by Dave Hodges
January 9, 201
from TheCommonSenseShow Website







Americans need to institute a modern day version of the Nuremburg Trials.

  • Who will be tried? The bankers who have hijacked the American government.

  • What will be they be charged with? Crimes against humanity.

The mindless minions of the New World Order (federal administration = e.g. police, military, IRS agents, city council members, mayors, state legislators, etc) will soon be forced into a corner and will have to soon decide if their collective globalist serving careers are compatible with their sense of humanity because humanity is under attack from so many directions, it is difficult to count the ways.





We are under attack from the skies and through the poisoning of our air through massive chemical spraying complete with Alzheimer’s and dementia causing aluminum sulfate and cancer causing barium.


Fukushima radiation, Corexit spraying (below video) and the resulting toxic rain from the Gulf oil spill is running rampant over our country and not one ounce of mainstream media coverage is afforded to these dangers.










Prevention and remediation from these dangers are not put into place by our present government.


Our valuable drinking water is being systematically removed from the country by Nestle, and our water tables are being systematically compromised by environmental toxins and of course many Americans are consuming water permeated with IQ-lowering rocket fuel (i.e., fluoride).


Our food is being poisoned through the rampant use of cancer-causing MSG products, and the unlabeled, unregulated and cancer-causing Monsanto GMO’s.


Under the guise of fighting terrorism, Americans are now facing illegal detention, torture and murder. The Military Commissions Act and the John Warner Defense Authorization Act.


The average citizen is now labeled as a terrorist by Homeland Security as their inspired documents, such as the MIAC Report, define domestic terrorism as the mere act of criticizing our governmental leaders, supporting Ron Paul, being a Libertarian, being a member of the Constitution Party, being a Second Amendment supporter and demanding that our leaders follow the Constitution.


By virtue of the fact that you have visited this web site, you could now be considered to be a domestic terrorist.


Our national sovereignty and manufacturing base has been destroyed through NAFTA and CAFTA which has resulted in totally open borders culminating in the overwhelming of our infrastructure, hospital emergency rooms and our educational institutions by the human onslaught which will be soon be at unprecedented levels which promise to bring 150 million additional immigrants to our country by 2040.


Obama’s administration has openly engaged in human smuggling as well as drug and gun trafficking to criminal cartels, in programs such as “Fast and Furious.”


Bush and Obama have illegally entered Amerika into the sovereignty snatching SPP through the implementation of the North American Union.





Our property rights and water rights as well as our right to farm in traditional ways are being destroyed through the implementation of the pseudo-environmentalist, Agenda 21 programs at the local level.


As a result, massive food shortages and outright famines are right around the corner.


America is being de-industrialized through the global warming scam and the accompanying illegal cap and trade schemes.


Meanwhile, as the New York Times reports, Ugandan villages are being burned down and replaced with trees in the name of saving the planet through carbon offset programs.


This insane application of carbon trading is now being enforced by American military boots on the ground in Uganda.


Next year, you will see roving blackouts and the doubling of utility rates as Obama makes good on his campaign promise of “necessarily skyrocketing utility rates.”





Americans will soon be subjected to the death panels of Obama care in which citizens over the age of 70 are officially referred to as “units” and are targeted for comfort care but not given life saving measures.


This is an undeniable, unmitigated and naked version of Eugenics cast in the same flavor as that practiced by Margaret Sanger and Adolph Hitler.


In the meantime, our youth are under attack through mercury laden vaccines which also contains the immune system destroying properties of the flu vaccine adjuvants of MF 59, Squaylene and now we find that the active ingredient for Lyme disease is in the patent for the current flu vaccine.


One in 58 boys are now autistic courtesy of the pollutants in the vaccines.


America is now witnessing the final stages of the installation of a police state surveillance grid through the creation and installation of video cameras and microphones in the Homeland Security funded Intellistreet light poles.


The National Security Administration listens to our every call, their computers read every email and fax, courtesy of Echelon. Americans are being encouraged, by Big Sis, to spy on each other as we purchase the Chinese slave labor products at Walmart.





Our homes are being stolen through the use of fraudulent robo signers and illegal repossessions without the mortgage note in order that the six mega banks can double and triple their illegitimate profits off each home they are able to steal and resell again and again.


Americans have discovered that the Federal Reserve (i.e., Goldman Sachs) is giving our money away to their private banking interests, (aka) their subsidiary holdings, in Europe.


Additionally, more of our money has been stolen with the complicit participation of ex-Goldman Sachs federal government overseers like Gary Gensler who has failed to deliver even one indictment of his ex-Goldman Sachs partner, John Corzine, and his MF Global theft ring resulting for the “loss” of $3 billion dollars in private accounts.


John Corzine and his governmental partner in crime, Gary Gensler, have established the legal precedent of stealing from private American accounts.


