I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn as “Narrator” or “commentator”. Typist is Dharma (DJE). This is for identification, please.
Into or hands had been placed a remarkable document with permission to share as we see fit. I acknowledge the author-researcher of this document even though he remains unidentified as to “true identification”. Truth-bringers must come under what protection they can gain for selves and we owe immeasurable appreciation to those whose investigations lead them onward in spite of the risks that research brings. The document speaks for itself, please.

I prefer to leave the information as written and without further comment on same as to personages except to say that the copy we have been provided is from Spain – having traveled through translators and researchers in Germany, Switzerland and even by way of Australia and those aforementioned UFO characters. See, there truly ARE others in the program without taking identifications which are false or remote in CLAIMS of holdings. I repeat the WE HAVE NEVER VARIED ONE IOTA from our assigned task (mission), no matter how many might deviate from their “claimed” direction of intent. As for this book in point, we would ask a couple of things, for this will be a “refresher” course in preparation for the next PHASE of the project under way.

1) The book is BANNED and we respect the danger to the author(s). Therefore, the cost for same off the shelves IS PRICELESS. It has been presented from the original presenters in request that it be allowed to work within our own projects and that source be so far remote in origin as to use devious means to get it to this keyboard operator we recognize as “dharma” and in which I, Hatonn, have request for comment as we go along word for word, and not run through “scanners”.

2) To insure a continuation of CONTACT, directly request to handle the material and documents: Please do not bypass the information by simply gathering clandestinely from our resources.

The book itself, under the most inexpensive method of acquiring, is worth for more in “real” expenses than the cost of a subscription to CONTACT AS A SUBSCRIBER.

No, Mr. “Bellringer”, you will not get by with describing “some of the staff of CONTACT AS BEING SOMEHOW SEPARATE AND APART FROM DISCREDITED HATONN, DORIS AND E.J. Sorry, after all this time of foolishness, you will find for self how incredibly stupid you present in your ongoing hogwash about the quality of SPECTRUM. Is it not time you got your heads on straight, readers? How, pray tell, could you judge the scribe a lie while the staff is no different from our own presentations? You CANNOT have one without the other.

Do we want Spectrum’s Subscribers? No, but we are certainly weary of the theft of presentations and you had best think about that EVERY TIME YOU SEE A REFERENCE TO “OUR LONG-TIME READERS” BY ANY SUCH “OTHER” PRESENTER. I repeat: We have never deviated one iota from our intent as stated at upstart. If there are “long-time readers”, YOU ARE CONTACT READERS – AND SHIFTY WORDS WILL CHANGE NOTHING AS “NOW” BEING TOLD YOU.

Furthermore, our old friends who never had options of making a choice if they went “with” The Spectrum Group, must be given a chance for reconsideration of their position. When Satan stirs the pot, beware the brew!


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The life of a publisher is really quite interesting. You are never safe from surprises. In 1993 a young man who did not want to give his name called me and said that he had just written a highly explosive book. He was now looking for a publisher, but he wanted to remain anonymous. I said that would be OK and asked him to send me the manuscript.

Some days later a diskette arrived in the mail, together with a sum of money. The parcel had no sender’s address. There was a letter though that you will read on the following pages.

I printed the text immediately and read it with the greatest interest and without stopping. Upon finishing I was shattered – and that even though I had already known a few things about the machinations of certain circles in our high society.
Of course it was impossible to check all the correlations shown in the book for their validity, but if only a part thereof is true, I now understand why there is so much suffering upon this planet, why most people are poor and all the wealth and power of this earth are in the hands of a few unscrupulous persons.

Nobody can pass by this book!

Cordially yours,


K.D. Ewert-Gamalo Tiozon


[H: Following is the letter which would have been around 1993 as stated. The book itself was presented in 1995. I offer this so that you can understand the more recent recognition of the book itself.]

Dear Mr. Ewert!

About a year ago I received from a friend a copy of your magazine “Resolut” and I was surprised to find so many books dealing critically with different topics on one publisher’s list. I was impressed that you dared to offer these books as well as your own “free energy” developments so openly.

From “Resolut” I understood that you were prepared to publish first works as long as they are convincing and that the author is prepared to share the cost as stated. Therefore I send you on the enclosed diskette the manuscript “Secret Societies and Their Power in the 20th Century”.

