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Terms such as the New Age and similar expressions are used to express a particular form of ethical or "theological" doctrine stated in the writings of Alice A. Bailey.


The terms used by Bailey and others are, at this time, being, and they will continue to be, altered. However, the concepts expressed within her theology have not and will not be altered. These concepts are the major concern of this investigation.

Many manifestations of this theology are covert. The covertly controlled individuals or organizations often us different code words, deny that they are associated with "diabolic" forces; but, they do promulgate the same materialistic Bailey philosophy. As one example, organizations that attempt to build, create, or produce "God's kingdom" on earth are often covertly controlled by Bailey's God and claim no association with other such groups that overtly follow Bailey's theology.

The overt manifestations tend to vary but still follow the patterns dictated by Bailey. For example, consider the emphasis today upon various "psychic" endeavors. These are all associated, covertly or overtly, with Bailey's theology.


This doctrine, in whole or in part, has exceptional appeal and is being embraced by many individuals and organizations who are being deceived relative to its true intent.


Those individuals most likely to accept portions, if not all, of Bailey's doctrine are those who believe in "psychic" powers, where such powers are considered as either relative to spirit beings or produced by extranatural processes not associated with spirit beings.


Further, the community will consider Bailey's supernaturalism as harmless and will tend to embrace this Bailey doctrine since it affirms the concepts of "ecumenicalism" or the belief that all theologies are converging to a universe doctrine.


The atheistic community considers Bailey's supernaturalism as harmless and is embracing Bailey's concepts due to her desire to destroy orthodox religions, in general, and use their resources for, what she considers to be, the "true" benefit of humankind. Due to Bailey's dislike for orthodox Judaism and conservative Christianity, her theology will be accepted by many Moslems for this specific reason.


Since the technical aspect of her theology is based upon Buddhism and Hinduism, individuals who assert these beliefs are easily converted to the Bailey mysticism.

Due to the factors stated above, it is important that the public be made aware of the true nature of the Bailey "theology." Using the writings of the founder of the New Age theology, a theology that is purposely disguised through application of code words, it is shown in this article that this theology is, in all of its variations, absolutely occult in character and leads to one of the most evil forms of demonic possession.


This theology is designed to prepare humankind for the "appearance," in one form or another, of the AntiChrist. Some of the actual methods used to produce such demon possession are discussed.


It is established that the true leader of the New Age movement, Bailey's God, is the Scripturally defined Adversary (Satan) and that the "prayer" entitled "The Great Invocation" is actually a satanic invocation designed to call forth the AntiChrist.



Scientific Method Employed

  1. Introduction and Brief History

  2. The Masters and Overshadowing

  3. Master Jesus, Bailey's Christ and God

  4. The Solar Angels and Humanity

  5. From Bethlehem to Calvary

  6. Methodology and the Kingdom of God

  7. The New Age [Bailey] Ethics

  8. The Greatest Danger

  9. The Plan, More Code Words and the Great Invocation

  10. References

  11. Internet Examples












Scientific Method Employed

The scientific method employed is generally termed probabilistic analytical reasoning. In particular, the following procedures are followed: A particular Bailey term or phrase A that denotes an entity or concept is considered.


Within the Bailey writings A has an associated collection of describing sentences, A's describing set. Statements in this set describe such things as A's behavior, or attributes or relations with other terms or phrases.


Within the Scriptures, as they would be interpreted when first written, a term or phrase B that denotes an entity or concept is located which has a describing set that is highly similar to the Bailey describing set for A.


The more closely Bailey's describing set corresponds to the Scriptural describing set and the greater the number of such corresponding sentences within the sets, leads to an identification of the Bailey term or phrase with the Scriptural term or phrase (i.e. A = B).

On the other hand, using the same approach, if Bailey's describing sentences for A do not correspond in this probabilistic sense to the describing sentences for the Scripturally described B, then this leads to the conclusion that A and B do not denote the same entity or concept. In a few cases, my experience with the occult is used to clarify particular concepts and this has adjoined additional information to a describing set.


A vast amount of mathematical analysis can be done using describing sets.

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1. Introduction and Brief History

In Oct. 1982, the Lucis Trust published in the Reader's Digest a full page advertisement called "The Great Invocation." This scientific analysis is a detailed exposition of the significance of this advertisement.

The "flower" pictured in this advertisement is one of the many "Lotuses" employed in occult symbolism (Exhibit 1).



Exhibit 1



The "Great Invocation" is actually the third of a series of invocations written from 1935 through 1945 (Exhibit 2 -6, p. v).


This is the same as the one that now appears on the Internet at http// and has not been altered from the last one in Exhibit 2.



Exhibit 2



In what follows, you will not only be exposed to the true occult concepts and practices used today, but also the basic method used to control even those individuals who do not believe in the supernatural - the method of occult 'overshadowing'.


But, before proceeding, we present a brief history of the individuals involved with the creation of the "Great Invocation."

Alice A. Bailey (abbr. A.A.B.) (1880 -1949) and Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (H.P.B.) (1831 - 91) are apparently the founders of the New Age or Aquarian Age movement (1, p. 255) which today is linked to well over 10,000 organizations within the U. S. A. alone.


As stated by Bailey, the preparatory period was from 1875-1890 and the teachings where preparatory and "... written down by H.P.B." (1, p. 255).


The intermediate teachings were,

"... given 1919-1949... written down by A.A.B." (1, p. 255).

"Other teachings will be... emerging after 1975... to be given on a world wide scale via radio." (1, p. 255).

Bailey writes that H.P.B. was,

"That great disciple who lighted her torch in the East and brought the light to Europe and America in 1875." (2, Dedication). However, unbiased scholars give the following assessment of H.P.B. First, she "... claims to have mediumistic powers." (3, p. 55).


Her control was John King "a spirit claiming to have been in life the famous pirate Henry Morgan." (3, p. 131).


Moreover, Bailey admits that H.P.B. was, at the least, a conscious medium. "In fifty years time, the need for true psychics and conscious mediums (such as H.P.B., for instance) will be very great... ." (2, p. 757).

H.P.B. founded the well-known occult society the Theosophical Society in New York City on 13 Sept. 1875 (3, p. 248).


