Christian Religion Still has Certain Healthy Values

The concept of compassion, the concept of entities helping each other, of caring for one another, of respecting the souls of other people, of respecting their right to be, their right to live, and to have their own freedom of religion, the freedom to worship, the freedom to think, to talk and to share common interests with each other. These are common with the general Christian values.

There are of course those who are fanatics, as with any religion, and these entities can be manipulated into taking negative types of actions just as down through the ages religions have been used to make war on other forms of religions and belief, but this Awareness indicates it is important for entities to recognize the higher qualities of Christianity, for they are the qualities that made this country (USA) the vibrant and healthy country that it became, preferable before the recent two decades when it beacon to decline in its morality and its social values.

This country at this time is deteriorating in terms of its once glorious honor and prestige. It is now a fact that most entities prefer chasing money than following honor or integrity. They are willing to give up honor and integrity to get a few bucks, a little extra money here and there. This Awareness indicates you see it not only in the highest levels of government, among those who are the great leaders, but also you see it on the streets and among the people with whom you deal in business.


Christians Need to Organize a Defense Movement

This Awareness indicates It wishes to discuss this briefly because It sees that in this movement toward the New World Order that there is much effort in many levels of society to denounce Christianity, to give it the reputation of being racist or bigoted or otherwise fanatical and dangerous. This Awareness indicates the Christian movement does need to organize so that they can express their voice.


Christians Being Set Up for Massacre Like Hitler Set Up the Jews

Otherwise, this Awareness sees them as possibly becoming the scapegoat for the New World Order regime and the 4th Reich, even as the Jews were made the scapegoat during the reign of Hitler. If you take the same languages used in the time of Adolf Hitler and his propaganda machine and apply it to the United States and the terms that are being thrown out about Christians, you will see there is a strong parallel, and that essentially Christians are being set up to be massacred as a way of ridding the country of Christians, because they are the strongest voice in promoting values of morality and of spiritual eternity of the human soul.

This Awareness indicates if you can get rid of the idea of the human soul and life after death and the continuance of one's existence, then you can manipulate the masses and the government becomes the god of the people. This is the result of work in Communist China that encourages the New World Order to rid the world of religions other than those that are sanctioned by the New World Order government. (The 10 Planks of The Communist Manifesto)


Christianity to be Sacrificed by New World Order

This Awareness indicates you have seen what happened to the Tibetans in China and their religion. It can soon become common with the Christian religion in the United States to have the same kind of treatment. This Awareness wishes to warn entities to be very much aware of this because it does appear that the plan for the shadow government moving toward the New World Order in setting up that which they consider to be the "New Age" is to sacrifice Christianity.


The New World Order Satanists Plan a Blood Sacrifice

This Awareness indicates that it is seen that the New World Order expects to sacrifice Christianity in order to bring about the change and movement into the New Age. The blood-letting is part of the ritual. This is satanic in nature, and the satanic energies require blood-letting, and it occurs either in wars, or in the case like this, the artificially created wars of internal strife.

Therefore, you can expect an attempt on the part of these planners to destroy the essence of Christianity, of anyone who claims to be Christian, and it is important for entities to understand that most Christians know this. Most Christians understand this is the game plan, and that is why many of them form militia groups. It is a self protection. It is because they know the plan of the Anti-Christ is to destroy them, to prevent them from continuing or to have their religion intact.


The Hindu Cattle Worshipers are Symbolic of End of Taurus

This Awareness indicates there is no reason why the Christians should be destroyed, anymore than it would have been necessarily to destroy cattle-worshipers among the Hindus. The cattle-worshippers are remnants of the Age of Taurus. The slaying of the bull at the ending of the Taurus Age simply was symbolic of the end of the age, and cattle worshippers are simply remnants of those who worshipped the golden calf, or the calf or bull of Taurus, during that age.

