by Clif High

January 25, 2011

extracted from "The Shape of Things to Come Volume 0, Issue 9 Data Set Analysis"

from FollowTheMonet-Forumotion Website

We humans here on Terra are entering a very dangerous period.


This will be especially true within the 'reach' of the Former Power Structure (aka the American-Anglo empire), and its minions. This reach includes the United States of America. Now that the [political minions] have taken up the task of [demonizing speech] and [criminalizing thought], the task of producing reports such as these becomes more difficult in several ways.


Not only will the source material, that is the 'free speech' of unfettered minds on the internet become constrained to some degree, but also the language expressed in these reports necessarily also becomes a potential point for persecution. In spite of not acting as an advocate for ANY form of violence, and being a 30 year student of the martial art known as the 'art of peace', the 'ability' of the political minions of fascism to craft incidents that will redefine words and apply them retroactively, will lead directly to censorship of works such as these future guessing reports.


The reader needs to be advised that *some* texts within this report will point to specific instances of upcoming violent events without providing additional descriptors of the event, though peripheral elements not germane but pertinent may well be provided. Got that? When you see an obvious 'hole' in the text, there is a good reason for it to be there.


This is a continuation of the same policy that led to my dropping any direct discussion of the ThePowersThatBe(Were) entity. There was nothing to be gained from going there, and it could potentially provide others with enough foreknowing to alter or impact the 'organic' unfolding of manifesting universe.

No, not getting fearful, just asymmetrically smarter.

Whenever you encounter TPTB or TPTW*, or TPTB/W, the reference is the same, and goes to what had been known as ThePowersThatBe entity. However, due to their continuing loss of accumulated emotional resources, including specifically the actual resource of [secrecy] and the [illusions (created) by mind control media], the entity is being recast as ThePowersThatBe/Were.


* TPTB: Proxy for The Powers That Be. Proxy for groups which may be loosely described as both 'elitist', and 'global' in thinking. Includes proxies for such as RCC, UN, OD, Illuminati, CFR, and others too numerous to detail here.

The data sets have the planet into building tension language (that turned on the 18th from our release language trend) until the equinox of 2011 (March 21 for the solar year challenged), when we once again will be kicked into swimming in a release language period. The data sets are pointing to huge levels of [secrets revealed] and [giant political dysfunction/disruption globally]. The release language is indicated to last from the equinox all the way through to the small tipping point of October 6th, 2011. This tipping point in October is a tip into building tension language.

So, given the release language swim that went from November 14, 2010 through to January 18, 2011, and all the wikileaks, and other emotional release language, it would be expected that the 2011 equinox will mark yet another [flood] of [information] that will [alter the human order here on terra].

Then a smallish tipping point into building tension language that will dominate the social discourse through Fall and Winter of 2011, and right up to the first large scale gap in our data on March 25th, 2012.

Populace/USofA - Transition Into Reformation

The latest data sets for the Populace/USofA* entity are clearly indicating a [break (with the) past] that will be arriving very close to the vernal equinox (March 21 - usually). This [break (with the) past] is filled with language about the [dollar death], and from the point of view of the data in these future days of Spring 2011, the [dollar death] language is focused on the [morbidity (while standing) at home].



* Populace/USofA
Proxy for the populace of the USofA. Defined broadly and representative of issues which rise to national prominence.



The supporting data in this sub set has the view that the [dollar] as [global reserve currency] has already [died (and is buried/discarded)]. From these supporting sets comes the view of the [dollar] as [internal currency] being in [severe distress] within the [national economic infrastructure].

The data accretion patterns, that begin in late February, and ramp up rapidly through early March, are *the* dominant component to [national (expressions) of daily life] here in the USofA by mid Summer. The longer term data values show a continuation of the [destruction (of civil life)] and [collective history] through all of Summer, Fall, and into the Winter of 2011/2012.

The [destruction of civil life] sub set contains repeated references to [civil unrest] and [riots], as well as [armed insurrection]. This last is cross linked extensively to the TPTW and Markets entities. Within the [destruction of civil life] sub set are the previously described (in past ALTA reports) instances of [mob action] that results in the [burning alive] of [minions] and ['power elites'] and their [families].


