666 (SIX, SIX, SIX)

One tenet of the New World Order is to have a Cashless Society.

The Illuminati have well prepared the people for this with the electronically readable banker’s and credit cards, telephone cards, insurance cards, petrol cards of the many oil companies, etc.

The masses were easily convinced of the advantages of this system by the argument that payment without cash is safer, simpler and more practical. This idea has just got to be thought through to the end. As soon as the people have a multitude of these electronically readable cards they will be told that it is much easier still and even more practical to have just one card instead of many.

This is the debit card, the so-called ONE CREDIT CARD FOR EVERYTHING, that has already been introduced in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. They still have the other credit cards, too, but the debit card is already in circulation.
Finally, we will have a laser tattoo. Invisible to the eye, a bar code is tattooed onto the right hand or the forehead. The code on your hand then serves for payment, but in addition for identification.


A scanner will read the code and all information needed is “at hand”. These are not ideas of the future, they are dead serious. The laser tattoo has been tested in Disneyland for fifteen years already. Persons who were going to stay several days were given the choice between a pass or a tattoo on the left hand. They wanted to see how people react to this whether in time they would get used to it.

Official forms asking where the mark is preferred (F=forehead, H=hand) have been readied on an international level. These test to slowly get the people used to this before it becomes compulsory. As much as seven years ago Holland started to mark homeless persons with a laser tattoo on the forehead.


The populace is told that in this way criminality, especially in Amsterdam, will be curbed. In the meantime laser tattoos have already been officially introduced in places. Saying that business travelers could be dealt with more efficiently, American airports have been equipped with scanners reading the invisible tattoo on the right hand. And the number using this service is constantly rising, because time is money. You will not actually be forced to accept the tattoo, but you will not have much choice unless you are self-sufficient. At one point the shops will no longer accept cash.


And the peoples will be shown just how safe this new method is. Theft is no longer possible, for where there is no money, none may be stolen. Every criminal can be found by satellite because of the laser tattoo, and it will no longer be possible to cross a frontier illegally. This will really be the total control of humanity. Free will has no room any longer, every step is supervised, everything you do, you own, how much capital you have, can be called up by Big Brother.


Make the effort and read George Orwell’s book “1984”, the planned new age slave system is very well described therein.

In the Bible, Revelation 13:13-18, we read:

“…And he (the beast) performed great and miraculous signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men. Because of the signs he was given power to do on behalf of the first beast, he deceived the inhabitant of the earth. He ordered them to set up on image in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived.


He was given power to give breath to worship the image to be killed. He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead so that no-one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666.”

In these few phrases we find three revelations that today are very important to us:

“And he (the Beast) performed great and miraculous signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth…”

This sounds very much like an atomic bomb. And who threw the first atomic bomb, and on whose order? Well, we know already that the Americans are the best tool of the Khazar-Jewish Illuminati bankers and did what their “masters” told them to do. Remember who Franklin D. Roosevelt was and who he worked for.

“and he was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that it could speak and cause who refused…”

This message, too, is very clear. A living picturethe TV of course. And tell me one people on earth that doesn’t worship the TV. The TV and Hollywood are the best tools of the Illuminati. And let’s just see who really owns the TV network, as well as Hollywood!


An exclusive report by Eustace Mullins.

H: I’m sorry but we have no date for this presentation. I cannot recommend highly enough any and all of the books offered by Eustace Mullins. He is a long-time friend and colleague, without peer as to respect for him as a man and an author.
It should be brought to you attention just how important is Mr. Mullin’s work – he is effectively banned from being allowed to speak in Canada.


Within this year he was disallowed participation in a pre-planned seminar. We can recognize truth, in our own works as well, when the “banning” and “burning of books” is under way. And, oh, indeed, we have had papers and Journals banned at the Canadian border and nine volumes of Journals BANNED AND BURNED IN THE U.S.A. (LAND OF FREEDOM). I ask, please, that a listing of Eustace Mullins’ books be offered with ability to acquire as through him PERSONALLY, please – or through CONTACT where the orders can be forwarded. When our distributing connection facilities reopen we will most surely carry all of the books utilized by us in any way – these authors need HELP, readers.


They fight a lonely battle If they bring truth of in any way counter the New World Order. BY THE WAY, WHY IS EUSTACE MULLINS BANNED FROM CANADA? HE IS CLAIMED TO BE “ANTI-SEMITIC”! IT IS YOUR LIFE, PILGRIMS, AND YOU HAVE BEEN “HAD”.]


Many observers in the U.S. have noticed the striking similarity of the programs offered to the public by the three “independent” television networks. For the first time, we present a detailed study of the directors of the three networks, revealing their interlocking banking and industrial connections, indicating that instead of three major networks we actually have only one.

NBE, a subsidiary of RCA, has the following directors:

  • John Brademas, President of New York University, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (which dominates the other Federal Reserve Banks by its control of the money market), and director of the Rockefeller Foundation. Brademas had received the George Peabody Award (George Peabody established the Peabody Education Fund which later became the Rockefeller Foundation), and he was named Humanist of the Year in 1978.


  • Cecily B. Selby, born in London, England, national director of the Girl Scouts, director of Avon Products and Loehmann’s, a dress firm. She is married to James Coles, president of Bowdoin College since 1952.

  • Peter G. Peterson, former head of Kuhn, Loeb Co., and ex-Secretary of Commerce. Robert Cizik, chairman of Cooper Industries (sales of 1.5 billion pounds), and director of RCA and First City Bankcorp. First City was identified in Congressional testimony as one of the three Rothschild banks in the United States.

  • Thomas O. Paine, president of Northrup Co., a large defense contractor. Paine is a director of the influential Institute of Strategic Studies in London, director of the Institute of Metals, London, American Ordinance Assn., and many other professional munitions associations.


  • Donald Smiley, Chairman R.H. Macy Co. since 1945; he is also a director of Metropolitan Life and U.S. Steel, known as Morgan-controlled firms, and director of Ralston-Purina Co., and Irving Trust.

  • David C. Jones, President of Consolidated Contractors, director of U.S. Steel, Kemper Insurance Co.

  • Thornton Bradshaw, Chairman of RCA, director of Champion Paper Co., Atlantic Richfield Oil Co., Rockefellers Brothers Fund, and the Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies. Although not listed as a director of NBC, Andrew Sigler is a director of its parent company, RCA. Sigler is Chairman of Champion Paper Co., and director of General Electric, Bristol-Meyers, and Cabot Corp. (which traditionally has had heavy CIA involvement).