This Awareness indicates there is no reason why entities cannot continue to live in in the Age of Aquarius and still, have allegiance to the god of the Piscean Age, the Fisher of men; but it appears that those who are of the satanic inclination want a blood-sacrifice to usher in the New Age. This Awareness wishes to comment that they are not the ones who are bringing in the New Age.

The Age of Aquarius is simply a cycle that appears; it is not something that these entities can manipulate into existence. It is simply the movement of heavenly bodies through space that cause things to to occur and these movement of heavenly bodies lead to a timing and an energy flux that is called the Aquarian Age or time of the Aquarian Age, and it has nothing to do with Satanism, but the Satanists are trying to take control of the energies of God's cycles. This Awareness wishes entities to be aware that the New Age is not satanic. The Satanists are attempting to control the New Age.


Satanists Could End Up in Sumeria

This Awareness indicates they have no room for mercy, concern for the welfare of others; they would never put the welfare of others above self. They would always put the welfare of self above others. This Awareness indicates that they take pride in their ability to harm, to destroy, to be without mercy, and in so doing, they identify with Bael, with Satan. This Awareness indicates theirs is a sick world in terms of any socially redeeming values, and in fact, they, in many cases, are moving toward that which this Awareness has mentioned previously as entities who in rare, in very rare cases, become irredeemable, and spend eternity in that seething subconscious lake called Sumeria.

This Awareness indicates that this Sumeria as being but a place where the souls of some entities who are totally irredeemable never escape and never have complete remembrance of self, but are a confusion and a mixture of each other, as their souls dissolve partially, mingling and commingling with the souls of others like themselves to the point where they are but seething energies of confused subconscious feelings and memories; these of their own agonizing emotions, from activities in which they have indulged.

This Awareness indicates that this is the hell that await some entities who move into these irredeemable states; that the majority of entities and souls never reach such levels of being irredeemable, even entities of great cruelty, if they can find within themselves remorse for their harming of others, can be redeemed, but this philosophy, this satanic philosophy and the philosophy associated with Bael from whence the satanic philosophy is derived, is that which in itself can carry entities into those levels that make them irredeemable.

This Awareness indicates it is the only philosophy that can do so; that the other philosophies, other religions, other beliefs, even the Luciferian philosophies do not lead to this irredeemable situation.


Possible Tragedy for Christian Religion

This Awareness indicates that the great danger that could cause tragedy for the Christian philosophy is in attempting to become too broad in labeling everything outside their own narrow belief as being satanic, and in doing so, create a backlash from those who are not satanic in such a manner that it causes the Christian religions to become ineffective and appear to be without proper restraints and discernment. This Awareness indicates that it could lead to violence between various Light groups and religious groups in a manner that would be most pleasing to the Satanists themselves.

This Awareness indicates that there are in fact, Satanists who infiltrate groups and will do what they can to stir up these conflicts between Light groups and religious groups. This Awareness reminds you that the Satanist groups have been around for thousands of years and are not easily exposed. This Awareness suggests however, that the times are changing, and if entities don't start pointing toward each other and labeling each other as Satanists just because they look somewhat different in terms of philosophy, the changes are that these Satanic groups will be brought into the Light, exposed before consciousness, so that they become ineffective in their work and can no longer carry on in their mischief.

This Awareness indicates that to be a Satanist, one has to be separated from Universal Consciousness, from other entities, so that in the final reckoning, the entity is alone; even fellow Satanists would betray each other, for their own purposes, for they have no conscience to tell them to feel merciful or to love each other, therefore, they look out for number one, and in the process of being separate, they in fact separate themselves, they become isolated in the power, for separateness gives a sense of identity, individuality and power, but in fact, it also leaves the entity totally alone, without support, and having absolutely no power whatsoever in reality, other than the illusion, which the entity may perceive for a short duration.


