by Clif High

January 25, 2011

extracted from "The Shape of Things to Come Volume 0, Issue 9 Data Set Analysis"

from FollowTheMonet-Forumotion Website

We humans here on Terra are entering a very dangerous period.


This will be especially true within the 'reach' of the Former Power Structure (aka the American-Anglo empire), and its minions. This reach includes the United States of America. Now that the [political minions] have taken up the task of [demonizing speech] and [criminalizing thought], the task of producing reports such as these becomes more difficult in several ways.


Not only will the source material, that is the 'free speech' of unfettered minds on the internet become constrained to some degree, but also the language expressed in these reports necessarily also becomes a potential point for persecution. In spite of not acting as an advocate for ANY form of violence, and being a 30 year student of the martial art known as the 'art of peace', the 'ability' of the political minions of fascism to craft incidents that will redefine words and apply them retroactively, will lead directly to censorship of works such as these future guessing reports.


The reader needs to be advised that *some* texts within this report will point to specific instances of upcoming violent events without providing additional descriptors of the event, though peripheral elements not germane but pertinent may well be provided. Got that? When you see an obvious 'hole' in the text, there is a good reason for it to be there.


This is a continuation of the same policy that led to my dropping any direct discussion of the ThePowersThatBe(Were) entity. There was nothing to be gained from going there, and it could potentially provide others with enough foreknowing to alter or impact the 'organic' unfolding of manifesting universe.

No, not getting fearful, just asymmetrically smarter.

Whenever you encounter TPTB or TPTW, or TPTB/W, the reference is the same, and goes to what had been known as ThePowersThatBe entity. However, due to their continuing loss of accumulated emotional resources, including specifically the actual resource of [secrecy] and the [illusions (created) by mind control media], the entity is being recast as ThePowersThatBe/Were*.


* TPTB: Proxy for The Powers That Be. Proxy for groups which may be loosely described as both 'elitist', and 'global' in thinking. Includes proxies for such as RCC, UN, OD, Illuminati, CFR, and others too numerous to detail here.

The data sets have the planet into building tension language (that turned on the 18th from our release language trend) until the equinox of 2011 (March 21 for the solar year challenged), when we once again will be kicked into swimming in a release language period. The data sets are pointing to huge levels of [secrets revealed] and [giant political dysfunction/disruption globally]. The release language is indicated to last from the equinox all the way through to the small tipping point of October 6th, 2011. This tipping point in October is a tip into building tension language.

So, given the release language swim that went from November 14, 2010 through to January 18, 2011, and all the wikileaks, and other emotional release language, it would be expected that the 2011 equinox will mark yet another [flood] of [information] that will [alter the human order here on terra].

Then a smallish tipping point into building tension language that will dominate the social discourse through Fall and Winter of 2011, and right up to the first large scale gap in our data on March 25th, 2012.

GlobalPop - Planet-Terrans emerge

The previous sub sets pointing toward an [irish (sharpened) tip/point] to a [global personal awakening spear] continue to grow at prodigious levels through late Winter (2010/2011), again, with sums pointing toward the peak of its manifestation sometime in Summer, 2011.


The [planetary awakening (of humans)] is indicated to be [created/led] by [irish thinker] who will [articulate] a [guiding philosophy] which the GlobalPop* entity indicates will be so [resonating] as to produce [personal change] in ways that can be [individually perceived].



* GlobalPopulace (GlobalPop)
Proxy for all populace groups "not" part of Populace/USofA. Division forced by emotional splits arising from anti-Bush reactions post October 2001.



Given that most humans do not change from the predictable paths their life journeys take, and given that TPTW count on most humans being incapable of personal change in any meaningful sense, this is a very encouraging linguistic set.

The [irish] will also be [visible] over Spring as [displaced persons (from ireland - perhaps 4/generations back)], will be at the [center] of a [genetic mystery]. The GlobalPop entity has acquired a number of specific linguistic sets in support of a [planetary search] that will be [successful] when the [displaced person (irish)] get involved.


The level of [visibility] is high on this [search], and the [genetic] sub set shows that the [displaced irish] will be [holding the key] to a [result] that will be somehow [very important] to the [global populace] at very [personal] levels. The data is somewhat ambiguous and can be interpreted as either the [displaced irish persons] being the [goal] due to their [genetics], or a [displaced irish person (in the genetics business)] who will be [providing the key (to the search)].


Cannot tell from this vantage point, but we do note that in about mid Spring, the [irish rise (once again)].


Also note that the Celtic cross, that tall crossed set of sticks with a circle strategically placed around the intersection of the sticks is actually a surveying tool of sophistication that allows the judging of height of distant objects, as well as distance from them, and direct translation of the applicable sine/co-sine to/from comparison objects. All from a single device.


