Part 2

How to interpret the secret meaning
of the Book of Revelation


How to interpret the Secret Meanings in the Book of Revelation
How to better understand the coming events

(Revelations of Awareness 96-17 No. 477)

This Awareness indicates that instead of reading about the "Mark of the Beast" think of it as a microchip. You can see how the Templars wrote this book in an attempt to expose the plans of the extraterrestrials to the masses. It became inserted in the New Testament almost accidentally. There were people who were very much opposed to it being put into the New Testament, but because it had some useful value in helping to control Christians, it was eventually decided to put it in, and use it as a means of coercion: "If you do not follow Christianity properly, you will be doomed!"


Christian Ministers Intimidated: "Do Not Preach End Times!"

This Awareness indicates that at this time in history, there are many threats to ministers to avoid preaching End Time information. They are not to discuss the Book of Revelation. The are not to speak of the End Times and the dangers of accepting the Mark of the Beast. Those preachers who do so are more or less threatened with either being taken off the air, or otherwise harmed. This Awareness indicates this does not necessarily mean they will not do so, but it becomes less and less frequent that you hear preachers speaking of these things. Only the daring continue.


Most People Too Busy Making a Living to get Involved

This Awareness indicates that there is seen a kind of manipulation going on in so many levels, and in so many areas of society that entities simply want to back off and forget about all of it, and not think about it, and just attend to the hardships of daily life. "God knows daily life is hard enough without all this!" they say. This Awareness indicates that they are right.

It is difficult for them to cope with the every day problems of life, there is only one person capable of working in my family. In some cases there is no one capable working to support the family. This Awareness indicates that entities are having greater and greater difficulties surviving and therefore, they have no time to worry about spiritual pursuits or the spiritual threats, or the threats of extinction of their freedoms. They only want to know how to get another meal for their children. Each day they go through this same concern, the same problem:

"How do I feed my kids tonight? What can I do to scrounge up another meal? Who can I call to visit so that my children can have some cookies or something to eat?"

This awareness indicates that this is a major problem for many entities, and these entities are open to anything that the government tells them. They do not have time to question. They do not have the interest to pursue any search for truth. This Awareness indicates that it is a time in which entities need to help each other, it is a time in which the have-nots are being told

"We are stripping you of that little we have been giving you to have less. Unless you learn how to make more money yourself, you are not getting anything more from the government."

The Welfare programs are being cut off to the poor, while being enhanced to the corporations. Corporations are being given greater and greater amounts through cuts in taxes or through handouts from the government such as occurred with the Chrysler corporation in recent years, to allow them to become bigger and stronger than ever.


Corporate Welfare is Okay but Private Welfare is a Sin

Corporate Welfare has become acceptable to the masses, but private individual Welfare is a sin of all sins, a shame of a nation, and entities what to see it stopped immediately. "If the children cannot survive, then put them in foster homes!", or as one entity said, into "orphanages." This Awareness indicates that it is a time when heartless measures are being taken, but it is only the beginning of this kind of treatment of the poor. It will get much worse as the New World Order moves in.

This Awareness indicates at present, there is still the semblance of compassion from higher officials. There is still the pretense of caring about the masses. The reason for this is because it gets them votes. Once they no longer need the votes or the people, they can be as cruel and as heartless as they wish. This Awareness indicates once the New World Order is in place, there is no need to appeal to the masses for votes. There is no need to be sympathetic or to appear compassionate at all.

This Awareness indicates the time is approaching very quickly. This Awareness indicates that by the year 2000, if these entities have their way, there will be a global government that reaches into every home, dictates what you do, what you have, what you eat, what you see, what you read, and what you can do in terms of your occupation. They may separate parents from children, break up families deliberately in order to have better control, and to have less motivation among the individual.

If you do not have your family with you, what motivates you to do anything but obey and survive? If they can get entities' families broken up, they have more control over the families. This Awareness indicates at such time there will also be new forms of biological warfare that destroys entities through disease, starvation, plague, pestilence, so that the population of Earth can be reduced after the work has been completed that slave labor brings.

There may be a time wherein entities can remain alive as long as they work hard, just as in Nazi Germany, many of those who later became part of the millions who died, did remain remain alive as long as they were capable of working well, but the time eventually came when they no longer function as slave laborer, and they were then either starved totally, or put to death in some other manner.


Fear and intimidation: "I don't want to rock the boat"

This Awareness indicates there are many who will say "Life is so comfortable for me now! I don't want to put myself out of risk messing up my comfort zone. I do not wish to disrupt the comfort of my home. I have everything just the way I want it after working so long, so much of my life to get this way. I do not wish to speak out or do anything that would cause the Gray Van to come to my door." This Awareness indicates it is this type of intimidation that these entities count on as keeping people in line so that they remain silent so that it is beyond repair, so that the silence eventually allows them to become victimized without a sound on their behalf.

This Awareness it is that kind of war, wherein the screams are not heard at this moment. The gunshots are not heard on the streets at present. It is a war that takes its victims now, but the victims do not even recognize they have been taken, and the screams will not come for perhaps months or years from now. Then they will scream and ask, "What happened? Where is my world? Where is my family? How did this come to be? What have you done to my life" This Awareness indicates the screams are delayed. The gunshots are delayed, but the controls are being put in place quietly, silently, thoroughly and completely so that entities will not be able to wiggle or move when the strings are tightened.


Total denial and believing in TV versions--"La-La-Land"

The masses, (once the NWO is in place) being divided into ultra-poor and ultra-rich, by getting rid of the middle class, will be much easier to manipulate and manage by the ultra-rich. This Awareness indicates this is the situation for these entities, and it is the situation that is affecting the world in which you live. You can continue to ignore the realities. You can continue to listen to the fairly tales promoted by the controlled media, but the realities continue to exist, whether entities recognize them or are in a state of total denial.

This Awareness indicates there are many entities who enjoy the media version of reality. Indeed it is much more fun to believe in the media version of reality. It is more pleasant to believe in a friendly government. It is more pleasant to believe there are no conspiracies and that everything is exactly the way it is portrayed on television, and these entities will look at those who believe in conspiracies as though they are lunatics, and those who understand the conspiracies look at these entities as though they are naive, wishful-thinking people who live in La-La Land.

This Awareness indicates there are many entities in this country walking around with their heads in the clouds, believing in La-La Land, but who have very snobbish attitude about it, and look down at those who are groveling in the dirt, or whose friends have been killed or whose actions and studies and research has led them to recognize the world is not a very pleasant place, but could be better, if we would simply all work together to make it so.

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