by David Icke

extracted from Chapter 14 of

 ...And The Truth Shall Set You Free

Spanish version


None of this mind manipulation could happen without the media.


Again, only a few people in the media know they are playing a key role in programming the human mind to walk the road to a global tyranny. The overwhelming majority of journalists have no idea how they are being used. I would go further.


From my experience inside the media for many years and more recently on the other side of the microphone and notebook, I believe the two least knowledgeable and streetwise professions - in general - are journalism and politics. As I suggested earlier, they are two aspects of the same illusion. The politicians act as if they rule the world and the media report events as if politicians are the global decision makers.


Thus, the real controllers can stay in the shadows, unreported and unidentified. There are exceptions when you meet a very bright journalist who can see behind the facades. They know they are imprisoned within a media structure which severely limits what they can say and do. But they take every opportunity to get across as much information as they can. I have met a few of those people and they are a joy to talk to. If only that were true of the rest.


Most journalists on local and regional papers and local radio are either time-servers, who are programmed to turn out the same old establishment line without question while thinking their years in the profession make them streetwise, or they are youngsters fresh out of university who have no experience of the world and the manipulation that goes on. There are, I stress, exceptions, but I am speaking generally here. I don’t say this out of condemnation, but as this mindset stands between the events in the world and the way the information about them is communicated to the public, it is important that we know the nature of the filters and the filtering that goes on.

I remember talking in Southern England one night in the terms I have outlined in this book. There was one person in the audience who seemed to have a permanent question mark above her head. This turned out to be the local journalist. When I saw her report, it was headlined “Icke’s old theory about the New World Order”. I was intrigued.


“Old theory?” Had this newspaper talked about the global conspiracy before, then? No, as it happens.


The headline referred to the reporter’s contention that what I said that night about the nature of the New World Order was not new because George Bush had used the same words years before! If that was an isolated example of the thought processes which provide our news, it wouldn’t be a problem. But it isn’t. I could fill another book with stories of my experiences with people bravely claiming to be journalists who have asked questions and written articles that would make a two-year-old look like the peak of maturity.


At the national and international level, the number of journalists knowingly manipulating the human mind is far greater than the local and regional media, but it is still a relative few. The rest just conform to the traditional structure and approach and allow themselves to be manipulated to manipulate their audience. I worked in the BBC Television national newsroom for years and everyone around me appeared to be extremely genuine. Most of them were very nice people who loved their children and would not wish to leave them to face a centralized global dictatorship. But every day they turn out stories which feed their millions of viewers the line the Elite want them to see and hear.

To manipulate the world, you don’t need to have people running around all the time, like one of those stage performers trying to keep a dozen plates spinning on the end of a stick. Once you have created the structure, anyone coming into that organization, say a newspaper or television newsroom, has to conform to what is already there. If you can get your representatives into the positions which appoint others into that organization, it is even better, because you can then fill the place with clones of your own attitudes.


Also, journalists are there to report events. If you can engineer significant events, the journalists will report them. You don’t have to control every journalist to do this; the event will be reported anyway. Most of the time, the background information and explanation of that event will come from official sources. Watch a television news bulletin today if you can, and see where the words the reporter is speaking are overwhelmingly coming from: official sources. So without even manipulating a single journalist, your engineered event, be it a “terrorist bomb” or “economic problem”, is both reported and explained in the way you want.

The coverage of the horrific bombing in Oklahoma City in April 1995 was yet another example of puppet-strings journalism. Whatever official statements were issued, the media jumped on them immediately and accepted them as fact, without question. I listened to the BBC’s Radio Five at that time and they introduced a lady from an organization I had never heard of in America. There was not one question about what her organization represented, who funded it, or what its background was. The interviewer just fed her questions and allowed her, unchallenged, to give her ‘expert’ opinion on the people she believed had carried out the attack.


In BBC Television’s review of 1995, the so called “heavyweight” news presenter, John Humphreys, parroted the government line on Oklahoma and named McVeigh and the militias as the “enemy within” even before there had been a trial! And they call themselves ‘journalists’. It’s unbelievable.

When you are looking at the news, make a note of how short the individual items are. There is usually only enough time, even in major stories, to say this is what has happened and this is the (official) explanation. I was laughed at by millions when I questioned that the figure I was seeing on the television news was the real Saddam Hussein back in 1991. There was this man on the screen and the reporter or newsreader was saying it was Saddam.


