by Lorie Kramer

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April 1, 2009

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I am a child of the early years of television. Our first TV set was a black and white in a "blond" wood cabinet (blond was oh, so stylish back then). My first experience with color TV was November 3, 1956.


My family gathered to watch the television premiere of "The Wizard of Oz" on my Grandmother's new color set.


When Dorothy opened the door of the tornado-dropped house... when the colors of "Munchkinland" were slowly revealed through the doorway... oh my gosh! We all gasped out loud. It was like we were looking at magic.


I suppose in a sense, we were.

Lorie K - Back in the day.
Charter Member of the Mickey Mouse Club


Although we still did lots of fun things like play outside, make forts, role play "The Wizard of Oz" at recess....(nobody hardly ever wanted to be the Wizard, mostly just Glenda the Good Witch and of course, Dorothy).


TV became more and more a part of our lives.


You can see by the photo above, I had the wide-eyed TV dazed stare back then, just like it still does to everyone now. You know this to be true. You know the mind control properties of TV. Radio can work in a similar fashion.


Before TV, people gathered around the box and looked at it, even though it was just a radio.


At least then they were all in the same room, now-a-days people watch their TVs in their rooms, each person tuning in to their own programs. If they are all in the same room, they are all in their own little daze so it doesn't really matter who else is in the room. Both television and radio can hypnotize us and give us good information, or not.

We can only know what we are exposed to, hear, see, or are taught. Some of it may not be complete and accurate. If we have bad teachers, information sources, or dishonest experiences, we don't learn all we need to learn. If we are lied to, it is worse. We are hindered in our ability to judge what is real and true. We can not make valid conclusions, as we spoke about in our last report.


That's why we have to spend the effort to use critical thinking and check things out for ourselves.

Take Soupy Sales, for example. I loved Soupy Sales! Even more than Captain Kangaroo. White Fang, Black Tooth, Pookie... ah, those were the days. I watched every show. I was upset if I wasn't able to have the SAME lunch as Soupy did when it was time for "Lunch with Soupy." (I did, my mother will verify this, ask her.)


As a child watching Soupy, I only saw what the camera wanted me to see, just like today. I actually saw the episode where Soupy heard a woman scream and went to the door to see what was up. I only saw Soupy from the inside of the set, answering the door. I didn't see the naked woman that was a surprise for Soupy on the other side of the wall. (Now, don't get TOO distracted by the story confirming link, we're talking about something serious here.)


Soupy sure the heck knew what was going on, but me and my mom didn't.


WE were watching the show we were supposed to watch. I can guarantee you that if my mother would have known that there was a naked woman dancing for Soupy on the other side of that wall, that would have been the LAST Lunch with Soupy I ever had!

The above example just illustrates that even though we think we see what is going on, we really don't in many cases. The film Wag the Dog is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Watch it if you haven't seen it, it's a good one. What we see and hear in main stream media is very controlled.


You know this and that is why you go to alternative sources of information. Or at least I hope you do.


You found my pages, didn't you?


Who's In Control?

Media Moguls


If you have been paying any attention at all the last few years, you know the media is controlled by a handful of corporations. As the map illustrates, most of the media falls under one of those control groups.


It has become obvious over the years that those control groups are not interested in the truth as much as they are interested in selling product. The very medium of television creates a means of control with it's hypnotizing affects, allowing anything coming over the signal straight into our brains with pretty much no filters. We find jingles and slogans running through our heads, even if we think they are stupid on a conscious level.


We watch "news" channels and programs report the same stories, even in the same order in many cases.

There is very little that comes from a truly independent source. There are few, if any, true "investigative journalists." Their reports only take one so far, or they get mired in propaganda.

Propaganda is the intentional dissemination of information aimed at influencing the opinions or behaviors of large numbers of people. Even so-called "public" television is "underwritten" (commercials in disguise) by the likes of Halliburton and The Heritage Foundation, which I have found seems to have forgotten quite a bit about our heritage.


