July 27, 2009

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Ron Paul has Bernanke on the run.


Fears about the audit the Fed Bill, H.R. 1207 - Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 has the conspirators who own The Fed, shipping out their head puppy to go around, assuring everyone that the Fed is a good guy, not the epicenter of the destruction of our currency and financial systems.


Of course, instead of having this clueless man debate, say, Ron Paul in public, he is going around chatting with handpicked audiences who ask simplistic, silly questions he can easily answer.


But he has yet to engage us, the army of online critics and Ron Paul’s bill supporters.


In a Shift, Fed Puts Bernanke in Public Spotlight


In a profound departure from the central bank’s tradition as an aloof and secretive temple of economic policy, Mr. Bernanke has plunged into the public spotlight to an extent that none of his predecessors would have contemplated.

This is outright propaganda. I have lived long enough to see many things. One thing is certain: giving little speeches has zero to do with engaging us in a real debate. The only times this man, who I dubbed, ‘The Sphinx’, has anything even remotely resembling a spirited debate about the real issues is when he is forced to sit before Congress and is put under oath.

Proof that Bernanke is not the first Fed chief to go about making speeches and writing editorials, etc, is very easy to find. The Fed, itself, has opened the files of all the speeches, letters and such that the Fed chief during Eisenhower to Nixon years.


Here is the website: FRASER » Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research

Even a quick perusal shows that Martin Jr. made many intelligent speeches about the pressing issues that involved how the Federal Reserve operated, its history and its systems.


Examining these editorials and speeches is most interesting. He actually sounds intelligent. Unlike both Bernanke and Greenspan, he didn’t talk like a small school boy nor did he pretend he didn’t know what the hell was going on and that we are all nuts to ask any questions.

This arrogant stupidity is a put-on. Both Greenspan and Bernanke knew perfectly well, what they were doing and they don’t want us to know which is why they want to keep the Fed’s operations as secret as possible.’

He has given a television interview to “60 Minutes” on CBS, including a tour of his hometown, Dillon, S.C.; held what amounted to a televised news conference; and written newspaper commentaries to explain the Fed’s efforts to fight the financial crisis.

The Fed just presided over the total, complete and utter collapse of international banking systems. This is no small matter, this is in the process of hammering the entire planet’s economic systems. The Fed is now more ‘open’ than in the past in that they now have an online presence which includes all those charts and graphs many of us online commentators love to use. I am grateful for this.


But then, the OCC - Office of the Comptroller of the Currency - Administrator of National Banks which used to be the Constitutional regulator of interest rates and the value of the dollar has superior graphs, charts and reports.

Compared to the OCC, the Federal Reserve has barely any information and virtually no analysis of systems such as the OCC Derivatives Reports which I constantly refer to and which has splendid graphs. These reports are a thousand times more informative than any Fed report I have ever seen.

On Sunday, Mr. Bernanke reached another milestone in his evolution from Fed chairman to Fed showman, participating in a one-hour town hall-style forum here organized and moderated by Jim Lehrer of “The NewsHour” on PBS.

Lehrer is a member of the conspirators who rule us via operations like the Bilderberg gang or the Trilateral Commission.


Here is one website that talks about this: The Trilateral Commission (TC) excerpted from the book The Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estulin

  • The cornerstone of PBS’s programming is the evening television news program, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Jim Lehrer, however, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.


    For most of PBS’ history, funding was provided by:

    • AT&T [a CFR company]

    • Archer Daniels Midland, whose Chairman Dwayne Andreas was a member of the Trilateral Commission

    • PepsiCo [a CFR company], whose newly promoted Chief Executive Officer, Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi, is a Bilderberger and a Trilateral Commission Executive Committee member

    • Smith Barney [a CFR company], one of the world’s leading financial institutions.


    Furthermore, Smith Barney is interlocked with Citigroup Inc., a global financial services company that is a member of the Bilderberg Group, the CFR and the Trilateral Commission.

  • Journalists who participate in The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer are some of the best-known political pundits in the United States, such as:

    • Paul Gigot

    • David Gergen

    • William Kristol

    • William Safire


    All of them belong to the Bilderberg Group, the CFR or the Trilateral Commission.

Lehrer is presented to the public as some sort of ‘neutral’ person who is speaking on our behalf.


Aside from being terminally boring… I am a close observer of things political and this droning, silly man simply puts me to sleep so I far prefer to use transcripts. Indeed, his muffled drone is designed to put anyone intelligent to sleep. You want to strangle him.