The one that is used here at hph (HalfPastHuman) is built of aluminum stock so is slight temperature sensitive, but still remarkably accurate, and really useful in getting current heights of trees, and even distance from chemtrail planes (though we have no validation of the results of that use as the chemie's pilots are too busy to participate).

Also within the newly accreting values for the GlobalPop entity, are a number of large sets going to the [break through(s)] in the area of the [new electrics] that will be rising to [visibility] over late Spring and Summer. The highest level of [visibility] is seen with [break through/new discovery] linguistics associated with [south africa], and less so with both [canada] and [mid siberia]. In the case of the [south africa] references we also now have extensive cross links over to the Markets entity and TPTW entity.


The TPTW (ThePowersThatWere) entity cross links are terminating in aspect/attributes such as [trouble], and [confusion], and [problems], and [conundrum]. These sets themselves, within TPTW entity have a large number of internal cross links that also terminate in sub sets going to the idea of [big trouble (in little) city (in south africa)].


The nature of the [big trouble] is somewhat defined in the cross linked sub sets between the TPTW and the GlobalPop entity. In these links we find details sets going to a [short man (very black skin, recently dealt with some skin cancer issues (like last year?))] who will be [making (a) way] for the [poor humans] in his [city] to have [free electricity].


The data is indicating that at the core of this [free electricity] effort is an [invention] of [pure genius] which will [propel] an increasingly large part of the [south africa private (non corporate) economy] from late 2011 onward. The data sets within the TPTW entity that are cross linked over to our [south african inventor] show that a [great heap (of mud)] will be [pitched/thrown] by TPTW in an [attempt] to [short circuit] the [free electricity process].


The accruing aspect/attribute sets are pointing toward [smear attempts] that will be [organized (and led)] by [israeli (zionist) interests] which will not only [attack] the [man], but also the [invention]. The data accretion patterns seemingly point to an [attempt] by the [zionist control group] to [co-opt] the [south african government], that will [initially succeed] until both [higher levels (of global) visibility] and [lower levels (en masse) of the social strata] become involved.

The GlobalPop entity has a number of growing sub sets under [family] {ed note: very large, and robust, and emotional archetype} that are supporting a [move/action (in) revenge] which will be [against (the) roman catholic church]. The descriptor sets show that the [actions/movement] will be [instigated] from [local response] to [abused family members].


The descriptor sets for the [action/movement] include [individual prosecution (of ) priests/cardinals/bishops et al], and also [assassinations] of a [number] of [church officialdom]. Apparently the [assassinations] will be viewed as [sporadic] and more or less, [random]. This will cause the [officialdom of the organization (aka church)] to [mount] a [campaign] both of [public relations] and [private army response].


In the case of the [public relations] effort, the data suggests that the [face (for the) criminals = church pr flack] will end up as one of the [revenge killings] later in the process of [people versus the criminal organization calling itself a church = vatican]. The GlobalPop entity has internal cross links over to the [religion (as method of behavior)] under [attack].


The [revenge attacks] against the [pedophiles/priests et al] are indicated to actually involve [physical destruction] of [buildings (and other infrastructure)], such that [permanent scarring (of places)] will occur. Some of the descriptors include [memorials (to the victims)] being [created from] the [ruins] of the [pedophiles].

The accretion patterns for the GlobalPop entity within both the longer term and shorter term value sets are pointing to [severe waiting], for China over 2011.


The [severe waiting] juxtaposition of descriptors brings together [severe] archetype which includes [danger], and [extremes], and the [waiting] archetype which brings with it, [contemplating (active form)], and [surveying (the waters/river prior to crossing)]. The data sets in support of the [severe waiting] are supported by the [duality] meta data layer at the primary support level.


The supporting sub sets for [duality] in the [chinese are actively waiting] sub set points toward both [internal] and [external] focus of the [views]. The data sets contain sub sets for [new waves (coursing through populace)] that will [cause anxiety] at the [pinnacle] of the [power structure] within China.


The [new social waves] are seen as being [exogenic (from outside)], or at least will be so characterized, though the data would disagree, as it clearly states that this will be a [home grown pie] that the Chinese [officialdom] will have to [digest].


There are some suggestions in the data that the [female archetypes] will [dominate] both as the [cause] of the [officialdom anxiety], as well as the [solution] (from officialdom point of view), for their 'problem'. The [external focus] for [anxiety] is itself also supported by primary [duality]. This set is dominated by [nest of vipers (slithering snakes)], and [all things space].


