Part 2


Getting History Straight.....

The Ten Commandments

(More on the Bible and Jesus)

This Awareness indicates that in reading the Old Testament following the Ten Commandments, entities will notice several conflicting expressions or commands, whereby the Lord, in one breath, commands that entities do this, and in another verse, commands that just the opposite behavior is appropriate. This Awareness indicates this inconsistency in the application of the law made Jehovah, one who could make laws and break laws, to be seen as an all-powerful God who was not even bound by his own word, by his own law. The God who says 'Thou shalt not kill', yet Himself slays the enemies of his people or demands a blood sacrifice of the first born, -- this Awareness indicates this as an action which was seen by these followers as a God of vengeance, power, and one who was above his own law; therefore to be feared.

This Awareness indicates that the entity Jesus presented an entirely different presentation of divinity, -- showing love, humility, kindness and that of as comforter and healer, not one who went forth slaying enemies or cursing those who were not obedient, but giving service to others, to the needy, to the weak and the poor. This Awareness indicates that these deities, Jehovah and Jesus, personified the level of consciousness at that time.

This Awareness indicates that these deities as personified in the ancient texts were not simply historically presented, but were also symbolic of the time and the Age, and these writings of these books were deliberately presented from secret schools whose astrologers and priests knew precisely what they were conveying according to the level of consciousness which would be experiencing, studying or developing during the Age. This Awareness indicates that entities would profit much by understanding the qualities of the signs of the zodiac and comparing these to the gods of the historical era of the different ages.

This Awareness indicates there are so many different levels of meaning in the Bible: the Old Testament representing both historical, allegorical, symbolic and secret teachings, as will be seen in the Scorpio Correspondence Lessons on magic. These old and New Testaments cannot be taken from a narrow viewpoint, literally accepted without further understanding, unless the entities do not care to discover the true and comprehensive value of this book of books.

This Awareness indicates that many entities prefer to have the simple, literal translation and ignore all of the deeper meanings, and this is their right to do so; but it is not their right to condemn others who wish to look deeper and find more meaningful messages which are also placed within these scriptures by the ancient priests and writers of the Bible.

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