by Amitakh Stanford
27 June 2010

from FlyingBuffaloes7 Website


Soon after my last posting, entitled Real Independence and Real Self Government, the then Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, was politically “assassinated” and swept from office.


Many were shocked and disgusted by the way the Prime Minister was accosted by a midnight knock on his door announcing the coup. Who would have thought that a sitting Prime Minister would be ousted like a common criminal? Rudd had worked very hard for the country and was effective in many ways. He was ahead in the polls at the time he was betrayed by his most trusted ministers.


In short, Mr. Rudd had done nothing wrong to deserve such unthinkably cruel treatment by his party. It is the way in which he was removed that is so offensive and shocking.

Many think that Australia has shamed itself by the barbaric and unethical method used to depose its elected leader. Whilst the British people are used to this type of political behavior, it is shocking to many Australians, who are saddened to the point of almost feeling grief at what has unfolded before the world.

William Shakespeare must have been anticipating Labor Party politics when he crafted the characters of Brutus and Cassius to stab Caesar in the Roman Senate. In Australia, Brutus and Cassius promoted themselves, each moving up a notch on the Labor ladder after the “assassination.”


Brutus is now the PM, and Cassius is the deputy.

Nobody has yet come forward to publicly remember Caesar or to state what numerous “honourable” things Brutus and Cassius did which would warrant Australians' trust and support. Nobody has declared that Brutus and Cassius are “honourable” people at all.


Where is Australia's Mark Antony to expose Brutus and Cassius for what they are?

There was a time when emperors were believed to be God or God's chosen mediators on Earth. This is the so-called doctrine of the divine right of kings. People then were easily manipulated and convinced to be loyal to the monarch because they wanted their country to have God's favor. So, whatever the king said or did was God's will.

The Qualas are responsible for deposing many world leaders. They are the force behind the scenes of which people are unaware.


They are not loyal to countries or regions, but only to themselves. What is so sad is that the people used by the Qualas do not even know what they are doing or who they are doing it for. The Qualas were ordered to set up monarchies, and, later, they were ordered to decrease the number of monarchs.


The Emperor of Japan was forced to renounce his divinity when he surrendered his nation to the Allied Forces after World War II. The last emperor of China was forced to resign. The Tsar's family was exterminated. The monarchs were thinned out. There are only a few surviving today, and not all of them are merely figureheads.

Prominent leaders that challenged the Qualas' plan were also removed from power or eliminated on orders of the Qualas.

  • Indira Gandhi

  • John F. Kennedy

  • Abraham Lincoln

  • Joan of Arc,

...are just a few of the victims of Qualas and Olcar executions.

There is a move to place women in the top positions around the world. Some believe that if women were in charge there would be no wars. This is not the case. History has shown that ambition and cruelty are not restricted by gender.


Of all the world's monarchs, Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom stands out as one whose reign was marked by regular, irregular, and covertly fought wars.


She seems to have written the book on imperialism around the world. She took the British Throne in 1837 and established colonies and trading posts in many parts of the world. The British realm expanded under her rule until it was referred to as the empire on which the sun never set.

British territories were acquired all over the world by conquest or colonization from the early seventeenth century onwards.


At the end of World War I, the British Empire controlled 25 percent of the world's area and population. To bring Britain to this point, Victoria instigated an immorally conceived and executed catalyst, forcing her Indian subjects to produce opium, which she forced the Chinese to take in trade for goods.


When the Chinese objected, there were two British-led Opium Wars, which eventually subjugated China to British control and commerce. Britain is not the only European country to set up colonies and trading posts around the world. Notorious for this also are France, Holland, Denmark, Spain, Italy and Portugal. This is assuredly a European trait.

Wars, colonization and commercialization resulted in Hong Kong and several other Chinese ports being forcibly opened to Britain in settlement of the Opium Wars. The losers, of course, were the Chinese people.


Those who became addicted to opium could not work or function. It weakened their will and their mind. It has to be among the most vile of conquests in history. The Chinese will never forget Victoria's horrendous cruelty towards their people.

Besides military might, Victoria cunningly used commerce and religion to expand her empire. Through the efforts of the British East India Trading Company, Victoria gained control over the Indian people and crowned herself as the Empress of India in 1876. The ruling elite are bringing many women to the top positions today as a strategy to appease women's rights and to keep people off guard.