You certainly will ask how I got hold of this information. Actually I stumbled upon the subject of “Secret Lodges and Politics” while researching something completely different. [H: Isn’t this the way of it?]

As you certainly know, all matter, both in the microcosm and in the macrocosm is held together by electromagnetic forces. If I find a way to interfere with these electromagnetic forces and to alter them specifically, I can influence both matter and time. There are two ways to achieve this: with machines, and without them. The machines to do this are known as space-time modules and as anti-gravity flying disks, the so-called UFOs, that by their self-produced magnetic fields, can manoeuvre independently of the earth’s magnetic field (anti-gravitation). Other machines that can tap into these electromagnetic fields and change them to usable energy are called “free energy devices” (e.g. tachyon converters, space quanta motors).

People who can alter matter by consciously rotating their “MERKABA”, their own magnetic field, are called AVATARS (the best known in the Western World was called Yeshua ben Joseph, Jesus, who was a master amongst them). It is thus possible to create directly from the ethers (materialization), to eliminate gravity, to float or to walk on water (levitation), to displace oneself instantaneously, for instance, from Africa to America (teleportation), spontaneous healing by changing the structure of the cells, etc.

I had the advantage of having been raised spiritually. Thus, I learned early on to consciously program by subconscious, to live following the universal laws and to train my mediumship. According to the law of resonance I then started to attract similar people to me. I am now 27 years old, have traveled five continents, and have found the mentioned machines as well as avatars in almost every country.


In New Zealand I encountered several people that had emigrated there precisely because in Europe they had met with severe difficulties from the nuclear, oil and electricity lobbies because they were developing free energy devices or anti-gravity flying disks. I started to ask just why we never hear about these technologies and why the Churches are presenting the works of avatars as miracles. Why are human beings like Jesus and Buddha elevated to be Sons of God although their deeds are merely the application of definite laws of Nature that are at the disposal of everyone on this planet?

So I slowly discovered who and what was behind the fact that these themes never appear in the media or are ridiculed and why publications are fraught with the utmost disregard to human lives. That this topic is not just a game became terribly clear to me when an acquaintance, a ranger in the north of the New Zealand South Island had discovered a testing ground for flying saucers of the U.S. Air Force and was found only five hour after he had announced his find at the foot of a cliff, murdered together with his only witness.


I met CIA, Naval Intelligence and BND (Bundernarchrichtendienst of Germany) members that were or still are involved in such projects. Many of them didn’t want to continue in this deadly game, but they fear for their lives – surely justifiably so – if they revealed information. Information like this and other “secrets” that I stumbled upon during my research have been collected in this book. All of it is interlinked with secret societies, religion, high finance and politics.

Now I am torn between the terrible helplessness that I feel along with the rest of my generation and that drives so many into a feeling of NO FUTURE, and the defiant drive to counter this madness in a refreshing, unaffected and unbiased way, with awakening might, with the well-known spiritual laws and spiritual knowledge. As publisher and author, we have to awaken, to stir up, but the changes have to be wrought by today’s young generation of this bogged down humanity on our maltreated Mother Earth.

As I have been repeatedly and very seriously warned against personally standing up to these established powers, I am sending the manuscript without sender’s address in the hope that you will be equally convinced of its content and will publish it under the pseudonym given. Under the circumstances I would also be prepared to waive any remuneration – in the interest of the cause.

I wish this book diffusion and success under the caring blessings of the positive spiritual forces! [H: Smile!] To you, Mr. Ewert, my heartfelt gratitude for your endeavours, and protection, and strength for your future work in the service of Truth.


– Jan van Helsing

[H: The next in order in the document is, of course, the “Index”. We will leave that for the time being because there will be no way up front to generate pagination or reference. We will offer topics as they appear as to the text. I, Hatonn, will make my comments as usual, in brackets. And, yes, Lester K., there is an importance to New Zealand beyond your interest in Rife microscopes – just please be patient, my friend.]


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Imagine you are an extraterrestrial, have just crossed uncountable light-years and are now approaching the planet Earth. It is your mission to reconnoiter this planet, to establish contact with its inhabitants to exchange information and knowledge of any kind. If this proves positive and you are convinced of the sincerity and peacefulness of the people, Earth could be accepted into the Intergalactic Federation.


