by Adrian Salbuchi
23 February 2012

from RT Website




A depositor dressed as Death displays a mock cross

for Bank Boston 27 March, 2002 during a protest in Buenos Aires

(AFP Photo / Ali Burafi)


Here in Argentina, when we watch the terrible things that are happening today in Greece, we can only exclaim,

“Hey!! That’s exactly what happened in Argentina in 2001 and 2002…!”

A decade ago, Argentina too went through a systemic Sovereign Public Debt collapse resulting in social turmoil, worker hardship, rioting and street fights with the police.

Some months before Argentina exploded, then-President Fernando de la Rúa - forced to resign at the height of the 2001 crisis - had called back as finance minister the notorious pro-banker, Trilateral Commission member and Rockefeller/Soros/Rhodes protégé Domingo Cavallo.

Cavallo was the gruesome architect of Argentina’s political and economic capitulation to the US and UK when he was President Carlos Menem’s foreign minister and economy minister in the ’90s.


Menem and Cavallo are primarily responsible for Argentina’s signing of a formal Treaty of Capitulation with the UK/US after the 1982 Falklands War, opening up our economy to unrestricted privatization, deregulation and grossly excessive US Dollar-indebtedness, almost tripling our sovereign debt in a few short years (see British Laughter in the Falklands).

The Plan? Prepare Argentina for planned weakening, bankster take-over and collapse, so that a new weakening-takeover-collapse cycle could begin. In 2001, Cavallo was back to finish his work…

During that very hot summer in December 2001, true to its Latin temperament, Argentina even had four (yes, 4!) presidents in just one week. One of them, Adolfo Rodriguez Sáa who only lasted three days, at least did one thing right, even if he did it the wrong way:

he declared Argentina’s default on its sovereign debt.

All hell broke loose! The international bankers and IMF did everything they could to break Argentina’s back; global media pundits predicted all kinds of impending catastrophes.


Debt default meant Argentina would have to weather the pain and agony alone, being cast out by the “international financial community”.



'You’re not the boss of me!'

But no matter how bad it got, it would always be better to do that without the bankers, without the IMF’s, European Central Bank’s, US Fed’s and US Treasury’s “help”.


Better to sort out your mess on your own, than to have parasitic banker vultures carving out their pound of flesh from your nation’s decaying social and economic body.

And how bad did it get in 2002?

  • 40 per cent drop in GDP

  • 30 per cent unemployment

  • 50 per cent of the population fell below the poverty line

  • dramatic, almost overnight, devaluation against the US Dollar from 1 peso per dollar to 4 pesos per dollar (then it tapered down to 3 pesos per dollar)

If you had a US dollar Bank account, the government forced you to change it into pesos at the rate of 1.40 pesos per dollar.

What did Argentina’s government do wrong?


In the months leading to collapse it bowed to all the bankers and IMF-mandated measures and “recipes”, which were actually the very cause of collapse:

Argentina was loaned far more than it could pay back…

And the bankers knew it!


This was described in our December 19, 2011 article, Argentina: Tango Lessons.

Successive governments since then have continued to be functional to banker interests by rolling over debt 30 to 40 years, aggregating huge interest and in 2006 paying the full debt to the IMF - almost US$10 billion in full, cash and in US dollars (sole entity given most-favored creditor status) getting nothing in return.




Same vultures circling Greece

Today, Greece is confronted with a similarly tough decision.


Either it keeps its sovereignty, or it capitulates to the “Vulture Troika”:

  • the European Central Bank

  • European Commission

  • International Monetary Fund,

... - who work for the Bankers, not the People.


Not surprisingly, today we find that Greece too has a Trilateral Commission Rockefeller/Rothschild man at the helm:

Lucas Papademos who is doing the same things Argentina did in 2001/2. Argentina not only suffered Cavallo, but President De la Rúa himself was co-founder of the local Global Power Masters lobby, CARI - Argentine International Relations Council - local branch of the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations, networking with the Trilateral Commission/Bilderberg mafia.

Greece today should do what Argentina did a decade ago:

better to endure pain and hardship, and sort out the mess made by your politicians in connivance with international bankers on your own, wielding whatever shred of sovereignty you still have left than allowing the Banker Vultures sitting in Frankfurt, New York and London decide your future.



It’s the Neocolonial Private Power Domination Model, stupid!

Or do you think it’s just bad luck, bad judgment and coincidence that countries,

  • Greece

  • Argentina

  • Spain

  • Italy

  • Portugal

  • Brazil

  • Mexico

  • Iceland

  • Ireland

  • Russia

  • Malaysia

  • Ukraine

  • Indonesia

  • South Korea

  • Thailand

  • France

  • even the US and UK,

...always borrow too much from the bankers and then “discover” that they cannot pay it back and that, symmetrically, the same bankers,

  • CitiCorp

  • HSBC

  • Deutsche

  • Commerz

  • BNP

  • Goldman Sachs

  • Bank of America

  • JPMorganChase

  • BBVA,

...lend too much to countries and then “discover” they cannot collect? No!


That is the very yellow-brick road that leads to the Emerald City of “debt restructuring”, “debt refinancing”, and “sovereign debt bond mega-swaps” that snowball sovereign debt, spreading it over 20, 40 or more years into the future.


That guarantees unimaginably colossal interest profits for the Mega-Bankers and for all those nice politicians, media players, traders and brokers, without whom that would not be possible.

This is a Model. It must keep rolling and rolling and rolling… As this Monster Machine steams forwards, it completely tramples on, overruns, destroys, flattens and obliterates people, jobs, workers, health services, pensions, education, national security and just about everything human on its path.


Run by parasitic usurer technocrats, it does not care what it destroys because it has no ethics; no Christian, Muslim or Buddhist morals. It only worships a greedy golden idol of money, money and more money.


This is 21st-century Money Power Slavery at its worst...

Three generations of Argentines saw hopes dashed and dreams thwarted by this Monster Machine, suffering the hardship, woes and humiliations that come when countries give up sovereignty.




Bring back the drach!

So, Greece:

Just default on your “sovereign debt”! Just revert to the drachma! Just say “No, thanks!” to the German bankers and the Troika Vultures.

Please, Greece:

Just say “No!” to your Trilateral Commission president!

You will be setting a strong precedent for your European neighbors.


Like Spain, which is hurting so badly right now for similar reasons. Like Italy, with its Trilateral Commission Prime Minister Mario Monti (also Trilateral’s European Chairman!).

Greece, the Cradle of Democracy, can teach the world a lesson in True Democracy by kicking these parasites out of their country, which will hopefully trigger kicking them out of Europe and one day, kicking them out of the global economy.

Because what Greece and Argentina and Italy and Spain suffer today is not True Democracy, but rather a distorted bastard imitation that systematically yields control to the Global Power Masters at the,

They run the whole “democracy show”, whereby all countries end up having “the best democracy that money can buy”… which is no democracy at all…

The Money Power juggernaut is steaming full speed towards us all. If Greece falls, who’ll be next? Spain? Italy? Portugal? Argentina (yet again!!!)?

So what if Greece’s reverting to the drachma marks the beginning of the end for the euro? Let Italy revert to the lira, Spain to the peseta, Portugal to the escudo…! A National Currency is a key National Sovereignty factor.

All governments should understand that you either govern for the people and against the bankers; or you govern for the bankers and against the people.