There are still a few independent sources, mostly on the radio. The Pacifica Network is an example. It is listener sponsored, no commercials, no underwriting radio.


It's founder, Lewis Hill said,

"As long as I can communicate, I can create. As long as I can create, I am free."

Since 1941 they have been that way, I pray it will always be so.

The Internet Owners

As you can see by the map, the Internet is in about the same shape as the other kinds of media. It is most certain, however, that the Internet still has more places where truly independent thought can be read and posted.


There are still means of control present, to be sure. There is also not a lot of independent reporting. Check out any AP (Associated Press) story and you will see that the other media outlets just run it. It's much easier, and cheaper, to drop in an AP story instead of covering the story in an independent, and more critical, manner.


The Internet can still be a place to find independent reports on things that are happening around us, with pictures.


That probably won't last for long, but so far, it is still available.


The Dilemma

This leaves each of us with a dilemma.


We must use our own critical thinking to determine which sources are accurate and when we are being taken for a ride. It is no different than what we must do when we talk to people face to face. The Internet makes it hard, because we can't see each other, usually. We talked about that issue last time. Forget getting on TV, this has to be between us, if it is going to work.

So, considering the circumstances, we must each be responsible for what we let into our heads, and who puts it there. We have to think critically about what we see, hear and read. It takes personal responsibility. It takes some effort.


Like the bumper sticker on my car says,

"Learning the facts is much harder than watching TV."

The other one says,

"Information is Power."

I think both are very true.

Idea #3
Talk to Each Other

Seems like another blah idea, you say? How can doing that make a difference?


There is only one way to circumvent the media matrix. We have to start talking to EACH OTHER. Sure, we're not going to be able to reach thousands that way, but we will reach some. We need to check things out with each other to make sure we both have the same information, and that it is accurate. We have to not be afraid to voice our concerns and opinions to our friends and family.


And yes, there will be those that won't listen. And yes, there will be those who will say you are nuts, or an idiot, and that you don't know what you are talking about. However, if you do your own research, you check out what you are being told, and from what source you are receiving the information, YOU will be empowered by those truths.


Those that listen may then be empowered to get information that is crucial to handle what is happening around them. Or, they say you are nuts, or an idiot, and that you don't know what you are talking about. But YOU know different, and in the end, that's all that matters.

We have to be brave.


We have to stand up for the truth and ourselves and our country.

If you feel you must get your information only from the main stream, you will be stuck without a paddle up the creek latter on.


Misinformation and disinformation are their specialty. They are not telling you what you need to know to get the whole picture. They give you "news" to fill up the space between the commercials.


They are telling you what they want you to know, what Ruppert Murdoch wants you to know. And if God forbid, FOX news is your main source of information, well I already feel sorry for you, because if you believe all that stuff, you are not being served. You will be ill prepared for what's coming. You will never know about the naked lady dancing on the other side of the wall.

Talk to each other. Tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on.


Comments from Readers

"I loved your article about "What's it Going to Take, America?" I sent it on to everyone in my address book. Unfortunately, the "sheeple" for the most part don't want to be bothered by the facts. Especially if it interferes with their favorite TV show."

"I think you have quite a bit of insight; I've just scraped the surface but will continue reading. Have you ever had any paranormal experience regarding the world situation? I am convinced that it's even a larger agenda than we suppose. (Yes, we are engaged in bio-spiritual warfare. Of that, I am certain)

"On your second letter, I heard that people ask for ideas, well this brings to my mind that I could give you an idea or two. My first idea is to explain to people that it is where they spend their money that can help the situation, not on whom they vote. Got the idea? Still we can have a word to say as where we spend our money. This is still a triumph in our hands.


Example, imagine all of the sudden everybody stops buying Coke products, they are bad for you anyway, would they (Coke) be able to survive?" (From Portugal, see? We're all in this together... whether we like it, or not.)


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