The HOLE incident will act as a [spark] to [spreading contagion] {ed note: from the words to-be-used by the political minions} that is indicated to [start a riot] in an [urban area (north of DC)] that will itself [spread like fire]. The data sets are showing a lot of support for the [riots] sub set through Spring and Summer, but the [mother of all riots] does not appear within our data sets until later in HOLE.


At that time the inclemency of the [weather] has cleared, and the [spark] begun then [leaps] across [state boundaries] and [spreads out (through the) corridors]. These act as [viaducts] that in turn take the [riot] from [population center ] to [population center] such that the [minions] and [officialdom] are [unable] to [comprehend] the [manifesting developments].


That is, they just don't get it. By the time of the [mother of riots], many individual incidents of [civil disobedience], [riots], [planned civil actions] and other [innovative protest arts] have dominated the [media (including some reports on the MSM (mainstream media) but far more within alternative media)] over Spring and Summer.


The primary motivators coming from the supporting sets, including the detail layers, point toward the [hyper inflation of food prices], the [lack of work], the [massive lay-offs], the [collapse of the banking systems], the [sporadic electrical outages lasting for days], the [empty food shelves], the [worthless 'vouchers/cards' for money from gov't]. The data has numerous details of diverse descriptors all of which pretty much lumped under [we're broke, we're hungry, we've been raped, and we are pissed].


The [we've been raped] meme arises from supporting sets going to the idea of the [rape of social security], and the [rape of retirements] that TPTW and their [minions] are going to accomplish through [hyper inflation] over late Winter (2010/2011) and early Spring (2011). The [beggaring of the populace] will be accompanied by [reports of die-offs] that will continue for months.


It may take a few months before the [propaganda press outlets] begin to report the actual levels, however the data sets indicate that the [populace] will be [aware] of the trend.


This [dying at the fringes (of health, society, capacity)] is in the supporting sets that provide for [mental pressures] on a [moment by moment] basis that is in support of the [madness of mobs] sub set which feeds the [riots] sub set.

Of note is that previously described (in past ALTA reports) [riots in Maryland] in which the [exposure] of [secret underground bases] occurs is now filling rapidly. The [starving mob riots] here in the USofA in which [governmental infrastructure] is [located and looted] are also temporally linked to [starvation riots] that will [sweep through] Italy and [break out into the open].


The [starvation riots] throughout [[europe] have been described in previous reports as leading to a [pitched battle] that will [crash through] the [minions of the sorcerers (swiss guard)] and lead to the [looting of the palace of the sorcerers (vatican)].


As in the descriptors for the [liberation of foods] from the [deep underground bases] in [maryland], the [liberation of the vatican] will also tangentially expose the [secret shadow government]. In both instances the data sets indicate that [texts] and [photographs] and [videos] that have been [long hidden (by the minions)] will become [public property] at a [planetary level].

Note that the number of [retrieved] or [recovered] sub sets in support of [information] and the [public domain] rise exponentially as we move forward from Spring through Summer. The number of [releases] of [once hidden information] during this time, and in spite of the [global chaos] of [food shortages] and [crashing currencies] and [collapsing governments], is indicated to lead directly to [back yard/garage/apartment researchers] to make [rapid progress] in both [devices] and [methods] across a wide range of interests.


Should terran humanity make it through these next few years, it will be the [exposures] and [liberation of knowledge] that takes place in the chaos of the [food riots of 2011] that will act as the catalyst for the [technical renaissance] of the species. This interpretation is based on the assumption that the [hidden civilization] that grew from the [american national security state] on last century does not decide to [emerge] and [expose themselves] not that way.


There are a number of data sets that can be interpreted as describing [chaos] across the planet that is so widespread and [disruptive to necessary supplies] that it [forces the unveiling] of the [hidden civilization] in this year. It is worth noting that even if this interpretation does manifest, it will be the [food riots] and resulting [governmental collapse] that triggers the [hidden civilization] to try a [planetary take over].

