by Michael James

in Germany

from Rense Website


This article is dedicated to that great American patriot and Rhodesian war hero, J. Bruce Campbell.

Note - There are Jewish, Christian, Atheist and possibly even some Arab Zionists. Zionism is a geopolitical movement of control and domination. has worked tirelessly to help the average person understand that Zionism in not a friend of people of the Jewish faith and has sacrificed true Jews time and again in its quest for total hegemony over the planet. Zionist and lesser power blocks like the Church of Rome, for example, are all open to equal examination and criticism. Sadly, the 'average' person is slow to understand, if he/she can understand at all, the incredibly sophisticated influence Zionism maintains over the world. - Editor

Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland.

Just eight months ago, a neighbor of mine gave birth to one of the most astonishingly beautiful babies I have ever seen in my life. Angelika is a giggling, blue-eyed little cherub whose irrepressible curiosity and propensity for breaking things to see what's inside of them sometimes drives her mother to distraction. She laughs easily, and is delighted by almost everything and everyone she sees.

Angelika is a child of God. She is German, healthy, intuitive, highly intelligent and a naturally loving and trusting little human being with an enormous potential for creativity. She represents the future of a vibrantly free humanity and is a potential exemplar of true womanhood. She embodies everything the Zionist Jewish controllers hate and wish to destroy.

Within just a few years, this child will be exposed to the monstrous evil of a blood libel that will make her forever loathe her own parentage and nation. Her mind will be poisoned by teachers who will tell her wicked lies about things that simply did not happen and she will be told that Christianity is at the heart of "anti-Semitism".


In line with the Zionist Jew Morgenthau's hatred of the German people and his belief that all Germans are genetically evil and should be castrated at birth [2], she will be taught that she has blood on her hands simply for being born into one of the most remarkable races of human beings that ever walked the face of this planet.

Will Angelika be one of the many thousands of young Germans who eventually abandon their beautiful country for fear of the Zionists or hatred of their own kind, never to return? Or will she willingly accept her place as a tax-slave to the illegal, devil-worshipping Ashkenazi state of Israel and bow down to the occult six-pointed star, the Mark of the Beast? [3]

The odds are that she will, because the German government is currently doing everything it can to replace ethnic Germans with Semites and Asiatics in an unprecedented drive to radically restructure the demographics of one of the world's historically greatest nations. Germany's Interior Minister, the "conservative" Wolfgang Schäuble, recently announced that the 120,000 Germans who leave their nation in despair each year can easily be replaced by fast-tracking hordes of uneducated immigrants toward German citizenship.

The driving force behind such policies are Zionists such as Gregor Gysi (the leader of the German Communist Party, Die Linke), Zionist lawyers seconded to Germany's ruling coalition parties, the CDU and SPD, the powerful Central Council of Jews that owns the Free Democrats, the eco-fascist Jews that call all the shots within the Green Party and the never-ending stream of "academics" who pour forth from the Judeo-Marxist Frankfurt School of Sociology. [4]


All of these criminals are in thrall to the Israel lobby, which is wholly-given over to incessant anti-German propaganda designed to inculcate national self-hatred and a fetishist idolization of those Creatures from Hell.

I have been living in Germany for almost 16 years, and it breaks my heart to see these wonderfully talented and big-hearted people crippled and disfigured by the lies of cockroaches to such an extent that they learn to despise and mistrust their own shadows. So much has changed in the time I have been here that it would be impossible for me to chronicle the magnitude of this cultural genocide within the bounds of a single article; and yet this is a process that has been ongoing since 1945.

Why should this concern non-German Europeans, such as the British, Irish, Americans, Canadians, Australians and other ancestral Europeans? Because, whether you wish to admit it or not, the German people are our forebears, our progenitors, our warrior ancestors. It was from that great Teutonic race that the Saxons, Angles, Franks, Celts, Nordics and Scandinavians derived.


Germany is our linguistic and cultural Motherland, and yet we are content to watch culturally barbaric Jews rape the minds of her children while we smugly deride their virtues and support the demonic, Antichrist state of Israel.

But you are next.

Because those of you who are observant enough to detect the shift in nuances slyly propagated by the Zionist media may have noticed that the blame for certain events of WWII is now being shuffled off onto Europeans in general. The reason for this is two-fold. The European Union, having fully absorbed an ethnically cleansed Germany as a sovereign state, is expected to pay the ever- continuing tribute to Israel and its "holocaust" survivors (who seem to multiply by the day).


It also justifies the compulsory inculcation of European children in the lies that constitute the Satanic fables of Judaism and Zionism, providing a sufficient grounding for their eventual acceptance of the Noahide Laws of the Jewish-Communist new world order.

As an English schoolchild, my schooling and the BBC propaganda to which I was exposed impressed upon me the manifold evils of those awful Nazis and their heartless cruelty. It took me many of years of hard study in search of the truth to realize that I had been lied to for most of my life. Admittedly, I had the advantage of reading books in England that are forbidden in Germany and, later, the linguistic capacity to read Verboten literature in the original German, which I obtained through sympathetic book dealers who continue to preserve the truth at great risk to their liberty.

It is, of course, a heresy of the highest order for anyone to reassess Hitler and his National Socialist movement in an objective capacity; and although I remain at heart a national libertarian, I have, over the past three years, arrived at a profound understanding of why Hitler was the right man, in the right place, at the right time.


And that time has come again, for a Volksgemeinschaft is our only chance of survival should we wish to remain free.