Then it would be possible to have open contacts with inhabitants of other planets which would cause a rapid development of the earthlings’ consciousness and in their technology and health service.

After entering orbit you switch on your monitor to receive eventual signals. You get a news station reporting on what’s happening on Earth. Thus you recognize that this is a warring planet where for thousands of years people fought, maimed and killed, not, as you would at first assume, enemy planets, but EACH OTHER.

You soon realize that there is no concept behind these wars, because some fight for their religion, others because of the color of their skin. There are some who are unsatisfied with the size of their country and others fight just to survive, as they have no food. Some have only financial gain in mind, but on the whole, everyone is mainly concerned about himself. You realize that this planet is not at all ready for the information and the technology that you have to offer. No matter which country you would choose to land in, your gifts would certainly not be used for the good of everyone on Earth, but again just for the selfish interests of those leading that country.

Perhaps you will think back to your home planet and the time that there were still wars there. But since this has been overcome thousands of years ago and you have no inclination to relive that scenario, and since you found that a few “missiles” had been fired in the direction of your space cruiser, you quickly decide you’d rather go visit another planet.

Have you ever wondered why people are always warring upon each other?

The Swiss scientist Jean-Jacques Babel found that during the 5,600 years humanity fought 14,500 wars with three and a half billion dead. That is half of today’s world population. In the 1991, for example, there were 52 wars or warlike crises upon Earth. This means that in the very year, after countless wars and clashes on this planet, among them two world wars in just one century, there are 104 opposing ideologies facing each other, with concerns that apparently weigh heavily enough to justify the killing of further millions of human beings.

What purpose could be served by war among them?

For centuries, peace organizations and philosophers alike have deliberated about this and found that almost all human beings upon Earth fight from time to time over territory and food. But aggressive behavior among animals cannot be compared directly with the behavior of human beings because the latter also have intelligence, consciousness and ethics. Just think of the difference between two predators fighting over the prey and multinational arms companies living off the sale of weapons and therefore off permanent war.

That the “fight for survival” can also be a source of entertainment is known from ancient Rome, when under the motto “panem et circenes” (bread and circus games) gladiators had to fight on another to delight the plebes and to distract them from their own powerlessness. The same principle today applies to televisions, videos and mass sports like football, which are all used to enable the superficial citizens to escape from the oppressive void of their existence.

What are the media diverting from?

What could man perhaps find out of realize if he wasn’t constantly diverted?

It is well known that a third party is usually gaining from the conflict of two others. If we enlarge this thought for persons to countries of to the whole planet, then we will still find it valid. Banking systems, for example, that had loaned money to a warring nation have a vested interest in seeing the war drag on.

Wars and unrest can also convince a people to accept the setting up of institutions, and to even welcome them, that under normal circumstances, it would never have accepted (e.g. NATO, UN).

On the whole, though, those not especially interested, excepting the dead, will find no link between the wars of the last centuries.

  • Could it be that wars benefit other besides the arms industry?

  • What is it that prompts people again and again to hate to such an extent that they are ready to kill their own species for it?

  • What can be so important to extinguish other lives for?

  • Has nothing been learned from the millions and billions that have already died in the wars, and from the pain thus induced?

In Yugoslavia, for instance, several peoples had been living together peacefully for many decades just to slaughter each other now. What is it in these people that their brothers who lived in the same village, speak the same language, look similar, wear the same clothes, who love and enjoy, laugh and cry just as they do, are suddenly their bitterest enemies, so they slaughter their children, rape their wives and mothers, put the men into concentration camps…

  • Don’t we know this from somewhere already?

  • Have really ideological reasons of certain groups led to these wars, or might there be somebody else pulling strings in the wings?

  • Who could that third party be?

  • Where does that concept of the enemy originate that we are fed by religions, schoolbooks and the mass media?

  • What are the aims of those who engender these concepts of the enemy and have them constantly suggested to us?

  • Who would profit most from the rising hatred and the degeneration of humanity?

  • Perhaps it is to Satan, Lucifer, Ariman, Baphomet or other intangible entities that one would like to pass the blame?


