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Why Do 'God-Fearing Christians' Fear God?

( Why not 'Devil-fearing Christians?'- More on the fundamentalists)

Awareness, I 'have wondered why politicians and preachers use the phrase, (and they use it very proudly) , that they are a 'God-fearing Christian.' Is this attitude that they have,--fearing God,--derived from what Awareness just explained about Jehovah, their confusion in thinking that he was the true creator?

This Awareness indicates this is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that were entities to see a spaceship hovering and moving down or going through the actions of slaughtering masses of people, the entities would certainly be fearful; and if they knew that this entity flying the spaceship was their commander, their Lord, they would certainly be fearful of the wrath of God, the wrath of their Lord.

This Awareness indicates however, that it is strange to hear Christians speaking of the fear of God, a 'God fearing Christian', when Christ was so merciful. This Awareness indicates that it would be more appropriate for entities to speak of the awesomeness of God or to admit to being in awe of God, but to be in fear of God appears rather strange. This Awareness indicates you seldom hear entities saying that they are 'devil fearing Christians'. This Awareness indicates however, that this would be just as appropriate, if not more so, for these entities in their testimonies.

This Awareness indicates that the majority of people in considering their religious views, really seldom stop to think through their beliefs, but generally simply repeat the doctrine which has been handed to them by those who indoctrinated them, repeating the proper phrases and slogans just as any patriotic citizen of any belief structure. This Awareness indicates that most religious followers seldom can explain or understand what they are actually in belief of, except through the parroting of the words were given to them by those who indoctrinated them.

This Awareness indicates that these entities would be amazed at the power of their own philosophy. This Awareness is attempting to provide glimpses that entities can begin to see the depth of meaning behind these philosophies known as religions, so that entities can, in fact, grasp the depth of reality which can be theirs when they can understand the meaning of these teachings as intended by the secret schools and priests which were responsible for the messages.

This Awareness realizes that many entities like to believe that God stuck His hand out of the clouds with a Big pen or Schaffer pen or feather and ink, and scribbled down all the words of the Bible, compiled the pages together, stitched them up, put a cover on the book and handed this to the Hebrews, and that the Bible which they presently have is an exact replica of this original Bible written by the hand of God. This Awareness indicates, in fact, that these books were written by scribes and priests of secret schools, of religious temples and compiled, not for the purpose of creating a Bible, for everyone to follow, but compiled over a period of time through the selection of those writings which the priests felt would be beneficial for others to know, for the society in general, with other books and writings being withheld from society because these might not be as beneficial for the society in general.

This Awareness indicates that the Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden these and other writings have been available for the inner schools and priests, and more recently have been made available to the masses, but these essentially are ignored by the Christian churches on the assumption that only those which they received in the earlier version presented to them as the Holy Bible from the Nicene Council through the shenanigans of Constantine and Augustine, only this is valid as the "word of God", even though some of the other books which were not included were written prior to, or along with, the present books of the Bible.

This Awareness indicates likewise, Christians find it very upsetting to discover that some of the stories of the Bible are found in other cultures, written in earlier versions and earlier books; and this fact, when discovered, must be ignored by these Christians who prefer to live a lie than face a question regarding their belief that this book was written exclusively by the hand of God and not by priests who compiled these stories from other writings, in other times, in other places.

This Awareness indicates that many of these Christians wish to ignore all evidence which is contrary to the bigotry of their own closed mind, living a lie and condemning others as workers of Satan, because those others seek truth and are willing to look deeply and risk the action of looking and risk the condemnation of witch hunters or judges who would condemn them for searching for truth, risking even the hostility and wrath of self-righteous Christians who would, if allowed by low, capture such metaphysicians and researchers and burn them at the stake for questioning the orthodox view of the church.

This Awareness indicates that this kind of closed mind is a sickness which, unless healed by the Law of Mercy , tolerance and the realization that if truth is meaningful, then one needs not threaten or destroy those who dare to seek the truth, and one needs not close off one's mind to questioning, to wondering, to asking. This Awareness indicates that when these Christians cease to fear God and learn to realize and understand that a creator of a universe such as this, would not be so narrow minded, so demanding, so hostile toward His creation as to insist that they believe only one thing or suffer eternal damnation and punishment. This Awareness indicates this, in itself, is a blasphemy against the character of the Universal Creator. Were the Universal Creator not merciful, tolerant and understanding of Its creation, It would--in the least--take such entities to court for libel and slander fro writing such trash about the character of the Universal Creator.

This Awareness indicates the Universal Creator wishes that entities be free to think, to question, to discover truth, even if it requires that they question their own beliefs or the books which they believe to be representative of the Universal Creator. This Awareness indicates It is appalled when entities in the name of religion, in the name of Christianity, can turn against others with threats of violence, with curses of hell, because the other does not think exactly the same way as does the first.

This Awareness indicates that you live in a strange fantasy upon the Earth, whereby too many entities are too self-righteous, without really knowing what it is you are talking about; for too many are simply parrots and repeating what you have been programmed with by those who programmed you from the programming which they received from their programmers before.

(Source: Revelations of Awareness 81-26)


When confronted by rabid fundamentalists,--'God fearing Christians'--who would like to see you tremble in your boots, and who threaten you with hell and damnation upon death for having interpreted scripture in some manner other than the literal, a good line, is to ask the question: "Into the hand that made the rose, should I with trembling fall?"

It is interesting to read "The Stairway to Heaven", by Zecharia Sitchin, a Russian raised in Palestine who has deciphered the ancient secret codes and hieroglyphs and proved that UFO entities came to Earth, cloned Adam and Eve etc. and explains the Biblical stories and 'miracles' in much the same manner as revealed by Awareness.

For more information on Jehovah, please refer to Numbers 78-35 (Cloning of Adam and Eve), 78-47 (Jesus not from Nazareth) 79-9 (Red Sea miracle), 79-18 (The Web of Conspiracy), 79-27 (Last Supper), 80-9 (Sodom & Gomorrah), available from C.A.C.

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