She apparently was an assistant to a spirit medium and had a well-known hatred for Christianity (3, p. 249). She faked seances and made experiments with hashish prior to founding of the Theosophical Society.


During the period 1875 - 1890, her activities were investigated by the Society for Psychical Research.


Richard Hodgson reported that H.P.B.'s Theosophical Society utilized conjuror's apparatuses such as "shrines" with false backs and the like (3, p. 250).


The Society for Psychical Research described H.P.B. as,

"one of the most accomplished, ingenious and interesting impostors of history."

(3, p. 55).

Apparently, after this investigation, she concentrated upon being a "conscious" or "mental" medium.


The "mental medium" receives communication by various types of extrasensory perception. Relative to this present day, from my experience, these are the only procedures that have any merit. In the case of H.P.B., after the methods of "apport" were exposed, she concentrated upon telepathy as received from one of the Masters about whom a great deal more will be detailed.


This 'telepathic procedure' utilizes the "seer" approach where an individual transcribes information received by "reading" from the "astral light." This may be more simply described as ordinary telepathic information being received from "some" source that can control human mental impressions.

Alice A. Bailey became associated with the Theosophical Society and studied intensely occult methodology and its technical language.


She left the Theosophical Society for a,

"... Teaching on the New Discipleship... This changed technique negates the old attitudes such as that portrayed in the Theosophical literature... . That earlier presentation was useful but has now served its purpose."

2, pp. 251 - 252.

According to Foster Bailey, A.A.B.'s second husband, A.A.B. began her "telepathic" work in 1919 (2, p. vi). This telepathic collaboration with her "Tibetan" (to be further delineated) lasted 30 years and, indeed, we are told that,

"During the long course of the work the minds of the Tibetan and A.A.B. became so closely attuned that they were in effect... a single joint projecting mechanism." (2, p. vii).

In the year 1922, A.A.B. founded the Lucifer Publishing Co. that later that same year was incorporated in New Jersey as the "A non-profit educational corporation" under a new name the Lucis Publishing Co. This publishing company is now part of the Lucis Trust.


This is attested to by the library card catalogs and holdings that can be found in Vol. 30, Mansell, 1969, The National Union Catalog Pre-1956 Imprints page 473. (Exhibit 3).



Exhibit 3



The twenty-four not independent books written by Bailey are the basic textbooks for the New World Order (4, pp. 190-192) or what some call the New Age, the New Religion, the New this or the New that.


Much of the direct evidence is taken from five of the most important of these textbooks as listed in the references. Indeed, there is such a vast amount of evidence that it is difficult to know exactly where to start.

Foster Bailey writes,

"A Treatise on Cosmic Fires [Reference 2]... carries inherent evidence that it will stand as the major and most far-reaching portion of the thirty-year teachings... ."(2, p. vi).

This "treatise" is almost entirely astrology and spiritualism in a modern mode.


We are also told that the book "The Rays and The Initiations" is to be utilized as a school text for advanced initiates. Moreover, a major and continuing effort must be the wide distribution of these New Age Bailey books throughout the entire world (TMW, pp. 6-7).


As an indication of this wide distribution, the "textbooks" have been translated from English into Spanish, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Polish and Portuguese.


The Lucis Trust has, at the least, three worldwide offices in New York, London and Geneva. (TMW).

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2. The Masters and Overshadowing

The concept of the Masters, Masters of Wisdom, the Unknown Chiefs, the Secret Chiefs, Brothers and all other such synonyms can be traced back approximately to 1750 and the Spanish-French occultist the Martine's de Pasqually (1715? - 1779).


The term Secret Chiefs was introduced by Baron Hund (1722 - 1776) for his Strikt Observanz Masonic system.


The basic approach is an 'evolutionary approach where an individual spiritually evolves' into higher and more meaningful forms until one actually becomes totally a spirit being on various evolutionary levels.


Further, Pasqually apparently introduced the human biological evolution concept prior to Darwin's expanding it to other biological entities. "Masters" is an interesting concept especially when one considers the historical period when the concept was first advanced publicly. The "Masters" concept has been employed by the theosophists and other "seers" for over 200 years.


The Masters form a major portion of the occult mysteries of Blavatsky, Bailey, Olcott, Crowley, Leadbeater, Besant and hundreds of other occultists of lesser fame. The "theology" that the Masters "teach" is widespread. It is a major part of many large "religious" organizations.


One such organization is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

A Master can be defined basically as a perfected man or adept whose task it was (or is) to watch over and guide humanity along its path of spiritual and physical evolution - with concentration on the spiritual. Spiritual always refers to supernatural spirituality. Masters are Godlike adepts with their "physical plane" headquarters in various mountain areas especially in the Himalayas and Tibet.


The Lucis Trust steadfastly claims that it is a fact that the Masters exist on this physical plane and even on the "dense physical plane" (i.e. the natural universe). (GI, p. 9). However, unbiased investigation, even after expeditions to Tibet, have failed to produce a modern manifestation of a Master in dense physical form.

It is not the purpose of this research to discuss these "adepts" in any detail.


This investigation is intended to relate the occult meanings of the entities symbolized within "The Great Invocation" to their Christian or Judaic counterparts if such exist. Thus, except for names and the like, a subsidiary analysis of the Masters that are not claimed to be associated with Judeo-Christian theology will not be specifically undertaken.


It should be pointed out, however, that the Masters concept as it is utilized at present is obviously an attempt to avoid the charge that the telepathic communication with the Masters is communication with the "dead."


However, as it will be established, the attempt to convince the skeptic that the telepathic communication is not a direct result of a subliminal implanting of the thought patterns from some supernatural spiritual entity is doomed to failure since Bailey writes that this is one of the major intentions of the initiation process.


This is found when the Wesek festival is discussed. In this discussion, Bailey also gives the actual procedures being used, at this very moment, to overshadow specially selected individuals.


Some care should be exercised when reading the following since a few of the words are "code" words and do not carry the standard meaning. In particular, the words or phrases "pure, servers of the race, inspiration, His Lord, Great Lord, His Master."


I have added a few remarks denoted by [...].


Bailey's description of the first stage of overshadowing:

"... many cases of overshadowing will be seen and will demonstrate in a three fold manner... prepared disciples and highly evolved men and women, will be found who will be doing the work along the lines intended, one who will be occupying places of prominence which will make them available for the reaching of the many; their bodies will also be sufficiently pure to permit of the overshadowing.