The former is filled with detail layers that go to the idea of a [high wall (of dirt)] which [encapsulates/surrounds (the) nest of vipers], but that the [dirt wall (is) dissolving (in the) stupendous rains]. And, as may be realized, the [chinese officialdom] is indicated as [recognizing] that 2011 is likely the year in which they will be [faced (with a) snake problem].


The support can be taken both allegorically as well as actually. The sets for [rains] are cross linked back to the Terra entity where the sub sets are terminating in [flood] linguistics.


The [nest of vipers] sub set is directly cross linked back to the TPTB/W (the powers that be/were) entity, and from there back to the [rose line confederation], and the [red shield gang]. At the metaphoric and actual levels the data is indicating that the [chinese officialdom] is [contemplating] how it will need to [react (*when the time is [propitious])] as the [planetary changes pressures] will [break apart (the) walls] around the [TPTW].


These areas in the GlobalPop entity, as well as the TPTB/W entity and the Populace/USofA entity, are dominated by negative sum release of tension language. The sub sets for the [power elites] in both [political officialdom] and [religious officialdom] are in support of larger lexical sets such as the [social chaos (in America post dollar collapse)], and the [destruction (of the) catholic church].


Note that both the internal social chaos in the USA and the explosion of the catholic church are directly supported by [secrets revealed] meta data layer which is also a key element in the [revolution] meta data layer. Also note that [chinese officialdom], recognizing that it has [severe conditions] that [threaten internal cohesion], will likely understand {ed note: as does the masters of the CIA, et al black ops groups}, that the 'energies HAVE to express themselves in universe, and if prevented from manifesting in one place, will do so somewhere else in some other context.


Grasping the [subtleties of chi flow (to some crude degree)], the [chinese officialdom] will seek to [find and support] the [fertile grounds] for [revolution] globally, just [not in china].


Again, though their grasp of the energies manipulations may be crude, the data suggests that their actions will be [feather light]. Also note, though we regular pie eaters will likely never be privy to a name, the data indicates that a [true master] of [chi energy] will be [rising to prominence] in [chinese officialdom] over this year.


The data points to this [chi person] being able to [prod] some of [chinese officialdom] into a [more refined] view of [manifesting reality] such that their [gardening (in) global revolution] will extend more toward [sheltering (those who) speak], than [shipping guns]. The data indicates that the [chinese officialdom] will be extensively employing [hidden support] for the [secrets revealed] meta data layer manifestation as they will be made to [understand ] just how [vulnerable] the [vipers] are to [exposure].


And how [harmonization (with trends)] is so much more [resource sparing].

The chinese concern with [all things space] set is itself also supported at the primary level by the [duality] meta data layer. The [concern for space] by the [chinese officialdom] is indicated to extend to [vast (for them) expenditures] of all kinds of [resources]. Much of the [pressures] within [chinese officialdom] with the [concerns] for [space (both near and far)] are directly driven by the [fear] archetype language at its most basic level.


This is expressed as [fear (for) existence], that, within the scope of the archetype, is [planet encompassing]. The data is thus describing a situation in which the [fear (for continuation)] is the [driving force] for the [chinese officialdom]. The [fear] sub set is pointing to what the [chinese officialdom] is [trying to confirm], and what they [already know] as being 'causal' factors.


Without this knowledge, some of the forecast actions of the Chinese government/leadership may make no sense should it manifest.


The data suggests that [duality] as an operating metaphor needs to be considered. That the [chinese officialdom] may be [sending messages] to more than [one party] at a time, and that the same [actions] are to be [interpreted differently] by each group.

Within the [motivated by space concerns] sub sets there are a number of sets that are cross linked to the Terra entity where they terminate in the [cloudyness] sub set. This area is also supported by [sky blotted out (by clouds)], and [massive (dark) cloud structures (on near horizon)]. These sets are both metaphoric indicators of [threats (to) future], as well as specific descriptor sets referring to [upper atmospheric problems].


There are significant cross link structures between the [chinese officialdom] and the TPTW entity that suggest that [non-open warfare] will begin between these groups in 2011 with a number of [near terra space war skirmishes]. There are apparently to be a couple of [surprising developments] from the [chinese], including a very [massive (in the sense of heavy, weighty)] effort in [near terra space].

Other, very large linguistics within the [china] sub sets of the GlobalPop show that [rapidly increasing anxiety] will center around the [food supplies problems] including the [crash of agriculture (*due to climate change)]. The data sets are pointing to [belligerent language] to come from [chinese officialdom] and to be directed at the [american-anglo alliance] for their [active part] in [planetary climate destabilization].


This area of the linguistics show that the [belligerency from chinese officialdom] will be temporally linked to [drought conditions] and [fires (in a resource belt)].

