by Bernie Suarez
November 21, 2016
from TruthAndArtTV Website

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Bernie is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology.

He is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions.

A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems.

His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order.







If you ask the average American how they feel about the times in which we live chances are they sensing something is wrong.


Depending on who you ask, of course, you'll get different reasons but most people are probably aware of the demonstrations and riots against Donald Trump, a tension and unrest that is promising to get more intense as we get closer to Inauguration on January 20, 2017.


This tension, anger and unrest manifesting itself across the country is not only engineered as I've been saying for long now, but those who are obeying the will of George Soros and those funded by him (, Michael Moore, etc.) who are carrying out the agenda at play are the manifestation of what I consider to be the 'children of the new world order'.


I was reluctant at first to put this information out because many of the youth involved in the recent protests have no idea what's really happening and they wouldn't intentionally cooperate with the ruling elite's plan but I'm now compelled to say it how I see it.


But before I discuss why I feel these protesters are a new brand and breed of minds which are the direct offspring of the ruling elites mass mind control and future world order let's first take a good look at the actual election results that led to the justification for the recent chaos.


Since the Donald Trump victory over Hillary Clinton seen here where Trump defeated Clinton with 290 electoral votes to Hillary's 232, anger and mayhem on the part of the Hillary supporting left has ensued.


But why?


As indicated by the map, this vote count doesn't include the final 16 electoral votes that Trump will gain in Michigan barring a reversal of the current count. That will officially make the final voting results Trump 306 Hillary 232.


And while we're at it, here's the election result from 2008 when Obama won the election because of his 365 electoral votes to John McCain's 173. And here's the election results from 2012 where again, Obama defeated Mitt Romney with 332 electoral votes to Romney's 206.


So what do all three of these election results have in common?


They all follow the same rules. In all three, the candidate that won, won because (not in spite of) that candidate received more electoral votes (270 or more to be exact) than his opponent.


And so again I'm left wondering,

  • Why are these Hillary supporting "anti-Trump" demonstrators so angry?


  • And, what agenda is at play?

The anti-Trump "social justice warriors" (SJW) are now looking to change the election rules... retroactively...!


Using emotion, marches, signs and whatever else is coming in the form of a "revolution". They believe that Donald Trump is an epic never-before-seen "hater" and "racist".


They believe he's such a high level ultra "hater" that he is a "danger" to America, even to humanity.


And though seemingly some of the protests have died down the past few days it is now revealed they are planning massive protests to disrupt the January 20, 2017 presidential inauguration.


It is again revealed who's footing the bill.







This leaves me wondering,

  • What's really behind this passionate almost religious belief that Donald Trump is an especially dangerous "hater", and what does that really mean?


  • When did "hating" become a critic that determines who can be president?


  • And who determines if that person is a "hater"?


  • Who has the authority to declare that someone's opinion can be deemed a thought crime of hate?


  • And how do these beliefs morally justify the behavior and anger these protesters are demonstrating?


  • Aren't demonstrations based on things that are happening or things that have actually happened?


  • Aren't presidents and leaders judged by their actions?


  • What hate crime has Trump committed?


  • Isn't waging illegal war on a nation that didn't attack the US and causing the death of millions, like Bush, Obama and Hillary have done in the past, examples of "hate"?


  • Why aren't protesters angry about the CNN fake news and the lies about fake terrorism and war that cost millions of lives?

I'm wondering how crazy is all of this and how did it get to this point?


I'm also wondering what is really happening here based on what we know about the world and the plans of the never-say-die ruling elite? Let's examine some of these questions.





How did this happen and what is really going on here?


From a political perspective, the sight of angry anti-Trump protesters taking to the streets with signs and looking to start a "revolution" because they don't like the end result of the 2016 US Presidential election is a picture-perfect illustration of how one man (George Soros) can engineer a revolution in any country of his choice and or on behalf of the ruling elite who want order out of chaos and a new global order.


His strategy is actively at work right here and right now. Discerning truth seekers are well aware of what I'm talking about.


Of note in this New York Times article an attempt is made to say that these protests are now generic demonstrations,

"expressing anger with the entire political system".

Yet strangely the Hillary Clinton 'Wikileaks' or 'Project Veritas' (below video) bombshell revelations of corruption are never mentioned once by the writer or any of the interviewed protesters:


I believe these new narratives are being floated out there in order to recruit more involvement and sympathy from potential participants.

But a week after Trump's unexpected victory, protests that appeared at first as a denunciation of the president-elect have largely given way to more diffuse expressions of frustration among America's left.


A new group calling itself Portland's Resistance published 22 demands ranging from "clean air and water" and "safe streets" to halting the construction of a local Nestle factory.


In Philadelphia, a group called the Socialist Alternative convened more than 100 people for a Monday night meeting on the perils of capitalism and climate change.


And in Atlanta and several other cities, anti-Trump marches shifted gears this week into protests focused on the Dakota Access oil pipeline.

"People are there for all different reasons [there are] signs saying, 'Not my president,' but also 'Viva La Raza,' 'Black Lives Matter,' hella queer folks," said Debbie Southorn, a Chicago activist who joined an anti-Trump protest on a whim and wouldn't say who she voted for.


