by Fritz Springmeier

from Whale Website

In this article I hope to provide the reader with many specific (and often little known) details concerning the creation of what may evolve into an actual third world war. The latest manufactured crisis has already taken on global proportions.

This article has been written in response to people repeatedly asking me, “Are we headed for W.W. III?” This is a valid question considering Osama bin Laden has been circulating the manuscript of his unpublished book (which he wrote) entitled America and the Third World War. For years, I have been looking beyond the theatrical symbols of the world’s movers and shakers and examining the underlying realities. These global elite would not dare let you know their plans, but I will provide you with more details so that you might know your enemy, for whether you chose to love or hate your enemy you need to know them.

I will organize this information into two parts:

B. DETAILS OF SPECIFICS, first Osama bin Laden, & then second, the creation of a viable Moslem threat.




In my intense study of the world’s elite, I have come to realize a profound truth; these men know how to control humans by directing the way the human mind likes to think. Their methods to mind control are not so much to conquer the mind, but to direct its natural paths of thinking in the direction they want it to go. If you understand this principle it will help you understand how the natural desires of Muslims, Christians, secular Corporations, Jews, Palestinians, Americans, British, Afghanis, Iraqis, etc. are being manipulated into a large confrontation, a confrontation that was planned even before Jewish immigrants began to pour into Palestine to create Islam’s first big sore spot called “al-Naqba” (Islam’s “Holocaust” in Palestine).

Before providing the details, allow me to give the bigger pictures. The present crisis was originally planned in the 19th century. The script for the crisis called for an incredible theater of puppets. The goal is the elimination of fundamental religions, Christianity and Islam, and the control and the enslavement of planet earth. The WTC attack is the tip of the iceberg to this manufactured crisis, and the beginning of more sad events. This is the biggest picture.

The Moslem world has had a predictable pattern with the west (European culture). In fact there is a book, which provides Muslim country by Muslim country, year by year, the history of how this cycle has occurred. The Moslem world goes through a cycle, one phase is where its adopts technology and liberty from the west and then the other phase is where it rejects what is foreign and goes back into Islamic fundamentalism. Different areas of the Moslem world are at different phases at any given time. The Moslem world has usually not had all of its territories in the same phase at the same time. The world’s movers and shakers have aggravated and manipulated this natural cyclic pattern.

Carroll Quigley, the famous establishment historian writes in Tragedy & Hope in 1966,

“The destructive impact of Western Civilization upon so many other societies rests on its ability to demoralize their ideological and spiritual culture as much as its ability to destroy them in a material sense with firearms…. It is possible that new civilizations may be born in the debris from the civilizations wrecked by Western Civilization… In this wreckage is debris from Islamic, Hindu, Chinese and Japanese civilizations…. The birth of a powerful civilization at any or several of these points… would serve as a counterbalance to the expansion of Soviet Civilization on the land mass of Eurasia.”

(Tragedy & Hope, p. 14)

Quigley had a sense of what the elite were doing. He predicted that Western Civilization and Russia would be challenged by a rising Asian civilization by 2000, which turns out to be Islamic fundamentalism. (Ibid. p. 21) While the politicians of the world allow themselves to look incompetent, the movers and shakers (the puppeteers) know in a very detailed way what they are doing and the effects that their actions are causing. The West’s leadership has had very detailed studies about the Islamic world and what the impact of certain actions will have.

Their detailed plans have been repeatedly leaked in vague ways to the unsuspecting public. For instance, H.G. Wells, one of their Fabian Socialist-Masonic-Illuminati prophets, in his film “Things to Come” made in the late 1930’s, shows delta-winged planes (resembling stealth fighter-bombers) flying over Iraq’s oil fields to bomb.

  • Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Sudan were used as incubators to create fierce Moslem fundamentalist Jihad warriors.

  • Palestine, Lebanon, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other spots were used to create incidents that would fuel natural passions.

When one realizes that the non-Islamic leaders (i.e. the U.K., U.S., USSR etc.) who subtly helped create these incidents had advisors who knew totally well how these incidents would create Islamic fundamentalism, it is impossible not to realize that the catalyst that created Moslem fundamentalism turns out to be the global elite themselves.