Thus we find that NBC has many Rothschild and J.P. Morgan connections among its directors, who include the chairman of the key to our monetary control, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and other directors associated with such Rothschild operations as Kuhn, Loeb Co., First City Bankcorp. and the Institute of Strategic Studies in London.


ABC-TV includes among its directors not one, but two, directors of J.P. Morgan Co.:

  1. Ray Adam, director of Metropolitan Life, Cities Service, Morgan Guaranty Trust and Chairman of the $2 billion NL Industries, a petroleum field service concern

  2. Frank Cary, Chairman of IBM, director of Merck, J.P. Morgan Co., Morgan Guaranty Trust and Merck Drugs

  • Chairman of ABC is Leonard Goldenson who is a director of Allied Stores, and the Advertising Council, and Bankers Trust. Other directors are Donald C. Cook, general partner of Lazard Freres banking house, director of General Dynamics, and Amerada Hess; Leon Hess, Chairman of Amerada Hess

  • John T. Connor, of the Kuhn Loeb law firm Cravath, Swaine & Moore, who was former Asst. Secretary of Commerce 1965-67, Chairman of Allied Chemical from 1969-79, director Chase Manhattan Bank, General Motors, Warner Lambert, and Chairman of J. Henry Schroder Bank, and Schroders Inc. of London

  • Jack Haisman, Vice Chairman of Belden-Heminway, a large goods manufacturer which was founded by Samuel Hausman of Austria

  • Thomas M. Macioce, Chairman of Allied Stores, director of Penn Central and Manufacturers Hanover Trust, one of the Rothschild banks in the United States

  • George P. Jenkins, Chairman of Metropolitan Life (a J.P. Morgan firm), director of Citibank, which has many Rothschild connections, St. Regis Paper, Bethlehem Steel, and W.R. Grace Co.

  • Martin J. Schwab, Chairman of United Manufacturers, and director of Manufacturers Hanover, a Rothschild bank;

  • Norma T. Pace, who is also director of Sears Roebuck, Sperry, 3M and Vulcan

  • Alan Greenspan, consultant to the Federal Reserve Board, director of J.P. Morgan, Morgan Guaranty Trust, Hoover Institution, Time and General Foods [H: WE ALSO KNOW THAT HE NOW AND HAS FOR QUITE A WHILE, HEADED THE FEDERAL RESERVE.]

  • Ulric Haynes Jr., director of the Ford Foundation, Marine Midland Bank (which is owned by the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank), Cummins Engine Co., and the Association of Black Ambassadors

Thus we see many J.P. Morgan and Rothschild associations among the directors of ABC which was recently purchased by Capital Cities Communications Co., whose chairman is Texaco [?], whose most prominent director is Robert Roosa, senior partner of Brown Bros.


Harriman, a firm with close ties to the Bank of England. Roosa headed the Roosa Brain Trust at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York which produced Paul Volcker.


Roosa and David Rockefeller were credited with selecting Volcker to be chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. John McKinley, Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank; and Thomas Aquinas Vanderslice, who is Chairman of the electronics firm GTE, and a former Fulbright Scholar who is now trustee of the Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies.

Of the three major networks, CBS is the pillar of the “Establishment”. Its financial expansion for years was directed by Brown Bros. Harriman, whose senior partner, Prescott Bush, was a longtime director of CBS. (His son, George, later became Vice-President and President of the U.S.). When General Westmoreland sought to recover damages from CBS for a vicious personal assault on his reputation, Westmoreland seemed certain to win a stunning victory, until CBS brought in former CIA officials who testified that Westmoreland’s claims had no basis. George Bush was formerly HEAD of the CIA. Westmoreland surrendered, and withdrew his suit.

Ted Turner’s expressed intention of buying control of CBS was applauded by millions of patriotic Americans, who had endured its vicious assaults on decent Americans with no means of protest. However, Turner’s campaign was viewed in London as a direct attack on the power of the Bank of England and its American subsidiary, Brown Bros. Harriman.

Turner was finally deterred from his goal by a clever maneuver which diverted him into purchasing MGM-United Artists, one of whose directors is Alexander Haig, former White House intimate and Secretary of State, later chairman of United Technologies. Turner believed he was buying MGM’s extensive library of films for his WTBS channel, but the Wall Street Journal later chortled that he had been tricked, and that most of the film library had been sold before he negotiated for MGM.


To finance his purchase of MGM-United Artists, Turner intended to borrow 515 billion [?] through Drexel Burnham Lambert, the American branch of the Banque Bruxelles Lambert, the Belgian branch of the Rothschild operations. CBS is a $4.5 billion a year operation, which banks through the Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. William S. Paley, heir to a cigar fortune, has been chairman of CBS for many years.


To those who do not know of CBS’ many CIA and British Intelligence connections, he is supposed to run it as a one-man operation.

  • Directors of CBS are Harold Brown, who was Secretary of the Air Force from 1965-69, Secretary of Defense from 1977-81, and is now executive director of the Trilateral Commission

  • Roswell Gilpatric, who has been with the Kuhn Loeb law firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore since 1931, and served as director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York from 1973-76

  • Henry B. Schnacht, chairman Cummins Engine Co., director of AT&T, Chase Manhattan Bank, Council on Foreign Relations, Brookings Institute and Committee for Economic Development; Michel C. Bergerac, Chairman Revlon, director Manufacturers Hanover

  • James D. Wolfensohn, former head of J. Henry Schroder Bank; Franklin A. Thomas, head of the Ford Foudation; Walter Cronkite; Newton D. Minow, director of Rand Corp., Pan American, Foote, Cone & Belding

  • Marietta Tree, director of Winston Churchill Foundation, Ditchley Foundation, U.S. Trust, and Salomon Bros. She is a granddaughter of Endicott Peabody, founder of Groton, which trains America’s elite. She married Ronald Tree, a high official of British Intelligence, and Godson of Marshall Field. She and her husband have an ancestral estate, Ditchley Park, to the Ditchley Foundation. Located near Cambridge, it was W. Averill Harriman’s headquarters during World War II when he coordinated the partnership of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, who actively disliked and distrusted each other.


    They usually checked with Harriman before agreeing to any action. The Ditchley Foundation serves as a conduit for instructions to many American groups from the Tavistock Institute, an arm of the British Army Institute for Psychological Warfare. Marietta Tree’s career gave rise to the term “beautiful people”, to describe members of the glittering international set that represented the operations of the World Order. She began working for Nelson Rockefeller in 1942, and later served as Ambassador to the United Nations.