However much the mundane problems will occupy the [chinese officialdom], all these total will be but a small fraction of the efforts being put into the [space based concerns] including [unanticipated (levels of) strategic resources]. Within this set there are some small numbers of structures that may be signaling a [chinese presence] in the [near terra space/alien wars].


Much of the [preparatory allocations] are showing as being accomplished this [winter (2010/2011)] and [spring 2011], such that by the [terra intrusions] of Summer 2011 and beyond, the [chinese officialdom] thinks to have [resources relocated (off world?)].

The larger [fear] based sub sets of the [concern for space] descriptors points toward a later in 2011, [confrontation] with the [hidden civilization (shadow security state)]. There are some sub sets within this area that go back to the larger linguistic structures for the [internal reorganization (of the chinese state)] around a [resource conservation (especially foods)], and [novel (methods) of food production] effort that will be [visible] in the planetary media by mid Spring.


This [reorganization policy] is indicated to be [directly responsible] for the [outcome] of this first [border (power) skirmish].

Also connected to the [space based concerns] supporting sets are large numbers of geographic references to the [scarred hills (presumably in Kashmir)] where the [chinese officialdom] is (will be?) busily [digging for treasure] over 2011. These [scarred hills] are to be so [altered] as to [stand (as) monument] to [requirements (of this) year] and the [obsession (with) space] meme about to [overtake chinese society].

In the [diaspora] sub set for [europe], the supporting sets show that a [reverse invasion] of [china] will be [slowly] occurring in 2011, as the [european infrastructure] becomes [hammered] by [climate change], [famine], [economic ruin], and [social dysfunction]. The data is indicating that as the [social security state system] goes into [failure] in [europe], that a [migration] of [unattached/disaffected females] will begin from [europe ] to [china].


The data sets point toward [chinese language classes] and [culture coaches], as well as [modesty classes] being a [growth industry] in some parts of [europe] as the [lack of Spring and Summer weather patterns] begins to [strain (continental) resources].


While there will apparently be [very large population shifts] later in 2011 and early 2012, the accretion patterns show the [migration (to) china] linguistics as showing up first, and therefore, acting as a temporal marker for the subsequent [rushing away from (northern/frozen) areas (of europe)].

Within the [americas] sub set of the GlobalPop entity, there are [diaspora] supporting aspect/attribute sets suggesting that [ocean changes] will [force evacuation]. These would seem to be focused yet again on the Gulf of Mexico, and yet again, the question of [authenticity] of the [emergency has to be called into question] {ed note: since it is well known that the British Petroleum (BP) bastards along with their Haliburtonian friends did the dirty deed deliberately.}.


Nonetheless the accrual rates and patterns point toward [movements] of [large populations] away from [coastal areas]. We note that the SpaceGoatFarts* entity contains extensive cross links over to the GlobalPop entity where they terminate in this set.



* SpaceGoatFarts (SGF)
This entity is newly formed. While references to Space Goat Farts have appeared within Terra, sub set Space in the past, the data set now demonstrates a need for an entity to allow for the growth of 'unknown forces of all kinds from space which are terra/populace affecting'. Includes non-earth based, non-human/non-mammal intelligent beings usually considered as 'space aliens' or 'extraterrestrials'. Created during 1207 clean up.



The nature of the cross link origination sets suggests that [space based 'issues'] will be a [driving force] for [relocations from Central America coastal regions].


Further cross links to the Populace/USofA entity from this area are terminating in [tainted water resources] sub set that had held the [results from the oil volcano] set in previous Shape and ALTA reports. In this case the cross links contain detail sets that include internal connections to the [ill winds].


Again, the sets holding the [valley] where the [ill winds] cause a [health risk] are continuing to gain supporting sets. No new clues as to where the [valley of nasty smelling winds] will be when the linguistics hit the msm= pretenders-topress-dom. The descriptors we continue to get include [large] and [well traversed (by major roadway system)], [high mountains], and [south opening].


Other than that, the details on the habitations and other items that may provide a clue are yet to be filled in. This could indicate either a sudden surprise kind of event, or one off a greater distance in the future.

The GlobalPop entity is also very supportive of the SpaceGoatFarts, especially the [unknown energies from space] sub set. Within the GlobalPop entity are structures that are also supporting the [secrets revealed] sub sets while providing direct support for [open discussion (by officialdom)] of [impacts (on) humans, life, and everything] of the [observed unknown energies from space].