It will only be possible in the case of those who have been consecrated since childhood, who have been servers all their lives or who, in previous lives...


First. 'An impression upon the physical brain of the man or women, of thoughts, plans for work, ideals'... which (emanating from the Avatar [Hindu: An incarnation of a deity in physical (earthly) form]) 'will yet be unrecognized by him' [This is a very important aspect of overshadowing.]... .This is literally a form of higher telepathy... .


Second. The overshadowing of the chela [Hindu for disciple] during his work (such as lecturing, writing, or teaching) and his illumination for service. He will be conscious of this... and will seek more and more to be available for use, rendering himself up in utter selflessness to the inspiration of His Lord.


Third. The conscious co-operation of the chela is necessitated in the third method of overshadowing. In this case, he will (... ) surrender himself and step out of his physical body, handing it over for the use of the Great Lord or one of His Masters... he renders up his body, and stands aside for a specific length of time." (2, p. 756-757).

Certain portions of the above Bailey description can be related slightly to the Christian concept of being "indwelt by the Holy Spirit" on various spiritual levels.


However, type three corresponds more closely to the concept of "being possessed by a spirit entity."


An Avatar is definitely a spirit being.

"All Avatars in the strict sense of the word are liberated souls... a Master in physical plane incarnation is a type of avatar for He is a 'free soul' and therefore only is incarnate for specific purposes." (2, p. 722).


[Note: In this analysis, the term "demon" will often be used both as a noun, adjective, and as an adverb.]

Bailey's second Master has the name Master Djwhal Khul or simply Master D.K. Moreover, "he" also is called by the more familiar name - The Tibetan.


Bailey almost always writes as if she is taking dictation from her Master.

"A.A.B. takes down to my dictation an average of seven to twelve pages of typing (single-spaced) each time she writes for me; but owing to the exigencies of my work I cannot dictate to her every day, though I have found that she would gladly take my dictation daily if I so desired;... " (1, p. 251).


[Master D.K.] "... is the latest of the adepts taking initiation, having taken the fifth initiation in 1875, and is therefore occupying the same body in which He took the initiation... . His body is not a young one, and He is a Tibetan."

(4, p. 57).

Bailey gives more descriptions of Masters in the chapter The Lodge of Masters to be found in reference 4.



"The Master, however, can build a body through which He can approach incoming disciples... He will normally build this body in semblance of the human form, doing so instantaneously [sudden appearance] and by an act of the will, when required."

(1, p. 705).

Bailey lists in her various books other members of the Hierarchy. There is

  • Master Jupiter

  • Master Morya

  • Master Koot Humi (of Kasmiric origin)

  • Master Jesus (the Master Bailey claims that the Christians follow)

  • Master Rakoczi (who has a home in the Carpathian mountains)

Indeed, Bailey informs us that Master R. overshadowed Comte de St. Germain, Roger and Francis Bacon. We are told that he is called "the Count."


Then for science there is Master Hilarion, who was as,

" earlier incarnation... Paul of Tarsus."

In 1922, Master H. occupied a Cretan body. There was the Master Serapis, Master P. and many others. (4, p. 53-61).


Exhibit 4 (4, p. 48-49) is a key diagram that shows various Masters and their relation to the Great Lords, Sanat Kumara, Solar Logos and others.


The line diagram on page 48 indicates the inner relations for these spirit forms.





Exhibit 4



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3. Master Jesus, Bailey's Christ and God

The particular Masters in which we are interested, both in their supernatural and dense physical plane manifestations, form a portion of the Planetary Hierarchy.


This Hierarchy will be discussed shortly. Our immediate concern, however, is with the identity of Bailey's Master Jesus.


Bailey tells us that in 1922,

"Master M., the Master K. H. and the Master Jesus are interesting Themselves closely with the work of unifying, as far as may be, eastern and western thought, so that the great religions of the East, with the later development of Christian faith in all its many branches, may mutually benefit each other. Thus eventually it is hoped one great universal Church may come into being." (4, p. 55-56).

Now Master D.K. (through Bailey) tells us that Master Jesus

"... is presently [1922] living in a Syrian body, and dwells in a certain part of the Holy Land... His pupils are frequently distinguished by fanaticism... He is tall and spare with rather a long thin face, black hair, pale complexion and piercing blue eyes...


He is well-known in Bible history, coming before us first as Joshua the Son of Nun, appearing in the time of Ezra as Jeshua, taking the third initiation, as related in the book of Zechariah, as Joshua, and in the Gospel story He is know for two great sacrifices that in which He handed over His body for the use of the Christ... As Appollonius of Tyana, he took the fifth initiation... "

(4, p. 56).


[Bailey writes,] "... the Mahommedan faith will be found linked to the Christian faith because it embodies the work of Master Jesus as he overshadowed one of his senior disciples, a very advanced initiate, Mahomet."

(1, p. 254).


'Bailey claims that Master Jesus and the Jesus of the New Testament are one and the same'.

She writes,

"... The Master Jesus, the inspirer and director of the Christian Church everywhere... ."

(4, p. 46).


"... this can be noted in the Gospel story... of the Master Jesus."

(6, p. 83).

Clearly, Bailey's intent is to correspond Master Jesus to Jesus Christ. For more direct evidence, Bailey states

"Christianity will be in a state of chaotic division and upheavals. When this takes place..., the Master Jesus will take certain initial steps towards reassuming control of His Church,... "

(6, p. 573).

Numerous other references can be cited that immediately lead to the conclusion that Bailey would like us to believe that her Master Jesus that appears in position 6 under the direction of (c) the Venetian Master and controlled by (C) that Mahachohan in Exhibit 4, is the Christ Jesus.


Observe also that on page 48, Master Jesus is connected to The Bodhisattva (The Christ, The World Teacher).


Please note that according to the diagram, Master Jesus is only a "far-away" disciple of the Bailey's Christ and, as will be specifically shown,

'Master Jesus is not the Christ Himself as the concept is Scripturally defined'.