In this book, the story of some very tangible people is told, who in 1773, in a house in the Judenstrasse (Jew’s street) in Frankfurt, planned to pave the way for a, “One World Government” by the year 2000 with three world wars, a perfectly worked out plan using the fears and weaknesses of the people against them.

To aim for a world government is nothing new, even today the Vatican wants to make this world a catholic one. And history shows that to this end it let millions of people be tortured and killed.

Islam has the same objective, and today has the best chances to achieve it as Islam is now the largest and also most fanatical religion.

The “pan-Slavic” ideology of Russia, originally voiced by William the Great, asking for the elimination of Germany and Austria in order to take India and Persia after having subjugated Europe, is another along those lines.

A further ideology to be mentioned is the one asking for a confederation of Asian stated under Japan with the motto “Asia to the Asians”.

Last, but not least, there is the “pan-Germanic” ideology planning a control of Europe by Germany, later to be extended to the whole world.

Yet the persons mentioned in this book are independent of any creed and do not belong to any nation. They are neither “rightist” nor “leftist” nor “liberal” but they use ALL institutions for their objectives. They are members of one organization or another, but just to hinder any research, to confuse the “curious” and put them on the wrong track. They use Christians and Jews, fascists and communists, Zionists and Mormons, atheists and Satanists, the poor and the rich… EVERYONE!
Above all though, they use the ignorant, the lazy, the uninterested and uncritical.

Among insiders, these persons are called “ILLUMINATI” (the enlightened ones, the initiates), Big Brother, the invisible government, the Grey Men, the shadow government, the secret government, the establishment…

As far as I know, the so-called “Illuminati” started their dealings on this world about 300,000 B.C., when the  “BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE” in Mesopotamia, was infiltrated by the group of people we call “Illuminati” today and was misused for their negative aims. It is not only possible, but, very likely, that this drama had started much earlier, at the time when the “ego” developed.


But because of the work of the “Brotherhood of the Snake” we can trace this activity back to a time in history which was followed by groups like Jews, Christians, Freemasons or other religious sects only 3,000 generations later. Today, this “game” is played, among others, by a few members of the Zionist community, as the book will show, but it has neither started with them nor will it end with them. What had started way back then is today still following the same rules. It suffices therefore to look into the present situation to recognize where the problems are.

If one wants to categorize the thought or belief system of the Illuminati at all, then perhaps one has to choose “Machiavellism” which justifies power politics without ethical standards, thence: political unscrupulousness.

An example: POWER

You are the new king of a country and you want to make sure to remain king. So you call two persons to you, one after the other, of whom you are sure that they would do as told.

The first one you educate according to “leftist” principles and you give him funds to set up a party.

The second you also finance, but you ask him to found a “right wing” party.

Now you have established two opposing parties, you finance propaganda, elections, activities and thus you always know their plans. You control them both. If you want one of them to be ahead, you just give them more funds than the other. Both leaders think you’re on their side, and you are the “friend” of both.

The people will be so caught-up in the to-ing and fro-ing of “left” and “right” that they will never suspect that you as their king might be behind the dispute.

The people will even ask you for help and advice.

In the American Civil War (1861-1865) the Northern States (who opposed slavery) fought the Southern States (who were for slavery).

Before the war the ROTHSCHILD family had agents stir up pro-union feelings in the Northern States. Other agents, though, at the same time fanned secessionist feeling in the Southern states.

When the war started The London Rothschild bank financed the North and The Paris Rothschild bank the South.

The only real winners in this war were the ROTHSCHILDS.

To summarize the system:

  • One creates conflicts where people fight each other and not the true instigator.

  • One is never seen as the instigator of the conflicts

  • One supports all warring parties.

  • One is seen as the “benefactor” who could end the conflict.

Since the “illuminati” want to attain world power, their way to achievement is to sow as much discord as possible between the people and nations of the world so these will be caught up in a net of misinformation and will never find out who is really behind it all. The international SECRET SOCIETIES, which we are about to look into, are the mightiest tool for sowing discord among the people. At the same time people are constantly involved in wars amongst themselves that eventually they will tire of it and will “plead” for a WORLD GOVERNMENT.