Of course, Islamic fundamentalism is a natural reaction to the modernization, secularization, and corruption that is accelerating in what is termed “the West” (European civilization). Such a strong reaction to the sinfulness of the West has taken place that the Sunni and Shiite fundamentalists are in full collaboration. Devout Christians who hold to wholesome family values, freedom from global corporate tyranny, and the destruction of communities are also having some similar “reactionary” reactions to the New World Order. Christian fundamentalists turn to the Bible and Biblical law, and the Moslem of course turns to the Koran and its Sharia (Islamic law). The trick of the elite is to harness those natural reactions to destroy their opposition. This is why both the Christian Patriot movement and the Islamic fundamentalists are infiltrated with agent provocateurs who will encourage both groups to run to their own destruction.

The elite are not above actually stepping in and taking leadership of their opposition. This is why George Hunt discovered that the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and other leading capitalists were leaders of the UNSED environmental activities. This is why the anti-big corporation movement that rioted in Seattle against the WTO, has its share of connections back to the elite. This is why many of the leaders of Islamic fundamentalism have ties back to powerful rich Capitalists or Communists. (Communism has been a great front for the elite.) While I am not attacking the concerns of the Islamic fundamentalists, I am pointing out that their leaders are tainted with puppet strings. Moslems have threatened me in the past for being so frank.

As an example of someone who heralds himself as a third alternative to capitalism and communism and yet has ties to both is Col Qaddafi of Libya. Without outside help he would not survive in power. I personally noticed that Col. Qaddafi of Libya maintained his popularity with his people because he came into power at the same time that big oil money flowed into Libya. He was able to associate himself in the eyes of his people with prosperity. Rich capitalists, (such as the Bush family, the Rockefellers, the Royalty of England and the Netherlands, to name just a few) are behind the oil companies. Americans have operated the oil fields that provided Quaddaffi the money to remain popular with his people. Behind those Americans technicians were Capitalists who controlled or even became political figures.

The script calls for a primary “bad guy”, in this case Bin Laden, who like other modern “bad” guys, actually is quite popular with fundamentalist Muslims. Actually a number of bad guys have been created, and we will examine some of the details of these. The puppet strings of many of the leaders of around the world can be discerned by looking at their affiliations, their training, their genealogies, their fraternal memberships and their actions. These puppet strings ultimately go back to the global elite. For instance, the elite here in America verbalized to each other how pleased they were with Saddam Hussein’s destruction of things.

Islamic fundamentalists would say that Allah is responsible. If the West’s leaders had seriously wanted to halt the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, they had the ability to do so, but they added fuel to the fire at each step. My point is that the rise of fundamentalism is being encouraged and manipulated.

  • How convenient for Israel that Iran has its religious revolution and then goes to war with Iraq.

  • How convenient for all the corporations in the West and the Soviet Union that supplied materials for the long war and the attempts to rebuild after the war.

  • How convenient for those who made profits off of oil and gas and opium.

  • Follow the money of Moslem terrorists, the CIA, the Illuminati elite, and the rich Gulf Arabs and you will find much of it met at the infamous BCCI. (Bank of Credit and Commerce International)

The fall of the West’s puppet Shah of Iran was actually not a surprise to the elite. They had decided to let him fall. He had been empowered by America’s CIA, and then abandoned when the time was ripe for a strong reaction. The man who replaced him, the Ayatollah Khomeini was British MI6. And tying together Saudi intelligence, Saddam Hussein’s intelligence and Egyptian intelligence (and previously the Shah’s CIA-led SAVAK) is a group called the Safari Club set up by French espionage. When you are aware of these kind of things, then you realize the insidious deceptive nature of this script. Different puppets, one script.

Look at the Moslem leaders like Jordan’s King Hussein. He married an American and was a Freemason. The Shah of Iran’s father was put into power by the British, and is descended from an old Jewish bloodline. The Shah joined a Catholic Military Order in 1958, and Jordan’s King Hussein joined the Catholic Military Order of the Golden Spur in 1964. And then some of the Moslem leaders are Sufis. Syria’s leader Assad, who is also a Freemason, maintains secret ties with Syrian-born Jews from Aleppo who are one of the groups plotting the Temple Mount conspiracy to build a Temple in Jerusalem. All these men have allegiances beyond Islam.