We were told whom he had met that day, and, on one occasion, how he had swum across a river to show his people he was alive and well after the Gulf War. Now we know from a defector from Iraq that it was not the real Saddam, but his stand-in look-alike.


The media is being conned day by day and it then cons its audience. Ask 99% of journalists about the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Elite in general, and they will look at you in bewilderment. They won’t even have heard of them, let alone know what their role is.

But there are some journalists in strategic positions who do know and support what those organizations are doing. The media is such a vehicle for the coup d’etat that if it ever got into the hands of the Elite, the potential would be limitless. But we don’t have to worry because, as we are told so often, we have an independent media.


Ummm. Independent of what and whom?


In the August/September 1993 edition of the Netherland’s based magazine, Exposure, details were published of the controlling boards of the three television networks in the United States, NBC, CBS, and ABC.


These networks are supposed to be in ‘competition’ and it is this very ‘competition’ that is part of the ‘independence’ which ensures we enjoy unbiased news. That’s the theory, anyway. The Exposure research came from the work of the American New World Order investigator, Eustace Mullins. From what I read, Eustace and I would have very little in common on most things, but either the people he names were controlling the networks at the time of the article, or they were not.


The following is provable fact: NBC is a subsidiary of RCA, a media conglomerate which appears regularly on the career details of a number of people named throughout this book.


Among the NBC directors named in the Mullins article were:

  • John Brademas (CFR, TC, Bil), a director of the Rockefeller Foundation

  • Peter G. Peterson (CFR), former head of Kuhn, Loeb, and Co (Rothschild), and a former Secretary of Commerce

  • Robert Cizik, chairman of RCA and of First City Bancorp, which was identified in Congressional testimony as a Rothschild bank

  • Thomas O. Paine, president of Northrup Co (the big defense contractor) and director of the (Elite-controlled) Institute of Strategic Studies in London

  • Donald Smiley, a director of two Morgan Companies, Metropolitan Life and US Steel

  • Thornton Bradshaw, chairman of RCA, director of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Atlantic Richfield Oil, and the Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies (both of the latter headed by ‘environmentalist’ and elite Bilderberger, Robert O. Anderson)

Clearly the NBC board has considerable Rockefeller-Rothschild-Morgan influence.

Another American TV network, ABC, had on its board of directors:

  • Ray Adam, director of J.P. Morgan, Metropolitan Life (Morgan), and Morgan Guaranty Trust

  • Frank Cary, chairman of IBM, and director of J.P. Morgan and the Morgan Guaranty Trust

  • Donald C. Cook (CFR, Bil), general partner of Lazard Freres banking house

  • John T. Connor (CFR) of the Kuhn, Loeb (Rothschild) law firm, Gravath, Swaine and Moore, former Assistant Secretary of the Navy, US Secretary of Commerce, director of the Chase Manhattan Bank (Rockefeller/Rothschild), General Motors, and chairman of the J. Henry Schroder Bank and Schroders Inc, of London (see the funding of Hitler)

  • Thomas M. Macioce, director of Manufacturers Hanover Trust (Rothschild)

  • George Jenkins, chairman of Metropolitan Life (Morgan) and Citibank (which has many Rothschild connections)

  • Martin J. Schwab, director of Manufacturers Hanover (Rothschild)

  • Alan Greenspan (CFR, TC, Bil), chairman of the Federal Reserve, director of J.P. Morgan, Morgan Guaranty Trust, Hoover Institution, Time magazine, and General Foods

  • Ulric Haynes Jr, director of the Ford Foundation and Marine Midland Bank (owned by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank)

Again, we see the same Rockefeller-Rothschild-Morgan line-up on the board of the ABC network which, we are told, is independent of NBC. The ABC company was taken over by Cities Communications, whose most prominent director is Robert Roosa (CFR, Bil), senior partner of Brown Brothers Harriman, which has close ties with the Bank of England.


Roosa and David Rockefeller are credited with selecting Paul Volcker to chair the Federal Reserve Board.

Which brings us to CBS, the third of the ‘independent’ networks. Its financial expansion was supervised for a long time by Brown Brothers Harriman and its senior partner, Prescott Bush who was a CBS director. CBS banks through the Morgan Guaranty Trust and reports of CBS connections with the CIA and British Intelligence are legion among New World Order researchers. Some know it as the Conspiracy Brainwashing System.


