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Jesus Not a Hebrew, but an Elohim

This Awareness indicates that the entity Jesus was not the son of Jehovah, but was one who was an offspring of the Elohim, and descended to Earth in an action designed to liberate the Jews from the control of Jehovah --the liberation taking place through his action of following around the areas, each place which Jehovah and the Jews, or Hebrews, had experienced and made sacred in their teachings.

This Awareness indicates the Hebrews were expecting a spaceship of Jehovah to return in power and slay their enemies. This Awareness indicates that essentially, the entity Jesus, coming and claiming to be the Messiah, was a great disappointment and was totally unacceptable to the Hebrews who were told through their religions, and the passing down of their history from father to son, from mother to daughter, that their god was a god of power, vengeance, and of great protection, and one who would slaughter and slay their enemies. The entity Jesus as coming back and personifying love and mercy, in itself, was unacceptable to many of the Hebrews.

This Awareness indicates that the entity Jesus was, in fact, not one of the Jehovah, but one of the Serpent People, or those entities who were the followers of the Elohim --the entity Jesus as being an Elohim himself.

This Awareness indicates that this entity as having come from Celestria, and having descended into the physical plane for this special mission. This Awareness indicates that essentially, this story which the entity Jesus told, as being correct. That the entity did move, in fact historically, to all the places which has been prophesied by the Hebrews and their scribes, wherein the Lord would come and return.

This Awareness indicates that the entity, however, instead of coming in a spaceship of great power to Jerusalem, this entity rode a donkey into Jerusalem. This Awareness indicates that this entity as expressing humility and mercy and love in a manner that totally contradicted the power force which the Jehovah had exemplified.

This Awareness indicates that the Elohim, being referred to as the "Serpent people," this as a symbol for their spaceships--that the serpent as also seen in many cultures: the Egyptian culture, the Incan culture, wherein the serpent was seen as headdress, coming up over the head of the entities. This Awareness indicates this as symbolic of the spinal fluid, the kundalini fire, or kundalini energies rising from the base of the spine unto the pineal and pituitary, moving up the spine into the head.

This symbolism of the serpent as related unto higher consciousness, or cosmic consciousness. This Awareness suggests that this not as being a reference to the snake as entities believe from the reading of the Jehovah book of Genesis, wherein the serpent was made to crawl upon his belly. This Awareness indicates that the serpent, known as the snake, is nothing more than an undeveloped human being --an entity who has not yet evolved to the point wherein he has seven chakras, organs, arms and legs.

This Awareness indicates that in one sense, Jehovah did capture that serpent person, or the entity who was teaching his clone, Eve, and did use genetic influences and experiments upon this entity and removed his arms and legs and made this entity into the form which resembles a serpent, a snake. This Awareness indicates that this as being as particularly isolated case of vengeance rather than a universal creation.

This Awareness indicates that the serpent, or snake has existed longer than Adam and Eve, and the snake as you know today did not have arms or legs to walk around in or did not speak to entities in the manner described. This Awareness indicates that essentially, the serpent discussed in the Book of Genesis as being an Elohim, a person who was a follower of the Elohim. That this as an entity of high consciousness which was concerned with the experiments and controls and the slaves which were being created through the cloning process of Jehovah entities on Mars.

This Awareness indicates that the Space Confederation had warned the Jehovah entities against this kind of program whereby slaves were created through genetics of the cloning process, but that the Jehovah continued; and that these entities were classed as something on the order of the present day heretic, or what may be presently termed a fringe scientist. That the Jehovah entities were not concerned with the overall-good of the universe so much as with their own projects and creations, and this had a disturbing effect upon many.

This Awareness indicates that the Jehovah entities were not related unto the entities of Orion who were creating extreme power and control trips of moving from planet to planet for conquest; yet the Jehovah entities were somewhat between that which may be called the followers of Lucifer, and that which may be called the followers of the Elohim, or God. This Awareness indicates that these entities, being in between, were simply playing gods in their own way --likened unto renegades or small-scale creations inside a larger creation, wherein the larger creation was being watched by the Elohim, with the Jehovah creating their own small empire within that; and the Atlans or Tyrantians seeking to create a power-hold and base for conquest within that.

This Awareness indicates it matters not whether entities recognize the Elohim, or the Universal God, as the Creator. What does matter is that there is an ancient past history upon this Earth, and there has been a battle taking place between the Forces of Darkness and Light, in an effort to gain control of this Earth in order to use that computer previously mentioned, which would then give great power in controlling planets nearby.

(These files "How the Jesus Myth was Created" contain excerpts from the Revelation of Awareness Newsletters with Paul Shockley as the Interpreter. Issues nrs: Oct. 11, 1978, 87-1 no. 306, 88-12 no. 333, 2000-5 no. 527, 2001-9 no. 543)



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