One victim of the CIA-British Intelligence operations at CBS was Roger Mudd, generally considered the brightest star among television reporters. A direct descendant of Dr. Samuel Mudd, who spent years as a political prisoner after the Civil War, Roger Mudd had a brilliant 19-year career at CBS, but was passed over as a successor to Walter Cronkite in favor of Dan Rather. The excuse was that he was not “vicious enough”, but the real reason was that he had “sand-bagged his chances” (according to the Wall Street Journal) in 1980 when he conducted a revealing interview with Teddy Kennedy which destroyed Kennedy’s chances of being elected President.

Because of continuous Tavistock Institute-British Army Institute of Psychological Warfare control over the major television networks in the United States, ABC, CBS, and NBC present many programs heavily slanted in favor of psychiatry. They also emphasize the current “liberal’ preoccupation with racial integration, crippled persons (who represent less of a threat to the mauling parasites), sports programs, and jiggle shows (also known in the trade as “t and a shows”).

Although the three networks are supposedly in bloodthirsty competition with each other, viewing of the daily news programs reveals that each of the competing networks shows exactly the same items of news each evening, usually in the same order. Almost all of the “news” stories are propaganda items intended to further current World Order goals. The only variations permitted in the iron control over network TV news is the final item, with is a “human interest” story. It usually praises a child who has collected considerable sums of money for UNICEF, or some other World Order operation.

For many months, the three “independent” networks have emphasized a hate campaign against South Africa on their evening news presentations. One could hardly believe that they are attempting to “conquer” South Africa for the World Order, because the Rothschilds and Oppenheimers won control of the rich South African gold and diamond fields in the Boer War of 1899. Today, DeBeers, the diamond monopoly, is operated by Oppenheimer and the Rothschilds, as is the gold mining, exemplified by their ownership of the giant Anglo-American Corp. of South Africa Ltd.


Apparently, the parasites would like to exterminate the Boer population of South Africa, which has lived there for three centuries, and replace it entirely with black workers. Some observers might call this “genocide”. Each evening the three networks outdo each other in their campaign of vilification of the white citizens of South Africa. The rioting and looting committed by the blacks, as well as the vicious murders of their fellow blacks, are glossed over by the news reports as inevitable results of “white oppression”.


As usual, there is a more immediate benefit gained from this continuous propaganda barrage. The Rothschilds have profited enormously from currency speculations in the rand, i.e. the South African “dollar”. In a few months, they were able to drive the rand down from a value of $1.35, to thirty-five to forty-five cents, selling short all the way. On September 2, 1985, they ran it back up a full ten cents, from thirty-five to forty-five cents. This might seem small change to non-investors, but it has paid off handsomely for the speculators. The fact that the network hate campaign continues unabated suggests that there is still plenty of money to be made in the rand.

On July 31, 1985, the Chase Manhattan Bank announced it would not renew any loans to South Africa. Businessweek, Aug. 12, 1985, reported that this threw South African business into a panic. The bankers then demanded that South Africa give blacks the vote. Gavin Relly, chairman of the giant Oppenheimer-Rothschild conglomerate, Anglo-American Corp., tried to force Botha’s government to accede to these demands. Botha refused. Relly then went to Zambia to negotiate with the Communist-dominated African National Congress, preparatory to turning South Africa over to them.

The similarity of the major networks evening “news” programs has given rise to a report that, each day, a list of ten or twelve “acceptable” news stories is prepared by British Intelligence in London for the networks, teletyped to Washington, where the CIA routinely approves it, and is then delivered to the networks. The “selectivity” of the broadcasters has never been in doubt. Edith Efron, in The News Twisters, (Manor Books, N.Y. 1972) cites TV Guide’s interview with David Brinkley, April 11, 1964, with Brinkley’s declaration that “News is what I say it is. It’s something worth knowing by my standards.”


This was merely vainglorious boasting on Brinkley’s part, as he merely reads the news stories previously selected for him. Efron concludes this important book, which was refused by all the major New York publishers, as follows:

“The networks actively slanted their opinion coverage in favour of the black militants and against U.S. policy on the Vietnam war.
“The networks largely avoided the issue of violent radicals.
“The networks actively favoured the Democratic candidate, Hubert Humphrey, for President over his Republican opponent, Richard Nixon.”

Efron could not foresee in 1972 that, having lost the election to Nixon, the networks would engage in a successful bid to negate the election and drive him from the White House through their trumped up “Watergate” campaign.

It seems incredible that there are literally thousands of interesting and vital news items from all over the world available to the networks’ evening “news” programs, and yet they are restricted to the ten or twelve stories approved by London. The American public has known for years that something was amiss. As cable programs became available, there were mass defections from the networks propaganda vehicles. Some authorities report that the three networks have lost 40% of their viewing audience, although they are desperately trying to conceal this. If forced to revise their advertising rates accordingly to their actual viewing audience, they would be technically bankrupt, as their revenues would not cover operating expenses.

Television is a medium of light. It is a reflection upon all of us that we have allowed it to be taken over by the forces of darkness. What had been taken from us can’t be regained. Taxation is the medium by which the parasites maintain economic control over us because we refuse to admit the obvious fact that “Taxation is the price we pay for irresponsibility”.


We advise Americans to go to the United States Attorney and ask for an investigation of Criminal Syndicalism. We have exposed in great detail the interlocking Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation and Federal Reserve control of television and the goals of the World Order which they espouse. There are adequate laws on the books which forbid all of these activities.


Corpus Juris Secundum 46, Insurrection and Sedition, sec. 461c,

“Sabotage and syndicalism aiming to abolish the present political and social system, including direct action and sabotage.”

Corpus Juris Secundum 46:462b,

“Statutes against criminal syndicalism apply to corporations as well as to individuals organizing or belonging to criminal syndicalist society; evidence of the character and activities of other organizations in which the accused is a member or is affiliated is admissible.”

This means that any of the networks presenting a program inimical to the interests of the American nation, and seeking to change its character to that of a “1984” style dictatorship, can be charged under the law of the United States.

Corpus Juris Secundum 22ª identifies Criminal Syndicalism:

“In a prosecution for being a member of an organization which teaches and abets criminal syndicalism, evidences of crimes committed by past or present members of the organization in their capacity as members is admissible to show its character.”

People v. LaRue, 216P627CA276.

This means that you can introduce into a charge of criminal syndicalism any information about activities of any organization with which any director of any television corporation is involved. Look into it! [H: Ah, BUT, who is there of you brave enough to send the very best - yourself?]