And here we see the plan. The “beneficial organization” will be called upon to end the conflict. And who is this on this planet? The UN! Let us see who is actually behind the UN. The “Illuminati” mentioned here are not just anybody, they are the richest people in the world.

They never appear on TV or in other media, since they not only own and therefore control all the mass media, but also the news agencies. And if ever something gets to be known about them, it is either neutral or positive.

The largest part of the population does not even know their names. And the authors who already uncovered some of their machinations never became famous, although they should have been awarded the Nobel prize.

It would be good to stand up against this, but how can 6 billion people fight against something they don’t even know exists?
It is a fact that almost the same number of people are so caught up in their own personal “problems” they never had – or lost in the meantime – the over-all view of what happens in the world and around them. The majority is suffering from “political frustration” and have therefore pulled out. Lack of time, failing interest, and insufficient discrimination because of a lack in specialized knowledge, have led to this “abstinence”. But pulling out will not change anything here, on the contrary, this is what our “helmsmen” want. Every single one giving up makes it easier for them to reach their goal. Thus the first thing to do is to gain knowledge of these goings-on.

And as a great world teacher said:

“Find Truth, for Truth will set you free!”

One could divide humanity into three types:

Those who cause things to happen.
Those who just watch what happens.
Those who are surprised at what has happened.

For this reason, this book is “my” contribution to bring some of these happenings to light. It tries to pass on the knowledge about some of the things that have been kept secret by the people who pull the strings upon this planet. The reader shall be enabled, if he just found himself under item 3, to at least advance to item 2, if not to item 1!

As the author of this book I am not representing any interest group, religious sect or nation.


I am a human being upon this planet Earth who claims his right to freedom and free development in order to fulfill his task here.


And as I very much value peace among the nations and in human relations – just as a large segment of humanity does, hopefully – I see it as my personal responsibility to at least present this information to my fellow men to enable them to make their own decisions.

The following should not just be swallowed without chewing first, as one would the stories that are served to us daily in the media.

I would recommend that superficial people who are happy with things as they are, close the book right here. But those who are used to looking behind the scenes may find a few far-reaching and challenging stimuli revealed.

If we see ourselves as real “finders” of truth and not just as life-long “seekers”, we should grasp any possibility to gain new knowledge, to test and eventually accept it. This could mean that if our mind is full of accepted views, opinions, dogmas or a set view of the world there is no more room for further TRUTH and that perhaps truth looks quite different from what we imagined.

This is why I am asking to here, at the outset, to remain open.

Forget your religious, political and ethnic bias and opinions for the length of this book and let us be just human beings, like children, open and ready to learn.

And let us try not to compare what is said here with a fixed view or with somebody else’s opinion, but to follow our intuition, our feelings and to determine for ourselves if this information rings true – even if in the end we find it upsetting.

Let us switch off our set modes of thinking that would say: “Oh my God, if all this were true, what meaning does life have, and what is my role in all this?"

No panic, the last chapter will deal with this at length.

This book calls for the reader to become self-critical and thus a really responsible citizen.

Search for yourself, find “your own truth” and examine these things without prejudice. Nevertheless, I will try on the following pages to stick to historical facts even if they are not yet widely perceived as such. I left my personal theories out in order to give a summary of the sources that are mentioned at the end of the book and that are generally accessible.

H: Dharma, a good place to break so that the portions are not unwieldy and also to allow a review of the typing. We can then have the “Introduction” to lead into the segments to follow in a more orderly sequence.]


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There are two levels of historical reality. The first is the general so-called public opinion that is served up to the average citizen by the mass media and will later, because of persons writing it down, become history. The second one, though, is made up of the happenings that are not revealed to the public. This is the world of the machinations by secret lodges and secret societies which interlink capital, politics, economy and religion. On this level nations are made, wars are instigated, presidents and leaders are put in office and, in case they don’t function, eliminated.

The citizen who fashions his opinion and his view of the world form what he gathers from the mass media like newspapers, TV, radio, book learning and common literature will find most of the things revealed in the following pages unfamiliar.
Thoughts like: “I never heard of that!” are understandable because secrets and the dealings of secret lodges only fulfill their purpose if they do remain secret. But the very existence of secret lodges shows that there must be something that the lodge brothers find important to keep secret.