The ruling elite hope that people will think that if a woman is leading, then everything is relatively safe.


The misconception is that women will not be quick to go to war, and if they do go to war, they will be less cruel. As disproof of this assumption, always remember Victoria.

As Victoria's reign drew to a close, the country went relatively quiet. Britain celebrated her last “glory” in WWI, and then faded from being the world's main controller into a secondary military power. Nobody now suspects or worries about what Britain is doing militarily!

Towards the end of Victoria's reign, the Qualas started pushing America into taking over Britain's imperialistic position.


America began colonizing and conquering the world, often in the name of democracy or freedom. This was not a home-grown plan. It came from outside of America. It was planned by the Qualas and sold to the Americans who were either ambitious, self-righteous or corruptible. It has intentionally made America into one of the most hated bully-nations on the Earth.

America has taken on Britain's role on behalf of the Qualas. Most Americans would not knowingly seek to conquer the world, but they have been convinced to spread democracy and protect the world from tyrants and miscreants.


Once Americans were convinced that they were spreading freedom around the world, their government and military were given blank cheques to free the world as they saw fit. The absurdity of forcing freedom on others is lost on the American people.

Both WWI and WWII were planned and instigated by the Qualas.


After WWII, the Qualas set up straw men for America to battle and waste her resources. In the Qualas' plan, Korea was used to keep the West engaged with China. Korea has been made a pawn of the Qualas' game and has endured continual civil war and division for sixty years. South-east Asia was also used to raise tensions between China and America.

Taiwan is another point of contention between China and the West. This is also part of the Qualas' plan.


The nation of Israel was created to cause continued unrest in the Middle East, and to consolidate many Jewish people into one small geographic area so they can easily be dealt with when the time is right. In other words, the Palestinians, the Jews and the rest of the world have been hoodwinked by the Qualas.

The Qualas' abominable plans always bring suffering, misery, distrust and unrest to the world. The USSR was pitted against the West to waste resources on both sides. The Cold War was planned and instigated by the Qualas. There was never any real danger to either the West or the USSR except what was orchestrated by the Qualas.


In fact, the Russians, Americans and the Chinese are natural allies against the Qualas.


The European Qualas, which are headed by the Red Dragon, have played these 3 giant countries against one another. This is part of the Qualas' plan for world domination. The Red Dragon's Lair is on an island.

The Qualas have effectively taken firearms from nearly everyone on the planet. One of their main ploys to remove the firearms is to turn a crazed lone gunman loose, then call for firearm controls. Unsuspecting people fall in line and support gun-control measures. It does not take a military genius to realize that a commander would be reluctant to send in an invading force to a country that has a well-armed citizen militia.

The Qualas have a two stage plan in near full-swing at this time. The first stage is the global economic crisis, which, owing to stimulus spending, has placed nearly every nation in debt. It is part of their design to bankrupt countries that still have money. The twenty-first century financial collapse has been in the works for many centuries.


There have been many trial-and-error attempts to see how to most effectively impoverish the world in one fell swoop.

At the earliest stages of the global collapse, the Qualas addicted people to world trade so that international commerce covered the globe. Commerce became a powerhouse of the Qualas. They also used banking to get people to purchase on credit, so that they would be forever paying interest. Indeed, the Qualas have taken control of money everywhere.


The saying that “money runs the world” is so true.

The Qualas have built America into the most powerful nation in the world. But they are now in the process of tearing the United States down. When America is sufficiently weakened and spread too thin in regional skirmishes around the world, the Qualas will call in the American debt of trillions and trillions of dollars that the country has borrowed. This will set up stage two of the Qualas' plan.

After most of the world is impoverished, the Qualas will try to get China, Russia and the United States to enter into a huge global war. The Qualas will watch the horrendous conflagration and wait as the unthinkable happens. In the aftermath, they will have sufficient forces to control the scraps of the world and enslave the survivors.

Thus, the One World Government is very different to what most think. It is not about ruling 7 billion people or all the nations. There will be nowhere near that number of people left if the Qualas get their way.


In reality, the One World Government spells the extermination of the human race!