So, now you know who owns the three biggest American TV companies, and you can’t deny that there is – obviously not accidentally – a Jewish banking background. But let’s have a look at who founded them and everything will make even more sense:

  • National Broadcasting Company (NBC): David Sarnoff

  • Columbia Broadcasting Service (CBS): William S. Paley

  • American Broadcasting Company (ABC): Leonard Goldenson

[H: We have been given no “ending” to Mr. Mullins’ writing, so we leave it to you to sort it as readers; however, I suspect it is along about here.]

If you now remember the “Mosaic Law”, the phrases we read out of the Talmud as well as the Protocols, you will understand why so much rubbish comes out of Hollywood and pollutes the world (horror, violent action movies, porno, computerized-off-nature kids… everybody knows what I mean). If somebody would be interested to enrich the world, he wouldn’t produce horror movies or other violent stuff. Whatever comes out of Hollywood is never the truth.


They turn history around to make people believe what they want them to believe. (They make the king Richard Lionheart, who really was a cruel slaughterer, a fatherly ruler.)

“By their deeds ye shall know them.”

Well, at least I have recognized them by their deeds, understand what they are up to and why they are up to it. Have you recently heard about a second Goethe or Mozart or Hesse coming out of that scene? No? Neither have I. Have you ever thought about why there are no people of genius coming out of our youth anymore?


Most of them are TV addicts and TV believers and just repeat what they’ve been told in their schoolbooks. Most of them like to drive big cars and eat fast-food junk, and they are not even interested in a technology that would make their cars run twice as fast with no gas at all. Perhaps you can imagine that I’m not very happy to know that much stuff at my age.


I’m pretty much by myself, even though I have traveled extensively on five continents. There’s almost nobody I’ve met, not even among grown-ups, who is able to confront the coming situation without fear, consciously and responsibly, because most people don’t know who they are, what they are here for and what life is all about.

3. “He (the Beast) also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no-one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666….”

In the Cabala, as in the Tarot Card VI, the Lover, the number 6 symbolizes Temptation, the way from the spiritual into the physical, whereas the number 9, the number of wisdom, symbolizes the way back from the physical towards the spiritual.

The Hopi Indians of North America have a prophecy that states:

“No-one will be able to buy or sell if he has not the mark of the Bear. When this mark will be visible, the third Great War will come.”

Imagine that the Hopi Indian was shown a vision several hundred years ago in which he sees a bar code. Since he naturally in unfamiliar with today’s name for it, he describes it as looking like the traces a bear leaves when he sharpens his claws on a tree. The bar pattern on the products have several lines that, depending on thickness and spacing, stand for a specific number whereby the product and its price can be identified. You can see the twelve shorter double lines, like the tracks of the bear’s claw, six to the left and six to the right (in the beginning there used to be only five).


In addition there are THREE longer lines, left, center and right. If you now look for a 6 in the short lines and compare it with the long, you will see that the longer ones are always the same in every bar code all over the world, only the short lines change. The computer hence always reads 666. And I promise you that if things don’t drastically change, and soon, we will soon be unable to but anything without a bar code. And then, sooner or later, you will have it on the hand or on the forehead.

The largest computer in the world to which all others are linked stands in Brussels, and it is called “La Bete” (The Beast).
It is easy to solve the problem of how to force the bar code upon the people. Instead of occasional small economic crises the international bankers will now start a worldwide crisis that will be the worst we ever suffered. This event will be used to introduce a single world currency, a world bank with absolute control and payment without cash.


Once the world’s banking systems have all collapsed, there will be no alternative to the debit card and people will have to accept it. The only way around the card and a subsequent tattoo is to be self-reliant, to have some gold and silver and to produce something (agriculture and crafts) to barter with others. Thus it is indispensable to live in the countryside for leading an independent and self-sufficient life is all but impossible in a city.

H: I can’t help but interrupt here to emphasize what was just stated above. And also I must point out that you who walked with me (us) and assisted in project possibilities have now turned and run after the very ones who are costing you everything you worked to accomplish – even to the farm which was leased and for which storage was given facility.]

Through misuse and theft the first tenants took value which left little for actual “farming” and/or research on our special grains, etc. Now we have had to forfeit the land itself and only retain the buildings thereon to preserve a place for working as in “office” after losing the center in town. It is also continuing to be leased to TRY to preserve the stored grains and other items for which the farm was under purchase agreement as well as retain the use of wells for irrigation. We do not have enough funds currently to cover the rental payments.


So, when “cause and effect” is considered, it is hoped that you all will each remember the effect was CAUSED by your lack of foresight as you tipped down the primrose path with your declared ENEMIES and users. You want God to offer and give you security and you are not patient enough to even work in your own behalf as you blame and shame the ones who have stayed the course. Is it not time you people start looking at the picture and DOING something positive to assure selves some protection and assistance? Can we get the land back into our care?


Not many of those who stayed the course want the further beatings of heart and mind. Many of YOU have literally supported the adversary DIRECTLY. What yet do “we” owe to you who have lied, cheated and thieved from us? Oh, indeed, you have been fooled into aiding and abetting the Spectrum group, as a for instance, and have cast a shadow of great hurt as you sever “the beast”.


So be it – for those choices are of your own discretion. However, where will YOU go when the fire from the sky falls? What will you eat with no land to till or seed to grow? It is time you get serious about these things, for these writings are old and outdated – you are now in the final stages of the take-over and you still blame God and Brother. Look at self and perchance you’ll see your brother differently.


Another interpretation of the number 666.

This is numerology, the calculation of the name. As stated in the excerpt from the Bible, this concerns the number of its name (the Beast’s). According to the Cabala every letter corresponds to a number. Every letter and every number in turn has a specific meaning or character. If I know the meaning of the numbers, I can determine from the calculated number character and fate.

An example:

a b c d e f g h I
J kl m n o p q
S t u v w z yz
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

2 1 9 3 4 6 5 8 1 2 1 2 3 9
15 15 33

6 6 6
666 = 6+6+6 = 18.

The 18 corresponds in the Cabalistic numerology to confrontation with emotion, secrets, falsehood, lies, egoism, criminality, destruction, accident-prone, general difficulties, illness, danger…

The eighteenth Tarot card is “The Moon”.

This card symbolizes emotion, grief, solitude, illness, accident-proneness, dreams (difficult times).

I took this numerological deciphering of the name of Karl von Habsburg from an Austalian book called The United States of Europe. The author, a devout Christian, describes the Habsburg dynasty with their deeds. He tries to prove that the Holy Grail is not – as hitherto assumed – a vessel that had contained the blood of Jesus. He further states – as do Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln in their book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail – that Jesus was not only married but had also fathered children.


