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There is a lot of information suggested in this image that I would like to deconstruct on this page.


I will be adding more text, as it is in progress at the moment. I first want to reassure readers that I am not drawn to Nazism, but see it as part and parcel of the actions of the U.S., and for that reason especially, would like to describe some of the hidden aspects of it.


This art piece has many phrases referring to major movements that were part of Nazism, and I would like to take this opportunity to explain them.

For example, there is the Brotherhood of the Snake. It is important to understand that monarchy goes back to the antediluvian rulers, and much scientific evidence can be found about advanced civilizations in such books as Secrets of the Lost Races, by Rene Noorbergen.


Those that survived the worldwide disaster, both human and non human, brought their teachings into secret societies, and set themselves up to be venerated within them, in order to be given tangible power.


The Brotherhood of the Snake relates to the House of Orange monarchy that goes back to the Sumerian gods, the custodial rulers, who mated with human women. This brotherhood is an essential one that revered the reptilian gods.

The Black Knights trace their origin back to the Knights Templar. The Nazis had one of their manuscripts, which once belonged to the scribes of Israel. It explained that the Hebrew god was El Shaddai, otherwise known as Satan.


This was used as an excuse to kill the Jews. Jesus supposedly told the Teutons in the Roman legion that they were the chosen people, and the Aryan supremacists sought to bring back that status, over the Jews, who also claimed to be the chosen people.


Knights were those who protected the monarchy, such as the House of Orange.

Some will be surprised to know that Tibet was involved in Nazism. Hitler’s spiritual mentor was a Bon priest initiated in Tibet. Kark Hausfofer groomed him as the messiah using Bon precepts.


Bon is the religion before Buddhism, originally having come from Aryan Persians in the fifth century B.C.. It originally came from the worship of the god Mithras, the bull god. Many Tibets fought in Hitler’s armies.


Hitler went to Tibet, and one of his obsessions was occultum, akin to the philosopher’s stone, and this kind of stone can be found only in Tibet.


Occultum can also be found in other substances, however, such as the secretions from the pineal gland when a person, especially with high percentages of reptilian blood, is balanced in the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and the eye is single, and they are in a high frequency state brought on by advanced methods such as taught in Tibet by the warrior/spiritual teacher class known as lamas.


This benefits the person himself, but also, it can be physically eaten, which is the basis for the Skull and Bones Society, for example.


Hitler was interested in making a bridge between humans and the reptilian and nordic races, creating the arayan superman. Skull and Bones Society came from the German Brotherhood of Death. The cannibalism of the living for the occultum in the skull bone was called the obscene rite. This rite was behind the tears on the eye of Horus.


This is the eye that is in the pyramid on the dollar bill. It represents the third eye, which was visible on reptilians, turned sideways, and a potent weapon. In initiations of the Eye of Horus, the initiates, with the help of the energies of the pyramid, and intense practices for years, were able to fuse the crystalline structures of the hemispheres of the brain.


This is a goal of Tantra yoga, of which there is an Egyptian form.


It can be shown that the brain of men, which are more separated than women’s, can be more joined across the corpus callosum after these practices. The secretions from the pineal gland at those times have formed residue that is found in the sarcophagi to this day. Moses was knowledgeable about this, and took some of it, and the ark of the covenant, to Egypt to pass the knowledge down through secret societies.


Moses was a Levite priest of the Snake.



Hitler and those who chose him, groomed him as Messiah, did magic and hypnosis on him, participated in the magical rituals, and ran the country all were working with the reptilian race purposefully.

This is an image showing the ancient symbol for the Reptilian El Anunnaki race as hosted by the political movement headed by Hitler.



The symbol of the eagle above the heads of the soldiers, for example, was a constant reminder who was in charge.


The eagle soars above the whole Nazi climate, a representation of hosted entities being overshadowed by the Dracos. The reptilians did not allow their idols to be made in true representation of them in Europe.


Many ancient animal and chimeral symbols can be understood much more easily with this in mind.




One of their goals was to find the ark of the covenant.



This is an example of mind control, from a third grade reader.

Not too different from what is going on today.



The Brotherhood of the Snake.

The serpent race.



The symbol for the Black Sun.


The Black Sun Society was within the SS, and SS actually also stood for the German word for Black Sun.


It studied the ancient secrets of the goddess as void, the womb from which all things come, and the earth was seen to unfold from the inside out, from the Black Sun inside of it. It can be seen as the center of the earth we are invited to go to in the alchemical formula of V.I.T.R.I.O.L, to find the philosopher’s stone.


The reptilian Elders were also supposed to have manipulated humans within the earth, the land of Thule.


According to Peter Moon, the swastika is synonymous with the Black Sun, or Thule.





Mary Accepting Sacrifices


Isis and Horus


Ancient Persian Reptilian Goddess statue


Henry Ford

Being Given the Highest Medal of Honor by the Nazi Representatives


Their Stamps and Ours


official pentagon picture, lower story,

with the tiny hole in impact

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House of Rothschild



Thor and the Dragon


Baphomet, as worshipped by Freemasons.

Note the pose.

It is not allowed to represent reptilians directly,

so many symbolic icons have been created.


Jesus with Reptilians at Chartres.

Note the pose.


George Washington.

Note the pose, and naked chest, as with Baphomet.



Fortune, the Pagan God Barati, with Trident


Holy Roman Empire