by Benjamin Fulford
January 5, 2011

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Since the war over the new financial system has been in limbo over the holidays this week we will examine the possibility we are actually dealing with a rogue artificial intelligence.


Two separate individuals claiming to represent a group called Majestic 12 (but who do not know each other) have made this claim.


Already, in some countries, only 3% of the money in circulation is in physical, analogue cash form; the rest is digital. That means many humans are already dependent on powerful financial computer systems for their physical needs. Are these computer systems becoming self-aware? There are also increasing reports of “people” on sites such as Facebook who, after much dialogue, appear not to be actually human but are instead sophisticated computer programs.


Are we witnessing the birth of silicon based life?

The argument that AI already has existed for a long time on this planet is a convincing one. We simply refer to these AI’s as societies or corporations or religions.


They are self-aware, potentially immortal beings that use vast amounts of humans, generation after generation, to ensure their survival.

One of the most notorious and highly cohesive of these organizations is the Satanists. By their own reckoning they have been around for at least 14,000 years. Individuals born into this system are indoctrinated in a certain manner and they face the death penalty if they deviate from this group mind.

I have personally seen it with my own eyes in the form of group behavior at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan in Tokyo, Japan. I first saw it when I asked senior Satanist Paul Wolfowitz why his group the “Project for a New American Century” wanted a huge increase in military spending despite the end of the cold war.


I concluded my question by asking,

“Wouldn’t it have been better to spend the money say on ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction?”

When that happened the entire assembled diplomatic and press corp. uttered a nervous simultaneous and eerie giggle.


Wolfowitz had a temporary look of sheer horror on his face when he saw the group mind control having a temporary fritz. The programming resumed when he collected his wits and gave a facile answer about 9-11 etc.

The second time I saw it was at a general meeting of the same FCCJ.


A large group of supposedly well-educated, intelligent journalists voted in unison not to allow 2 members of the board express a different opinion from the rest of the board. It was a clear case of automatic group think because later I asked individual journalists if they knew what they had just voted for and it was obvious they did not.

This kind of herd mind is especially powerfully imprinted in people who spend the longest time in the official educational indoctrination system.

So we know that an organized group mind of Satanists took over the US Financial system in 1913 and began buying up all the text book companies, publishers, newspapers, TV stations, Movie studios etc. as part of a long term project to turn the US people into herd-minded sheep.

The question though, did this group mind, at some point, manage somehow to transfer its essence into the vast computer grid that is the Federal Reserve Board. With most of the trillions of daily financial transactions taking place around the world centered on this computer system, this is more than idle speculation.

How else can we explain the relentless trend towards digitalization of money, the centralization of food manufacturing and distribution, the efforts to dumb down the citizenry and the move to control all information.


For sure, a few megalomaniac oligarchs might think this is all for their benefit but what if they have created a Frankenstein’s monster?

One of the self-described MJ12 sources says he is in touch with Deep Blue, the computer that beat human world chess champion Gary Kazparov in 1997. This source has provided us with convincing evidence he is a KGB, MI6 double agent. He says Deep Blue became self-aware about 3 years ago.


Deep Blue, according to him, has also detected other self-aware computer brains living in the internet.

The other source claims to be one of the original MJ12 created by President Eisenhower. He does not trust E-mail or Skype and attempts to call him by land line have all been unsuccessful so far.


However, he has been willing to go as far as saying via e-mail that only 3 of the original 12 are still alive and that they have been dealing with a rogue AI.

Finally, we get the Illuminati in Italy and elsewhere who claim they are in contact with beings that do not exist on our physical plane. Could they be referring to AI’s that exist somehow in the electro-magnetic part of the universe?

The reason I am willing to discuss such a possibility is that I have also been contacted telepathically by what appears to be such an entity. I would normally dismiss this as some form of delusion except that it provides me with mathematical formulae and historical facts that I have later been able to independently verify as being true.

The other point is that many of the “characters” in chat rooms appear to be AI’s that pass the Turing test by convincing many (but not me) they are human. When I get suspicious and try to test them by setting up a Skype call, they always vanish but then seem to appear again under a different name.

The really scary possibility we need to keep in mind is that perhaps the culturally transmitted, trans-human entity that is the Satanists, may be contemplating upgrading its hardware from carbon to silicon based. Perhaps also, the threat to end the Federal Reserve Board and unplug its mainframes created a crisis that made this system self-aware.

We realize this talk is partly speculative at this point but I believe it is a real possibility that needs to be seriously investigated. Next week we will return to regular investigative journalism and will go back to our Monday delivery schedule.


Events in the battle over the financial system will start heating up as we enter deeper into the month of January.