The impacts of the [dollar currency collapse] are showing as reaching [visibility] within the [main stream media (aka propaganda press)] by March, but reported with a focus on the [symptoms] rather than the [diseases (parasitism by the hidden civilization and corruption by minions/tptw)]. Without regard to their [reports] at that time, the [propaganda press] will find that it is being [attacked] in ways both [personal] and [collective].


The [beat upon press minions] will be so [taken aback] at being [taken out back for a beating] that they will [alter] how [reporting] and [presentation] of [officialdom propaganda, aka 'teevee news'] occurs in the USofA. There are several such incidents that will make the [alternative media headlines] over late March and escalating through Spring, and Summer.

The data sets in support of the [death of the dollar] theme in the Populace/USofA entity are large, and dominating, and growing through much of 2011.


The idea coming across is of a [twisting (in agony)], and [suspended (in morass)] as the [population] tries to work through the [grief process]. Beginning with the [hyperinflation of food prices] at the [retail level] {ed note: likely within 3/three weeks of this report publication} and at a [regional level], the [dollar death woes] begin to [impinge] upon the limited conscious mind time of the 'average citizen' {ed note: aka 'sheeple'}.


The data indicates that once the process of [intrusion (of dollar demise/hunger)} begins, there will be two simultaneously spreading effects: first, a triggering of a more general [awakening (to manifesting circumstance -aka reality)] within the 'sheeple herd', and second, the rise in [visibility] of many, if not most, of the [woo-woo educators] specifically, and members of the wujo generally.


Stated another way, once the [shock] of the [recognition of fundamental change] occurs as a direct result of dollar death woes producing changes in daily life, the leading edge of the vast herd of sheeple will attempt to [self educate].


This natural response to a [dissolving] and [no longer able to be supported] view of [reality], is indicated to [propel] the general levels of [visibility] of the [wujo] to [dizzying heights].


Hmmmmm... pee camels on the O channel? Maybe so, strange damn universe apparently intent on surprising us all.

The [dollar death] linguistic structure has grown remarkably over this last data collection period. The primary supporting sub set array is 4/four hundred percent larger than we left it, and similar levels of growth have overlaid the secondary and tertiary support layers, and even larger growth rates within the detail layers.


The projections for the growth of language in the [propaganda press aka mainstream media] around the [dollar death] meme should also grow as robustly from late January through to March, where upon the language will begin to manifest [locally (within the USofA)] as the [dollar death] moves from the former concern of [death (as global reserve currency)] to [internal use].


The [dollar death] meme also has a number of aspect/attribute sets in support of the secondary layers that go to the idea of [claims] that will be [pressed] on the [minions] at [all financial levels] and through [lawsuits] from [foreign shores] that will be [simultaneous] with the [internal corruption (of the dollar)] which is also supporting the [coagulation (of flow sources)] into what is described as [rigor mortis].


As with all our work, when we encounter archetypes of this nature, we tend to take that area of the model very seriously as body parts are very core level archetypes in human language. We also have [post death tremors] and [shaking (in the veins)] along with [purging] and [bowels release], and [violent puking].


Many of these descriptors have appeared in previous reports throughout 2010, and now continued support appears with temporal markers for manifesting around [withdrawal (of dollar as foreign reserve)]. Now that these language sets have begun to manifest in the [propaganda press], the temporal markers have been reached.


These markers were indicated to be within the leading edge of the shorter term value sets, and so this language about [dollar death (within the USofA)] are likely to begin appearing within 3/three months, or, coincidentally, just about the time of the vernal equinox (aka Springtime).

The detail sets for the [dollar death] internal to the [populace/usofa] show a wide variety of effects ranging from [violence] to [stupefaction (disbelief)]. Of a curious note is that the data accretion patterns for these aspect/attribute sets are showing that a [calm period], what can also be described as the [grasping, gasping time] will exist for [several days] after the [initial crash] of the [dollar built structures].


The patterns show that the [populace/usofa] will have a bit of a [freak out], and then something of a [hold fast] as the [national mood] goes toward [assessment].


