by Tony Cartalucci

Contributing Writer

November 29, 2011
from ActivistPost Website




Blatant lies told by alleged "human rights activists" led to ignominious NATO-sanctioned brutality and ultimately brought BP, Shell, Total-sponsored Petroleum Institute representative, Abdurrahim el-Keib, into power in Libya.


Now, these same corporate-financier interests, through their same networks of propaganda, duplicity and deception, are laying the groundwork for a repeat performance in Syria.

It was just recently revealed that the UN Human Rights Council report regarding Syrian "crimes against humanity" was actually co-authored by Karen Koning AbuZayd, a director of the US Washington-based corporate think-tank, Middle East Policy Council, that includes,

  • Exxon men

  • CIA agents

  • US military and government representatives

  • the president of the US-Qatar Business Council,

...which includes amongst its membership,

  • AlJazeera

  • Chevron

  • Exxon

  • munitions manufacturer Raytheon (who supplied the opening salvos during NATO's operations against Libya)

  • Boeing

The conflict of interest is so monumental it is only outdone by the corporate media's eager acceptance of the report and their complete negligence in airing the compromised backgrounds of those responsible for compiling it.

The UN report itself contained no verifiable evidence, but rather hearsay accounts recorded in Geneva by,

alleged "victims" "witnesses," and "defectors," put forth by "all interested persons and organizations."

In other words, it was an open invitation for Syria's enemies to paint whatever image of the ruling government they pleased.


While critics claim this is due to the Syrian government's lack of cooperation with the UN, it is more likely that the UN itself, with a proven track record of doing so in Iraq, the Ivory Coast, and most recently Libya, is merely complicit in providing "window dressing" for Wall Street and London's otherwise naked military conquests.



How to Start the War

And it is through this purposefully distorted lens that calls for military intervention are being made.


After months of denying the opposition was armed, the Wall Street-funded think-tank Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) now openly claims that not only are the "protesters" armed, but there is a resistance army of "15,000."


The CFR claims this "Free Syrian Army" is requesting weapons and air support. It has already been revealed that weapons are freely flowing over Syria's borders from foreign-supporters, most notably, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, and now even as far as Libya.


The CFR report then goes on to explore the options available to NATO for facilitating "regime change" including the use of "overhead surveillance assets, logistical enablers, peacekeepers, armed drones, combat aircraft, ground troops," and "smuggled weapons."

Of course the number of Syrian defectors are as baseless as the UN human rights report. However, even the claim of a large, armed militant force operating inside of Syria directly contradicts the West's concurrent narrative that Syria's military is running rampant over defenseless civilians.


With an army of "15,000 defectors" attempting to seize the nation by force with the help of foreign money, weapons, and diplomatic support, one finds it difficult to believe the Syrian government would instead be spending its time "massacring civilians."


Just as in Libya, or any number of nations where foreign-backed "revolutions" have been attempted or achieved, Western-enabled violence is always a predetermined part of the equation, fully provisioned ahead of time with the subsequent violence cloaked behind tales of one-sided brutality aimed at the targeted regime.

As mentioned in the corporate-funded Brookings Institution report "Which Path to Persia?" the inclusion of covert armed support for US-backed protests is not just an option, but a necessity when carrying out such operations within a nation possessing competent security forces.

Page 109-110:

Consequently, if the United States ever succeeds in sparking a revolt against the clerical regime, Washington may have to consider whether to provide it with some form of military support to prevent Tehran from crushing it.


This requirement means that a popular revolution in Iran does not seem to fit the model of the 'velvet revolutions' that occurred elsewhere. The point is that the Iranian regime may not be willing to go gently into that good night; instead, and unlike so many Eastern European regimes, it may choose to fight to the death.


In those circumstances, if there is not external military assistance to the revolutionaries, they might not just fail but be massacred.

Consequently, if the United States is to pursue this policy, Washington must take this possibility into consideration.


It adds some very important requirements to the list:

either the policy must include ways to weaken the Iranian military or weaken the willingness of the regime’s leaders to call on the military, or else the United States must be ready to intervene to defeat it.

In addition to this confession by the Brookings Institution, this pattern of providing for, or covering up the existence of, armed elements deployed during the opening phases of a color revolution has also been documented in Libya, Syria, and in Bangkok, Thailand in 2010.


Just as in Libya where legions of Al Qaeda rebels armed by NATO and fresh back from killing US and British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan were initially covered up with tales of street protesting youth being cut down by Qaddafi's troops, Syria too has been plagued by violent militants since the unrest began earlier this year.


In April's "Globalist War Machine Fixates on Syria," the first reports of the now ubiquitous snipers terrorizing Syria began to surface.


Also noted was the similarity between these sniper attacks and concurrent attacks being carried out in Yemen, and the year before in Thailand - all victims of Western-backed destabilization.

It will be through a perpetual campaign of deceit waged by the West's various puppet regimes and their compromised corporate-media that this war will be started. The ruling regime in Syria will be portrayed as grotesque human rights offenders, while covert arms and support are provided to a mercenary army of ever-increasing size, committing ever greater provocations.


In time, as the proper "international" legal maneuvers are performed, this mercenary army will be provided NATO air and naval support, NATO special forces, and potentially NATO ground troops - this of course includes Turkey, a NATO member since 1952 and already deeply involved in meddling in Syria's sovereign affairs.



How to Stop the War

While the power behind this war machine grinding up the planet seems monolithic and unstoppable, the very source of its power looks us back in the mirror every day.


We, through our choices of how we spend our time, money, and attention, are fueling daily its destructive consumption of our world.


While protests, elections, and activism are important, what is absolutely essential is to entirely cut this machine off from its fuel. That is, for us to boycott the corporations, institutions, and personalities that constitute it to the point of starvation and submission.


We must work ceaselessly to identify and expose who these corporations, institutions, and personalities are through the alternative media, boycott them out of business, and replace them entirely with local solutions derived from both tradition and technological innovation.

The Greatest Generation said "never again" to the rise of fascism in the 1930s and 1940s, yet here we are again watching the rise of Wall Street and London to sickening heights of unwarranted power and warmongering.


Let this generation say, "not in our names" and starve this beast into submission, just as it has done to so many other sovereign nations.