However, the most important and, indeed, absolute evidence where Bailey attempts to establish that Jesus Christ is the same as her Master Jesus is the entire book From Bethlehem to Calvary; the Initiations of Jesus written without the aid, we are told, of Master D.K. This will be analyzed shortly.


First, it is necessary to consider the Planetary Hierarchy and to identify Bailey's "Christ" and Bailey's orthodox God. Notice that in Exhibit 4, Sanat Kumara, the 'Lord of the World' (The Ancient of Days, the One Initiator) appears at the top of the spirit entities for the Planetary Hierarchy.


Below Sanat Kumara in influence is the Bodhisattva (the "Christ"). Further, below we find Master Jesus. Once the identify of Bailey's Sanat Kumara is determined, then the identify of all of the other spirit beings controlled by this entity will become clear.


The original Sanat Kumara is the mind-born son of the Hindu God Brahma. Brahma is the creator God who was later joined by Visnu and Siva and these form the Hindu trinity. Bailey equates the Christian concepts of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit with the Hindu Gods Siva, Visnu and Brahma, respectively.


It is also important to this analysis that the Masters, the Great Lords (in this case, the Manu, Bodhisattva and Mahachohan) as well as Sanat Kumara and his brothers (the Three Kumaras) have achieved this purely spirit or semi-spirit positions through various occult initiations processes.


In many cases, Bailey claims that this supernatural process is the counterpart of the ordinary secular evolutionary models for the physical universe. However, Bailey's process has a special variation.

As an example, Bailey's description for Sanat Kumara states that

"The Planetary Logos of our earth scheme, one of the Seven Spirits before the throne, took physical incarnation, and, under the form of Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, the Lord of the World, came down to this dense physical planet and has remained with us ever since.


Owing to the extreme purity of His nature and the fact that He is (from the human standpoint) relatively sinless, and hence incapable of response to aught on the dense physical plane, He was unable to take a dense physical body such as ours, and has to function in His etheric body."

(4, p. 28).

Further, we learn that with the Sanat Kumara there

"... come a group of other highly evolved Entities, who represent His own individual karmic group and those who are the outcome of the triple nature of the Planetary Logos."

(4, p. 29).

In order to place these spirit entities in their proper linear perspective, please refer to Exhibit 5 (2, p. 293).


This shows the evolution of the Universe (spiritually) as it "now" appears. From the Unknown or as Bailey writes it "ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID" we have seven spirits of the highest order, the Cosmic Logoi.


Under each Cosmic Logos are seven Solar Logoi and under each Solar Logos are seven Heavenly Men.



Exhibit 5



The earth's Heavenly Man is Sanat Kumara.


Bailey tells us that 18 million years ago Sanat Kumara appeared on the scene (4, p. 28).


However, we are explicitly told that many of these spirit entities obtained their lofty positions through general evolutionary processes (4, p. 13) and many started as human beings (4, p. 222).

At this point, we can now easily identify Sanat Kumara. First, Bailey employs many distinct synonyms for Sanat Kumara throughout her writings. He is claimed to be Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days and The Lord of the World as well as the Youth of Endless Summers (4, p. 28, 38).


Bailey claims that Sanat Kumara is the entity that the orthodox Christians call God (6, p. 465). Also, the Ancient of Days, the One Initiator, is claimed to refer to the Old Testament God. The other synonyms Bailey uses are from Hinduism.

Obviously, for a hundred different reasons, Sanat Kumara does not correspond to the Ancient of Days as described in the Scriptures. Sanat Kumara does not exhibit the most outstanding attributes of the God - Jehovah.


The claim that Sanat Kumara is not the one and only one creator God, the God of everything, (indeed, Bailey's Unknown) immediately eliminates Sanat Kumara as being the Old Testament Ancient of Days.


Further, the claim that Sanat Kumara also corresponds to a major deity of an idolatrous religion is yet another of many, many reasons why this spirit being is not, but would like to be, the Old Testament God. The claim that he is the orthodox God of Christianity falls for the same reasons among many, many others. This leaves use with the title that Bailey uses more than any other - The Lord of the World.


This can be directly translated to be the Scripturally described created spirit entity called the Adversary, Satan, the Devil (9, p. 523).


Hence, whenever Bailey and the followers of her theology use the term "God" in a Judeo-Christian context they mean the Scripturally defined spirit being called Satan. I also point out that the original name given to Bailey's publishing company was the Lucifer Publishing Company who is a ruler of a planetary center (Exhibit 9 -6, 107).

It is apparently true that in early Rabbinic usage "Lord of the World" or "King of the World" is synonyms with God. But in the Scriptures as they have been accepted for 2,000 years, and especially in the New Testament, Lord of the World is absolutely synonymous with the term Adversary (Satan).


Now that the evidence indicates that Bailey's Sanat Kumara is the Adversary, the next step is to identify Bailey's Christ and determine whether he corresponds, in any manner whatsoever, to the Christ of the Scriptures.


Note that the spirit entity The Bodhisattva is the department head of the Sanat Kumara's Love-Wisdom aspect and Bailey defines The Bodhisattva as,

"The Lord Maitreya, Who is known in the occident as the Christ... The Bodhisattva is the Head of all religions of the world." (4, p. 216).

This is also stated in the World Goodwill Web page where the,

'Bailey's "Christ" is claimed to carry names as they have been given him in various religions such as "The Lord Mitreya, Krishna, the Imam Mahdi and the Messiah."'

Since Bailey's Christ has not as yet made an appearance in physical form, then Bailey Christ is, obviously, not Christ Jesus.


Bailey's "Christ" has attributes of idolatry and also comes about by reincarnation since the Lord Maitreya is to be in a physical manifestation the fifth reincarnation of Buddha (3). Hence, it is certainly not the Messiah of the Old Testament.


Bailey actually states that her '"Christ" is not the entity that differentiates Christianity from all other world religions'.

"The Tibetan has asked me to make clear that when he is speaking of the Christ he is referring to His official name as Head of the Hierarchy. The Christ... ; He does not belong to the Christian world any more than to the Buddhist, the Mohammedan or any faith.


There is no need for any man to join the Christian Church in order to be affiliated with the Christ."

(6, p. 558 -footnote).

Of course, from a New Testament viewpoint, Bailey's Christ has attributes that directly contradict the attributes and statements made by Jesus and all of his Apostles.