The CBS board included:

  • William S. Paley (Comm 300), the chairman (for whom Prescott Bush personally organized the money to buy the company)

  • Harold Brown (CFR), executive director of the Trilateral Commission, and former Secretary of the Air Force and Defense

  • Roswell Gilpatric (CFR, Bil), from the Kuhn, Loeb (Rothschild) law firm, Cravath, Swaine, and Moore, and former director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

  • Henry B. Schnacht, director of the Chase Manhattan Bank (Rockefeller/Rothschild), the Council on Foreign Relations, Brookings Institution, and Committee for Economic Development

  • Michel C. Bergerac, chairman of Revlon, and director of Manufacturers Hanover Bank (Rothschild)

  • James D. Wolfensohn (CFR, TC, Bil), former head of J. Henry Schroder Bank, who has close links with the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, (in 1995, Bill Clinton successfully nominated him to head the World Bank)

  • Franklin A. Thomas (CFR), head of the Ford Foundation

  • Newton D. Minow (CFR), director of the Rand Corporation and, among many others, the Ditchley Foundation, which is closely linked with the Tavistock Institute in London and the Bilderberg Group

People connected with research into how the public mind reacts to events and information are on the board of a United States television network? What?


Again with CBS, we are looking at the same names at the helm, and all three networks are closely interlocked with the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.


How can it possibly be claimed that the three television networks in America, through which the overwhelming majority of Americans get their news, are independent?


They are controlled or strongly influenced by the same people! Look at the potential for recruiting only those producers, journalists, and editors who support your views and aims, and for sacking those who challenge your interference in what is and isn’t shown. Look at the potential for selling a common line on events and news stories to ensure the American people have no other explanations than those you want them to believe.


In July 1995, ABC was merged with the Walt Disney empire and the giant Westinghouse Electric made its move to buy CBS. Two months later, Turner Broadcasting, the company behind CNN Television, announced plans to merge with Time Warner.


The deal was struck between the Time Warner chairman, Gerald M. Levin (TC) and Ted Turner (Comm 300), a leading supporter of the new global order.


The concentration of power gathers pace.


The same familiar Elite control the three television networks and America’s main newspapers, like the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times. This is without even mentioning all the other media outlets and international news agencies (like Reuters) which the Elite control and the agencies run by the major newspapers which feed a common line to the smaller papers via the wire machines and syndicated columnists. The mind manipulation possibilities this offers are just incredible.


Scores of leading US journalists and editors are members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission and they are covertly working to that party line in their selection, dissection and presentation of news and information. Typical was a ‘report’ by the famous CBS News anchorman, Walter Cronkite, into the wealth and power of the Rockefellers. He closed by saying that if any family had to have as much power and money as the Rockefellers, it was a good thing it was the Rockefellers.


Violin, anyone?


I am grateful for the research into UK media ownership in the early 1990s by Colonel Barry Turner, which he published in 1992 as a paper entitled “Control of the Communications Media and Conditioning of the Public Mind”. Much of the following information about names and newspapers is thanks to his painstaking work. The leading ‘quality’ newspaper in the UK is the Daily Telegraph. This is owned through the Hollinger Group by the Canadian, Conrad Black.


The group owns more than 200 newspapers and magazines in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Israel, and the group started life as a front company set up by the British intelligence as I explained earlier. Conrad Black is a member of the elite Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group, a Trilateralist, and a member of the Institute for Strategic Studies.


The senior international advisors to the Hollinger Group are Henry Kissinger (CFR, TC, Bil, RIIA, Comm 300) and Lord Carrington (TC, RIIA, Bil, Comm 300).


Some members of the Hollinger International Supervisory Board are:

  • Zbigniew Brzezinski (CFR, TC, Bil)

  • Giovanni Agnelli (Bil, Black Nobility, Comm 300)

  • David Brinkley (CFR), news commentator with ABC News

  • Paul Volker (CFR, TC, Bil), the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board responsible for Reaganomics and Thatcherism

  • Lord Rothschild, chairman of Rothschild Holdings

  • Lord Hanson, chairman of Hanson plc.

On the board of The Daily Telegraph is Evelyn de Rothschild, chairman of the N.M. Rothschild merchant bank. N.M. Rothschild are merchant bankers to the Hollinger Group to complete the cozy relationship.