The Trilateralists were so frightened by the possibility of a real debate happening after third party candidates began demanding the right to participate in Presidential debates, after Ross Perot showed up with his famous charts and graphs, they took away the sponsorship of the debates from the League of Women Voters and handed it off to themselves.

Since then, our debates have been steadily dumbed down to the level of droning stupidity controlled with Lehrer who dominates the stage, physically (only he can roam around) and verbally (he totally controls the conversation and punishes anyone who challenges his control). I have ceased watching these boring faux debates and take note only to see how this Trilateral monster manipulates things which, in the cases of both Ron Paul and Kucinich, is openly hostile and dismissive.

Frightened to death by Ron Paul’s bill, this tool was chosen to shepherd Bernanke around so ‘ordinary’ (i.e.: clueless) Americans get to ask simple, small, meaningless questions. Imagine if Lehrer were to run a series of town hall question times concerning the Trilateral Commission or the Council of Foreign Relations or the Bilderberg secret enclaves! HAHAHA.

Like a political candidate on the campaign trail - indeed, his four-year term expires in January - Mr. Bernanke fielded questions from local residents and tried to rebuff charges that the Fed was either conspiring with big banks, stifling free-market capitalism or possibly doing both at the same time.

HAHAHA. The NYT wants us to laugh to death. Yes, this is a campaign and yes, it is certainly very political in nature.


The Fed IS ‘Big Banks’! It is NOT an agency, it is a PRIVATE BIG BANK, the biggest and most powerful private bank on earth. It is not only a big private bank, it is controlled at every level at the top by the biggest investment banks in the world!


JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, for example, control the NY Fed which is by far, the most important part of the consortium and the one most entangled in international banking and secret associations that conspire to control the US economy and political systems.

When a small-business owner asked Mr. Bernanke why the Fed helped rescue big banks while “short-changing” small companies, Mr. Bernanke answered that he had decided to “hold my nose” because he was afraid the entire financial system would collapse.

HAHAHA. ’Hold my nose’, my ass. This man is funny as hell. Instead of explaining how GS and JPM own and control the Fed and that the Fed works for THEM, not us, is verboten.


Of course. This is the last thing Bernanke will tell anyone.

“I’m as disgusted by it as you are,” he told the audience of 190 people. “Nothing made me more angry than having to intervene, particularly in a few cases where companies took wild bets."

If this man were Pinocchio, his nose would have grown so long, it would have punched Lehrer in the snout and knocked him over on that stage.


GS and JPM moved him from the NY Fed to the hot seat in DC really fast because they knew by 2006 that the entire banking system was headed for collapse.


I know this because I knew in 2006 that we were going to have a major banking collapse and I assume, if I know something, GS and JPM also know these things. I know people inside of these operations (they no longer talk to me, of course) so I know how they know these things (the same way I know these things) and I know that they chose Bernanke because he was supposed to know how to recapitalize them after a depression hit.

That is, his entire reputation is to be A F*CKING HELICOPTER set in motion to shower them and ONLY them with money in the case that systems collapse!

The Fed has never wielded as much power as it does right now, but the very expansion of its mission has exposed it to more second-guessing and more challenges to its political independence than ever before.

“The Federal Reserve, in collaboration with the giant banks, has created the greatest financial crisis the world has ever seen,” Representative Ron Paul, Republican of Texas, said at a House hearing last week in which Mr. Bernanke testified about the state of the economy.



The NYT has quoted Ron Paul and done it in a respectful way? This gives me some hope. Ron Paul has been deliberately muffled inside this dark bag so no one would hear him. Thanks to the internet, we can see and hear him and he is making lots of noise.


Like any gadfly, we don’t have to support his entire philosophy. I have many severe disputes with many of his nostrums and beliefs but at least the man is honest, open and ready for a debate. Three things that irritate the corrupt ruling elites no end. So I want to thank the Times for printing a sentence from Ron even though they should be demanding that Bernanke tour the US debating Ron, not chatting with Trilateralist Lehrer.

Republican lawmakers portray the Fed as the embodiment of heavy-handed big government, and have called for scaling back the central bank’s regulatory powers. But liberal Democrats, like Representative Dennis J. Kucinich of Ohio, have accused the Federal Reserve of caving in to demands by banks for huge bailouts, for failing to protect consumers against dangerous financial products and for being too secretive about its emergency rescue programs.

The world is coming to an end! HAHAHA.


The NYT even mentions but won’t quote, Kucinich? HAHAHAHA.


Lehrer displayed open contempt towards both Representatives during the faux debates in 2008. Now, the Times commits a grave crime against the secret rulers: it mentions HR 1207. Without giving a link to the bill, of course! Not to mention, not naming this bill. Why is this so damn difficult, we ask? HAHAHAHA.