What could that be?

As I will show, many lodge brothers of different secret societies find themselves in positions that one can only dream about. This shows that whatever they keep secret from you has elevated them to these positions.

Let me give you just one example here to illustrate what I mean with “dream position”:

One of the main organizations pulling strings in the U.S. is the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). This semi-secret organization is dominated by the Rockefeller syndicate and a European secret society called “COMMITTEE OF 300” (explanation follows).


In the list of members of the “Committee of 300” that I got from Dr. John Coleman’s book Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Committee of 300, I found among others:

“He is representative in London of the ‘N.M. Rothschild Bank’.
“His other positions are as follows:
“Chairman of the international advisory committee of the ‘Chase Manhattan Bank’ (Rockefeller).
“Chairman of ‘Royal Dutch Petroleum’/
“Director of the ‘Shell Petroleum Co. Ltd.’ And
“Trustee of the ‘Ford Foundation’.”

This shows extraordinary power and influence in a single person. But how did he get there? This now has to do with the secret societies and orders of which he is a member. In this case it is the “Committee of 300”. And in that committee there are 300 persons of the same caliber amongst themselves (and he most certainly is not the mightiest). Can you imagine that decisions and resolutions made in meetings of these people can have a very great influence upon what happens in the world?

These persons keep secrets from the public. They know some things that we do not, and therefore those who call themselves the “ILLUMINATI (the enlightened ones, the initiates) are incredibly powerful. Wouldn’t you like to know what the secrets are the “illuminati” keep from you?

Almost all the secrets have to do with the past of our planet, the history and the origin of humanity (how and where?), the reason for our being here, the so-called UFOs and the consequences thereof (UFOs = Unknown [Unidentified] Flying Objects, the common name for flying devices with two counter-rotating magnetic fields, mostly cigar- or saucer-shaped and of terrestrial of extraterrestrial origin).

I presume that the word UFO is not welcome to some. That is why it is so important to be open for new things! And the subject of UFOs is not new, on the contrary. People in Europe have been just as misinformed as everyone else upon this Earth where UFOs are concerned. And that again has to do with the Illuminati who control the media! Especially here in Germany.


I would like to give here an example to show just how real and earthly the background to this phenomenon can be:
Beside the “THULE-GESELLSCHAFT” (Thule Society), which will be described in detail later, there was another secret order in the third Reich, the “VRIL-GESELLSCHAT. This was mainly occupied with the building of UFOs. They had, next to Viktor Schauberger and Dr. W.O. Schumann, also Schriever, Habermohl, Miethe, Epp and Belluzo working for them, whose developments were greatly accelerated after – according to them – and “extraterrestrial” saucer went down in the Black Forest in 1936 and was hardly damaged.


After having scrupulously studied the drive and having joined the findings to the already enormous body of knowledge of the “Vril-Gesellschaft” about implosion and anti-gravity, they started to build their own prototypes. Developments like the “Vril-7” (V-7), a disc-shaped supersonic helicopter (not to be confounded with the V-1 and V-2 cruise missiles) were so astounding that today’s stealth bombers look like toys in comparison.


The Vril-7 developed by Richard Miethe, for example, and equipped with twelve BMW 028 turbo-units, reached, in a test flight in Peenemunde on February 14, 1944, in vertical take-off, the height of 24,200 meters and in horizontal flight a speed of 2,200 km/h. By the end of 1942 several units of the circular aircraft RFZ 6 with the name “Haunebru II”, had already been built. It had a diameter of 32 meters and a height at the central axis of 11 meters and near the ground it reached a speed of over 6,000 km/h. It had an operational range of 55 hours, took off vertically and could fly horizontally, vertically and – most importantly – manoeuvre at right angles (a movement typical of all the UFOs observed all over the world).


Later Vril developments were even more successful; as early as the beginning of 1945 they succeeded in flying around the globe in a few hours. A large-capacity version of the Haunebru II had a diameter of 120 meters and had integrated sleeping quarters. Just think why one would need sleeping quarters if one could fly around the world in a few hours? (More about “Vril-Gesellschaft” and its developments in the chapter named accordingly).