The marital status of Jesus is one of the great secrets of the Bible, he says. And in Judaism this is strange behavior indeed. From the Gospels, he writes, it is known that a large number of his disciples had been married (Peter, for instance) and Jesus taught just that.


In the Gospel of Matthew 19: 4-5:

“Haven’t you read, that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female’, and said, ‘for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the tow will become one flesh’?”

Marriage was compulsory according to Jewish custom. The unmarried state was severely judged. If Jesus had not been married, he would not have been accepted by the Jewish people as he was, and this kind of break with Jewish tradition would have found some mention in some of the gospels. Further Jesus was called Rabbi by his disciples. And the Jewish law of the Mishnah clearly states that an unmarried man cannot be a rabbi.

Baigen, Leigh & Lincoln add:

“Underlying most Christian theology is the assumption that Jesus is God incarnate. In other words God, taking pity on His creation, incarnated Himself in that creation and assumed human form. By doing so He would be able to acquaint Himself at first-hand the vicissitudes of human existence. He would come to understand, in the most profound sense, what it means to be a man – to confront from a human standpoint the loneliness, the anguish, the helplessness, the tragic mortality that the status of manhood entails.


By dint of becoming man, God would come to know man in a way that the Old Testament does not allow. Renouncing His Olympian aloofness and remoteness, He would partake, directly, in man’s lot. By doing so, He would redeem man’s lot – would validate and justify it by partaking of it, suffering from it and eventually being sacrificed by it.

“The symbolic significance of Jesus is that he is God exposed to the spectrum of human experience – exposed to the first-hand knowledge of what being a man entails. But could God, incarnate as Jesus, truly claim to be a man, to encompass the spectrum of human experience, without coming to know two of the most basic, most elemental facets of the human condition? Could God claim to know the totality of human existence without confronting two such essential aspects of humanity as sexuality and paternity?”

The authors go on to describe how after the flight from the holy land, the wife of Jesus with her family found refuge in the south of Gaul where the lineage was continued in a Jewish community. It seems that during the fifth century this lineage united by marriage with the royal line of the Franks and thus founded the Merovingian dynasty. The descendants of Jesus have survived all attempts at wiping them out.


Later the royal blood was safeguarded by the Prieure de Sion. This is a secret society whose aim it was – according to these authors – to keep and guard this secret about the marital status of Jesus. Grand Masters were among others: Leonardo da Vinci 1510-1519; Robert Fludd 1595-1637; Isaac Newton 1691-1727; Karl A. Emanuel von Lothringen 1746-1780; Maximilian Franz von Habsburg-Lothringen 1780-1801.

The house of Habsburg-Lothringen descends – according to the authors – directly from the Merovingians and therefore from the lineage of Jesus. There are however several other families who can claim the same for themselves.

Baigent, Leigh & Lincoln say to this:

“During the nineteenth century, the Prieure de Sion, working through Freemasonry and the Hieron du Val d’Or, attempted to establish a revived and ‘updated’ Holy Roman Empire – a kind of theocratic United States of Europe, ruled simultaneously by the Habsburgers and by the radically reformed Church. This enterprise was thwarted by the First World War and the fall of Europe’s reigning dynasties. But it is not unreasonable to suppose that Sion’s present objectives are basically similar.”

It is very probable that these aims are still followed today. Judging from the speech Otto von Habsburg – Honorary Knight of the Deutschritterorden (Teutonic Order of Knights) – gave on May 9, 1993 at Bad Mergentheim before the Deutschritterorden, it is still in its interest to establish a “Fatherland Europe”.


It is most certainly no accident that recently the son of Archduke Otto von Habsburg (member of the Committee of 300), Karl von Habsburg, should marry the daughter of Baron Heinrich von Thyssen-Bornemisze (also member of the Committee of 300).


The author sees a link between the purported Habsburg history, the 666 deciphering of Karl von Habsburg’s name and of the Revelation. By the way, the Habsburgers are in possession of the spear with which the Roman centurion Gaius Cassius had pierced the side of Jesus. Around the myth of this spear several thousand pages have been written (among them Trevor Ravenscroft: The Spear of Destiny).

Whether the events concerning the family of Jesus did actually happen this way or not, the Catholic Church has something to hide and reacts very sensitively – probably they secret pertinent documents. The question whether Jesus was a father or not is by itself unimportant because it won’t change anything in today’s world, except perhaps for some possible descendants or some fanatical so-called faithful who confound the person with the importance of his teaching, who do not succeed in translating their faith into action. There is a big difference between believing in Christianity and practicing it.

I don’t claim that Karl von Habsburg is unmasked by the numerological value of his name as the “Antichrist”. This was taken as an example of one way of looking at the number 666, and there are many more people who have that number. So do not create a new enemy concept.


Yet it could be that he is still to take up a key position; remember that the Habsburg dynasty belongs to the Black Nobility as well as to the Committee of 300. Just be alert about what goes on around you while you spiritually develop further. That the so-called Antichrist is not to be found externally will be further discussed in the chapter “What Can We Do?”

A further example yet, in the Old Testament (1 Kings 10:14)

“The weight of the gold that Solomon received yearly was 666 talents.”

People of the Thule-Gesellschaft had interpreted thus: Since 666 is – next to 333 and 999 – also a gold standard, and since in Revelation 13:18 it is said that the Beast, whose name is 666 and who causes everyone to have the mark on the right hand or on the forehead, is the JEWISH MONETARY POWER.

That the number 666 has to do with the bar codes, the credit card systems, with banks then and with money, is clearly shown by the fact that:

  • the number of the code of the World Bank number is 666

  • the cards of the Australian banks in Bombay is coded 666

  • new American credit cards now also show a 666

  • the Olivetti computer system “P 6060” uses numbers starting with 666

  • computer receipts all over America have a group of grey dots on them surrounding the number 666

  • every Israeli lottery ticket has the number 666 stamped on

  • the international line access code in Israel is 666, etc.

Rockefeller’s EXXON is also interesting:

5 6 6 6 5

The double cross which is formed by the two combined X’s in EXXON (have a look at their emblem) is an old symbol of the Scottish Rite as well as of Satan worshippers. But there is still another meaning to the 666, the most important one in my view, of which I have not fond mention in any other book so far:

Who introduced and uses the credit cards in the world? The banks. Not the little ones, but the big ones. And who are the big international bankers? The Khazar-Jewish ones – the Illuminati!

OK. And who are the Jews (especially the Talmudists) waiting for?

The Messiah!

And why are they waiting of the Messiah? Because the Talmud tells them:

“When the Messiah comes, all will be slaves of the Jews!”