For New Age Groups - Discernment Needed

This Awareness indicates who seek power through separateness, through the rejection and hostility, cruelty or slaughter of others, are only isolating and separating themselves from any support that Universal Consciousness and the consciousness of others might offer. The only way these entities can redeem themselves is to come back, to rejoin, to seek forgiveness, to seek to belong to others and to Universal Consciousness; without this they are irredeemable.

This Awareness indicates that there are many highly spiritual New Age groups. There are very few Christian groups that understand what it means to be a New Age group. The term is so loosely used, without much definition in terms of an official agreed-upon clarity of meaning, and so anyone who has anything to do with spiritual groups that are not mainstream Christianity are called New Age and they tend to associate any New Age group with Satanism, when there is in fact no connection, but because they have heard about Satanism as being organized as some kind of group and cult.


What "New Age" Really is About

This Awareness indicates that there are entities who have spent lifetimes objectively working with such tools as palmistry, astrology, the Tarot, handwriting analyses, and there are many who are extremely good in the use of these tools, and because most entities cannot take the time, do not have interest, or haven't the skill to do as well, or they do not understand how these things can be, they either class them as superstition or fraud or as evil.

This Awareness indicates that in reference to the New Age, it has nothing to do with the trinkets, it has nothing to do with the crystals that are so commonly sold in New Age shops. All those crystals are just tolls that entities can focus on during meditations or they may serve as symbolism for healing purposes, just as Christians may use crosses, or other religious icons, but the crystals do not make the Aquarian Age, nor does channeling make the Aquarian Age, nor does the kind of metaphysical grouping and flowering and discussions of New Age mean that these entities are creating the New Age, nor does even the meditations or group meditations create the New Age. They contribute energies to it.

This Awareness indicates that it is the universal vibrations and the movement of planets, the movement of the sun in its sojourn through its orbit, through its orbit around Sirius in the Orion constellation and the variation that it meets in its movement that determines the Earth ages of approximately 2200 years each, and it is this movement into these new vibrations that trigger certain frequency reactions among the planets of the solar system so that the vibrations are altered on Earth and on the other planets in such a manner that it changes the consciousness of individuals on earth. It is this that is causing and bringing about the New Age.

The Invisible Entities Who Really Run our (USA) Government

This Awareness indicates It wishes entities to understand that the elected officials of your government are not the ones who run the country. They follow orders from above. This Awareness indicates that they are essentially approximately the third level down, and the entities who actually run the country are behind the scenes, operating invisibly.

This Awareness indicates with this understanding or this realization, It also wishes you to understand that those who are behind the scenes have information and knowledge that never be presented to the elected officials so that the elected officials are essentially kept in the dark about many things.

This Awareness indicates it is in this way that the elected officials are able to be used for various purposes because they do not always know what is going on. This Awareness indicates the technology available to those who are behind the scenes, the invisible government, is that which is far, far advanced, far beyond anything most people can imagine.

This Awareness wishes entities to be aware of this arrangement so that they do not perceive or believe that the elected officials have some kind of knowledge about what's going on, or that they are being willingly in control of the masses against the interest of the people. Most elected officials have no more information than do the people who have investigated to find what they can find in regard to things that are behind the scenes,

Occasionally, of course, elected officials, because of their position, will receive information from disgruntled employees of various agencies or from various scientific groups or otherwise from various sources who give them inside information on things, and in this way, many of these elected officials do get information that this not necessarily available to the public in general, but very little of the truly hidden information is given tot the elected officials.


The Main Purpose of Cosmic Awareness at this Time

This Awareness indicates it is all up to the observer as to what is important to him/her. This Awareness indicates that the purpose of this Awareness is to help entities become aware, to become aware of those things that are happening in their own realm of reality, in their world. And in becoming aware of what is happening to them, the purpose of this Awareness is also to help them to better understand their own place in the world of reality in which they reside, and what they themselves need to do in order to be ready for what is the reality they witness.

Paul Shockley interpreter
(Revelations of Awareness 97-4 Issue No. 481 and from other issues)

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