Further, since she specifically denies that the New Testament Jesus is the Christ, and the Master Jesus is but a disciple of the true "Christ," then she and any individual who follows this aspect of her theology, in any manner whatsoever, is an antiChrist.


Since it is rather obvious that Sanat Kumara is the Adversary, then Bailey would have done under the guise of love and wisdom what such great Satanists as Aleister Crowley did not attempt to do.


Since Masters are produced by the occult process of overshadowing and 'Bailey claims that the Master Jesus established the Christian Church', then Bailey may have committed the very serious Biblical sin of implying that Jesus the Nazarene was indwelt by a demon or satanic spirit.


(For more evidence relative to the Bailey's "Christ," see section 7.)

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4. The Solar Angels and Humanity

The Bailey category of Deva (angels) has many subdivisions and these subdivisions carry many names such as the greater or the lesser Builders (4, p. 217).


The greater Builders are categorized as the Solar Pitris (Hindu: semi-Divine deceased forefather), Agnishvattas, (2, p. 679) and Fire Devas (2, p. 679).


The lesser Builders are called such things as the Lunar Pitris (2. p. 612-613). It will be noticed that on page 682 of reference 2 (Exhibit 6 ) that Bailey has expanded H.P.B.'s terminology somewhat to include Solar Pitris as a Solar Angel.


Apparently H.P.B. considers Pitris only to be "Lunar" or a lower aspect.



Exhibit 6



It is much more important, however, to consider H.P.B.'s terminology that appears in the footnote on page 614 of reference 2. (Exhibit 7) H.P.B. calls Solar Angels, Solar Gods.


They give humankind two "principles" the Lower mind and Higher mind.



Exhibit 7



Then on page 950 of reference 2 (Exhibit 8), Bailey gives us the exact description for the Solar Angels (i.e. Solar Gods) as stated in the Secret Doctrine of H.P.B. They are the Fallen Angels.


Further, they are the Serpents of Wisdom as well as having a nature of Knowledge and Love.


Once again observe that the ruler of the "Humanity" department of the Planetary Hierarchy is Lucifer. (Exhibit 9)



Exhibit 8  



Exhibit 9



For what purposes are the Fallen Angels employed? We are told that,

"The work of the Agnishvattas [Fallen Angels]... is to unit the higher three principles - atma, buddhi, manas and the lower three, and thus become in very truth the middle principle in man." (2, p. 681). [They give man the "Higher Mind" (2, p. 614) and thus they work directly upon the human beings "brain."]

Bailey relates exactly how they "benefit" humanity.

"As the Solar Gods descend ever nearer to the physical plane, and their descent assume a steadily increasing control of the lunar nature [lower mind], the thoughts and desires of men are consequently purified and refined... The Solar Angels blaze forth in all their glory... "

(2, p. 951).

[Note that Bailey often uses the term "man" or "men" to mean mankind, male or female.]


These Fallen Angels yield the Ego (2, p. 617) and thereby "redeem humanity" and "endow him with human affections and aspirations." (2, footnote p. 951). Of course, the Fallen Angels, as Scripturally defined, are demonic spirits that can only endow mankind with Scripturally defined evil.

Are the Fallen Angels related to Sanat Kumara? Bailey claims that the Fallen Angels in the form of the greater Builders are related to a specific Christian concept.

"From the Christian standpoint, the greater Builders are the Holy spirit,... . " (2, p. 617).

From a Scriptural viewpoint, this may be the most evil correspondence an individual can make, equating the Holy Spirit with demonic spirit beings.


But, as will be discussed in another Internet paper, this exceptional evil correspondence is exactly what is being done today within the "psychic" community. In her analogy to electricity, Bailey states that,

"The greater Builders are the positive aspects... . "(2, p. 612).

Relative to the entities called The Brothers of Light, Bailey states that,

"The Brothers of Light co-operate with the positive aspect in, and of, all forms - the building devas of evolutionary intent - in order to bring about the purposes of the Heavenly Man... ." (2, p. 615).

Thus, translating the code words, one has that demonic spirit beings work for Sanat Kumara (Satan), and they perform Sanat Kumara's mental overshadowing of mankind.

These and hundreds of other pieces of direct evidence lead to only one conclusion. Bailey's theology is controlled completely by all of the satanic aspects as they are described within the Scriptures. Bailey, along with all of the followers of this theology, have an immediate God which is the Adversary.


Bailey's telepathic control as well as the entities that control the followers of this theology are demons.

Although Bailey attempts to hid the true identity of her "Christ," the identity is now rather obvious. In the occult diagram of in Exhibit 4, as with all such diagrams, the diagrammatically nearest non-Kumara entity to "S" (Sanat Kumara) is always the most significant. Notice that this entity is "B," Bailey's "Christ." If the three entities had equal weight, they should be grouped along an arc of a circle.


The Scriptures teach that the "closest" entity to the Adversary and the entity that has not formally appeared, yet, in its full earthly form is THE AntiChrist of Revelations. There is no doubt that the true identity of Bailey's "Christ" is not as she has described him but, rather, he is the AntiChrist.

Many individuals who do not believe that such spirit forms exist in objective reality would pass off Bailey's claims as harmless if the secular aspects of her "theology" are inconsistent with her supernatural concepts.


Shortly, the material aspects of Bailey's New World Order will be investigated and it will be determined whether or not her secularized "theology" is truly harmless.

Now that certain, but not all, Bailey code words have been identified and in order not to mar Bailey's ingenious linguistic techniques, within the Bailey quotations these code words or phrases are indicated only by the {... } notation.


The actual Scriptural meanings for these code words will then be given at the end of many of the long quotations.

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5. From Bethlehem to Calvary

If Christians with their usual amount of Scriptural knowledge were to first read this 1937 book, they might be favorably impressed through the first hundred pages.


Indeed, this is the very first Bailey book I read since it is the only Bailey authored book in the U. S. Naval Academy library and it is located in the section on "religion." Fortunately, I began to observe certain Scriptural errors. Now this book, it is claimed, was not dictated by Master D.K., who we are told does endorse it completely.