Oh, the agony of writing news stories and the need to not give information!

More than 250 lawmakers have signed a bill sponsored by Mr. Paul that would allow the Government Accountability Office to “audit” the Fed’s decisions on monetary policy - a move that Fed officials see as a direct threat to their political independence in carrying out their central mission of setting interest rates.


The Central Mission of the Trilateralists and the international bankers is very simple:

hide the true nature and business of the Federal Reserve, the central bank that is the only one on earth aside from the Bank of England, that does not run on behalf of the nation it inhabits.

The private nature of both the Fed and the B of E is their main features.


One of the things both private banks do is set interest rates via manipulating the currency and the holdings of public debt. We see this clearly inside the Fed’s own graphs and charts.

The EFFECT of all these manipulations shows up not in interest rates but in INFLATION RATES.


The Fed causes the currency to degrade at various speeds. The ONLY time the currency doesn’t degrade is when the Fed causes a huge recession or even a depression. Then, despite all efforts at destroying the currency via wild credit creation, the system breaks down and the Fed ceases to be able to flood markets with loans.

So basically, the Fed lends to its own owners who use the Fed to tap directly into government funding and government credit and then hands all the PROFITS from this over to private bankers who happen to also be the operators running our currency. They have now destroyed the value of the dollar by over 95% over the entire existence of the Fed.


Today, the Fed even has the gall to tell us, they are trying as hard as possible to create inflation so things will ‘move’ again!

A depression, after all, is when savers get their revenge. That is, they don’t have to hand over savings to bankers. They can happily keep it in a safe or under the mattress and it will ‘grow’ in value. None of this risk taking business! These savings are called ‘capital’. If someone wants it to ‘grow’, one can go into various markets or invest it in property or goods.


But these have collapsed in value so people are simply sitting on nest eggs.

The way to fix a depression is to make it more valuable for savers to invest. To do this, all the scams, ponzi schemes and rip offs that infest the system have to be taken care of by the police and prosecutors.


We are still deep in the stage where one crime after another is still coming to view.


We can’t restore investor confidence in the system until all the confidence men are arrested, charged and put in prison and the fear of the law re-instilled in the minds of anyone who goes into finances and stocks.


Bernanke Feared a Second Great Depression


“Why don’t we just let the behemoths lay down and then make room for the small businesses?” asked Janelle Sjue, who identified herself as a Kansas City mother.

What this woman is suggesting is, the biggest investment bankers be broken up into smaller units. Then, the playing field will be more level.


This is the one thing the owners of the Fed fear.

“It wasn’t to help the big firms that we intervened,” Mr. Bernanke said, diving into a discourse on the damage to the overall economy that can result when financial firms that are “too big to fail” collapse.


“When the elephant falls down, all the grass gets crushed as well,” Mr. Bernanke said.

He described himself as “disgusted” with the circumstances that led him to rescue a couple of large firms, and called for new laws that would allow financial firms other than banks to fail without going into bankruptcy…

The NYT didn’t mention this tidbit! HAHAHA. We are the ‘grass’ these elephants stomp into the ground. If they fall down, they crush things due to being big and fat. But when they are walking, they STILL crush us with their big, fat fee! Next, the WSJ mentions Ron Paul’s bill without giving any details so the reader can compare Ron’s bill with Bernanke’s blarney.

Congress already can look at the Fed’s books and loans that could be at risk for taxpayers, he said.


Under the proposed law, the GAO would also be able to subpoena information from Fed officials and make judgments about interest-rate decisions based on requests from Congress.

“I don’t think that’s consistent with independence,” he said. “I don’t think people want Congress making monetary policy.”



Congress should slap this clown down but won’t, of course. How dare this PRIVATE banker tell us that Congress is not supposed to make ‘monetary policy’! This is exactly what the Constitution says Congress must do! Not some private bankers! No where in the Constitution, does it talk about private bankers being the ones to control the currency! Congress is 100% responsible for all this and shoved off responsibility!

This is why the dollar has suddenly plunged in value while Congress has voted repeatedly for nearly my entire life to not live within its means. The budget overruns are epidemic, hideous and a growing menace to the very existence of our country as a country! We are GOING BANKRUPT because neither the Fed nor Congress are making monetary policy.


They are both EVADING responsibility. Since no one is running things except a secretive consortium of internationalist bankers, we are going bankrupt to internationalist bankers and worse, to world powers like China and Japan!

After appearing before lawmakers three times last week, Mr. Bernanke broke little new ground in explaining the state of the economy.