A former editor-in-chief and board member at the Daily Telegraph is Andrew Knight, another member of the Bilderberg Group Steering Committee and the Ditchley Foundation, and formerly of The Economist magazine (director, Evelyn de Rothschild), a publication set up to press for an end to the Corn laws and promote the principle of ‘free trade’. Knight moved on to become executive chairman of Rupert Murdoch’s News International which owns The Sun, The News Of The World, and The Times and Sunday Times.


Murdoch owns newspapers, magazines, and television networks that are estimated to have a potential audience of three billion people. That is without his interests in the film industry. He is now linking in with a global telephone and communications network, MCI, and has made a bid for parts of the vast Berlusconi media empire in Italy. According to The European newspaper he is also planning to substantially increase his media interests across Europe.


In a feature in The Spotlight newspaper headed: “What is Murdoch Up To And Who Is Backing Him?” the writer Dan McMahan linked the rise of this media mogul to names like Harry Oppenheimer (South Africa, Anglo-American, De Beers), Armand Hammer (Occidental Petroleum), the Bronfman family (who are close to the Hollinger Group and the Anti-Defamation League), and the Rothschilds.


It is not the front men we need to look at so much as who is behind them pulling their strings. It is they who make the money available and manipulate the politicians to allow great media takeovers and cartels to emerge.


With unbelievable hypocrisy, Conrad Black’s Daily Telegraph said of Murdoch’s domain:

“This is a huge and potentially dangerous concentration of media power...”


And the Telegraph owner’s empire is not?

The controlled media can feed the same basic messages to the public and hypnotize the collective mind to accept them. And if the same messages are coming from apparently unconnected media outlets, it must be true because “they are all saying it”.


Just as we have a One Party political state, so we have a One Media State In the UK, you would think that the Murdoch Sun and the Independent or Guardian were miles apart and offering different opinions. But if you analyze what they are all agreed on and the way they operate, none are vehicles for a radical alternative to what we have. They actually say the same. They just say it differently.


The least radical newspaper in Britain is the one claimed to be most radical: The Guardian, the tome of the mindset I call the Robot Radicals.


The founding editor of The Guardian’s ‘rival’, The Independent, was Andreas Whittam Smith. He was a member of the Trilateral Commission during his years at the top of that newspaper. The political ‘choice’ is an illusion and so is the media ‘choice’. Indeed the two are indivisible. When I started to have more and more success in making this suppressed information available to the public, the campaign to discredit me was stepped up. I was delighted in a way, because it proved I am twitching a few nerve ends among those who wish to control the human mind.


The Jewish Chronicle, which parrots words like freedom and truth, began to write outrageous misrepresentations of what I am saying and doing. I was having conversations with the press officer of the Board of Deputies of British Jews - a lovely woman - who was speaking to one David Icke, while she was reading about a very different David Icke in the Jewish Chronicle. Understandably she was confused. I wasn’t because what was happening was so predictable. The sight of a paper like the Chronicle posturing its morality while lying through its teeth is not a pretty one.

However, it was the Guardian, the daily house magazine of the Robot Radical mindset, that I found most interesting. One of its reporters, a Paul Brown, arrived at a meeting in Glastonbury and built an article around one man who had not read my books, yet was handing out leaflets opposing them! The anti-Icke piece came from a newspaper which claims to represent freedom. Excuse me while I fall down, laughing hysterically.


In the article were the (barely) one-dimensional clichés about ‘disciples’ and other childish nonsense, but nowhere was there a mention of the Bilderberg Group and its RIIA, CFR, TC network which I had spent much of the evening talking about.


But what is it the Illuminati Protocols say?

“All our newspapers will be of all possible complexions - aristocratic, republican, revolutionary, even anarchical - for so long, of course, as the constitution exists...Like the Indian idol, Vishnu, they will have a hundred hands, and every one of them will have a finger on any one of the public opinions required.


When a pulse quickens these hands will lead opinion in the direction of our aims, for an excited patient loses all power of judgment and easily yields to suggestion. Those fools who will think they are repeating the opinion of a newspaper of their own camp will be repeating our opinion or any opinion that seems desirable for us. In the vain belief that they are following the organ of their party, they will in fact follow the flag which we hang out for them.”

Protocol 12

And most journalists, probably including Mr Brown, will not have a clue about how they are being used. Someone wrote to me who had read The Robots’ Rebellion and was a daily reader of The Guardian because he thought it had the integrity that others lacked.


