by Benjamin Fulford
December 03, 2010

from Rense Website


Please note

This statement corresponds with a statement I have on tape made by a representative of former Japanese Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka and other sources.

Benjamin Fulford

My name is xxxx and I am a retired intelligence officer from the Country of xxxxx. The following took place during a short period of time during the year 2010 and it is to the best of my recollection that I state the following:

In February 2010 I met Daniele Dal Bosco in the Hilton Airport Hotel in Zurich, Switzerland. Mr. Dal Bosco was with Neil Keenan. Mr. Keenan was with many others who he was working with or trying to assist in their transactions.

Apparently Mr. Dal Bosco had been told I had been with Intelligence and he told me that he would like to speak with me privately. Believing he was a close friend to Mr. Keenan I met with him. When speaking with Dal Bosco I realized there was a plot in place to steal Mr. Keenan's bonds.

In late May, 2010, I met with Dal Bosco in Geneva who introduced me to an individual named Giancarlo Bruno from the World Economic Forum. I extended my business card to Mr. Bruno but Dal Bosco said it was not necessary and that no one should know the other so well, so cards were not necessary.


While sitting in the Intercontinental Hotel with Mr. Bruno many things were discussed with the highly intelligent. Bruno with Dal Bosco deferring to him for all questions to be answered. It was clear Bruno was running the show.

Bruno explained how the Davos Program in Davos, Switzerland was a total success and that what he was going to speak to me about involved the future and success of Davos which would extend their hand to me.


He went through a litany of names that he had done business with including Ex President of the U.S. William Clinton, and ex U.S. Secretary of State of the U.S., Henry Kissinger and Alan Greenspan.


When he was through puffing so much smoke at me he advised me what they wanted to do with the Bonds or Notes Mr. Keenan was holding for the Dragon Family and who was involved.


After reading off names like the Permanent Representative of Italy to the United Nations H.E. Ambassador Cesare Maria Ragaglini in New York and Her Excellency Ms. Laura Mirachian, Ambassador Permanent Representative in Geneva, Switzerland, The Italian Financial Police, Prime Minister Berlusconi, Leo Zagami, and others he said to me,

"so you see there is no possible way we can have a problem. We can cloak ourselves with the immunity shield and everyone will go away. Just another day in the UN!"

I asked him to explain to me what this meant and he said,

"we want you to get Keenan to give the bonds to us for 100 Million USD. Not one cent more. We have better uses for the Notes than Keenan would ever dream of nor would he release them to us so readily. So we need your help!"

Dal Bosco then explained that he had approached others for help but that Neil Keenan would not move and that the Sovereign Program was all set up to go with these Bonds and they had to move quickly.


They were hoping my Intelligence status might frighten Keenan a bit to releasing the Notes.

While sitting with them in the Hotel Intercontinental I felt uncomfortable with Bruno making and receiving calls without my knowledge of who he was contacting thereby possibly jeopardizing my safety, but approximately 45 minutes after Mr. Bruno started speaking to me a very pleasant and intelligent woman arrived who called herself, Ms. Laura Mirachian.


She was introduced to me by both Dal Bosco and Bruno. Upon sitting Mr. Bruno began asking Ms. Marachian questions that related to the matter of the Bonds and she said that from the very top we were protected and there was no reason for anyone, including Mr. Keenan to worry about any sort of repercussions.


That the Italian cohorts in NY had even approved this matter with the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon,

"but of course he will deny any such matter if questioned!"

I understood that this was an all Italian conspiracy to steal the Bonds at this time with approval being granted to do so by the Secretary General himself, Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations.


Mr. Bruno at this time advised me that this is not a very large undertaking in matter of fact it is quite small in accordance to UN Standards.


He told me the UN was in the process of confiscating Trillions and Trillions of Dollars in assets within the next couple of months and that again no one could do anything about it. I asked if the money was UN money and he said "of course not!"

It was clear they needed my help to get Mr. Neil Keenan to give Dal Bosco the okay to use the bonds like this seeing Mr. Keenan had already made Dal Bosco custodian of the bonds according to Dal Bosco. He said that he could take them and use them without Keenan's knowledge but that he was afraid they would be asked for and he would find himself in one bad spot.


Besides, they had future plans with the bonds as well so they would have to be given over to them so that no one could cause a ruckus claiming they were stolen from them. Not anyone could withstand such scrutiny Bruno said so they were trying to buy the Banco di Lugano in Switzerland to hide such things as stolen instruments.


I asked who was buying the bank and Dal Bosco said the Italian Financial Police, Berlusconi, and others.


They would trade the many instruments stolen over the years by the Italian Financial Police and trade them from the Swiss Bank and no one would be the wiser.


They even told me that Mr. Keenan's friend was involved in the Bank itself.


Apparently the easy way was for Mr. Keenan to cooperate with the entire scheme already in motion. The money would never be found, they would be moving to Paraguay, South America where the Elite would hide once everything already in motion began. The Bush's bought a ranch as have so many others down there I was told and it would be the safe haven for everyone involved in destroying the World as we know it today.


Paraguay was going to be and is going to be the hide out. This was their reward for destroying the United States and the World. A Hide Out!

To finish off our meeting they called a Cesare Maria Ragaglini in New York (I saw the number dialed being a NY Exchange) and they asked him if everyone was ready to do the Bond deal and he said the Powers that be in NY had no problems with the actions about to be taken so long as some candy was tossed to them.


Ban Ki-moon was on board and approved the plan so everything was in place but Keenan. Mr. Ragaglini told me to rope Keenan in because it was necessary for success.

Supposedly this was my job! Mr. Keenan never gave his approval and the bonds were stolen in June 2010 (I believe). Compensation was mentioned for my participation but no exact amount was ever mentioned.

The following is true to the best of my knowledge,

xxxx xxxxx

December 02, 2010