The Muslim world views itself as a single entity. This is embodied in the term pan-Islamism, which transcends nationalism. However, in my travels in the Middle East, I saw first hand that most Muslims also have allegiances to clans, language groups, nations, ideologies and sects. The West and Russia have meddled in the affairs of the Moslem world most of the 19th and 20th century, and have tried to work the different allegiances of the Moslem world to their own advantage. The Soviet Union took a very active role in helping to create Greater Syria & a Greater Israel. The New Right in Israeli politics was KGB controlled. The West managed to interject itself smack into the middle of the Moslem world, and there is a great deal of tension in the Moslem world about this. They feel that their civilization will not be safe until they eject the West (with its control and influence) from the middle of their territory.


first, Bin Laden, and second, the creation of a viable Moslem threat

Now let’s look at the script’s top Bad guy Osama bin Laden. Osama bin Laden’s family was on the inside track with the House of al-Saud of Saudi Arabia. Anyone who has had the opportunity to bump into Saudi princes here in America or Europe is well aware of their enormous appetites for immoral behavior. The King and Princes of Saudi Arabia have been provided any perversion they wanted by the West’s elite. As a young man, Osama bin Laden was cut from the same cloth.


He loved fornication, alcohol and the pleasures of sin. Some of his brothers and sisters live in the United States, mostly in the Boston, MA area. He doesn’t come from some poor Palestinian family that has suffered from Israeli tyranny. Instead he comes from a family that has tasted what the West has to offer. He has tasted of the sins that are associated with the West and has rejected that life. It’s sad that that is the view of America that so many see. While the Bible Belt and America’s traditional spiritual values are mocked and scorned by the establishment media, the liberal values that Hollywood treasures are in turn scorned by the militants who hate their intrusion into the Moslem world.

Osama bin Laden had several religious experiences, and turned his back on wealth and the life of sin. Even though he was a successful businessman with a university education, he lives the life of a warrior monk, along with his 4 wives and fifteen children. (No small responsibility, especially since each wife according to Moslem standards should be treated equally.) He has been reported to live in a cave with no running water. (His forces are also headquartered in remote deep well protected caves.) He has turned his back on the easy life, and technology and is waging a war against the non-Islamic world. Since America is the top power in the non-Islamic world and very active interfering in the affairs of the Moslem world, America has captured his negative attention.

Christians have long tried to tell secular Americans that the life of sin was an empty life. It is no surprise that Osama bin Laden lost interest in it. Osama bin Laden rediscovered his religious roots in medieval Afghanistan when he led their freedom fighters against the infidel Russians. He said, “One day in Afghanistan was like one thousand days of praying in an ordinary mosque.” This is similar to the Baptism of Fire that the Christians talk about, which purges the weak sinner of what is insignificant in life and gets the pilgrim down to the real fundamentals of life, one’s spiritual roots. I’m not saying that bin Laden found the right roots, but he certainly found the spiritual roots of Islam, which included Jihad against the infidel.

Besides Osama bin Laden, over 20,000 other Arabs traveled to Afghanistan to join in the holy war against the Russians. Pakistan and Afghanistan became the crucible where these individuals were turned into warriors with a kamikaze martyr spirit and the training and experience to make them deadly. Our CIA helped supply them. The Russians provided one side of the hellish fight; America helped provide the other, and out of the conflict comes a closely bonded experienced group of radical Moslem warriors. And Osama bin Laden was down in the trenches with them, sharing their dangers, and poor food. And the American elite’s House of al-Saud helped finance Osama bin Laden & the other Arab volunteers (mujahideen) from all over the Moslem world.

There were two events had great impact on Moslem terrorism. One was done by the United States, the other by Russia.

  • America’s contribution was the “al-Azma” (literally Arab for “crisis”). The crisis was the American desecration of Saudi soil during Desert Shield/Storm. All of the Saudi religious leaders were against allowing the infidel American troops into Saudi Arabia. The global elite, as well as the House of Saud, knew that the Moslem world would be outraged for years, and they were.