When I first came to Germany, my girlfriend took me to no end of museums that bore witness to the alleged suffering of the Jews between the years 1936 and 1945. I was taken to the Rothschild "holocaust" memorial exhibition in Frankfurt and the Jewish Museum in the Ostend. I was profoundly moved. And yet, in contrast to the streams of tourists who left these peepshows in tears, I was not wholly convinced. I had spotted anomalies in photo-reportage at the Rothschild museum depicting the same man as a victim of both Auschwitz and Belsen.


My Jewish guide simply ignored my question, and when I re-visited the museum two weeks later, I found that one of the photographs had been removed.

Wherever I visited one of these "holocaust" museums, I was almost always impressed by their sheer theatricality, which included just the right level of sinister low-light and conspicuous contrasts between depictions of healthy-looking Germans in jackboots and angst-ridden Jews in striped pajamas. I still accepted the official line, but increasingly began to wonder why so many of my questions were being ignored by those authorized to answer them.

As readers of my work will know, even to this day, the German government refuses to answer any of my letters of enquiry and it obstinately refrains from arresting me despite my outspokenness as a self-proclaimed holocaust denier. Is it because I know something other revisionists and dissidents don't know? (Now that would be telling, wouldn't it?)

I also began to wonder why no museums had been built to honor the countless thousands of Germans who had starved to death during the Jewish Weimar Republic, the vicious firestorm mass murder of Dresden (a real holocaust) and the three million civilians who had been exterminated AFTER the war on the orders of Churchill and Truman.


I came across first-hand written accounts (sold under the counter in second-hand bookshops and still unavailable on the internet) that described exactly what had happened to the German people at the hands of the Weimar Jews and, later, soldiers of the allied occupation.

It took me almost ten years of hard study and incisive Socratic questioning before I came to the inescapable conclusion that the "holocaust" simply never happened as we have been told. It represented for me a massive and very profound paradigm shift that dovetailed almost exactly with the artfully choreographed events of September 11, 2001. If I am ever accused of being "anti-Jewish", let it never be said that I am through lack of education and detailed investigative research.

The "holocaust" deception is lethal, for indeed the entire world turns on the pivot of this fantastically creative and malicious story. It has justified the senseless slaughter of millions of Christians by way of manipulatively steered wars and the slow-motion genocide of the rightful inhabitants of Palestine. It has caused the destruction and desecration of nations such as Iraq and the Lebanon and yet still threatens to bring us all to the brink of a nuclear holocaust over the issue of Iran's legal, sovereign rights to develop her own nuclear capability.

The deception has given free reign to those who have plunged the entire world into an escalating inflationary cycle of ever-increasing fuel and commodities costs and an economic crisis that threatens to deprive millions of basic food staples and plunge entire nations into civil wars exacerbated by Jewish-inspired mass immigration laws.

The ruinous speculation of Jewish banking cartels (who moved their real wealth out of the markets into gold and real estate at the end of 2006) has guaranteed for us and our children decades of incremental inflation, the escalating outsourcing of manufacturing and labour to the lowest bidder, the liquidation of properly functioning public utilities, and the complete leveling down of western nations to the status of banana republics.

We accept all this because we are afraid of identifying the real enemy of humanity by name, because it is a name that will forever be associated with the victimology of the fictional "holocaust" narrative.


Let's be polite and just call them "Zionists", or "international bankers", or the "Illuminati", or whatever else comes to mind.


So afraid of these particular Zionist Jews we are, that we would rather starve or die in a nuclear inferno rather than name them for the evil bastards that they are and take appropriate legal action against them.

Yes, it is the Zionist Jews (and Israel, the Zionists in general and their Judeo-Freemasonic fellow cabbalists). It all amounts to the same.

Israel is currently engaged in the ethnic cleansing of millions of Palestinians, from whom they stole their land. Most Israelis aren't even ethnic Hebrews, for over 90 percent of them are of Khazarian, Middle-Asian origin who despise and curse Christians and real Semites (Arabs) as "Goyim" (animals). The state of Israel possesses over 250 nuclear missiles, most of which are capable of hitting every major city in Europe, and they have threatened to use them against us. [5] Israel continually engages in acts of espionage and false flag terrorism against the United States of America and her allies and has defied 65 United Nations resolutions on human rights abuses.

Why isn't NATO bombing Tel Aviv?


Why are we allowing ourselves to be held hostage by a cartel of crooks and liars and murderers?

What is the solution?


I myself, as an entirely personal issue, have proposed that all Zionist Jews (and ALL illegals) be deported from the United Kingdom under an existing statute that prohibits the Children of Satan from living in England as an essential prerequisite to our dealing with other immigration issues, but under no circumstances to occupied Palestine. [6]


In the 1930s, Madagascar was proposed as a suitable homeland for the Zionists Jews. Few know history and the established facts are that many German Zionists worked in close cooperation with Hitler to bring this idea to fruition, only to see it scuppered by the World Jewish Congress.

I propose that all Ashkenazi Jews, whose ancestors were of Mongol origin and foreigners to Palestine, be resettled in their real homeland, which today roughly approximates Kazakhstan and its surrounding territories. Much of Kazakhstan is open scrubland that could be put to adequate use by those prepared to work with their hands and breed goats. Naturally, we would have to teach the value of hard work and help them in developing the right kind of manual skills with which they are able to make real products of meaningful and lasting value. With a little compassion and patience, nothing is impossible.


Look at the miracles Europeans achieved in barren South Africa, for example. These are my personal views and I am exercising my rights to express them.

Then, and only then, will little Angelika and the rest of humanity have a future truly worth living for.


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