"It's really encouraging," said Southorn, 27. "Like, Whoa, we all see each other right now. We see our different struggles are linked up and connected."


But a week after Trump's unexpected victory, protests that appeared at first as a denunciation of the president-elect have largely given way to more diffuse expressions of frustration among America's left.


  • Who wouldn't want to generically express their unhappiness with the entire political system?


  • Who doesn't want clean air and safe streets??

By posing the purpose of these demonstrations as being based on such generic issues the mainstream media is making these demonstrations seem more acceptable.


Yet another level of deception at play is here.


Again, we now have a front row view to see for ourselves how Soros destabilizes nation states and why he's been so successful at this in many countries around the world for decades...


It's one thing to read about it, it's quite another to see his tactics in action in real-time.


As I'm always sharing with truth seekers, these revolutions are always based on legitimate gripes and differences that are made to look and feel exaggerated to the person being lured into the movement.


Funding the movement is key because it gives the movement the feel of being real even when it's not. That's why we've been seeing all the Craigslist ads looking for people who want to get paid to protest (see video above).


Here's an example of how the deception works:

For the players and foot soldiers on the streets it (the Craigslist job opportunity to become a protester for pay) provides a little money to pay the bills and a chance to air out your feelings and convictions.


You are then exposed to "information" that confirms your (engineered) beliefs.


Via the logical fallacy known as "confirmation bias" the employees who respond to the ads for work otherwise known as protesters are able to internalize the conviction and beliefs they have about the problems they are presented with and they perceive the growing urgency in the need to "take action now" about such presented problems.


Then, as you wake up every day feeling a growing need to be part of the action (and make some extra money while you are at it) you get that email from and see that it's Michael Moore or one of your favorite celebrities reminding you how serious the situation is and the need to take more action now.


Upon receiving this email, the typical progressive member is now more fired up and ready to get out there.

This lifestyle provides the typical pro-Hillary, anti-Trump activist the means, motive and opportunity to do what they are now doing, they are trying to stir up a revolution to overthrow the rule of law and current nation state structure as we know it.


Some even mean well and want to see this corrupt system change but they don't realize the much greater picture and how they ended up marching in the streets. This is what a revolution looks like from the inside!


For those demonstrating and rioting they feel that the principles of their beliefs are at stake.


The principle however is always a legitimate principle (e.g. ignoring reality for a moment and in a perfect world who WOULD want a proven hateful president or hateful anybody?)


If you look at every revolution in human history you will probably find that both sides always maintain some kind of principle that makes sense in SOME way.


The "principle" however, is not what any of these "revolutions" are about. What drives these revolutions is beliefs. False beliefs. Deep down you have to believe something which then you associate to your principles.


It's one thing to have a principle against hatred (we all should have that principle or hold that value), it's quite another to believe something that is taken out of context, something not necessarily true or something you were convinced about by listening to deep state propaganda.


This very thin line between what you arbitrarily believe and what principles and values you attribute to that belief is actually where the trick begins because the Hillary-supporting Trump haters who are now acting as "social justice warriors" are not able to discern the difference between what is factual or objective and what is state engineered propaganda.


They are thus not able to critically think on their own, independent of state engineered political propaganda put out by mainstream media.


As a result they are now sucked into a very powerful and now very dangerous engineered chaos and mass mind manipulation.





As I wrote about some time ago, the ruling elite are waging three wars against humanity that sums up the majority of problems in the world.


The war on nation states, the war on the individual and the war on truth. Once you understand the global government long term goals of the ruling elite it is much easier to see why undermining nation states, even the United States, is the goal here.


Even though this is likely not the goal of the individual protesters, this IS the goal of Soros and company.


We are now seeing all three wars, against,

  • nation states

  • the individual

  • truth,

...on full display and if we take a closer look at the mechanisms of what is happening, the hands of the new world order become very clear to see.


The mindset behind the anti-Trump, pro-Hillary progressive left is that anyone who has values and beliefs that are different from their own must be committing a crime of some sort.


Opposing sentiments, beliefs and opinions are upgraded or should I say exaggerated to the level of thought crime of some kind. The person is quickly portrayed as a villain of some kind. A hater or intolerant bigot instead of say a person with conservative (Christian or other religious) values.


This resembles a war against cultural and religious values which is ultimately interconnected to the war on the individual. This is equivalent to a conservative Christian calling for all gays and lesbians to be charged criminally or arrested for being disrespectful to Christian values...


How ridiculous would that be?


But it doesn't end there. The pro-Hillary, anti-Trump, Soros funded revolutionaries demonstrate a jaw-dropping degree of ignorance to the facts about Hillary Clinton which were revealed in the Wikileaks and Project Veritas revelations.


In this case, their engineered and manufactured beliefs (that none of these revelations are real and somehow never happened) fuels their deliberate lack of knowledge about these historic revelations.


Their thinking is, if the revelations are all false and the Project Veritas videos are somehow not real or authentic as CNN is telling me then there is nothing for me to worry about.


The delusional "belief" that these revelations somehow never happened is truly a never-before-seen phenomenon. Remember what I said about how the belief later gets recycled into "principle" later on without the SJW realizing this.


