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The Ten Commandments

(How Jehovah Kept the Clones Confused)


This Awareness indicates that essentially, the first part of the book of Genesis, approximately 13 verses refer to the Universal Creator. This Awareness indicates that this book of Genesis as compiled from various writings, from various sources, from different priests, and compiled for the Old Testament by the Rabbi or Hebrew priests for their purposes in teaching and in keeping their own laws.

This Awareness indicates that much of the information in the Old Testament came from various schools of both the Middle East and also from India and Egypt, with various legends and stories rewritten and retranslated from earlier writings or from other cultural and religious teachings or other sources, and rewritten specifically for the Hebrew teachings and their use. This Awareness indicates that some of these Old Testament stories and writings were based on the history of the Hebrew people and some deal with the entity who called himself Jehovah.

This Awareness wishes to again explain that when being described as a being who appeared to Moses or to others, this entity reported in the Old Testament as Jehovah was, in fact, a commander of what may in modern terms be called an UFO or spaceship. This Awareness indicates that these commanders having occasion to check on the operation of their clones or the results of their genetic experiments did, in fact, and on occasion, intervene in their behalf during battles and conflicts with other people on the Earth.

This Awareness indicates these stories make up some of the Old Testament reports of Jehovah. This Awareness indicates that the actual names of these entities was not Jehovah, was not Lord, --- Lord was merely a title. This Awareness indicates that these were what in modern terms would be called the commander or captain of the spaceship. This Awareness indicates that on occasion, these Lords or the commandeer of the spaceship, would exit from the ship and walk with earth people, and on other occasions, the entity would remain in the ship and provide certain air cover or conduct some military or impressive maneuver with the ship and such descriptions would be recorded and would be referred to as the "Lord, creating or acting as a pillar of fire or a terrific wind" or some other form of force and power. This Awareness indicates that these descriptions of the Lord are often given in terms of the ship and its actions rather than of the pilot, captain or commander of the ship; but on occasions, the entity would be described in human terms as "walking with Moses".

This Awareness indicates that these Ten Commandments were essentially to be the law of the tribe for their social needs to keep the tribe in order, to give them some sense of identity, and to allow a social structure which would be suitable for their survival so that the rules of the society could be enforced by each of the members of society being made aware of what the rules were. This Awareness indicates, however, that Jehovah or the commander, in order to make sure that these entities did not become too self-righteous and believe themselves capable of pleasing totally the commander, these entities were given conflicting rules whereby they could not possibly follow one rule without breaking another.

This Awareness suggests that entities read the Ten Commandments, then read on for several chapters, and you will notice that whereas you are informed that the Lord commanded that: "thou shalt not kill", within a few verses later, the Lord is also explaining that if a man does not behave in a certain manner, he shall be killed and other actions shall be taken against his property, and in some cases, against his family. This Awareness indicates that the Lord also, at some point, asked that the first born son be sacrificed, and, at other points, assisted these entities in slaying their enemies.

This Awareness indicates that there were other conflicting rules throughout the approximately one hundred various laws which were given to the Hebrews through the various commandments and these, in many cases, conflicted with the Ten Commandments. This Awareness indicates that this action of creating conflicting laws was particularly designed to make sure that none of the followers would be able to follow the laws and that all would feel guilty and at odds with their Lord.

This Awareness indicates that these entities, while referred to by the Hebrews as Jehovah (and this being the common name given to these Lords), this Awareness indicates that these being the essential creators of the Semites, the Semites having being created by the Lord of Mars or lords of Mars, placed originally in Atlantis then again at later times watched over in the area presently known as the Middle East by the returning commanders of the spaceships. This Awareness indicates these entities being referred to as "Jehovah" -- that being the English translation of the Hebrew name JHVH which, in fact, was never spoken in Hebrew.

This Awareness indicates that this JHVH being spelled yod-he-vau-heh of the Hebrews referring, in fact, to the fire, earth, air and water principles or radiance, stability, vibration and magnetism principles which are the four universal qualities that create matter. This name JHVH or yod-he-vau-heh which has been translated into English as Jehovah was not, in fact, the name of these entities or lords which were guiding the Hebrews. This yod-he-vau-heh as the name meaning "the creating principles of the universe"' --- this as a code for the building block of universal creative forces.

This Awareness indicates that the yod-he-vau-heh was assigned by the Hebrews to their lord in the belief that the, (the lords), were the universal deity. This Awareness indicates that essentially, there was great confusion without the realization of any error in these misnamings. This Awareness indicates this as also having been used by this tribe of space beings even prior to their relationship with the Hebrews, but the act of calling themselves yod-he-vau-heh does not necessarily mean that these beings are in fact the universal creator, but rather this may be likened unto a tribe which named itself after the universal creator, and the tribe yod-he-vau-heh or Jehovah being a reflection name from the universal creator or creative principle.

(*See Exodus; Chapters 20, 21, 22 etc.)

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