(Erubin 43b)

This Messiah must be a very nice guy, if he wants to make you and me to be slaves of the Jews. Let’s have a look whether there is any “proof” to this anywhere. As you know, symbolism and numerology is a very important tool to the Masons as well as to the users of the Hebrew language.

So, we want to analyze the word MESSIAH! But MESSIAH is an English word, and it doesn’t even come out of the Hebrew tongue. Its origin is the Greek language: MESSIAS.


Now we want to take that name in the Greek Alphabet add it up and see who the Jews are waiting for so fervently:

40 5 10 200 200 10 1 200 = 666


1 Names of the Hebrew letters
2 Samaritan letters
3 Hebrew and Chaldean letters
4 Numerical equivalents of the letters
5 Capital and small Greek letters
6 The letters marked with asterisks are those brought to Greece from Phoenicia by

7 Names of the Greek letters
8 Nearest English equivalents to the Hebrew, Greek and Samaritan letters.

Note: When used at the end of a word, the Hebrew Tau has the numerical value of 400.
Caph 500, Mem 600, Nun 700, Pe 800, Tzadi 900. A dotted Alpha and a dashed Aleph have the value of 1,000

Remember again what has been said in the Talmud:

“When the Messiah comes, all will be slaves of the Jews”.

(Erubin 43b)

So what does all this mean?


Well, to explain this, I have to jump ahead and state some views from the last chapter of this book.

To understand what life is, you have to know that life is based on the law of Cause and Effect (in physics the Law of Oscillation).


If we believe in Satan, in an enemy and a hell, in a force that is trying to harm us, life will prove to us that our belief is correct. Whatever we are believing, comfortable or painful, life is proving to us that we are right. Whatever the input we give into the computer, the printer is going to print it out.

Somebody who believes that the forces of polarity – positive and negative – complement each other and therefore can both be used in a constructive way, will be proven right in this belief system as well. And both are right. (You would think somebody very stupid if he claimed that the negative power coming out of the socket was “evil”.)


That’s what the Illuminati try to keep you away from – from recognizing that it’s you who decides whether you have a happy life or not. According to the “Law of Affinity” life is a mirror or our belief systems, whatever they are. And because of this, life on Earth is a reflection of the belief systems its inhabitants hold on to. And most of the people on the Earth have been made to believe that there are two forces fighting each other and that these forces are outside of them! Which is absolutely crazy, and there is nothing like it, neither in physics nor chemistry nor in magic that proves that claim.


Do it and you will see that everywhere in this universe all forces work together. So, the outer world will reflect the wrong belief patterns to everyone. The outer world does not distinguish between good or bad – it just reflects what is put in. Understand that the big game the Illuminati play is based upon the trick to make people believe that success, love, luck, God… are all to be found outside of them (in money, work or sex, in church or mosque, as the Christian, Muslim or Jewish God).


Therefore you become dependent on them, get caught up in their traps. If you start getting your answers from within yourself, through watching, recognizing, feeling and mainly through listening to your intuition, you will get real answers, because these answers are proven to you in life, and nobody, no power in the universe, can take away what has been proven to you inside already. This is important to understand the following.

H: Readers, be VERY CAREFUL with this as we reach into the “Author’s conclusions”, for you must have good data “in” to bring good conclusions and correct data “out” of that “inside”. Each “normal/ordinary” person is born in knowledge of “right” and “wrong’. There is very definitely no full definition of “good” or “bad”; however, friends, do not for one minute believe that there is no “good” or “evil”, FOR BOTH EXIST – AND THEREIN IS THE TEST OF MANKIND IN HIS ULTIMATE REALIZATION.]

So all the Christians and Muslims and unknowing Jews are looking on the outer for a Christ or a Messiah (Antichrist). And they will find an Antichrist in the outside world, the manifested “Bad Guy”, and they will see their belief system proven. They will be shown an “Antichirst” made by the Illuminati to keep them in their narrow-minded “good and evil” belief system. The Christians will say: “See I told you that I would be right!” And they will be wrong!

This person will show upon in the “world theater” some time between 1996 and 2000. In the Fatima prophecy, for instance (those were ETs, too) and in other revelations it is said that this guy will show up suddenly, create miracles, heal people, materialize and do all kinds of fancy stuff. [H: How is that for a good enough reason NOT to show up?]


He will be a megastar, good-looking, charming… He will come from one of the most powerful Jewish families, but you won’t know about it (as you don’t know that Kohl, Brandt, Roosevelt, Truman, Carter, Stalin, Lenin, Khrushchev, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, all are of were hidden Jews, too).


Everybody will like him. And the main sign to recognize him will be that he will be supported and will be made a megastar through the American-Jewish-Illuminati controlled TV worldwide. The people will follow him, worship him for his “miracles” and he will travel publicly around and unit one country after another in the UN!!! Imagine a megastar of magic who is capable of all sorts of “miracles” would suddenly start healing people: millions would easily follow him.

The man-made Antichrist is a little older than me and is traveling right now. He is not “bad”, he’s just being used (through success, money, women, power competence, radiation, influence, adoration) and the lower aspects of him are used by his masters to tie him up in this game. But he will eventually recognize that he is used. He will realize what actually goes on, and I’m certain that he will become conscious about himself and his real powers and will choose to go his own constructive way. I know about him and he knows about me, and there are much, much higher aspects of us guiding us both. Things are working out fine, for every one of us.

But the Illuminati will try everything they can to make their plan happen. And they will make people on this planet believe that their narrow-minded belief systems have been fulfilled (the prophesied Antichrist in the outer world). These Christians will point to this man-made Antichrist and won’t recognize that they have forgotten to work on themselves, on their own egos, because that’s where the real Antichrist is.


That’s what this means.

The Illuminati will try everything to keep people in the belief that God is something that lives outside of them, something they have to pray to, instead of consciously recognizing that they ever existed out of God and have never been separated from Him/Her/It. As long as people believe this nonsense of good and evil, you will find this “game” being played on this planet, and you will be puppets of these powers.


The Illuminati want you to believe that you are goyim, cattle and nothing more. They want you to believe that you are meant to be a slave, to be used by them. They make you believe it through the churches, their “nut houses”, that you are the tool of some forces, be they Satan or God. And if you believe it, it will become YOUR reality!

And I’m telling you right here, right now: Don’t believe this nonsense! There is just one power, and, besides all kinds of other nice things, this power created by two forces, positive and negative to hold together the third dimension with its twelve overtones. And what for? They are here to be used by US, the MASTERS to CREATE, too! We all are able to use the positive and negative powers through out intuition, visualization, thoughts, feelings and actions in a constructive way, if only we so choose. It is up to us.