Bailey utilizes every Scriptural and extrabiblical reference she can in her attempt to show that Jesus of Nazareth, the New testament Jesus, was not the only "Christ" manifested in the flesh, "Son of God" or "Messenger" - a direct Scriptural contradiction if all of the Scriptures are consulted.


For example, she writes on page 6,

"Yet St. Augustine tells us that 'that which is called the Christian religion existed among the ancients, and never did not exist from the beginning of the human race until {Christ} came in the flesh, at which time the true religion, which already existed, began to be called Christianity.' "

{Master Jesus}

On page 8, Bailey writes,

"We know much of the exoteric teaching. Orthodox and theological Christianity is founded on it, as are all the orthodox formulations of the great religions."

Throughout this treatise, Bailey continually uses the terms "Christ" and "God" and "Jesus" as if they are, to her, one and the same entity.


As shown above, this is a deception on her part and a direct lie as to her true beliefs since this book was written after she presented her true beliefs in her other writings.

What Bailey attempts, and others attempt even today, is to show that Jesus of Nazareth went through five great episodes ("Birth, Baptism, Transfiguration, Crucifixion, Resurrection") in order to become a Master and only much later does Bailey call these episodes 'initiations'. "Their significance for us and their 're-interpretation' in modern terms is our task." (7, p. 15). This quotation is our first strong clue as to Bailey's methods - methods used by many cults that are present today - re-interpretation.

Bailey claims that,

"The religion of Buddha, though preceding that of {Christ}, expresses the same basic truths... ." (7, p. 19). {Master Jesus}

Then some strange comments begin to creep into her introduction.

"The story of {Christ's} birth at Bethlehem can be paralleled in practically every detail in the lives of earlier messengers from God." (7, p. 21).

{Master Jesus}

We then discover exactly what Bailey considers the "kingdom of God."

She writes on page 45, "This world is the kingdom of {God}." {Satan}

Then on page 54, Bailey writes, "... and He had been preceded by other great {Sons of God}." {Masters}

Bailey continues along this same line attempting to show that Jesus the Nazarene is simply an overshadowed disciple of Bailey's "{Christ}" [the indwelling spirit being Satan, the AntiChrist or Master Jesus depending upon context] as was Buddha, Bailey claims.


But, we now come to the remarkable statement

"... before the advent of Christianity men recognized Him [Bailey's "AntiChrist" concept produced by Satanic overshadowing] as the beloved Krishna of the Hindu faith... ." (7, p. 83).

Checking out a dictionary yields the following: "Krishna. In Hindu mythology, the eighth son of Visnu" and a picture of this idol God is shown (8, p. 1009, Sup. p. 65).


Further along in this treatise, we find the interesting statement that,

"The majority of these great {Sons of God} were curiously enough, born in a cave and usually of a virgin mother." (7, p. 100). {Masters} "All of them 'descended into hell and rose again on the third day'." (7, p. 102).

Bailey claims that "Zarathustra," Buddha, Krishna and other Sons of God behaved exactly as {Jesus} did during their life times. {Master Jesus}

Bailey continues to prepare the way for yet more startling conclusions.

"{Christ} stands alone because He was the greatest, the highest and truest that has ever appeared, but not because - dare I say it? - He was the greatest that ever could appear. One dare not so limit {God }." (7, p. 157).

"{Christ} has given us the highest and the most inclusive revelation... . But how shall we dare to say that no more is possible to {God}, when we are ready to receive it?" (7, p. 158). "...


'the {Christ} was one of the long line of manifesting {Sons of God}'." (7, p. 332).


"... Many men have died violent deaths. In this, {Christ} was in no wise different from thousands of other far-seeing men and reformers down the ages. In none of these respects was {Christ} really unique." (7, p. 366).


"History tells us many of these {Sons of God} died and rose again, and finally ascended into Heaven." (7, p. 414).


"Purification of the self leads one up to the portal of initiation, and then one can tread the Way, the Way that {Christ} trod from Bethlehem to Calvary." (7, p. 482).


{God = Satan} {Christ = Master Jesus} {Sons of God = Masters}

One can immediately determine from these last quotations that the Adversary controlled completely the mind of Bailey.


You might also recognize statements that Bailey has made that form a portion of other so-called "Christian" doctrines. Indeed, this one book has many contributions to make to this investigation, but rather than to continue in this piecemeal manner, it seems much better to consider certain categories separately.


In so doing, we will often begin each category with quotations taken from Bailey's From Bethlehem to Calvary even though it was written after she developed and wrote down most of her basic doctrine.

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6. Methodology and The Kingdom of God

What possible method could Bailey apply in order to substantiate her conclusions?


The method is the well-known process of 're-interpretation of Scriptural concepts and dialectic argument'.


First, let us recall one of the major concepts within basic Christian doctrine - The Kingdom of God - a concept that Bailey completely reverses.

"As depicted in the preaching of Jesus, the kingdom of God may be characterized as being opposed to everything present and earthly, to everything here and now. It is absolutely miraculous... . Man can therefore, neither hasten the coming of the kingdom of God by doing battle with God's enemies (as the Zealots hoped) nor force it to appear by scrupulous observations of the law (as the Pharisees hoped).


He can only await its coming in patience and confidence... . This kingdom is coming in the form of a cosmic catastrophe... . The facts that the kingdom is the gift of God... . The kingdom of God is utterly transcendent and supernatural: it comes from above, from God alone." (10, p. 385-386).

Now what does Bailey claim is the kingdom of God?

"'This world is the kingdom of {God}'..."( 7, p. 45).


"It is time that the Church woke up to its mission which is to materialize the kingdom of {God} on earth, today, here and now." (7, p. 369).


"People are no longer interested in a possible heavenly state or probable hell. They need to learn that the 'kingdom is here, and must express itself on earth'... ." (7, p. 370).


"But {Christ} founded a kingdom on earth... ." (7, p. 501).


"'We can produce, and as a race give birth to, the next kingdom in nature, which {Christ} called the kingdom of {God}'... ." (7, p. 454).


"... the question, however, arises whether we may hasten the process... so expedite matters that the kingdom and its laws may hold sway earlier than would otherwise be the case." (7, p. 483).


"However, it is possible to hasten the coming of the kingdom... ." (7, p. 485).


"'The true Church is the kingdom of {God} on earth'... ." (7, p. 487).


