by Joe Wolverton, II
02 May 2011

from TheNewAmerican Website




In 1987, as a freshman in college, I walked into the university library and took down a tome entitled The House of Rothschild.


The book told a story of a humble Jewish family from Frankfurt that began as money lenders to the German aristocracy and expanded its wealth exponentially and geographically until its interests extended into the ruling houses of,

  • Austria

  • France

  • Italy

  • Switzerland

  • the United Kingdom

The Austrian branch was endowed with titles and lands by the Hapsburg emperor and the British branch was similarly ennobled by Queen Victoria.

To my wonderment, the Rothschild family controlled billions of dollars and literally had not only their fingers in every pie, but owned the bakeries, as well.

The influence wielded by the fecund Rothschild family was unrivaled. Through their grip on the purse strings of the governments of the world, they were able to manipulate peace and war to their own aggrandizement.


As historian Niall Ferguson wrote in his book, The World’s Banker - The History of the House of Rothschild:

As we have seen, however, wars tended to hit the price of existing bonds by increasing the risk that a debtor state would fail to meet its interest payments in the event of defeat and losses of territory.


By the middle of the 19th century, the Rothschilds had evolved from traders into fund managers, carefully tending to their own vast portfolio of government bonds. Now having made their money, they stood to lose more than they gained from conflict.


The Rothschilds had decided the outcome of the Napoleonic Wars by putting their financial weight behind Britain. Now they would sit on the sidelines.

Remarkably, a recent article published in the Washington Times reveals that the power and influence of the Rothschilds has not diminished over the past 200 years.


In the piece, it is asserted that the various programs promoted and established by George Soros are ultimately funded by the global wealth of this notorious family of financiers, the Rothschilds.

In a story entitled “Geneva Gnome’s Global Dread," Arnaud de Borchgrave, the editor at large of the Washington Times and United Press International, identified the various golden Rothschild threads woven into the globalist tapestry held up as an ensign by George Soros.

The Gnomes of Zurich were derogatory caricatures of secretive, greedy, stiff Swiss-German bankers, pince-nez aquiver, who ruled over the land of secret numbered accounts for tax dodgers the world over.


With the world’s best financial intelligence service, they knew their stuff and seldom spoke, even in retirement.

Their Geneva counterparts in French-speaking Switzerland were more sophisticated, relaxed in the company of global wheeler-dealers, and weren’t afraid to speak their minds, albeit off the record.


Such was George C. Karlweis, the brain behind Banque Privee, owned by the late Baron Edmond de Rothschild. His biggest claim to fame: George Soros and the launch of his Quantum Fund in 1969.

An original $100,000 stake in Mr. Soros’ fund was worth $150 million by 1994. Between 1970 and 2000, the return was 3,365 percent. (For 10 consecutive years, it did 42.6 percent per year.) In 1992, Mr. Soros bet billions against the British pound - and broke the Bank of England (“Black Wednesday”).

Although himself a neocon of the first order and one to neither foment nor foster any Rothschild-centered conspiracy theory, de Borchgrave’s analysis of the relationship between Soros and the Rothschilds is worthwhile and illustrative of the well-established growth of the mushroom of globalists conspirators in the accommodating lengthy shadow of the Rothschilds.

The value of this tale to friends of liberty is found in the innumerable points of common purpose visible when one lays the story printed in the Washington Times over the story of the history of the founding of a one-world government through the efforts of socialist/communist/globalist operatives inside and outside the halls of government.

Furthermore, this same cadre of conspirators were ultimately responsible for the recent worldwide economic collapse as they were the creators of the central banking structure that enables such booms and busts through the manipulation of the world’s currencies.

As one writer explained the cooperation between these monied interests:

That is not to say that every single person involved with the corruptions of central banking must intentionally be fomenting Marxism; no more than to say every Marxist is excited about finance.


But there is mounting evidence of close associations over not only decades but centuries, associations not only of people but of their intentions.

Whether intentional or not, the de Borchgrave article painted the scene of world-wide financial distress in the following very broad strokes:

The financial crises that have been blowing up for years are speeding up, Mr. Karlweis says, because of expenditure exceeding income, “borrowing hand-over-fist, even for no good reason, on ever shakier fundamentals.”

In a display of openness not likely appreciated by his Rothschild patrons, Karlweis attached the name of Hitler to the current currency collapse:

After turning their countries into Weimar Republics by printing more and more money "they will all need a currency commissioner like Hjalmar Schacht,” a German banker who headed Reichsbank and became an early Hitler supporter, “to save them from hyperinflation. Let’s just hope they don’t turn their regimes into Third Reichs in the meantime."

Next, Karlweis mixes his metaphors and uses the demand for bread and circuses that bankrupted the Roman Empire as an analogy for the potential of similar reactions in the empires that cover the earth today.

"No one wants to predict the reactions of voters who constantly clamor for more bread and games to forget the looming disappointments that could give rise to black swans," adds the former giant gnome of Geneva.

Black swans are an aspect of the theory of the same name that was developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.


Basically, the theory,

“refers only to unexpected events of large magnitude and consequence and their dominant role in history. Such events, considered extreme outliers, collectively play vastly larger roles than regular occurrences.”

Naturally, no observer can resist placing the lion’s share of blame for the world’s financial distress at the feet of the government of the United States.


Sadly, the placement is well and rightly placed there.

"Governments, public corporations, financial institutions, consumers - everyone is over their head in debt," Mr. Karlweis says.


And "a huge part of the blame for the debacle of the past three years lies squarely with the U.S. By more or less shoving free trade down everyone’s throat, America paved the way for globalization. This is what has destroyed jobs and driven down wages in the developed countries, hobbling economic growth and gouging tax revenues"'

Given the stretch and strength of the Rothschild web and the bottomless treasure chest at their disposal, George Soros and others determined to obliterate the Constitution are likely to continue their efforts for decades to come until the job is finished.