And the Illuminati were very successful in making these masters believe that they are all slaves. And most of them accepted it. Poor world!

But more about the Antichrist in the last chapter.


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I believe the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the New Testament of Satan give an adequate picture of the machinations used by the wire-pullers of world events. Someone might want to claim that this activity by the Illuminati towards world rule is unrealistic and improbable, that the peoples of this Earth are not deceived and the masses cannot be guided and embroiled in war.


But any critical person cannot deny the conflicts, the hatred, the wars and unrest, the hunger and the misery in this world, the splitting up of nations, the still escalating racial hatred in EVERY country of this world, the striving for independence, the powerlessness of the rulers, the corruption of the politicians, the escalating perversion and brutality of humanity, the unlimited indebtedness of the states, the instability of the currencies, the economic crises, the collapse of agriculture, the unemployment, the unrest among the populace and above all the Godlessness of the people.

It is rather a strange coincidence that the present situation of the world so perfectly fits the Protocols and that the plan of Albert Pike has been translated into action with such frightening accuracy. I would also like to recall the fact that five ROTHSCHILD agents were present at the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, which can be verified in any history book. They acted as ADVISORS to the leaders of England, France and the U.S. And since we know that the treaty was fashioned in such a way that war was absolutely inevitable EVERYBODY will see what had been the advice of the ROTHSCHILD AGENTS. Think about this conscientiously.

To quote Franklin D. Roosevelt:

“In politics nothing ever happens accidentally! If something occurs, you can be sure that it had been planned that way!”

Thus I come to the conclusion that up to this point in history all the important events in politics and finance run according to the Illuminati’s guidelines. Only those in the know can see the interrelation. If you think back to the subject of information control and to the list of names, you will understand why only very few “really know”. This is also the reason why Hitler had all the occult and educational literature burned.


As Dieter Ruggeberg says:

“Occultists can only be recognized by occultists!”

An atheist or materialist will never understand or be able to follow the trains of thought or the motives of an occultist. One distinguishes between constructive (or positive – also called spiritualists) and destructive (or negative) occultists; the positive uses his knowledge of the spiritual laws to understand life and thereby to help himself and others, the negative uses it exclusively for himself, i.e. for the realization of his own ego.

Thus the highest occultists (negative in this case) of the planet, the Illuminati, the elite and all their follower lodges occupy, as the uppermost levels in finance, politics, economics, religion and science, almost all the leading positions and they use the old satanic knowledge for their plans. On the other side are the six billion people who purposefully are kept ignorant in falsified religions, atheism, realism, materialism and trusting science, thus speak a different language and exist in this world with nary an idea what is really going on.

Confirming this, Ruggeberg writes that:

“All those atheists and agnostics who chorus with the “progressive’ section of the Church that occultism and magic is only a daft superstition do not at all realize that they fell prey to a willfully planned politics of certain church and lodge circles. Many a famous atheist would turn in his grave if he knew that his honors and decorations were put on them by members of occult orders and lodges to use him as a tool for the dissemination of certain misleading ideas.”

(Geheimpolitik – Secret Policy).

They had planned both World Wars (and the coming one, too), financed and won them. They also brought the bane of drugs upon us. They plan and cause expansions and depressions in the economy of the nations and use political and economic events to their advantage and to the detriment of the populace. This is also the reason why they are so inconceivably rich.


These people on the one hand want to be respected and worshipped, while on the other hand and in secret they bring disaster to the nations and instigate wars. Over the centuries they have created opposing sides to confuse people, and then use others who work for them to stand at the front and do the dirty work. If something goes wrong, the puppets are blamed and not the puppeteers.


A majority of humanity actually believes that if a war breaks out today, the nation concerned was also the perpetrator. Those believing themselves clever by proclaiming that certain nations were predestined for war, like the “Evil Russians” or the “Yellow Peril” or “Germany Forever Fascist” are either acting stupid or actually are stupid.

Where do you believe a Chinese, Russian, Arab, German, American, Serb or any other government gets the money to build its armaments industry? Do you really think that there is one nation who could build an armaments industry with their own savings? Today there is not a single nation on this world that is not so indebted that it could exist without credits from the international bankers. Do you think the Serbs have enough money for arms to wage their war with? If the Russians had ever started a world war, from where do you think would they have lent [borrowed?] the money?


Naturally from the international bankers. It is not for nothing that Rothschild owns a bank in the Kremlin. This is why they are called INTERNATIONAL bankers. They are not especially concerned about England or the U.S. Wherever money can be goy you will find the international bankers. And since a war is the best possible money source, they are always interested in provoking wars.

[H: This is a good place to remind you that ALL of the U.S. money is borrowed from the Fed/IMF, et al. The taxpayers’ funds go to pay the INTEREST ON THAT MONEY! Moreover, YOU are paying massive interest on money that has no VALUE whatsoever – and you end up paying for it at least twice and sometimes a hundred times over. Your are but bond-slaves, citizen. Then you pay taxes on more taxes on the things you buy or licenses you get. Remember, that as long as a thing or “right” can be confiscated for any reason, taxes or otherwise – IT IS NOT YOURS!]

If these bankers don’t want a war there is no credit and therefore no arms. It is that simple.

If a nation wants to go to war, it first has to ask the bankers whether of not they agree to it. If they do agree, the armaments industry is built up with their financial support and off you go. l Do they not agree, because it might contravene their own plans, there is no credit and without money there are no arms and without arms there is no war. In the case of war though it is not a question of a few million, it concerns sums in the billions.


As I have shown in the course of this book, the money for the Bolsheviks, for the Germans before and during the Second World War, for the Russians, for the Communist system and also for Saddam Hussein always came from the same lenders. That is why nothing is ever accidental in politics or war. If there is a war, it must have been planned, otherwise no funds would have been made available. Consequently the present and future trouble spots are wanted and perfectly planned to reach the one overriding goal, the One World Government.


The Illuminati themselves claim that they have set up this one world government to finally establish global peace. It is interesting that they use war as a means to get there. Do you think that they will change and act differently once the world government is established?

By their deeds ye shall know them!

Actually there is nothing to be said against a world government; it is the ultimate goal of this planet, if only it is led by people who have the well-being of their fellow-men on their minds and who vouch for development mentally, spiritually and above all freely, i.e. no secrets before anyone, the right for free development for everyone by presenting the knowledge so far held back should this be wished. The world government that has been talked about in this book is of the elite and for the elite only, i.e. the rest of humanity is kept unknowing and is thus enslaved.

