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The Elohim Plant a Huge Computer in the Bowels of the Earth

This Awareness indicates that deep within the bowels of the Earth is a computer* , which is beyond the understanding of present science, which was placed here approximately one million years ago by a race of entities known as the Els, or Elders, who have since transcended time and space and moved into that which is Celestria.

(* That these computers do not have moving parts but rather relate to crystals which emanate energies, which affect certain areas of consciousness and which read and receive impressions from consciousness)

This Awareness indicates that these entities had the wisdom and understanding and capabilities of creating planets by manipulating magnetic forces and electric fields so that the mass would move into these vertices to create those planets, and follow the magnetic field set up by these forces.

This Awareness indicates that these Elohim are those mentioned in the Book of Genesis, which in your English translation states, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth."

This Awareness indicates the original writing stated, "In the beginning, Elohim created the Heavens and Earth"- Elohim being translated into the word God. This Awareness indicates the word Elohim as being plural, therefore the translation as inaccurate, and the true meaning, "In the beginning, Gods created the Heavens and the Earth..."

This Awareness indicates that this as reference to the consciousness, or the unified consciousness of all the entities who were One in the universe, who came from the Universal Consciousness --that, in effect, created the light by joining together, and created the matter by exploding outward. That these entities may be likened unto universal atoms, universal particles of Being, and these entities, or universal atoms are the atoms which make up the body of the Universal God-- yet, each as having its own individuality unto itself, even though it is part of the Universal God.

This Awareness indicates that the entity Jehovah, which appears upon the scene many billions of years later as a genetic expert, a culturist, a teacher of civilization --this entity, or rather these entities known as Jehovah entities, were represented not as the Universal Creator, but as somewhat petty beings who became jealous, possessive, demanding; who created over 100 laws for their followers, which were impossible not to break--some laws even conflicting with other laws, creating demands such as "Thou shalt not kill," while at the same time, demanding that Abraham slay his first born son. These entities known as Jehovah, were not the divine universal creators-- these being as tribal gods for those clones which they created and left to multiply fruitfully upon the Earth.



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