Final warning

a history of the new world order





As I sit here preparing my book for publication, I can’t help but to think back to the time when this project was nothing more than a stirring of curiosity within me. What you are holding in your hands is the culmination of 25 years worth of reading, research, writing and effort to make people aware of the growing danger around them.


Back in 1978, I was given a cassette tape that had been recorded at the Open Door Church in Chambersburg, PA. The guest speaker was a gentleman by the name of John Todd. He identified himself as a former witch who was involved in a secret Order of the elite known as the Illuminati, who had been controlling world events for over 200 years, and whose ultimate goal was to establish a one-world government. I was quite shaken after listening to this tape, because in high school and college, I had begun to delve heavily into the facts and circumstances surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and had come to the conclusion that there indeed was a conspiracy to kill him. I believed that this plot had been so pervasive and all-encompassing that it reached into the highest levels of government. Now, here was a man who was elaborating on the existence of a group who had the power, means, and motive to carry out such an act.


His tale was just so incredible, so unbelievable, that I couldn’t get it out of my mind. So, I began to research the Illuminati, thinking I was going to easily disprove his wild claims. I also began to do some digging on Todd. It wasn’t long before I began to realize that the history that is being taught in public school, and presented in the media, rarely reflects the accuracy of actual events. We are taught what they want us to know. Therefore we have grown up under the delusion of such misconception, that it has become inconceivable to believe anything other than what has been perceived as truth.


I was unable to prove or disprove that Todd was who he said he was. However, I was able to document about 90% of what he said about the Illuminati.


As I continued my research, the deeper I got, and the more disturbing it became. When I research something, I tend to have tunnel-vision so that my focus is so much on the subject, that I am totally immersed in it. This is very similar to what a Profiler does when they get into the mind of the criminal. So, when I discovered that this thing had been developing for so long, my initial reaction was to want to know why, and what the motive was. This would give me leads in any direction I needed to go to search for evidence.


When I sat in church as a child, and would hear what the Bible had to say about what was going to happen in the ‘last days,’ as outlined in Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation, it was really hard to imagine how that all could be possible. But, I began to realize that prophecies made over 2,000 years ago were beginning to be fulfilled. I also realized that I could not approach this research from a physical standpoint, because it went far beyond a natural understanding. When you consider the spiritual foundation, then you can begin to comprehend what is now happening all around us.


For six years, I spent hundreds of hours into finding out all I could concerning the Illuminati. The result was a manuscript in 1984 titled The Illuminati Conspiracy and the Coming One World Government. A Christian bookstore in the area agreed to sell copies of it as I began to contact a few companies in the hopes of getting it published on a larger scale. There was nothing available at the time which pulled together all the different aspects into one reference source, so in that regard, it was a ground-breaking work. But alas, a first book, by a no-name writer, on a controversial subject, did not get any attention. The manuscript was filed away in a box.


Then, in 1990, during the Persian Gulf crisis, President George Bush began talking about a ‘New World Order.’ I immediately saw the connection to the Illuminati front organizations, and I began reworking the manuscript. I remember my wife standing in the doorway of my den saying: “You have been working on this book ever since I met you.” It was self-published in 1994 as Final Warning, and sold in nearly all the Christian bookstores in eight central Pennsylvania counties, by mail order, and through four national distributors.


Again, I tried to get it published on a larger scale. I contacted over a hundred publishers, and even with proven sales in my target area, which projected into national sales of over 48,000, there was only one publisher, Huntington House, who seriously considered it.


After all the copies were sold, the manuscript was again filed away in a box.


Between 1996 and 1998, I received some very profound spiritual revelation in regard to my destiny, and my reason for being. I began to operate and function with a new degree of insight and purpose.


Early in 1998, I received a computer through Divine Providence, and on November 24, 1998 the book became available on my website, and since then has been copied onto other websites, linked to, downloaded, and printed by thousands of people. However, in mid-2003, many people began to request copies of the book.


It is now 20 years since the initial ‘publication’ of Final Warning, and many people have begun to see the many changes that have occurred in that time. The world is indeed a very dangerous place. But it is by design, and it is with purpose.


I have corrected some statistics, and added some new information in certain sections; but because of the space constraints, I decided not to completely update the book. Since much of the research was done between 1978 and 1984, the book may come across as being dated. However, I would like to remind the reader that this is a history book, and its focus is the origin and development of the movement toward one-world government.


In a sense, this book is a collection of files which provide a concise overview of the entire subject. Just as an attorney would do, I have taken it, pulled it apart, examined every piece, then put it all back together. The purpose for this is to systematically and methodically build my case, and produce the evidence that will prove my contention.


In addition, please understand that this is a reference work. One person, when he took it with him on vacation, expecting an easy read, likened it to a college textbook. Although, in reworking it, I have tried to change some of the dry language, rearrange, and edit some of the text, it is still a reference book. However, know that this incredible compilation of history and facts can not be found anywhere, in any one book. The story that will unfold before your eyes will grab a hold of you and never let go.


Come with me now on a trip to a not too distant past, and an uncertain future. It will be a journey of discovery and revelation.


David Allen Rivera

December, 2003


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