The Mark of the Beast (part 6)
First will come a National Identification Card,
then the Identification Number, then the "Mark"

(Excerpts Revelations of Awareness 79-1 )

What About Using Credit Cards in your Business?

This Awareness suggests that accepting credit cards as not in itself the problem; that this is not the root of the concern. This Awareness indicates that wherein your business begins to depend upon a computerized, electronic fund-transferring machine which operates in a manner that requires the entities to have a particular number tattooed upon their hand or forehead, then, if you are still engaged in that business, you may be involved in supporting the Beast. This Awareness indicates that before you would be doing this, you also would have taken the number upon your own hand.

This Awareness suggests that either experience will be contributing to the enslavement of yourself and others under that which is the Anti-Christ (Force). This Awareness suggests that it appears there will be a mass upheaval before the Anti-Christ (Force) is given a chance to enforce it controls upon the masses of this planet. This upheaval appears to begin in the United States, largely through the Christian churches. That a general rebellion will occur, and there will be many who accept the mark and many who will not.


Those who accept the Mark of the Anti=Christ (Force) will do so by choice

This Awareness indicates those who accept the mark will not be accepting this in ignorance, for the majority of these entities will know full well what is occurring, or will have allowed themselves to become seduced and put asleep; but that allowing will have occurred at a particular conscious level at one time or another, and therefore, these entities cannot plead ignorance, even though they may think they are fooling others.

This Awareness indicates that those who remain true are those who shall experience the freedom of movement and shall assist in overthrowing those forces of the so-called Anti-Christ. This Awareness wishes entities to understand that the negative, or Alien Force, is playing the role or the reaper, who separates the pure from the impure, and assists in determining and allowing entities to judge themselves by determining whether they wish to seek physical security at the expense of spiritual realities, or whether they wish to cling to the spiritual wisdom and understanding and let go the physical securities.

This Awareness indicates this will become a personal decision which cannot be solved by any authority for any individual. This Awareness indicates that It will not tell entities what to do or what not to do on an individual basis, through any channel other than through their own. This in reference to this receiving of the tattoo mark upon the hands. However this Awareness does wish to inform entities that it does not condone any entity accepting this mark, for this will add to the power of the Anti-Christ (Force), of the Beast; and the more entities refuse this action, the fewer entities will suffer, and the sooner the Beast will be overthrown as will inevitably happen.

Many who take the Mark will later cut off their hand,
but after death join the workforce of Hades

This Awareness indicates that when this is over, those who have this mark will be in very difficult positions. This Awareness indicates that entities receiving the mark upon their hands will seek out ways of removing that mark and there will be many entities who remove their hand in order to remove the mark.

This Awareness indicates that the mark will even tattoo the astral body of the entity and this mark shall remain, even when the physical body has been discarded. This Awareness indicates those who receive the mark shall become workers, labor force, and slaves for the entities in the realm of Hades, and shall assist in the building construction and mines and other work expressions in Hades. (This Awareness indicates information on Hades has been given previously*), that there are some entities who love a challenge, and these entities will have the opportunity for this challenge. This Awareness indicates those entities who seek security in the Mark of the Beast will find that they are securely placed in Hades in those realms of the incomplete states, where they may work and serve the hierarchy of the Hades princes and leaders.

This Awareness indicates that exceptions may be made wherein entities are forced without their consent into this action, and particularly this in reference to babies who are forced or allowed by parents to accept this mark. That wherein these occur, exceptions will be made on individual basis, and that the degree of that which may be termed punishment will depend upon the individual's motives in supporting the Beast, the Anti-Christ (Force), through their own cooperation with this Anti-Christ system.

This Awareness indicates that those who truly are ignorant of what is occurring will be given lesser hardships in Hades, but will be given enough hardship that they learn the next time to be informed as that what is occurring.

This Awareness indicates that those who know what is occurring and cooperate with this fully, shall find themselves in deeper levels of trouble, with greater hardships for having participated in this plane to enslave humanity. (For an in-depth report on Hades, please refer to Revelations of Awareness Newsletter No. 78-19, "The Immortal Realm of Hades")


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