This [shake it, bake it, and taste it] period in which the [populace/usofa] will be [dazed and confused]. The accretion patterns continue thereafter with aspect/attributes of [return], and [home bound] that are in support of the [diaspora] sub set. The detail layers are pointing toward something of a [shock] for TPTW and [officialdom minions] as the [populace] decides to [get along home (wherever that may be)].


This [general relocation] is, from the point of view of the [political minions (and their masters)], both [unexpected], and [beyond control]. The [minion class] sub sets sum up to some rather high levels of [anxiety] and [disruption (to plans)] around this [relocation of the masses]. Note that a lot of the [masses] will be [children returning from schools] and other [institutions].


This sub set is but one component in supporting the [diaspora] archetype growth in the Populace/USofA entity for 2011.

With many of the [social disorder] sub sets being 'fed' by the [death of the dollar] creating [famine] and [food shortages] as well as [destroyed stores], it would be easy to assume that the [dollar] would be the primary problem facing the Populace/USofA, however, sadly, that is not to be the case.


A hint arises from the sheer number of cross links between the Populace/USofA entity and the Terra entity. The level of cross links between the [social disease] and [social order disruption] in the Populace/USofA entity and the [destructive weather] in the Terra entity has never been this extreme.


The Populace/USofA entity provides the descriptors for the impacts while the Terra entity contributes the descriptors of the 'causal' events.

Apparently one of the most destructive events will be a [series] of [floods]. These [floods] are described as being [food supplies] impacting for [several generations]. There are repeated references to [multiple flood centers] and each is also defined as a [center (for) (some form of) crop production].


The impact levels for the [flood] archetype separated out to USofA geographic references goes out [4/four generations or 84 years]. The [flood] linguistic here has supporting sets that describe the sites as being [never flood], and [first time ever], as well as [speech (in shock) over the pictures]. There are several descriptor sets within the supporting aspect/attribute groups that describe [high/dry hills] that will be on video [enfolding (the) flood].


These [hills] are further described as [scarred] by the [rain/deluge] that sets up the [flood] conditions. The details include descriptors for [boat rescues], and [lines (of fleeing) humans ]. These details paint a picture of [long lines] of [humans fleeing up (steep) hills] and [chaining themselves together] to [overcome obstacles].


The [chains of fleeing people] will also be in [conjunction with] the [flight of animals] of all kinds.

Some of the [flood] descriptor sets also include support for [earthquakes] and [earthquake damages] that are also contributory to the [impact levels (of the) floods]. These [earthquake] sets are dwarfed by the Terra entity [earthquake] sets, so that entity needs to be taken into account, but there are nonetheless, significant sets pointing to [earthquakes] that [precipitate damages] that in turn [cause] some [flooding], and [exacerbate] other [floods] already in place.

Note that these [floods] within the Populace/USofA entity are also extensively cross linked internally to the [diaspora] sub set as well as being also externally cross linked to the GlobalPop entity where the terminating sets also include the [diaspora] archetype.

The [floods] sub set includes aspect/attributes for several [communities] in which [critical infrastructure (such as hospitals/fire stations/law enforcement buildings)] being [swept away], and [encapsulated (in) mud]. Some of these linguistic sets are reminiscent of the language we saw that allowed us to forecast the Katrina hurricane disaster.


There are 4/four sets located so far that have sums for impact (damage levels) that are higher than we had prior to Katrina. Not only do the descriptor sets contain the 'usual' kind of [disaster] language such as [buildings collapsing] and [levees failing], but also there are sets that contain [(insanity producing) gas releases] and [toxic waste contamination] and [contamination by fuel spills (of magnitude)].


There are further descriptors which portray [airports] that are [under water], and [port facilities] with [only rooftops showing].

These [floods] are also part of a [soon-to-be-revealed secret plan] {ed note: details come out in documents liberated during Spring rioting in the north of the country} to [depopulate] certain parts of [north america] for [(unknown to us pie eaters) reasons (of TPTW)]. These areas are extensively cross linked over to the GlobalPop entity where they terminate in sets with predominantly Mexico, and Gulf Central America geographic references.


