now see? You didn't need to read all this blathering gibberish after all. We warned you.


As William Shatner once said to the stunned crestfallen trekkies at a Star Trek convention, “Get a life”!


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