The Ahriman Forces


How World Leaders are Influenced



Opening message July 12, 1983


This awareness indicates that in that movement which is occurring during this general time wherein the Forces of Ahriman are attempting to gain their control and place on this planet, there is seen that which is a time of approximately 1986, during which time this shall have reached a turning point one way or the other. This Awareness indicates that as previously stated, these Forces are in a concerted effort to regain power over this planet in order to set up a dictatorship.

This Awareness indicates that the energies toward this have been hindered severely by the timing, whereby things have been put off and slowed down so that the planned program did not come about on schedule, thus leaving a lag in the development of their efforts.

This Awareness indicates that this has however, led into an intensification of these efforts, but such intensification has also led to take changes and making mistakes and spreading themselves too thin, unable to hold it all together, which may bring down the Ahriman Forces. This Awareness indicates that also the awakening of the masses as that which will be the deciding factor.



This Awareness indicates that it was previously mentioned that the governments of the world have been influenced by those who are not of this world. This Awareness indicates that a clarification of this is in order. This Awareness indicates that the entities who are the leaders of the nations, through their positions as advisors or through their power and influence, regardless of their positions in the hierarchy, or title in in the hierarchy; these entities are in the various countries serving not only in the capacity of their own associates, their own association, their own dedicated purposes, but in nearly all instances are being programmed and have accepted the program of those entities who are not of this world,...these being entities of the inner hierarchy system, some being that of the Ahriman hierarchy.

This Awareness indicates that the way whereby these Forces control these entities is through telepathy and through a kind of inner plane or interdimensional programming technique. This Awareness indicates that this as occurring wherein these entities having their structural organization at a particular stage of development whereby the entities can exit from their physical bodies and move into the astral planes, and while in the astral planes they receive directions and programming from these entities of the astral level. These generally being the black magicians of Ahriman.

This Awareness indicates that there are also other entities who move on past the astral levels and into the mental and etheric levels and receive programming from higher sources. This Awareness indicates that these entities receiving from higher sources generally are Forces which work through the planetary hierarchy. This Awareness indicates that this not mean that these entities of the astral plane are incapable of materializing as physical forms, for indeed they can and indeed they do. This Awareness indicates that essentially, these entities are those who are often described as the brothers of the Shadow, or Dark Forces of Ahriman. This Awareness indicates that these Forces also have been called the MIB (Man in Black) types, though the MIB's are not the only ones who materialize from other dimensions into physical bodies.

This Awareness indicates that the greater influence however, is not through the materializations, but rather through telepathic controls. These Forces prefer that most entities are totally unaware of the interdimensional physics, the astral physics or the physics associated with these concepts of interdimensional realities. This Awareness indicates that essentially, they will do whatever is necessarily to prevent people from discovering that such interdimensional physics and psychologies exists.



This Awareness indicates that the connection between these realms as that which in being kept hidden, preserves the boundary or domain of Ahriman and these Forces. This Awareness indicates that as entities become more aware of these influences from the other dimensions they also become more capable of preventing those influences from affecting their own lives.

This Awareness indicates that essentially, every entity is being programmed by both the negative influence from the Dark Forces, and the more positive influence from the Higher Forces. These have been termed the Devil conscience and the God conscience, or the good and the evil angels or demons which entities have associated with their being,... this in term of the medieval type of concept, whereby a little demon sits and whispers in one ear, while on the other shoulder and angel is whispering in the other ear, each giving the entity conflicting programming; one, to do something evil, the other to do something good.



(The Rapture is Coming)

This Awareness indicates that essentially, these interdimensional beings are in continual communication telepathically with individuals. Those individual who are open more to the base energies of the lower chakras tend to respond more readily to those promptings of the Ahriman Forces, while those entities who are attuned more to the higher chakra energies tend to appeal and to respond more readily to the higher mental and ethereal promptings.

This Awareness indicates that for some reason entities during these present times, come under greater efforts, come under greater intensities, are divided by their actions, for the telepathic energies are stronger than they have been in the past. This in part due to the electronics involved in the present age which help to break down barriers between these dimensions. This Awareness indicates that some entities move more to the extreme of the Dark Forces, while others will move toward the extreme of the Lighter Forces.

This Awareness indicates that in this manner, the wheat and chaff are being divided in consciousness, and those who are attuned to the Forces of Light are those who will be raptured or lifted up consciously into higher states of Awareness. This Awareness indicates that meanwhile, the Ahriman Forces are intensifying their efforts to take control of the planet, even at the expense of destroying most of humanity. These Forces working through those in power in many countries, have spread themselves thin and are in fact vulnerable even as they are also dangerous to the planet itself.

This Awareness indicates that the energies in movement at this time (1983) are such that the flux and alterations of events stemming from these energies is that which is not presently predictable, although the Forces which would prevent a holocaust on this planet are fully aware what is occurring and of the great danger involved. This Awareness indicates that even though these Forces are aware, they also have certain limitations as to what they are permitted to do in order to prevent these Forces of Ahriman in the efforts to take control of the planetary energies.

This Awareness indicates that even as this is occurring here on this planet, so likewise there are similar Forces raging in other areas of the cosmos, (by cosmos this awareness includes the other dimensions also and these Forces are keeping the Light Forces quite occupied in many areas so that an easy victory for the Light Force is not that which is apparent in sight, for the struggle is still present and is still intense in many levels.)

This Awareness indicates that the Dark Forces however, have spread themselves dangerously thin and are in a vulnerable position.


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