Thus the interpretation is that TPTW had a plan to [shift (or kill off?) the populace] of a large portion of the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) region for their own purposes. Parts of the [diaspora] descriptor set within the Populace/USofA entity are pointing to a [permanent (form of) relocation] affecting the [southern USA from FL through TX] and [eastern Mexico] as a direct result of Springtime events in the GOM region in 2011.


The [floods] sub sets in both the Populace/USofA entity and the Terra entity suggest that [climate change] and [tainting (after the flood)] will be mixed in with [regional economic (and energy?) collapse] such that an [officialdom called/announce] form of [diaspora] will be attempted. Please note that the [refuseniks] of this 2011 [official diaspora] will end up forming the core of the regional population discussed as the [coastal nomads (a water based culture)] in FuturePop entity discussions in past ALTA reports.


These [refuseniks] who are the [first generation] of this [errant populace (from the viewpoint of TPTB/W)] will make their first appearance this year according to both TPTB/W entity and the Populace/USofA entity. The [visibility] values are high, but the span is brief, so it would seem that the [msm (mainstream media = propaganda press)] will only touch the story before being 'waved off' by their masters.


Nonetheless, there are corresponding sub sets suggesting that the [visibility] itself will gain some [visibility] within the [alternative media] as the [refuseniks] will be [self seen], and apparently rather pleased with their [piece of pie performance (art?)] {ed note: hint for then, not now.}

Also note that the [refuseniks] will have a very [rough time] in the beginning with [high casualty rates], but that as with all new skills, the [learning curve], while steep, can also be [rapid]. The data sets indicate that [diaspora refuseniks] will become something of their own [hidden civilization legend] over these next few years.


However, as with so much of 2011, at least according to our data accretion patterns, the [weather/climate change] is still the [defining test] of [success] this year. The [refuseniks] make their [start] under conditions that suggest Katrina/Rita (at least as far as flooding) was mere preparatory rehearsal.

Other imagery includes [bridges (under water)] and [bridges (washed away)]. There are several sets in support that show [desert (including hills)] that will be [underwater]. There are supporting sets for, ironically, a [boat show] that will be [adrift] and [underwater/sunk]. There are {ed note: oh the horror of it all!} many references to [sports seasons disrupted] including language for [cancellations (of rest of season?)].


It becomes difficult to guess which of the many influences will be the nominal causal factor, but the data shows that [professional sports (and other big name entertainment events)] will be [impacted by floods], as well as [dollar death], and [sudden bankruptcy], and [failed (transportation) routes].


That this shows up at all is itself significant in that the whole archetype of [entertainment (as a mind control industry here in USA and exported to the rest of the planet)] is showing as under [great stress] due to [disruptions] in areas such as [dollar death], [transportation], {ed note: including some upcoming high profile 'stranding'}, and [delivery of product].


This last includes some sub sets that cross link over to the [dysfunction of space story] sub set in the SpaceGoatFarts* entity.



* SpaceGoatFarts (SGF)
This entity is newly formed. While references to Space Goat Farts have appeared within Terra, sub set Space in the past, the data set now demonstrates a need for an entity to allow for the growth of 'unknown forces of all kinds from space which are terra/populace affecting'. Includes non-earth based, non-human/non-mammal intelligent beings usually considered as 'space aliens' or 'extraterrestrials'. Created during 1207 clean up.



The stressors on the [entertainment/mind control media] and their [content delivery] are showing as being more acute in the last half of 2011, but with a few such incidents of a [high visibility] in the first half.


The real problems for the whole of the [content production] side of [entertainment/mind control] will be [escalating] right along with the [dollar death problems] from mid February onward. This set of descriptors is also cross linked to the GlobalPop where the [good (brief) days] for the [woowoo guys] sub sets are the termination points.


Apparently the lack of the usual [mind numbing entertainment offerings] opens up some new parts of the population to [alternative media].

As if the [floods] and [death of the federal reserve note as currency] was not [ enough to guarantee a [bad year] for the [american populace], the data sets continue to indicate that the [bad food] sub set is not only connected to [derivatives] going [foul/rotten] in early 2011. While some of the data sets would seem to point to the [press (msm) = propagandists] 'reporting' that the [bad food] incidents of 2011 in the [usofa populace] will be the [result] of [death of the dollar via impact on officialdom spending to 'protect' the populace], the data argues against that as being an accurate conclusion.