Many will now ask:

“Why did Hitler not win the war if he had technologies like these at his disposal?”

The reason is that although a large number of these flying disks showed incredible performance, yet they were well nigh unusable in a military context. The reason was that the magnetic field produced by the levitation drive acted like a protective shield around the craft and, while it rendered it almost impossible to shoot down, was almost impossible for the “conventional” weapons to penetrate without “friction”.


The projects were under the supervision of the “Vril-Gesellschaft” and the SS E IV (Secret Development Center for Alternative Energy of the SS), i.e., they were not directly under Hitler’s and the NSDAP’s orders and basically were not planned for war use. Only later when Germany’s situation deteriorated did one think about using the flying discs in the war.

Another reason is that most people have no idea what Hitler’s real aims were, where he had been educated, of which lodges he was a member, whose ideology he adopted, who put him in his position, who financed him and what reasons there were behind the Second World War. Hitler’s ideology had nothing to do with what we call today the “general reality” and with what is told about the Third Reich in schoolbooks.


Hitler was a mystic and an occultist down to his shoes, and to understand what happened in the Third Reich one had to look at it from this viewpoint, too. To most “materialists” among the historians, the Nuremberg Trials were a mixture of Grimm’s fairy tales and stories from the mentally sick, because they were unable to think themselves into the roles of the defendants, now had they the necessary knowledge to understand the stories these people told. Dieter Ruggeberg puts this very aptly: “Only an occultist can recognize and occultist!”


The chapters about the “Thule-Gesellschaft” and the “Vril-Gesellschaft” will explain the ideology of these people in more detail, Hitler and his secret societies knew a lot more about the origin of humanity, the structure of the Earth, anti-gravity and “free energy” than we are taught today. That is also why all writings and books that could divulge this knowledge were removed or banned by the Allies, to ensure that humanity will remain easily manipulated. The Allies’ main interest were the technologies of the “Vril-Gesellschaft”. These were the best kept secrets of the Third Reich.


The Russians got their hands on the construction designs first, the scientists like Viktor Schauberger and Wernher von Braun became – in the operation “Paperclip– the prey of the Americans. The resulting developments of flying machines are under the highest security rating of the U.S. of A. They were also the reason why J.F. Kennedy had to die (see the chapter “The Kennedy Assassination”). There were, though, quite different experiments conducted in the Third Reich which would all but destroy the views of the world so far erected by the readers if given here.


Therefore they will later be treated separately.

  • Why have most people never heard about these things?

  • For instance about the founding of the German state “Neuschwabenland” (New Swabia) in the Antarctic during the Second World War?

  • And why did U.S. Admiral Richard E Byrd require almost 4,000 armed troops, an aircraft carrier and full military support when he went to explore the Antarctic? And why did only a few hundred of them return?

Many open questions.

Why have only few people heard of these things, or of the developments of NIKOLA TESLA, among which were free energy machines, energy transfer without cables, anti-gravitation and the changing of the weather by the aimed use of “standing waves”? What consequences would the knowledge about free energy forms and about the use of flying saucers, which only use a magnetic field for an energy source, have?


Especially if every citizen would have access to it, for their cars for example? No more, “Fill ‘er up!” No pollutants, no pollution of the environment. No nuclear power stations and more; people could no longer be kept locked within the boundaries of a country, and we all would have more free time because we wouldn’t have to work to pay for heating, petrol and electricity (in this time of life). And these energy forms exist. They have been existing for at least ninety years and have been kept secret all this time.

Why were they kept secret?

Because people on this Earth are controlled by energy, food and retention of knowledge. If the knowledge about these things and their use would be available to all, the Illuminati or other “egoists” could no longer play their power games. Churches, sects and drugs would lose their importance. Therefore it is imperative for the Illuminati to keep these things from the rest of the world, in order to feed their greed and their ego with their might. This was a side trip just to show that the UFO theme is more explosive and real than many would have it. The “strategy of ridicule” used by the Anglo-American establishment has so far cost several billion dollars, just to denigrate the UFO theme by the mass media successfully.

On top of that: The first law in a secret lodge is to never be mentioned publicly, even saying the lodge name by a lodge brother is punishable by death in certain cases (in the “99 lodge” for example).