The [officialdom] identified will be either quoting Sanskrit texts, or be [hindu] in origin in which case it is most likely that it will be India that first gets into [officialdom-to-populace] dialogue about the [necessary changes] for when [aliens come calling]. As an aside, there are very extensive links from the [open discussion] sub set over to the [precious metals] sub sets within both Markets entity and the Terra entity and the SpaceGoatFarts entity.

The GlobalPop entity is forecasting that the [planetary food crises 2011] will be [bringing out], to the international media attention, a couple of [personalities] from India (also maybe the greater Hind including Pakistan, and Kashmir).


The data describes one of these [personalities] as a [professional performance person] {ed note: bollywood?} who is indicated to [go global] through a [casual (almost did not do it apparently)] video that will be [viral] in which [she (female personality)] provides [direct instructions]. The data suggests that this [female personality] has [space] associations, but will become [virally famous] for [connections to soil].


The [soil sister personality] is described as [being taken] by the GlobalPop {ed note: against even 'her' wishes?} as the [face] of [spiritual struggle (with planetary problems)]. There are also [chinese] and [tribal] links to this [woman] {ed note: or women... remembering that the female archetypes frequently are carried by more than one human}.


The [soil sister] is also seen in the data as being [pivotal], and temporally linked to [revolution] meta data layer. In this instance the [revolution] archetype is also directly held by the [soil sister personality] in that she will be [seized (upon)] as [the face]. Some of the cross links may be suggesting that the [soil sister personality] is also connected, albeit briefly, to the [planet-terran movement]. In this instance we need to note that TPTB/W entity has cross links indicating an [attempt] to [diffuse] or [control] the [soil sister personality].


However (in spite of these reports even), it seems as though TPTB/W are unable to grasp that [organic movements] are [asymmetrically flexible] and cannot be [organizationally controlled] when they [refuse] to [be organized]. The data sets point toward the [soil sister personality] having a [bonded friend (employee who is relative?)] who is also [female], and will achieve some [fame] of her own due to [genius] at [thwarting systemic absorption by TPTW].


The rise of the [soil sister personality] is also temporally close to the appearance of the other [global personality], the [cave man]. Even at low [visibility] this [cave man] will make ripples perceivable by the aware observer. The data sets have a [northern India] association to the [emergence] into public awareness of the [cave man].


This personality description is quite intriguing in that it forecasts a person of [remarkably extraordinary skills] who will [wave off table tricks], but nonetheless, apparently will be quite capable of some pretty amazing [tricks (changing) material reality]. One of the referenced 'tricks' is the ability to [be aware] at such an [extreme level] as to [know when] his [name is invoked in far away discussions].


Note that this skill is described in the Science of Yoga in the 3rd discussion about the [siddhis], or 'supernatural powers' that are gained from yogic practice. The large numbers of supporting sets for this [cave man] personality also rise up from the [planetary food crises] sub sets. In this case the association seems to be only temporal as the [cave man] does not add significant amounts of emotional values to the [food crises] sets as does the [soil sister personality].


The TPTB/W entity has cross links over to both of these [persons from The Hind]. In the [soil sister personality] sub sets, the indicators are that at least one attempt will be made to [subsume (the) soil sister] in [organization], while in the case of the [cave man], the cross links terminate in [fear] sub sets with TPTB/W entity.


These [fear] sub sets are intriguing as they may be hinting of an [internal (to the) TPTB/W) prophecy tradition]. The data references an [internal debate] within TPTB/W where there will be [questioning (about Hitlers?) ] of a [previous (and misidentified)] appearance of the [cave man]. The [cave man] has lots of supporting sets that have [antarctica] associations.

It would seem that something of a 'tussle' will develop between [cave man] and TPTB/W. In these [skirmishes] supporting sets, there are cross links over to the SpaceGoatFarts entity where the indicators are that [ufo guns/weapons] will be used against the [cave man]. Also within this set are very high levels of msm=propaganda press [visibility] due to the [fame level] of the [cave man] at the [time of aggressive manifestation].


So due to [crowds], and the ever-present [cell phone] there will be [video] of what the [cave man] will later describe as an [engaging of wills]. This [will full entanglement] in described as being [video captured], and will likely be available on the internet where it will be [mostly (not) accepted].


The reason for the [not accepted] {ed note: at least until early 2012} is that it will appear to be [too outlandish] or [impossible (given the physics) of reality].

Also involving the [reality of physics], the GlobalPop entity is forecasting that [bad make-up (cosmetics)] will [surface] {ed note: no pun intended} on [over a million faces] as [disease (promoting)] substances, somehow including [photo-reactive agents], will cause a [backlash] against the idea of [cosmetic face coverings] that is shown as growing over 2011 (and especially 2012) to [involve/include tens (hundreds) of millions (of) women]. It is with sadness that we note that the [victims] of the [bad cosmetics] are forecast to manifest support for the [woman of scars] forecast from previous ALTA series reports.