"How will this condition of {God's} kingdom materialize on earth?" (7, p. 489).


"... {Christ} certainly opened the door into the kingdom, 'the rest of the work rests upon our shoulders';..." (7, p. 491).


"'{He} came to found the kingdom of {God } on earth'... ." (7, p. 505).


"The kingdom is now organized on earth...." (7, p. 505).


{God = Satan} {Christ, He = Master Jesus}

Is this kingdom of God on earth simply a momentary aberration or has it become a continuing theme? In 1946, Bailey takes the following dictation from her control Master D.K.

"... the long-awaited 'kingdom of {God} is simply the appearance of soul-{controlled} men on earth in everyday life and at all stages of that {control}'." (6, p. 588).


"... when the facts of the presence on earth... of the Kingdom of {God} will be accepted:... ." (6, p. 589).


"... the eternal existence of the kingdom of {God} on earth is established." (6, p. 561).


[In 1947, we have] "... to make public the already existent Kingdom of {God}." (6, p. 661).


{God = Satan} {control = demon control}

In Oct. 1982, the Lucis Trust supplied (free of charge) this investigator with a long list of pamphlets and booklets.


What do these say about this kingdom of God on earth?

"The bringing of the kingdom of {God}, the preparation for the coming {Christ} and salvaging of mankind... ." (SH, p. 8).


"The {Christ} stands in patient silence, attentive to the effort that will make {His} work materialize on Earth..." (ROC, p. 3).


"Let us forget distance, remoteness and vagueness and realize that we are talking of 'exact and literal happenings on our planet'." (ROC, p. 12).


"... and finally the self-evident truth that 'only through humanity itself can the divine {Plan} work out'." (TMW, p. 10).


"It then sums it all up in the clarion words: 'Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.' Always the emphasis is laid upon the place of appearance and of manifestation: the earth." (GI, p. 14).


 {God = Satan} {Christ, His = AntiChrist} {Plan = Satanic Plan}

And the same ideas are repeated over and over again.


Before continuing the methodology of Bailey, it might be better at this moment to discover additional information about the Bailey meanings for the terms love and evil. Recall that the Fallen Angels have a nature of Knowledge and Love. This in itself is a significant characterization for the term "love."


Any additional information will aid us greatly as we continue to discuss the "Plan" and the other concepts that Bailey employs. We will return shortly to other Scriptural re-interpretations and Bailey's use of dialectic argument.

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7. The New Age [Bailey's] Ethics

Throughout most of Bailey's writings the term "love" is in continual use.


One consistent meaning for Bailey's "love" concept is that is manifests itself in "service to humanity." Are these Bailey concepts consistent with our previous code word identifications?

With respect to service, Bailey emphases the New Group of World Servers. This group is the major element of the "Plan." Often the terms used to describe the service this group will "lovingly" supply are general rather than specific in character. It seems that all individuals will be placed into two categories.


Those who will not be members of this elite group of World Servers are,

"... those people who, clinging to 'reactionary methods of finding and expressing truth, prefer obedience to authority' to clear thinking and self-imposed guidance of their own {soul}."

{demon controlled soul}

You can easily determine from what follows in this investigation that the term '"reactionary" refers to all of the methods and processes used within, at the least, fundamental Judeo-Christine doctrine'.


The "authority" accepted by individuals who will not be members of the New Group of World Servers is the authority of religious doctrine such as the Bible.

Then we have those who will populate this new, never before, existing group.

"... those who, while affirming the fundamental {truths} by which humanity has evolved, are 'sensitive to {soul} impression', and recognize that response to human need and spiritual {unfoldment} are determining factors which lead humanity into a new age of peace and plenty." (NGWS, p. 3).


{truths = Satanic truths} {soul = demonic} {unfoldment = demonic unfoldment}

Remember that Bailey's 'initiation process, where an ordinary human being can become a Master or even a Godlike spirit being' much like Sanat Kumara, is modeled on the physical theory of evolution.


Note the not yet identified terms peace and plenty. But what does Bailey's control consider as "peace"? The world servers must "... 'repudiate violently the unproven'." (NGWS, p. 3).


The term violently, as will be seen, means very violently and the term unproven refers to anything that might be accepted on faith such as a supernatural kingdom of God. Indeed, the "plenty" will only go to the New Group of World Servers and "peace" will be maintained by the most violent of means. Members of this group must also have goodwill and foster right human relations.


The concept of what are "right human relations" is not directly but only indirectly defined within Bailey's writings. As it will be demonstrated, such relations are those that are to be dictated by the AntiChrist.


This fact is shown by what is considered the most important characteristic for the leaders of the New Group of World Servers.

"They can be regarded as the embodiment of the emerging kingdom of {God} on earth, but it should be remembered that 'this kingdom is not a Christian kingdom'... ." (NGWS, p.5). {Satan}

Additional characteristics for members of the New Group of World Servers can be found in the Lucis Trust booklet with this title. There are different subgroups within this group.


First, we seem to have a description for the leaders.

"... they 'embrace all religions, all science and all philosophy'. Their characteristics are synthesis, 'inclusiveness', intellectuality, and fine mental development... . They 'recognize no authority save that of their own {souls}'." (NGWS, p. 7).

{demon controlled souls}

Note the code word inclusiveness. This means that they all follow, in complete subservience, the dictates of the AntiChrist. Indeed, they probably have no choice in the matter. Now the next in line of service use the methods of secular mind control.



"... are the intellectual, highly educated men and women... They utilize all the known methods to reach the general public. They 'stir the middle class to activity and, through them, arouse the masses'." (NGW, p. 6).

These methods and, indeed, the very wording of this quotation should be very familiar to you.

As pointed out above, one of the most important terms used within these Bailey descriptions is the term "inclusiveness."


Inclusiveness is the absolute of Bailey's,

"right human relations" and characterizes her concept of "love." "... a spirit of love (which is a spirit of inclusiveness... .)" (7, p. 469).

The antithesis to this concept is represented by the term separateness.


This 'concept of separativenss is, to Bailey, the highest of all of the evils'. Bailey has a great deal to say as to what is not to be considered as evil today.


In fact, as certain quotations will indicate, the "evils" described in Judeo-Christian doctrine are no longer evil within Bailey's New Age ethics.