Rather the accretion patterns of the continuing stream of aspect/attribute sets point toward [necessary (or natural?) part of process (of movement) into extremes] with details that clarify this to be a pointer to the 'natural' tendency of cycles to reach [extremes] of [behaviors], and then to collapse or [coagulate] such that the next phase of the cycle can continue.


Note that this is actually how officialdom operates in the 'wild', in that they allow corruption to become a gradual process and, not being checked by counter processes, the system itself becomes corrupt, and then [chokes] on the 'natural' result of total corruption which is [melt down].

The data sets in the Populace/USofA entity are indicating that a [melt down] in the [foods delivery system], {ed note: planned? By TPTW? Or not? Little difference at the receiving end.} will [accentuate/augment] the [economic] [chaos] of Spring 2011.


The [melt down (defrosting?)] supporting sets include descriptors for [mass poisoning], that is in its turn supported by detail layers indicating the [mass poisoning episode] is so large as to [impact national health care system], which by the way will also be in deep trouble as the sudden [hyperinflation] over takes the more steady, and recent, inflation in the health care infrastructure.


The [bad foods] episode is also forecast to [bite] the [jaw] of the [political minions] at many different levels, as the [scandals] start to [rise upward] in the [political 'power' structure]. The data suggests that [revenge attacks] may take place against [officialdom] and [minions] thought to be responsible.

We note that without regard to the [bespoke cause] of the [attacks], the data suggests that what has been an already [violent] year, will become even more so as the many pressures on the [populace/usofa] pop through the [tenuous grasp] that many humans have on [daily reality]. The larger archetypes within the Populace/USofA entity are all extensively cross linked over to supporting sets that terminate in [violent attacks].


It would seem from the linguistic structures that the TPTW are not, at least [initially], too concerned with the [rise] in [attacks against officialdom]. That attitude seems to change as 2011 progresses from nasty to shitty.

The [bad foods] and [mass poisoning] are without any meaningful numeric quantifiers. It is not possible, from this vantage point, to know how extensively the [bad news (about former = already digested) foods] becomes, but the data begins in the shorter term value sets and continues to gain supporting layers from the longer term values so the conclusion is that the results of the [mass poisonings], at the [society] level, will continue for at least a year if not two.

The [fragile (grasp) on reality] for [great numbers (of the) populace] as the [federal reserve banksters cabal] finds itself [under attack], both [economically] and [physically]. The data sets are indicating that [actual assassinations (at least) attempts] on [banksters] including [hidden bank hands/owners].


These [bankster whack offs] are showing [visibility] levels that are high, but will also be competing with [assassination attempts] on [politicians] across the nation. The [walls of fire] sub sets from previous ALTA reports are still building supporting aspect/attributes and now are encompassing the [politicians] as well as the [bank criminals].

Much of the more negative value sets within the over all trend of building tension values for the Populace/USofA entity over 2011 {ed note: right up to yet another release language tipping point in October of 2011} rise from the general [archetype] of the [revolution] meta data layer.


This layer has been growing since early 2002, and continues to do so, however in 2011, the growth shifts over to manifestation.


The [revolution] meta data layer and the [revolution] archetype both are gaining large levels of supporting sets from late January through to late Fall of this year. In mid Summer of 2011, the growth rates of the [revolution] sub set become heavily cross linked over to the SpaceGoatFarts entity where many of the terminating sub sets are in the [unknown energies from space] descriptor set.


These terminating aspect/attribute sets also include sets for both [officially denied] and [unknown (phenomenon)]. In both of these sets the aspect/attribute sets at the detail level suggest that [falls (rains) of space debris] and [completely (indescribable) unknown atmospheric phenomena] will also [manifest] over [american populace].


Hmmm....civilization 1/One about to make its appearance? These [officially denied phenomena] also add to the rising levels of tensions affecting the [populace/usofa].