This [woman of scars] data set has manifested as a very wide meme, with many personalities expressing this [feminine archetype]. The [visibility] on the [bad cosmetics] is supported by directly held sets as well as cross links pointing toward [occulted (hidden)], and [viciously (even fatally?) denied] aspect sets as being the [most prominent] of the [visibility] language when the [forced barriers (to the story)] are broken.


Again we note the emergence of [india] as a central area of [healing] and also [new forms (of feminine expression? cosmetics?)] following the [violent backlash against 'wounding/scarring corporations'].

Noting that nothing succeeds in motivating people as does adversity, the [women (millions?) scarred] are shown as having a [5/five generation] impact on the [planetary social consensus (of the feminine)].


Two last notes on this area just to point out that this area participates in the larger [mass poisoning] sub set which may be an indication of a meta data layer forming across the entities, and that the [bad cosmetics] incidents are shown as actually [instigating] the upcoming social acceptance of [face (and scalp) tattoos (and public wearing of masks)] for women.


Yet one last note includes that a [Muslim society] will be [moved/shifted at a social level] by the [defacing of women].


This [movement] within a particular [purdah] supporting social order [not-to-be-named] will be spoken of as having [2/two faces], and will become a metaphoric reference for [duality] at huge levels as [men] within this particular (and initially small (even tribal?)) social order, will [promote] a level of [acceptance] that will [stun] not only the [women] of their region, but set a standard to be spoken of [globally].


Note that this area of GlobalPop is extensively cross linked over to the Markets entity where [western nations culture exporters] are shown as [though destroyed (by) war]. Most of this carnage appears in the longer term data sets building from mid Summer onward.

As modelspace is progressed through Spring and into Summer, the GlobalPop entity gains rapid growth in the [siberia] and [south africa] and [canada] cross links around the [new electrics] sub sets. The data sets have a corresponding rapid rise in [visibility] that also has cross links over to the Markets entity, however we note that the [offerings] as well as the [distribution] and [creation] of the [new electrics devices] at that time are primarily aimed at China, and greater Asia.


The data has reference to a [machine design professor] of [chinese lineage] who is (or has) taught in [Philippines], but who is now in [canada] who will be at the [center] of the [break-through devices] in the [new electrics] sub sets manifesting from mid 2011 onward. This person (we have not an archetype for gender of this person) is described as [completing (the) thinking required], so our interpretation is that the [professor of design] produces the [critical design element] for a whole [new form] of [electrical power generation devices].


Also of really interesting note is that cross links over to the SpaceGoatFarts entity show that this is [original throughout the device] and is [terran origin], and NOT [similar to/copy of] the [devices] in the [hands of the secret/hidden civilization]. In fact, the [shadow gov't world] sub set within SpaceGoatFarts has most of the terminations from this area of GlobalPop ending up in [apoplexy], and [stupefaction (into) silence].


Other supporting sets with SpaceGoatFarts entity have [unexpected], and [chagrin], and [shamed], and other language going to the idea of [military masters] in [meetings] where they [beat] their [captive scientists] about their [heads] shouting “why didn't you think of this!”.

Another interesting set of linguistic structures in the supporting chain for [new electrics] within the GlobalPop entity is also very extensively internally cross linked over to [masons, et al secret societies]. These sets are connected to a [murder] which is also associated with the [new electrics] sub set in both the Markets entity as well as the GlobalPop entity.


This [murder] is/will apparently [shock] a [nation], and is the proximate cause of [mass resignations] from [mason-hoodlumism]. In the GlobalPop entity there are sets that go to the idea that [business people] will [be forced (by business pressures)] to [publicly renounce mason-hoodlumism] and/or [publicly deny] being a participant.


Of course, as most human eating their pie may expect, some [business 'leaders'] will [lie] in their [denial of masonhoodlumism], and as is the way of universe, they will be [found out], and [treated] to a [variety] of [water] and [fire] associated experiences. These [denial of mason-hoodlumism] sub sets are also, within GlobalPop, internally cross linked over to the previously forecast [corruption (in) religion dollar centers] that seems to now be expressing itself as the [vatican banking corruption scandal] just now starting to gain [visibility].


As with the [dirty money international pope gang] fighting [exposure] of the [twisted elite connections], the [denial of mason-hoodlumism] sub sets are pointing to [yet more twisted (murderous) actions] by [top heavy executives (prelates) of the catholic church]. The [denial of mason-hoodlumism] is also shown as [altering (almost immediately)] the [official relationship] between [countries], and [the church of rome].