If you still cannot believe that “those up there” are not interested in what the people want, whether they are alright, whether they survive the next war or not, then why are there no shelters for the people except in very few countries like Switzerland?
Did you ever realize this? And the danger of a new war that might also include Germany is very real, not just because it says so in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and in Albert Pike’s letter.


The Servs have only got to realize their threat of firing rockets on Germany should it interfere in the Yugoslav war. Or, should hunger and poverty in the CIS states and the North African “third world countries” increase even more – which can be predicted without any special powers of prophecy – they will not go to China or the U.S. to get what they need, thy will go to Germany first.


The Swiss have no problem with this because thy have their shelters and guns in their homes and also live in the mountains where the hungry will not want to climb. But the Germans will have to be rather defenseless against these events. For the elite and our politicians who “really have earned the privilege” of survival there are numerous perfectly laid out underground bases with food and everything necessary for the survival of several decades. Yet the naïve rank and file has conveniently been forgotten.

Just think this through. How would you react if tomorrow the Serbs would gun Munich or Stuttgart?

Former Illuminatus George Orwell in his book 1984 has clearly described how things could be in the eyes of the Illuminati. This includes control by a laser tattoo. There were several attempts to stop the publication of 1984.

Naturally it is not too late. A lot can be done if the people of all nations would give up their appalling ignorance and would really start to be concerned about humanity and the planet Earth.

But through the games of the Illuminati we are so beautifully caught up in our own small world of problems that most have long lost track and therefore have pulled back from the world’s activities.

Just a short example illustrating this last remark:

The mass media (controlled by the Illuminati) is drumming into you that in order to be a good citizen you have to have a great car, your own house, a family, a career, designer clothes, etc. After seeing this picture of the perfect “member of society” for decades on TV and in print your subconscious has absorbed the information and now you are convinced that you really need all these things (the same of course goes for attitudes and fashions). To get all this you have to really work hard. But you cannot work fast enough. You want these things now. So you buy on credit and with installment plans and slowly but surely you are caught in the net that has been laid out for you so perfectly, and obligations and debts will tie you up for decades.

Add to this the family and the kids, the money for holidays, car repairs, etc. you are finally trapped in the vicious circle “created by yourself”, with your oh so many problems, so you find neither time nor inclination to check whether what you happen to be doing is what you actually want to do.

And then some time you discover that you are not at all happy with what you created in the outer world and that today you would go about it differently but that now it is too late. This is, simply put, what is planned in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and that for decades happens in all countries of this world. In addition you might feel inadequate to deal with all the problems and you look for refuge in drugs and alcohol. Once you have reached that point, the race of this life is all but over anyway. Yet some still make it. In the next chapter I will show that it is never too late.

But treating symptoms to your problem or of the conditions presented in this book. Had you checked whom you vote for and what you support daily, the world would look different today and the Illuminati would have no power over you. With “you” I mean every human being on this planet.

How did Ross Perot, candidate in the last presidential elections in the U.S. say so succinctly:

”If you want to find out what is wrong with your country, go look in the mirror.”

Here some will possibly say:

“Wait a minute, this all started long before my time and there are six billion people actively involved, why should I start changing things?”

Because you are aware that here something is going wrong! Your consciousness has changed, you have realized that there are other, better ways to deal with life and thereby you are distinct from your “unconscious” fellowman. You now are responsible for the cognition you just gained. Before you may just have said: “I didn’t know about it.” But now you KNOW. And now you can’t just sneak off.

We are all only abused because we are not critical enough and don’t watch out. But just as we slid into it, we can get out again. On a physical level it might be important to become self-sufficient. To plant out grain ourselves, to sink wells, keep a few goats for milk and cheese, use alternative power, bury some gold in the garden for emergencies… just be independent.
This does not necessarily mean that one has to cut back on normal life.


Today there are many communes leading an almost luxurious life. Certainly more in the States than in Germany. But it works anywhere. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Add your best friends, those you trust, do it together. Together it will be easier, because each and everyone is unique and in one way or another, special.

H: Oops! Right here WATCH IT. Be careful in the “commune” naming. You will be immediately registered as a CULT – and you will be harassed out of every good thing you hoped to accomplish. You can work together toward some gainful projects WITHOUT BEING A COMMUNE OF SOME KIND. You must be self-sufficient and GROW something that can be productive and sustaining or you will have only once again fallen into a pre-laid TRAP.]

So we can balance each other.

Find people of like mind. Start by reading critical literature and go to pertinent lectures; increase your knowledge and form discussion circles. Subjects like “free energy devices” and the construction of them are certainly not uninteresting. It is also important to speak of emotions. But get to the point, don’t circumlocute and just discuss.

Possible solutions in the outer, the material world are given in some of the books in the literature list.

Many historians themselves have been caught up in the web of entanglements and have transferred their own cause-finding and responsibility to the Zionists and the Jews. Some Christian researchers went for the Freemasons and believed they were guilty of it. Not all the members of the Rothschild family are beholden to the ideology of world rule! So do not make sweeping judgments! The reason for this book is NOT to pinpoint some perpetrator or other, but to recognize the principles and the modes of action and to look now at possible solutions.

Again very clearly:

The Illuminati are not part of any religion, party, nation or group, but they used them all as cover. Therefore I would like to stat once more that this game had started thousands of years before any of the persons mentioned in this book were even born, and it will not end with them either. Those we call today Satanists or who are representatives of the Zionist community (Rothschild, Warburg) are only pawns in a game with much higher stakes. You must read The Gods of Eden by William Bramley.

Ruggeberg writes:

“RUDOLF STEINER had already in 1920 pointed to the fact that the names of those highest in an occult secret society never appear in the list of members… In negative or black magical orders all the important written documents are rendered in a secret script that can only be deciphered by the unknowing by using the appropriate key. The materialistic historians will have a lot to learn in this respect if they don’t want to do without the whole truth.”


The Illuminati first of all see themselves, they want to be the most powerful and to have everything, i.e. the world. They lie with an inflated “ego” consciousness. Rest assured that the Illuminati therefore deal with one another in exactly the same way as they do with nations.

Everyone wants to be the best, the richest and most powerful. It is doubtful however whether or not these people sleep well and ever experience a feeling of happiness and fulfillment.

William Bramley for instance, shows in his book The Gods of Eden how the human Illuminati themselves are used and how the whole subject of secret lodges is interlinked with extraterrestrials, starting with the Brotherhood of the Snake. Those who believe to have global power are themselves puppets in the hands of other beings. (More about this in the list of literature.)

Here again those adages are true:

“You can easily fall into your own trap.”
“Those who want to rise highest above others will become the lowest.”
“Birds of a feather flock together.”

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