The Mark of the Beast (part 7)
"Branding the Goyim"

(Excerpts Revelations of Awareness 79-11 )

This Awareness indicates there is seen a herd of cattle, with the cowboys carrying their branding irons, herding these cattle toward a particular direction--in a direction toward a pen, wherein these cattle can be branded. This Awareness indicates that there is complete obedience by the conditioning placed upon the cattle, who have daily moved toward that pen for feed.

This Awareness indicates there is now seen a herd of people being herded toward a pen, in a particular direction, with certain entities carrying laser tattoo branding irons, leading those people toward that pen, that they may be branded. That the majority of these people are walking willingly along, because obedience in the past has always served their security and give them their feed.

This Awareness indicates there is seen among those people a murmuring, a muttering, a concern, and the concern begins to grow louder and louder. There are some who are saying to others, "Quiet! You'll get us in trouble. We won't get our feed." There are others who are saying, "They're going to brand us!" This Awareness indicates there is seen that which is a disagreement, a concern, an intensification, and eventually there are shouts and fights among the people, wherein there are those who wish their feed at any cost, and there are those who wish their freedom at any cost.

This Awareness indicates there are many who scatter and leave the herd, moving into the forest and into the woods. There are others who become organized and move against those who would brand them, and brand their fellow prisoners. This Awareness indicates that all of these entities, if awakened, could simply turn to their branders and say, "You are not going to touch us with that thing." This Awareness indicates there would be nothing the branders could do, but to back off.

This Awareness indicates that the problem is the majority of people have consciousness that are approximately the same as cattle. This Awareness indicates there is a Jewish word commonly used to describe the Gentiles: that word is goyim. This Awareness suggests the word goyim means cattle. This Awareness indicates that this is not an exaggeration or a term to insult: this is rather a term which is quite descriptive of many entities. This Awareness indicates that the Gentiles often act the roles of cattle or sheep, and follow through to whatever sacrifice is intended by their masters.

This Awareness suggest that the oldest secret organization was controlled by Benjamin, and his family, whereby they marked cattle for the Pharaoh, kept track of the Pharaoh's cattle, and extended their action into all the know world, whereby they were the sleepers of the cattle in all countries.

This Awareness indicates from this, many other secret organizations began to develop, and have been in power on many levels since that time. This Awareness indicates this being the oldest known organization of a historical nature in your present civilizations.


The Future Is Not Fixed
(reading November 7, 1978)

This Awareness suggests that the future is not fixed; yet there is that force which is movement, which is on a collision course with other forces which are in movement, and when these energies come together, there can be much which is disharmonious as these energies reach their reconciliation.

This Awareness indicates that there is that force which has been called the Force of Darkness, that force which represent those energies which motivate greed, lust, power, and separateness.

There is that force which has been called the Force of Light, which represent Unity, Service, Love, and Harmony. These forces have enjoyed movement throughout the universe for eons of time; and there have been times wherein the Forces of darkness gained power over the Light Force, and times wherein this has been reversed.

This Awareness indicates that upon this plane, near the time -- the later part of the Atlantean culture -- the Forces of Darkness prevailed and won the battle against the Forces of Light. This Awareness indicates that this has now come around again and at this time the Forces of Light will win out against the Forces of Darkness.

This Awareness wishes to clarify: the Forces of Darkness are those forces which emanate from the concept of separateness. The Forces of Light are those which emanate from the concept of Unity. This Awareness indicates that the reconciliation between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness is that which brings about the Clear Light, the Energy which is associated with this Awareness, with Love and Mercy, Harmony and the acceptance of what is.

This Awareness indicates that the Clear Light is neither knowledge of good nor the knowledge of evil, but rather the Wisdom of Understanding. Updates on the implantable Chip (Beast)


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