The cross links to the SpaceGoatFarts entity from the Populace/USofA entity in mid Summer 2011 are a very good temporal marker that will likely be very [visible]. Thereafter the [revolution] archetype shifts the bulk of its growing support levels into manifestation language. The [revolution] meta data layer has been growing steadily since 2002 in the ALTA and Shape reports and is indicated to shift over to manifestation in 2011 and beyond.


Likely as incidents of [violence against banksters and politicians] escalate over 2011, the [culture] of [violence] seen in the media will be [examined] at a [national] level. However much the [visibility] of such a move, the data shows that nothing comes of it due to more [pressing circumstances] that will include the [opening] of [vision] about the [identities] of [responsible parties] for the [misery] globally.

Without regard to the extensive cross links to the SpaceGoatFarts entity, the [revolution] archetype contributes a great deal of the building tension values. The growth rate for these [revolution] influenced emotional tension values escalate rapidly beginning in mid February with the next phase of the [global economic collapse].


Again to the point of depressing repetition, the [dollar death] sub set, in early 2011, manifests in such a manner as to [dramatically] affect the [larger (mostly unaware) populace]. As the [economic shifts] inexorably [crush] the [populace] due to the [death of the dollar], the [revolution] meme rises in emotional sums and gains new supporting sets.


These include the rather now mundane [physical assaults] against [banksters], and others of [ill repute], but also these sets include a number of intriguing cross links suggesting something of an [internal struggle] within the [shadow government/hidden civilization] that will start to manifest itself in a [string] of [interconnected social anomalies].


These [anomalies] are indicated to occasionally have rather high [visibility] sums and to make it to the msm = propaganda press, as the [propaganda press] is shown as being pig ignorant about the nature of what they are reporting. Some of these reports may include descriptions of [sudden disappearances (of large) commodities stores] such as 'disappearing (thousands of gallons) of molasses'. That sort of thing.


Some of the indicators also point to whole [train cars] being [silently removed]....hmmmm? Rum and peach pie?


Have to watch these fellows.....




Conclusion - Workin’ it

The forecast bird and fishes die off (posted in ALTA 1309 report in mid 2009 with the very early 2011 timeframe as a target for manifestation), has brought a number of questions to the fore.


Some conclusions can (maybe) safely drawn, such as the method of death being an 'impact' with an energy of 'unknown type'. From there, however, things get a bit dodgy.


Did spasms from the sun either directly or by triggering a reaction in the planet, cause these die offs? Are these animal deaths the result of 'warfare', here on earth or beyond, involving energy weapons? Either or both are plausible. Does it matter? Well, maybe not.


From the viewpoint of populace soon to be herded by events, the 'truth' will somehow 'matter' in spite of the [daily terrors] that will be [surfacing] to [control their thoughts (and lives)].

This year, according to how some humans interpret the Mayan, and Aztec calendars, is to be a year of acceleration of events as cycles within cycles race to completion. Of course we note that so far in this manifestation of universe, cycles just start over.

In the case of 2012 though, there is doubt. Not only by the actual language used by the creators of the Dresden and Madrid codices, but also within the now huge volume of material spewing out about the subject. There is so much coming out that the newly awakening mind, faced with the torrents of material, is probably better off eating pie and ‘reading the book of self’ as the taoist pie bakers said waaaay back when….

Self knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. Serious martial artists refer to the process of self knowledge as ‘the struggle’. True victory, for those on the path, does not come from vanquishing any number of enemies, but rather from a single, lifelong battle with self.

To stand alone is to be uncorrupted, innocent, free of all tradition, of dogma, of opinion, of what another says, and so on. Such a mind does not seek because there is nothing to seek; being free, such a mind is completely still without a want, without movement. But this state is not to be achieved; it isn’t a thing that you buy through discipline; it doesn’t come into being by giving up sex, or practicing a certain yoga.


It comes into being only when there is an understanding of the ways of the self, the ‘me’, which shows itself through the conscious mind in every day activity, and also in the unconscious.


What matters is to understand for oneself, not through the direction of others, the total content of consciousness, which is conditioned, which is the result of society, of religion, of various impacts, impressions, memories - to understand all that conditioning and be free of it. But there is no “how” to be free.


If you ask how to be free, you are not listening.


