by Henry Makow Ph.D.
July 15, 2010

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Colonel Edward M. House

Some time ago, Stan Monteith, a pioneer NWO researcher and broadcaster, found a typewritten copy of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" in the papers of Col. Edward M. House at Yale University.

This seemed like confirmation of the widely held view that House (1858-1938) was a Rothschild agent.


House was an "adviser" to Woodrow Wilson and FDR. It makes sense that he would have a copy of the Blueprint for the New World Order in his possession. He probably referred to it while writing his political manifesto, "Philip Dru - Administrator." (1912)

The 99-page House typescript is a different English translation from the Victor Marsden translation, which is most commonly used. (I suspect "The Protocols" were originally written in French, originating in the Mizraim Lodge.)

So far, I have just compared the First Protocol (8 pages.)


The most obvious difference is the title.

  • Marsden's book is, "The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion."

  • The translation in House's possession is, "Protocols of the Meeting of the Zionist Men of Wisdom."

In this translation, "meeting" is singular and the "Elders" are clearly identified as "Zionists."


The significance is that "Zionist" used here is a movement for world domination, not one confined to establishing a Jewish homeland.

The second point of interest is a footnote in House's typescript that does not appear in the Marsden translation. In relation to "subjugating all governments to our super-government" there is an asterisk reference to "A.C. Shamakov, 'International Secret Government' Moscow, 1912."

This book is hard to find. It was sold for $805 by Christie's auction house in 1994, along with a few other Russian examples of Judaica. Interestingly,
Shamakov was not a Communist Jewish Mason of the kind that studied the "Protocols."

On the contrary, House's version references a notorious "anti Semite" a man whose career was devoted to exposing the Illuminati Jewish conspiracy.

His real name was A.S. Shmakov and he was a lawyer, author and member of the Duma. He became famous when he volunteered to help the prosecution in the famous Mendel Beilis case in 1913, where a group of Saint Petersburg Jews was accused of the ritual killing of a youth, Andrey Jushinsky.

It is puzzling that House's version of the Protocols would reference an opponent, unless the translation originated with the opposition, and came into House's possession.

This interpretation is supported by another footnote on the first page explaining that "The Goys = THE GENTILES."


If this version originated inside the lodge, they would not need this explanation.


House's version is of great interest to scholars.


Here are some examples from the first Protocol.

Marsden: "our watchword is force and make-believe."
House: "our password is power and hypocrisy."

Marsden: "their youth has grown stupid on classicism"
House: "their young people are insensible to ought else than classism and early vice."

Marsden: "by the law of nature, right lies in force"
House: "according to the law of being, right is might."

Marsden: "The doctrine of squaring accounts is precisely as strong as the means of which it makes use."
House: "A doctrine of self-interest is as potent as are methods employed by it."


The "Protocols" is the master plan of the New World Order, and the most read book after the Bible. But unlike the Bible, which its seeks to overthrow, there has been little attention paid to the nuances of meaning found in the different translations.

These nuances are significant, as the above examples suggest.

Stan Monteith is selling photocopies of the House translation for $15 plus postage. His number at Radio Liberty is : 1-800-544-8927


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