Further, cross links over to the Populace/USofA entity terminate in sub sets going to [political chaos] and [dirty (shit into) pants on politicians] as the [scandal news] breaks into the [media].

Critical Mass Equation and why the elites want depopulation

The 'TPTW' know that a critical mass number exists within any population size at which their 'power structure' will fail.


This occurs because at that critical mass number, a sufficient ratio of 'awakened' humans to 'general population' humans would exist. As this critical mass number is reached, within any population, operating at the level of a 'social meme', things change. TPTW use this critical mass number all the time.


Think about advertising that brings out a new product that then spreads in acceptance until suddenly “everyone's gotta have IT!”, no matter what the IT is... movie, new phone, new... it does not matter, at some point a critical mass rose high enough relative to the rest of the populace to 'tip' the populace into a new social milieu.


The same basic thing happens in chemical reactions, in nuclear reactions, in love reactions, in baking pies... it is the same process expressing itself with entirely different media and producing the same result...a new pie, a new love, a new nuclear reaction, a new chemical compound. As the Taoists would have it, the tao, seemingly on a mission to invent new forms of expression, is always the same.

So, in the case of social phenomenon, including sudden eruptions of political change, the TPTW know as well as anyone skilled in arithmetic, that it is easier to control their one side of the equation if they keep the population numbers down. Much easier to control 500 millions, than 10 billions.

Further, there are sub components to the equation that make TPTW desperate at this point in time. Note that the critical mass number for 500 millions, is about 15 millions (3 %). The critical mass number for 10 billions is about 300 millions. From TPTW view point, it is easier to totally control 500 millions and thus stop the 15 millions from waking up, than it is to partially control the 10 billions and hope you can prevent 300 millions from 'getting it'.


Now you see their problem. Their social meme math is probably the same as mine which is indicating that a critical number threshold exists at less than 10 billions. Stated another way, the social reaction experiment that is the Global Population of humans is going to get into a [chaotic state] long before the critical mass number is reached.


This means that as TPTW are off using their limited resources to 'fight fires', the whole nature of the [reaction vessel], in which their 'experiment in control' is taking place, is going to change right before their eyes.

Part of the problem for TPTW will be a [compounding effect] that, from their viewpoint, will [add to the inability] to [maintain control]. Much of the [compounding effect] is indicated to come from the [planet], its [climate], and also [space]. These are indicated to [pressure] the [planetary population] in several ways never before experienced, at least in this cycle of human civilization.


Part of the [compounding effect] originates from the [inability] of the [propaganda press] to [adequately explain] either [what the hell is going on?], or [why officialdom has not got a clue?]. Both of these areas are described as [unsatisfied needs] in the aspect/attribute sets and they are key to part of the [compounding effect] which brings the GlobalPop into a state of [chaos], and [active dispute] with [officialdom].


Note that it is this emotional/social thread of [unsatisfied needs] that is in support of the [propelled to global fame] of the [woo-woo guys, and the wujo].




Conclusion - Workin’ it

The forecast bird and fishes die off (posted in ALTA 1309 report in mid 2009 with the very early 2011 timeframe as a target for manifestation), has brought a number of questions to the fore.


Some conclusions can (maybe) safely drawn, such as the method of death being an 'impact' with an energy of 'unknown type'. From there, however, things get a bit dodgy.


Did spasms from the sun either directly or by triggering a reaction in the planet, cause these die offs? Are these animal deaths the result of 'warfare', here on earth or beyond, involving energy weapons? Either or both are plausible. Does it matter? Well, maybe not.


From the viewpoint of populace soon to be herded by events, the 'truth' will somehow 'matter' in spite of the [daily terrors] that will be [surfacing] to [control their thoughts (and lives)].

This year, according to how some humans interpret the Mayan, and Aztec calendars, is to be a year of acceleration of events as cycles within cycles race to completion. Of course we note that so far in this manifestation of universe, cycles just start over.

In the case of 2012 though, there is doubt. Not only by the actual language used by the creators of the Dresden and Madrid codices, but also within the now huge volume of material spewing out about the subject. There is so much coming out that the newly awakening mind, faced with the torrents of material, is probably better off eating pie and ‘reading the book of self’ as the taoist pie bakers said waaaay back when….

Self knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. Serious martial artists refer to the process of self knowledge as ‘the struggle’. True victory, for those on the path, does not come from vanquishing any number of enemies, but rather from a single, lifelong battle with self.

To stand alone is to be uncorrupted, innocent, free of all tradition, of dogma, of opinion, of what another says, and so on. Such a mind does not seek because there is nothing to seek; being free, such a mind is completely still without a want, without movement. But this state is not to be achieved; it isn’t a thing that you buy through discipline; it doesn’t come into being by giving up sex, or practicing a certain yoga.