In the secret school of Pythagoras pronouncing the last theorem, the “octagon” was also punishable by death. The octagon is an important key to understanding the “Merkaba” (the human geometric magnetic fields) and is therefore “illuminating”, that means a solution to our problems. (Mer-ka-bah = two counter rotating light fields, which transport both body and spirit = dematerialization and teleportation of the body.)

Secrecy is proper power. It allows the execution of operations without them being hindered by legal entanglements or potential opponents, and it also fosters the interchange of higher knowledge among the knowing.

Let us look here at the key scene from Umberto Eco’s In The Name of the Rose, when the blind abbot asks the researching William of Baskerville:

“What do you actually want?”


Baskerville answers: “I want the Greek book which you say was never written. A book dealing exclusively with comedy that you hate as much as laughter. Yet it is perhaps the only surviving copy of the second book of poetics by Aristotle. Many books deal with comedy, why is just this one so dangerous?”


And the abbot says: “Because it’s by Aristotle!”

Baskerville: “What is do disquieting about people laughing?”

The abbot: “Laughter kills fear, and without fear there is no faith. Who does not fear the devil no longer needs a God.”

(With this sentence we are nearer a solution to many problems we ever had on this planet than we believe. Perhaps some of you knew this already or will hopefully soon find out. Maybe you should read this paragraph a second time.)

When a secret lodge is deceiving the public with fraud and manipulation in order to attain political and economic power – at other people’s expense - then secrecy, as in the foregoing example, can become a deadly tool.

Of course I am not saying that all secret societies are destructive or evil. One of the many braches of Freemasonry for instance evolved after 1307 from the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR whom the Vatican, under pressure by the French King Philippe IV, persecuted. Those who escaped capture and torture by the Inquisition mainly went to Portugal, England and Scotland, where for centuries they worked in secret to bring justice to the world and to further human rights.


Yet history shows at the same time that the secret societies like the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasons can be a dangerous power with the ability to set up and depose governments and to use secret alliances for global alterations. Many books have been written about the Illuminati, mostly in English. Personally I disliked the fact that they were often written by fanatics, fanatical Christians, fanatical Mormons, fanatical Jehovah’s Witnesses, by fanatical rightists or leftists, etc., who had realized what happened around them, but had argued from their subjective view point and in the end pointed just to other groups or Satan as the culprits.


So I tried to collect the facts from the different fields of politics, religion and finance that in my opinion were most important and to summarize them without evaluation, so they are also acceptable to non-religious and other free and thinking persons and that dealing with the cause can be done by everybody, whether they be white, black or yellow. And you will understand why the Illuminati are interested that a single human being may not know everything.

No author will perhaps 100% succeed in painting a complete picture of the entanglements upon this planet, therefore the main focus of this book is to show you what the persons mentioned want and how they go about it.

As I said, the operations of the Illuminati go back to Sumerian times at least, but dealing with that would go too far here and would miss the actual point. So we will start with the Freemasons. It is sufficient to go back three hundred years, for although the names and institutions change in the course of history, the power behind them remains the same. In summary we can state already her that there are many more secret lodges and orders – and for a long time – than will be mentioned in this book. This compilation shall let you recognize the intertwining and give you a feeling for the fact that, more than ever, powerful people exist whose sense of values is “a bit different”.

This book shall give you an insight into the negative global entanglement. Since our material world can only exist in polarities, we may assume that an equally powerful potential of positive and constructive forces has to keep the balance. Only most people are not aware of these powers and the effects of a purposeful utilization thereof, and this is one of the reasons why they still allow themselves to be so misused.

My main goal is to show positive ways to counter these negative situations so we may free ourselves and develop a new understanding of cosmic forces (cosmos = Greek: “order”), global networking, human relations and personal heightening of the awareness according to the emerging new age.

Please don’t be disheartened if the concentrated brew of information proves too much for you to stomach in one go. Should you have a problem understanding certain passages or feel lost in the entanglements, please do not jump over any paragraphs, because they all help to give a coherent picture. Rather take the time and read those passages again. The lists of literature enable you to research for yourself and invite you to a further trip through the jungle of information. My historical review is just touching the tip of an iceberg or, to stay within the context, the tip of a pyramid.


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