by Benjamin Fulford
November 09, 2010

from Rense Website


Multiple reliable sources are warning of an extremely horrific act by the criminally insane cabal behind the soon to be bankrupt Federal Reserve Board, possibly on November 11, 2010:

101109 or 11/9/2010, which has uncanny reverse similarity to 9/11/2001.

Remember 9 is a sacred number for the Satanists.


Indications for this include:

  • the sudden cancellation of former USSR President Gorbachev's visit to Japan scheduled to start on November 9, or 11/9

  • reports that Obama will cancel his visit to Indonesia also on the same day

  • Hillary Clinton's presence in New Zealand on that day

  • Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's visit to Houston, Texas on that day to supervise a "nuclear terrorist drill"

  • the use of skeletons to create the word Google on Google's search engine home page (below image)


Senior CIA sources also say a nuclear bomb has been prepositioned along the San Andrea fault line.


The explosion would be followed by a shut off of all ports connected to Asia and martial law, according to this source.

The last time the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate was the target of a major corruption investigation was on the eve of September 11, 2001. We all know the horrors they committed to postpone their inevitable date with destiny.

Multiple sources have already warned us of the presence of suitcase nuclear bombs smuggled into Japan from North Korea (these have been disarmed with the exception of one in the basement of the North Korean Resident's Association in downtown Tokyo, according to Japanese military police and other sources).


In addition, we have received multiple warnings the volcanoes on the Pacific rim of fire would be set off by HAARP.


We are now seeing multiple volcanic eruptions on the Pacific rim along with warnings of a mega-volcanic eruption in Indonesia. It is worth noting the reason for Obama's mooted cancellation of his trip to Indonesia is a volcanic eruption.

The members of the White Dragon Society and other decent human beings around the planet will not allow the satanic cabal to carry out such an insane act without repercussions. The individuals responsible for any such atrocity will be hunted down for the rest of their short lives, this is a sacred promise.

In other news, Viscount Etienne Davignon has contacted the White Dragon Society again and promised the corporations and governments linked to the Bilderberg Group will,

"stand in front of you, beside you and behind you," in what he promises will be an extremely tough battle against what he describes as a "common enemy."

Davignon also claims there are serious problems both with the Davos World Forum, the United Nations and the OITC.

The OITC (Office of International Treasury Control) has also contacted the White Dragon Society promising they will purge their ranks and purify their organization as a prelude to cooperating with the Dragon family on plans to solve the world's problems.


As a part of the purge the OITC's nominal head R.C. Dam from the Kyrgiz Republic, David Sale and others will leave, the new OITC management claims. A Freemason source, a direct associate of the new grand master of a major lodge also promises a major purge of the Freemason top ranks is imminent.


The source says that if we prove the OITC has no valid mandate:


The governments of China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan etc. have all been given financial instruments similar to the $1 trillion in Bonds owned by the Dragon Family that were taken by "Vatican, Italian P2 Freemasonic Lodge Banker" Daniele Dal Bosco.


The Dragon Family says got the bonds from the Federal Reserve Board in exchange for some of their gold.


It appears the Federal Reserve Board cannot pay back the gold so the whole charade of trying to cash the bonds with the OITC, the Davos Forum and the UN was just a play for time.

We can also divulge more about the secretive Dragon Family (any relation with The Dragon Court?) at this time that has already been leaked to the public by the OITC and others. The Dragon Family is a group of extremely wealthy individuals who for thousands of years have kept their wealth secret from the various governments of the age. This includes, for example, members of Chinese dynastic families who hid their treasure and fled China after they lost the "mandate of heaven."


These families now want to spend a portion of their wealth to help end poverty, stop environmental destruction and develop the suppressed technologies.

It appears the latest threats of major terrorist acts are a response by the Satanists behind the Federal Reserve Board to the imminent lawsuit against the OITC and their allies. Senior elements of the US military/intelligence establishment and world governments are planning to use the lawsuit as a trigger for action.

The Satanic Cabal has also poisoned one White Dragon member (he survived) and sent 10 armed "plainclothes policemen" to harass another member.


This crude intimidation is a clear sign Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate is losing its entire power base in Japan. They had two senior members in the current government Yukio Hatoyama and Ichiro Ozawa who have both been removed from the power structure of the government.


A purge of the global financial bureaucracy and the underworld is also imminent...


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