So says J. Krishnamurti… a smart human.

Some time back, perhaps three years or so, while working on tuning the lexicon, and as part of personal, linguistic background processing, and in order to maintain currency (not the paper debt kind) with the subtle changes in meaning of words, experiment c (the ‘me’ here now), was playing a video of a Project Camelot (on line woo-woo guys) conference which had taken place in South America, probably Ecuador, if memory serves.


Anyway, the conference had gotten to a question and answer session, and a young woman stood to ask a question (which Bob Dean answered?) .


The question went to the David Wilcock (a woo-woo guy, also on line) idea of a 2012 ‘Ascension with a big ‘A’.


The idea that David proposes is that, (hopefully stated correctly herein otherwise sure to be shit headed my way), some humans, by virtue of some virtue, will, in 2012, ‘ascend’ to another level of ‘density’, wherein they will not be here on this terra, but on a terra in another state of being, and wherein they will all have all the siddhis (be able to create pies out of thin air by merely thinking about them, and other trivial tricks such as fly, bi-locate, telepathy, et al kinds of good things).


So, sitting there, working lexical issues, coffee in hand and about to drink, when the young woman asks the PeeCamel panel about the whole ‘ascension’ issue for 2012. Both the details of the question, and the answer are entirely irrelevant here, as the point is that the phrase she used was so perfectly hilarious given the setting and participants and concept.


She somehow prefaced her question with the statement that ‘I have been doing the work…’ or words to that effect… at that point, coffee began spewing out of my nose and all over the keyboard, the rest of the conversation was lost.

What was so striking, so totally disruptive of the swallowing process that the coffee decided it had to jump right out the snout, was the phrase ‘doing the work’ that she used. The way she used it, saying it with a bit of pride, but also as though totally disgusted in the ‘doing of it’… annoyed, somehow, that Ascension required effort.


It was the context expressed in the language that begged the question as to just ‘what’ the ‘work’ was? Did she do extra poses in yoga? Or more pilates? Or was she kind to homeless? Or did she tip extra well on the way to the first class section of the plane?

Her reference to David Wilcock’s “big A”, ascension theory was clearly stated as though it was a proven fact, and that she expected it to be accepted in the setting in which she spoke as proven fact. Her language betrayed the layers of conditioning that the “big A” ascension theory had put upon her mind.


David may not have any clue that his words are used by another’s mind to form layers of conditioning in her experience of our common collectively manifesting reality. There is evidence that he is so aware that comes leaking out in his choice of words in front of crowds, but there is also no sign of any maliciousness involved.


There is no evidence for instance that David is a control freak trying to ‘work the religion’ angle, in the ‘dependency’ sense.


Unlike some personalities in the wujo, and in the greater woo-woo world out there, who are aware that conditioning comes from their words. Some of these beings seek to exploit the conditioning layers that they heap out continuously. Some try to be real pindars about being in control and telling others how to be in universe.


And thus is revealed why new age isn't no better than old tyme religion… just yet more damn conditioning between the mind and its attempt to know self. Or as my pappy from Missouri used to say,

“religion is just a man in a dress trying to tell you that he gets a piece of your pie just because he has voices in his head telling him that he is in charge of the slicing.”

The memory of that entire video comes down to that phrase ‘doing the work’.


So much of our presence, our life directions and our karmic process leaks out in our language. It is my experience, maturing into the wujo, that words have power, and must be used deliberately and with care, as undoubtedly universe will use these words to form layers of conditioning in some other humans’ life. Karmic bonds come from such interweaving of life energies.

Even in noting Krishnamurti’s discussion on desire, and the effects of the klesa duality on life, it is still the desire here at hph to put out our descriptions of leaking language lexical puzzles and to not have these reports become part of someone’s conditioning, or dogma.


The idea here is to provide a forecast of manifesting reality that can be used by the aware individual in their examination of ‘self’. The idea is to reject any words herein that would be used to condition mind. In any damn direction. By any foolish person.

And as with the young woman asking the question at the PeeCamel conference, J. Krishnamurti said it pretty plainly…

If you ask how to be free, you are not listening.