The mass mind control of these never before seen 'children of the new world order' thus is proving to be reality proof! This is why I'm calling out the warning now to all Americans to be prepared for anything.


Once a person looses touch with real-time reality at a mass scale, acting unified and in accordance with what they believe is the right principle, this unit of bodies IS a legitimate threat to all principles, all beliefs, all individuals and nation states.


The manifestation of this mass delusion is thus a weapon to be used against truth itself. For example, truth has been revealed about the DNC, Hillary, John Podesta and many others in D.C.


Humanity is now privileged to have information available to it like it does today.


What then is the primary weapon against this easily available information? Mainstream media of course. The mainstream media can only fight back with more propaganda lies and as we all know, their lies are failing more and more every day and the ruling elite are desperate.


So it shouldn't surprise us that a mob of protesters are now in the streets and they are NOT angry or even shocked about the Wikileaks revelations of the past months.


They are not angry that a person who has been caught taking bribery money from countries who are supporting ISIS, a person who wanted to start world war 3 with Russia and person who is part of a pedophile ring that NYPD just 2 weeks ago promised to reveal if something wasn't done, almost got into the White House.


None of this matters because none of this happened as far as they (the Hillary SJW) are concerned.


This profound disconnect from reality is just one important underlying issue going on here.





Connecting the dots, from 9/11 to the Soros funded SJW revolution


This craziness I'm describing is the birth of what I'm calling the 'children of the new world order'...


I know it sounds a little crazy but here's my explanation.


The new world order has been trying to give birth ever since the Bush administration's 9/11 false flag attack on our nation and on the psyche of all Americans and humans across the globe.


Furthermore, I believe this phenomenon we're seeing now is a continuation of the Sandy Hook psychological operation on all Americans which took place December 14, 2012.


Yes, Sandy Hook...


Recall that Sandy Hook is the first and only "mass shooting" where literally ZERO evidence of the event was produced by the mainstream media, Go Fund Me accounts were started for future "dead" victims BEFORE the day of the event, crisis actors were caught fumbling their lines, even shockingly playing multiple roles in the same event (David Wheeler) and on and on and yet anyone who even dares question the event is a "harasser".


Does any of this sound familiar?


Even after 9/11 we didn't hear such rhetoric against those questioning 9/11. Back then, anyone questioning 9/11 was called "unpatriotic" by the mainstream media.


Now you are "harassing" often enough to be charged with a crime, if you question an agreed upon "official" story especially Sandy Hook.


This mentality demonstrated after the Sandy Hook event has given birth to the 'children of the new world order' whose job it is to enforce punishment against thought crimes. Their actions are based on false beliefs which are internalized, allowed to grow and emotionally intensify and justified in the form of "principles".


The 'children of the new world order' believe what they are told to believe.


They fight for what they are told to fight for. They lack any real values... except a simple yet very strong demand for the acceptance of all values... that agree with their values!!


The delusions they practice appear to be caused by repeating irrational thoughts combined with willful well rationalized selective ignorance.


Translation? This is mass mind control and it's the new consciousness that is driving the new world order agenda. In other words, if and when they (the Soros funded protesters) win the new world order will officially be here.


What does that new world order look like?


All nation states are erased. People live in a borderless world. The rulers of this borderless world won't matter to the inhabitants who carry on with their lives in love, peace, "sustainability" and happiness.


Unless someone disagrees with the collective that is.


If someone demonstrates free thought which doesn't agree with the collective, the collective will be okay with this person being disappeared or dealt with because their free thoughts will be easily portrayed as "hate" or "harassment" (we're seeing this now).


In this new collective mentality of reprobate minds without individual, cultural, traditional or even religious based values (all labeled as forms of hatred and ignorance) the masses act as slaves for the endlessly lucky and totally ignored rulers behind the curtain.


The collective will be silent, unarmed slaves who do as they are told yet perceive their slavery as a membership to a privileged world of global peace and prosperity, exactly as stated in the Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 documents.


This, my friends, is the New World Order in black and white, and the consciousness birthed out of this new world order experiment is now here.


I see it very clearly. This is where we are all headed. Like it or not, the 'children of the new world order' are here. At this exact moment we don't know how much this mass mind control experiment will grow out of hand, how fast it will grow or what will be of this movement.


But anyone paying attention should at least be wondering where this is going and how this will end...


History tells us these revolutions don't die out, just like the plans of the ruling elite never die out. So I believe these 'children of the new world order' are a phenomenon that is very real and is not going away, at least not any time soon unless government laws that make it a crime to fund staged revolutions and oppositions to overthrow a democratically elected government are enforced.


If these people truly cared about corruption and honesty,

where were they the last eight years during the reign of one of the most violent and corrupt president in US history?

Let's not look the other way hoping the Soros engineered chaos machinery is going to go away.


Maybe it will but it doesn't seem likely any time soon. Hopefully I'm wrong about this.


In the meantime, warning to all. Don't let this approaching reality sneak up on you and catch you unprepared. Ready or not, the 'children of the new world order' are here.


And if history teaches us anything it appears America will never again be the same...