The net effect is that YOU have no retirement. YOU have no social security. YOU have no bank account. Soon, everything YOU own will all belong to the banksters!


Our “public servants” in Congress (e.g., Nancy Pelosi) self-admittedly, on 60 Minutes, routinely engage in stock market insider trading which they have made legal for themselves, but would send you to prison for doing the same.





Every day, the TSA conducts heinous acts against the American people, such as strip searching and injuring 85 year old ladies, grabbing the genitals of our children and wives and largely engaging in acts which, if performed by you, would land you in jail for five years.


Your body and your self-respect belong to the globalists and their minions.


Even with all of these hideous events now hiding in plain sight, I have never called for a revolution against our increasingly illegitimate government, or, should I say against the banksters who have hijacked our Republic, until now. There are so many more heinous acts being committed against the American people that it is difficult to count all the ways that tyranny is being installed in America.


Even Ray Charles could see the depth and scope of this all out war which has been declared on all of us.


Our Congress has an all-time low 9% approval rating and as a result, Congress has taken up sides with those who would exterminate most and enslave the remainder of us with the new indefinite detention bill, The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).


Very soon, we will live in an America in which the government can declare peaceful dissent, public criticism, and the failure to comply to globalists’ trickle down tyranny as an act of terror in which YOU are subject to secret arrest, torture and even murder.


The dead spirits of Mao, Stalin and Hitler are coalescing in the hall of congress and you are their newest target!


These congressional criminals have declared war on you and your families. Many of our countrymen have been given a death sentence, but are sadly oblivious to the new place in history that we all occupy.


The finishing touches of the establishment of a tyrannical government are being put into play as I write these words.


Many of you, because of your political and moral advocacy, have a bull’s eye on your back. As with all patterns of tyranny from Stalin to Hitler to Mao, the chess pieces have been laid into place for your final demise.


The police state grid is in place as are the FEMA death camps. WWWIIII will soon be upon us. Feinstein and Obama will very soon be coming for your guns under the coming martial law and executive order provisions which will accompany the coming war.


As with all tyrannical governments which confiscate guns, they will be coming for you following the disarming of the American people. Read your history! The playbook of the globalists is located in your former 10th grade World History books. This is the unmistakable pattern of tyranny!!!


To those who think that the NDAA will result in many of us being transported to your neighborhood FEMA camp to await an unknown fate is tin foil hat territory; please consider that KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton, is in the process of activating the FEMA camps according to a leaked memo.


As if America needs anymore proof of the tyranny which lies ahead, perhaps the remaining doubters would like to email Bob Siefert the KBR administrator in charge of this action and ask him why the camps are being activated. Thanks to the Alex Jones staff for publicizing this memo.


While in the Soviet Gulag Alexsandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn and his fellow victims, lamented that they did not mount a resistance when the Secret Police came and dragged people out of their homes and sent them to Siberia.


We will soon be faced with the same choice.


Our entire governmental leadership is a self-admitted criminal enterprise system as it lawless; it is devoid of empathy, compassion or has any remaining vestiges of the system of Constitutional fair play which was bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers.


The 300 or so banksters who have hijacked our government are mentally ill.


They are sociopathic serial killers. They (e.g., George Soros, Warren Buffet, David Rockefeller, etc.) destroy economies, ferment violent revolutions and start wars which kill millions.


In short, they are the modern day version of the money changers that were chased from the Temple.


To the police and the military that are going to be told to enforce this globalist, tyrannical takeover and subsequent subjugation of America, I ask all of you:

  • Which side of history will you be on?

  • Are you going to mindlessly obey the soon-to-be illegitimate orders emanating from these despots, or, are you going to uphold your sworn oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic?

  • Do you New World Order serving minions really think that your military retirements and police pensions are going to be waiting for you when your tyrannical deeds are done?

Again, Mr. Law enforcement official read your history.


What did Hitler do with the very people who helped him gain control over the German government? The simple answer is that Hitler killed all of them without blinking an eye.


If you, as a law enforcement official or member of the military obey these banksters, you better hope that this globalist takeover is successful and complete.


For if the real terrorists on this planet are not successful in gaining absolute control over America, there will be nowhere that you NWO minions can hide if you commit despotic acts against our fellow Americans.


The vengeance of the people of this country will be carried out against all of those who would dare raise an illegitimate hand against the American people in the servitude of these banksters which will begin with trials which will make the Nuremburg Trials look like a traffic court event.





As a result of the passage of the NDAA, Ninety three United States Senators have drawn a line in the sand which will result in the bifurcation of America into two distinct camps.

  • There are those who will serve the satanic globalist regime

  • Then there is everybody else

The fundamental question remains for all military and law enforcement personnel, what side are you on and what are the rest of us going to do about it?