  • The Russian contribution was to carry out the covert sabotage of a C-130 plane carrying Pakistan’s President Zia-ul-Haq on Aug. 17, 1988. His replacement, Benazir Bhutto, made it national Pakistani policy to support militant Islamic fundamentalists. Pakistan gave out special “tourist” visas and airline tickets were given out to Moslems who wanted to join the militant fundamentalists in their Pakistani training camps. Kosovo Albanians and Bosnian Moslems were some of those who came. They didn’t come to liberate Afghanistan. They came to create militant Moslem groups in their own countries.

Another Russian contribution to things was Gulbaddin Hekmatiyar, a Muslim leader who they controlled, and who led one of the factions of Afghan resistance. His contribution was to fight other resistance groups and weaken the original Afghan mujahideen forces.

Next, it was Pakistan (still supported by the U.S.) who encouraged the Afghan mujahideen to carry out a large-scale conventional offensive against the fortress Jalalabad. In a fashion similar to the how the Viet Cong (southerners) were eliminated by the Tet offensive, and then the NVA (northerners) had complete control, the Afghani rebels lost large numbers of men, and were replaced by Pakistan’s Taliban mujahideen force.

We can then see how through a series of actions encouraged by outside influences, the original Afghan forces were decimated and the fundamentalist Taliban, who were foreigners, could take over. In a sense, Afghanistan was still an occupied country; they traded the occupation by the Russians for the occupation of the Taliban.

In 1989, after the war, Bin Laden returned to Saudi Arabia as a popular war hero. He was popular with the Saudi Royal family, with whom he was still very close friends. He was also close to Saudi intelligence. Since the Saudi Royal family is clearly reprobate spiritually, by any standards, it is difficult to rationalize Bin Laden’s loyalty to them, and to seriously continue to believe he genuinely believed in the tenets of Islam. Unless perhaps he has multiple personalities, which may well be the case. Bin Laden is now titled as Sheikh bin Laden, and is very respected across the Moslem world.



While an explanation of how this threat was created will not eliminate it, it is useful for us to learn how the bad guys’ threat was created. The bad guys in the script had to have a viable dangerous army or threat. It has taken billions of dollars and countless wars and machinations by the global elite to finally get the fundamental Moslems to the point that they are both angry and a real threat.

In 1991, after the Afghan war wound down, the militant Moslem fundamentalists shifted from Pakistan to the Sudan. Iran contributed to this shift. The training of hard-core fighters occurred in numerous countries, but the center of activity shifted to Africa.

Anyway, prior to the Afghan War, the Moslem world lacked a large trained international cadre of dedicated warriors committed to fundamentalism. The Afghan war provided the perfect setting with which to create the hard core international Moslem cadre to create a third world war. It was the perfect setting because the United States, which protects Israel, could (without the contradiction looking too obvious) supply and assist these Moslem fundamentalists, and Russia could provide a technologically superior super-power for them to train against. I realize that most people reading this will not realize the enormous cultural-technological gap that has existed between the Arab world and the West. To put it bluntly, these people were riding donkeys and camels a few years ago, and living in medieval cultures. The ways of organizing things, of openness, and education that we take for granted were foreign to them.


The establishment press has done a poor job of showing this cultural gap. In order to create a credible threat to the West, the Moslem world has had to receive an incredible amount of help from the West and Russia. This incredible amount of assistance from the West and Russia finally began to show some successful results during the 1990’s. Even then the gap between the two cultures is enormous. I write this from first hand observations, as well as from the observations of numerous others who have shared their experiences.

By the way, this is not the first time America played both sides of a conflict. During the six-day war of June 1967, the CIA provided the Egyptians important intelligence on the Israeli’s ongoing Order of Battle via the USS Liberty spy ship sailing near the battle in order to make the war more equal. The Israeli’s sank the U.S. spy ship. Since Israel and the U.S. call each other an ally, they both covered up the sordid affair.