He was stunned to read Brown’s article, which he said was a gross misrepresentation of what I am saying and doing.

“I thought I could trust The Guardian” he said.

You can’t. You can’t trust any of them. It was the same with a ‘journalist’ called Rosemary Carpenter on the Daily Express. She was given access to the information revealed in this book and yet she dismissed it without any checking or research. Mind blowing.


From where do the public get their information about political parties at election time? The controlled media. If the media will not support you, or are vehemently against you, it is virtually impossible to be elected. If you are a politician looking to win or stay in power, you have to listen to what the media is demanding. If you don’t, they will turn against you and even reveal some unpleasant information which they have long known about, but have kept under wraps while you were playing their game.


When Rupert Murdoch began to make positive statements about the British Labour leader Tony Blair (Bil) following the ‘untimely’ and sudden death of his predecessor, John Smith, this was considered highly significant for Blair’s chances of becoming prime minister. The sad thing is that it was significant.

The media have to keep the banks and advertisers happy. That’s where the power really lies. The Global Elite pyramid coordinates major advertisers into pressurizing papers into following or not following, a particular line. “Print that and we withdraw our advertising” is a powerful weapon. But, of course, we have the media ‘watchdogs’ which are there to protect us from media abuse.


The chairman of the newspaper ‘watchdog’, the Press Complaints Commission, is Lord Wakeham, the former cabinet minister, who controversially went from government to the board of N.M. Rothschild. And while Lord Rees Mogg (Bil), the former editor of The Times, was chairman of the television and radio ‘watchdog’, the Broadcasting Complaints Commission, he was also a Rothschilds’ director.


Sir Zelman Cowan, another former chairman of the old complaints body, the Press Council, was involved in 1991 with the takeover of the Australian Fairfax Group by Conrad Black’s Hollinger Group. Lord Armstrong, the former head of the Civil Service and cabinet secretary (who went on to become a director of N.M. Rothschild) also joined the board of Carlton Television, which broadcasts to London and the ‘Independent’ television network in the UK. I could go on and on across the UK media, revealing the interconnections between certain names and companies.


Rest assured, however, there is really nothing to worry about. As the then Home Secretary, Douglas Hurd, said in The Financial Times on January 19th 1989: “Broadcasting will not be run by tycoons.”


Phew, that’s a relief!


I rather prefer the opinion on the true state of affairs within the media of John Swinton, a journalist on the New York Times, who is reported to have told his staff at his retirement dinner:

“There is no such thing as a free press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who would dare to write his honest opinions. The business of the journalist is to destroy truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell himself, his country, and his race, for his daily bread. We are tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping jacks; they pull the strings, we dance; our talents, our possibilities, and our lives are the property of these men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

But here again, we come back to the same theme. The media is our creation. It reflects the collective mind of humanity and if it did not, it could not survive and prosper as it does. We can debate which came first, the collective mind’s attitudes or the programming of those attitudes, but if you read the average tabloid newspaper and then spend an hour in the average bar, you will see that the thought patterns of the paper and the people are largely the same.


Vast numbers of people think and act like a tabloid newspaper. They have allowed themselves to become tabloid thinkers with tabloid minds. We now have tabloid radio and tabloid television, too, which follows from the success of the tabloid newspapers. They all want it short, incredibly superficial, and with each item full of either mockery, condemnation, instant judgments, the official line, and/or defense of the status quo.


Oh yes, and if you can get lots of tits and bums in there at every opportunity, so much the better, because women are only here to lust after. Have I just described the content of a tabloid newspaper or the content of a conversation you will hear in almost any bar when ‘the lads’ get together? Both. And that’s the point.


Those thought patterns in the collective mind created the reality we call the media. Tabloid newspapers reflect, and program, the thoughts of great tracts of humanity in an ever-downward spiral. The more our thoughts are programmed, the more open we become to even more severe programming. The media won’t change until the collective mind changes and that will result only from changes in individual thinking. We create our own reality and the media is no different. Whatever dominates the thought patterns of the collective mind will be the physical reality.


The members of the human race in general want someone else to do their thinking for them, and they have allowed their minds to close to the point where they do not want to discuss anything that isn’t superficial or full of mockery and instant judgments of others. Hence the media we have today.


We have thought that into existence, too.


When we change, it will change.