He said the Fed’s expected economic growth rate of 1% in the second half of the year would fall short of what is needed to bring down unemployment, which he sees peaking sometime next year.

“The Federal Reserve has been putting the pedal to the metal,” he says. “We hope that’s going to get us going next year sometime.”


Years ago, I complained about the Fed comparing themselves with drivers of a car.


I said,

‘They are drunk drivers! And they think they can manipulate the currency via pushing on the gas pedal or slamming on the brakes. They will crash this economic car.’

Well, we crashed.


Now, Bernanke wants to pretend we shouldn’t have better drivers? How dare he!


The Fed pretended the failure in 1929 was a one-time event. Well, they failed twice. Time to toss them. Now, on to Biden who has been busy in Europe, trying to restart WWIII.


Since irritating Iran isn’t enough to insure the Apocalypse, he has to kick Russia hard. So he went to Georgia and repeated every stupid Trilateralist lie about Russia during the Olympics. Both Russia and China don’t forget the many conspiracies being run against them as well as Iran.

Obama pretended to go to Russia to smooth things out but as usual, came to Russia only after insulting Putin repeatedly so the Russians slapped Obama down.


This meant, the Trilateralists had to send their tool, Biden, to resume the attacks on Russia.


Here is Biden’s latest gambit via the WSJ:


Biden Says Weakened Russia Will Bend to U.S.


Vice President Joe Biden said in an interview that Russia’s economy is “withering,” and suggested the trend will force the country to make accommodations to the West on a wide range of national-security issues, including loosening its grip on former Soviet republics and shrinking its vast nuclear arsenal. .

And whither is the withering US economy? Eh? The US empire teeters on the edge of bankruptcy. Our war spending is increasing. Our overhead costs of world domination is bankrupting us. And he thinks Russia is ‘withering’? Our own house is like Wuthering Heights: madmen screaming for Catherine, running half naked across the moors only to fall off a cliff.

Mr. Biden said he believes Russia’s economic problems are part of a series of developments that have contributed to a significant rethinking by Moscow of its international self-interest. The geographical proximity of the emerging nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea is also likely to make Russia more cooperative with the U.S. in blocking their growth, he said. .

Russia is not scared of North Korea nor is China. Both want to stop nuclear proliferation because both want to have more power. Just like the US won’t let nukes proliferate except in our own hands. The US makes it impossible for Russia and China to stop nuclear programs because the US will undermine ANY discussions by threatening whoever Russia and China hope to disarm!

Not only that, ever since Saddam disarmed only to be murdered by the US and his country totally dismembered and ruined, anyone who is stupid enough to disarm should be removed from power. This is a fool’s game! This could be played only once.


Russia learned that disarming while surrendering leads to the US leaping in and destroying them, note how we attack Russia all the time, verbally as well as sponsoring uprisings! Ditto in spades with China! We constantly conspire to rip China to shreds. Our media is full of analytical tales about how China is doomed to fall apart, for example.

We can’t wait to rend China into small pieces. And the Chinese will return this favor in spades, here in the US, eventually.

But in the interview, at the end of a four-day trip to Ukraine and Georgia, Mr. Biden said domestic troubles are the most important factor driving Russia’s new global outlook.

“I think we vastly underestimate the hand that we hold,” he said…

What a fool. Far from ‘underestimating’ our power, we are full of hubris and pride.


The US has embraced Eastern Europe which has sailed merrily into the rocks and is now in full economic collapse. Social unrest is spreading. The cure the US peddles always is ethnic identity politics which means, we can rip apart countries based on ethnic lines.

An insane policy pursued since WWI. And one that will bite us hard in the future.


What if Russia and China were to fund Hispanic secessionists? Or Palin’s Alaska secession? Or to peel off Texas or Florida? Or split off a southern confederacy?

“Russia has to make some very difficult, calculated decisions,” Mr. Biden said. “They have a shrinking population base, they have a withering economy, they have a banking sector and structure that is not likely to be able to withstand the next 15 years, they’re in a situation where the world is changing before them and they’re clinging to something in the past that is not sustainable.”

Mr. Biden’s remarks were the most pointed to date by a senior administration official on why the Obama administration believes its “reset” with Russia is likely to succeed, while previous efforts to engage Moscow by the Clinton and Bush administrations ended with little progress.


Good grief! Whose banking system just collapsed, Biden? Look in the mirror! But then, hubris knows no mirrors.


This looks increasingly like the ‘reset’ set into motion by the Trilateralists is to return to the Cold War, a favorite time for them.


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