During the 1990’s, these militant fundamentalists trained in Afghanistan have been using terrorism to gain control over the rest of the Moslem world and to extend Moslem control over the sub-Saharan and East African areas. The Somalian fiasco where hundreds of American Rambos almost got annihilated at Mogadishu was an extension of the new strength the Moslems gained from the spread of the trained militants. The defeat of America in Somalia convinced the Moslem militants that they could defeat America in other countries.

During the 1980’s and the 1990’s a large number of Moslem successes against Russia, Israel, and the United States have breathed a new spirit into the militant Moslems. This impact of these successes can’t be overstated. For instance, the Intifadah was only possible after the Palestinians regained their self-respect from a successful commando raid into Israel which used hang gliders. After losing war after war with Israel and the West, the Moslems had begun to doubt their abilities. Their successes worldwide that have occurred since Russia invaded Afghanistan have changed all that. That confidence is going to be crucial to sustain any credible world war.

Are we entering into a war similar to the Vietnam War, except that this time it will be continental (and perhaps global) rather than against a single nation? An example of how widespread the fighting is already is the Philippines. Militant Islamic Fundamentalists are fighting there. Both Iran and Iraq work with Bin Laden. Do the Muslim forces have enough of a military and terrorist threat to really create a third world war? It is clear that just as the elite quietly supplied Hitler’s war machine before and during W.W. II, the elite are going to continue to supply both sides to continue this war between Moslem fundamentalists and the West. The United States military has even provided training for some of the Moslems here in the United States. The Kosovo Liberation Army is connected to the Militant Moslems, and yet it was assisted during the Kosovo crisis by the Americans.

Where will the next major terrorist strike be? What kind of weapon will be used next? How far will the war spread? As things continue to deteriorate, we can expect more Moslem countries to become militant. The entire Moslem world is in a state of flux. Militant Moslems live in all over Europe. Chechnya is part of the militant Moslem network, and events are tossing Russia and the U.S. together as allies again. The level of Moslem abilities to carry out terrorist acts is impressive. Besides extensive training in the use of aircraft as vehicles of terrorism, extensive work has taken place to create a cadre of trained martyrs who can carry suitcase nukes into areas.

While it looks great on paper that America can launch a $600,000 cruise missile with pinpoint accuracy, the effect of some expensive cruise missile hitting a mud building in Afghanistan is less impressive. America is infatuated with its military toys, but a few B-1s and B-2 Spirit bombers are not going to impress a hardened group of warriors who have already faced everything the Soviet Union could dish out. This “war” doesn’t seem to be well thought out. It seems to setting the stage for more trouble. In America’s haste to do something, it looks like Bush will be just as effective as Carter and Clinton were against radical Moslems. The threat from Moslem terrorism is more dangerous because the United States still thinks like it did when it fought North Vietnam.

For instance, during that war, the Vietnamese successfully used tunnel systems. The Moslem fundamentalists have spent energy learning how to copy those successful Vietnamese tunnel systems. Even our B-52 bombers had limited success against the Vietnamese’s tunnel systems, and our high technology failed. Our best weapon against the tunnels turned out to be small men called tunnel rats armed with knives. It seems that many of the same high tech American attitudes that had limited success in Vietnam are being brought out again. Dropping bombs on people is not the solution to the Moslem fundamentalists. It makes Americans feel good, but what are these expensive cruise missiles really accomplishing?

Our approach to solving our difficulties with Moslem fundamentalism is seriously lacking.

  • Why are our leaders setting us up for failure?

  • Who is going to benefit from this long war?

  • What kind of alternatives could be creatively developed to back out of this mess?

As usual, the elite have done their job well in creating this crisis. They prefer to develop these problems so that only one plan of action makes sense, and then they stampede us that direction before we can think of anything else.

What we have covered in this article are some of the details tracing the creation of today’s war between the U.S.A. and her allies and militant Moslem Fundamentalists. Some will call the evolution of hostilities accidental, or the fault of reckless indifference by incompetent politicians. But the strings of the puppets are visible if you look close.

The unfolding of events look like scripts that were discussed years ago. It is obvious, that whatever caused this “war” has happened and now we have the problem of how to end it. But like a disease, we can treat the symptom or the cause, and in this case, the war is a symptom of a larger problem