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23 Marzo 2011

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El cineasta y locutor de radio norteamericano Alex Jones cubre a fondo el controvertido y desconocido tema para muchos del "Nuevo Orden Mundial".


La creación de un gobierno mundial bajo control de las "élites" solo sería el primer paso. Una vez alcanzado esto, desplegarían la 2da fase de su plan, el exterminio de aproximadamente el 80% de la población mundial, mientras "la élite" viviría en un mundo de ensueño con la ayuda de la tecnología avanzada que durante años ha sido ocultada y suprimida manteniendo a una población diezmada y esclavizada a su servicio.


Por primera vez, Alex Jones revela los verdaderos planes para el exterminio de la humanidad.









The Blueprint For Global Enslavement

The Master Plan of The Elite is No Longer a Secret

from InfoWars Website


"Countless people will hate the new world order and will die protesting against it."

- H.G. Wells, The New World Order, 1939.


Alex Jones' newest film Endgame is an exploration into the dark history of the global elite and an expose of their now public aspiration to follow a program of dehumanization in order to secure a brutal monopoly over the planet's future.

Almost a year and a half in production and filmed on location in Istanbul Turkey, Ottawa Canada, New York and Texas, Endgame was shot in High Definition and runs at 2hours and 20 minutes long.

The elite have made no bones over the fact that the only sustainable future in which their power can remain unchecked is one where the world's population is reduced by over 80%.

Their endgame ensures that they will never have to struggle with a middle class, face a new renaissance or a rising new elite class that could overthrow them and displace them.

Just as the Romans salted the earth at Carthage, ensuring that for hundreds of years crops would not grow, when Hannibal and his people resisted their brutal empire during the Punic Wars, modern day elite oppressors have set about a program to stifle and degrade human progress solely for the benefit of their own power and control.

Endgame exposes this Movement by charting the history of the elite's new world order going back some 250 years. The film focuses on the Napoleonic era, the Rothschilds and the rise of the central banks and the takeover of the United States by elite institutions such as the Council on Foreign Relations.

The film maps out the British model of hidden empire and the forms of social control carefully studied and adapted by the Anglo-American establishment, headed by groups such as Bilderberg, who have been instrumental in centralizing elite control via the formation of the European Union and the continued progression towards an American Union.

The history of Eugenics is traced from its origins, through it's hijacking for evil by power hungry elites to a dangerous future under the social Malthusians, psychologists and anthropologists that continue to push the dehumanization agenda.

Endgame reveals a truth that we must face up to in order to secure our own continued existence as a free race on this planet.






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