Final warning

a history of...

the new world order

by David Rivera


from TheUnjustMedia Website

recovered through WayBackMachine Website

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Part One: The Physical Conspiracy


Chapter One: The Birth of Tyranny

The Illuminati

The House of Rothschild


The Illuminati Grows

The German Union

The French Revolution

The Illuminati Spreads to America


Skull and Bones

Congress of Vienna

The Masons Separate Themselves from the Illuminati

The Illuminati in the United States

The Illuminati Leadership Changes


Chapter Two: Financial Background

The Beginning of Monetary Control

The Federal Reserve Act

The Federal Income Tax


The Stock Market Crash and Depression


Chapter Three: Bringing the World Together

World War I

The League of Nations

Symbol of the Illuminati


Chapter Four: Domestic Tampering

The Illuminati Creates Racial Tension

The Electoral College


Chapter Five: The Council on Foreign Relations

British East India Company

The Fabian Society

The Round Table

The Council on Foreign Relations

The CFR Elects Nixon

The CFR and Their Goals

The Brookings Institution

The Committee for Economic Development


Chapter Six: Setting the Stage for World War II

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

World War II and the Rise of Hitler

The Deception of Pearl Harbor


Chapter Seven: The Communist Agenda

The Origin of Communism

The Rise of Karl Marx

Lenin Takes Control

The Russian Revolution

China Goes Communist

Korea Falls

The Vietnam Conquest

The Cuban Cover-Up

Communists Fight Among Themselves

The Spread of Communism

Disarming America

The End of Communism?

The Ultimate Goal of Communism



Chapter Eight: The Illuminati Influence on International Affairs

The United Nations

The European Union

The Bilderberger Group

Atlas Shrugged

The Seven Sisters

The Club of Rome

Independent Commission on International Development Issues


Chapter Nine: Ready to Spring the Trap

The Trilateral Commission

Regional Government

Creating a Crisis

Riot and Revolution




Part Two: The Spiritual Conspiracy


Chapter Ten: Setting the Stage for Destruction

When the Conspiracy Actually Began

The Beginning of the End

The Rapture

The Dead Sea Scrolls


The New Age Movement

The World Church


Chapter Eleven: The Shining Star

The War-Torn History of Israel

The Ark of the Covenant

Rebuilding the Jewish Temple


Chapter Twelve: The Curtain Falls

Prieuré de Sion

The Antichrist

The Mark of the Beast

The Invasion of Israel