It comes into being only when there is an understanding of the ways of the self, the ‘me’, which shows itself through the conscious mind in every day activity, and also in the unconscious.


What matters is to understand for oneself, not through the direction of others, the total content of consciousness, which is conditioned, which is the result of society, of religion, of various impacts, impressions, memories - to understand all that conditioning and be free of it. But there is no “how” to be free.


If you ask how to be free, you are not listening.


So says J. Krishnamurti… a smart human.

Some time back, perhaps three years or so, while working on tuning the lexicon, and as part of personal, linguistic background processing, and in order to maintain currency (not the paper debt kind) with the subtle changes in meaning of words, experiment c (the ‘me’ here now), was playing a video of a Project Camelot (on line woo-woo guys) conference which had taken place in South America, probably Ecuador, if memory serves.


Anyway, the conference had gotten to a question and answer session, and a young woman stood to ask a question (which Bob Dean answered?) .


The question went to the David Wilcock (a woo-woo guy, also on line) idea of a 2012 ‘Ascension with a big ‘A’.


The idea that David proposes is that, (hopefully stated correctly herein otherwise sure to be shit headed my way), some humans, by virtue of some virtue, will, in 2012, ‘ascend’ to another level of ‘density’, wherein they will not be here on this terra, but on a terra in another state of being, and wherein they will all have all the siddhis (be able to create pies out of thin air by merely thinking about them, and other trivial tricks such as fly, bi-locate, telepathy, et al kinds of good things).


So, sitting there, working lexical issues, coffee in hand and about to drink, when the young woman asks the PeeCamel panel about the whole ‘ascension’ issue for 2012. Both the details of the question, and the answer are entirely irrelevant here, as the point is that the phrase she used was so perfectly hilarious given the setting and participants and concept.


She somehow prefaced her question with the statement that ‘I have been doing the work…’ or words to that effect… at that point, coffee began spewing out of my nose and all over the keyboard, the rest of the conversation was lost.

What was so striking, so totally disruptive of the swallowing process that the coffee decided it had to jump right out the snout, was the phrase ‘doing the work’ that she used. The way she used it, saying it with a bit of pride, but also as though totally disgusted in the ‘doing of it’… annoyed, somehow, that Ascension required effort.


It was the context expressed in the language that begged the question as to just ‘what’ the ‘work’ was? Did she do extra poses in yoga? Or more pilates? Or was she kind to homeless? Or did she tip extra well on the way to the first class section of the plane?

Her reference to David Wilcock’s “big A”, ascension theory was clearly stated as though it was a proven fact, and that she expected it to be accepted in the setting in which she spoke as proven fact. Her language betrayed the layers of conditioning that the “big A” ascension theory had put upon her mind.


David may not have any clue that his words are used by another’s mind to form layers of conditioning in her experience of our common collectively manifesting reality. There is evidence that he is so aware that comes leaking out in his choice of words in front of crowds, but there is also no sign of any maliciousness involved.


There is no evidence for instance that David is a control freak trying to ‘work the religion’ angle, in the ‘dependency’ sense.


Unlike some personalities in the wujo, and in the greater woo-woo world out there, who are aware that conditioning comes from their words. Some of these beings seek to exploit the conditioning layers that they heap out continuously. Some try to be real pindars about being in control and telling others how to be in universe.


And thus is revealed why new age isn't no better than old tyme religion… just yet more damn conditioning between the mind and its attempt to know self. Or as my pappy from Missouri used to say,

“religion is just a man in a dress trying to tell you that he gets a piece of your pie just because he has voices in his head telling him that he is in charge of the slicing.”

The memory of that entire video comes down to that phrase ‘doing the work’.


So much of our presence, our life directions and our karmic process leaks out in our language. It is my experience, maturing into the wujo, that words have power, and must be used deliberately and with care, as undoubtedly universe will use these words to form layers of conditioning in some other humans’ life. Karmic bonds come from such interweaving of life energies.

Even in noting Krishnamurti’s discussion on desire, and the effects of the klesa duality on life, it is still the desire here at hph to put out our descriptions of leaking language lexical puzzles and to not have these reports become part of someone’s conditioning, or dogma.


The idea here is to provide a forecast of manifesting reality that can be used by the aware individual in their examination of ‘self’. The idea is to reject any words herein that would be used to condition mind. In any damn direction. By any foolish person.

And as with the young woman asking the question at the PeeCamel conference, J. Krishnamurti said it pretty plainly…

If you ask how to be free, you are not listening.