"Our interpretation of sin and its penalty has been at fault... ." (7, p. 343).


"Christianity has produced such sad, weary, and sin-conscious men." (7, p. 345).


"Theology over-reached itself with its 'miserable sinner' complex and its emphasis upon the necessity for purification by blood." (7, p. 336).


"But we have been so preoccupied with the subject of sin that we have forgotten 'our divinity';... " (7, p. 330).


"The question of evil is too large to elucidate at length, but it might be defined simply as adherence to 'that which we should have outgrown, the grasping of that which we should have left behind'." (7, p. 354).

Thus, to Bailey, 'there are no longer any absolutes relative to sin'. Hence, 'no basic behavior requirements as stated in Judeo-Christian and other religious doctrine'. This idea is prevalent today [1997] with many so-called Christian group; "we have evolved and we should have outgrown these sin concepts."

As to the concept of "separation," Bailey writes

"When we are 'separative in our attitudes' or 'do anything which produces separation', we are transgressing a fundamental law of {God}." (7, p. 355).


"It is the sense of separateness, this emphasis upon 'personal and individual good, which is the nature of sin'." (7, p. 356).


"Separateness is hatred, aloneness and division." (7, p. 356). {God = Satan}

One might wonder how an emphasis upon personal and individual good could ever be considered as sin?


This is directly counter to the Declaration of Independence of the United States is it not? Indeed, in order to entice many to accept her theology, many statements that appear in the free booklets contradict this specific meaning for Bailey's term "separateness."

The "freedoms" we have of association is termed as "separateness" by Bailey's demon control. Any personal "rights" that might separate one from the control of Bailey's God and anything that would alter an individual's complete unwavering allegiance to Bailey's God is separateness.

We now have the basic meaning for Bailey's code word "separateness" and when this code word is used you should refer back to this basic meaning.

Shortly, using Bailey's own words, we will discover what Bailey considers the 'worst form of separateness - the following of fundamental Judeo-Christian doctrine'.


But, first it seems that Bailey's control may have had some difficulty in defining the term "love;" a term she uses thousands of time.

"The expression of divine love is still in the making; the world is not yet full of love and few there are who understand the true meaning of the word. But - speaking symbolically - when the United Nations has emerged into factual and actual power, the welfare of the world will then be assured. What is that welfare but love in action?"

(ROC, p. 9).

The United Nations plays an very important role in Master D.K.'s plan for it is from this or similar platforms that the satanic "Plan" is to be presented and controlled.

Now it is by examining Bailey's concept of evil that the true meanings of such terms as love, goodwill, service and right human relations can be ascertained. In 1937, Bailey made a comment about the coming conflict in Europe.


You will notice that her control considers this conflict a "right and good" thing.

"The disintegration in the world at this time is right and good, provided we understand why it is taking place and by what it should be succeeded. 'Destruction, that is carried on with a view to eventual construction is right and proper... some ideas must exist as to subsequent reconstruction.'" (7, p. 463).

Master D.K. even calls this 'destruction-construction' concept 'The Principle of Conflict' and the results produce 'The Ray of Harmony through Conflict'.(1, p. 623).

Now what I am about to relate may be difficult to believe and even more difficult to read. As is well-known, probably the greatest event in modern Bible prophesy since 70 A. D. is the official return of the Jews to Palestine in May 1948.


There is no doubt that this one event would be highly repugnant to Bailey's controlling force since it would clearly indicate the beginning of its end.


On the other hand, if individuals doubt the existence of such supernatural forces, then I feel they would be hard pressed to account for what I am about to relate. What appears next is, from Bailey's viewpoint, one of the most evil examples of "separateness" that has ever occurred. Bailey wrote many of these quotations in 1948. (1, p. 620).


Research indicates that other portions were written, at the least, during the period from March 1946 - March 1949.

"The Poles and the Irish are prime 'catalysts of conflict' and are constantly instigating difficulties between peoples.... 'Today the Jewish people are engineering trouble', and it is interesting to note that the main contention in the past of Poland, lately of the Irish, and today of the Jews, is territory, thus evidencing a most distorted sense of values....


They [the Jews] were also, during the years immediately following the war [World War II], under the control of a glamour imposed by the Zionist Dictators, who were attempting (somewhat unsuccessfully) to be to the Jewish people what Stalin and his group, and Hitler and his gang, have been to their people... They worked through the same methods - terrorizing, withholding information, browbeating their opponents, making false claims and bribing and corrupting...


They are claiming a land to which they have no possible right... . 'The Jew has ever been (could he but usefully remember it) the symbol of humanity - evolving, seeking, restless, materialistic, 'separative' and greedy'." (1, p. 634-635)

As to The Holocaust, Bailey's demon control down plays the significance of this most evil of events.

"The Jewish people... ; they forget that millions in the world today have suffered as they have suffered and that - for instance - there are eighty per cent of other people in the concentration camps of Europe and only twenty per cent Jews... I have enlarged thus upon the Jewish conflict because it is the symbol of all past conflicts in human history, based upon universal selfishness and the greed of undeveloped humanity,.." (1, p. 635).


"Now they [the United Nations] have made another [mistake].... for it is the American Jews who have created the situation, with relatively little help or endorsement from Jews of other nations. The United States... have thrown the weight of their influence into the conflict on the side of aggression and of territorial theft.


They could have worked for the Principle of Harmony and permitted time and the non-'separativeness' of the nations to adjust and solve the Jewish problem." (1, p. 636).

In the next quotations, you will discover that Bailey's control 'approves of the teachings of Marx and Lenin but not how their teachings have been implemented' in Russia.


This proves that Sanat Kumara is not all knowing since in 1981 it was irrefutably demonstrated that combining Marxism with any supernatural philosophy, including Bailey's, would yield a highly overtly inconsistent, contradictory and dangerous philosophy that would be overthrown (11). [Indeed, as is well-know, this 1982 prediction has occurred.]


Also we have the introduction of two new code phases - 'the Great White Lodge that aids in the externalization of Bailey's theology and the Black Lodge that attempts to externalize the precepts of the Judeo-Christian and similar doctrine'.

"The major battle in the word today is that of the freedom of the average citizen to think for himself and to come to his own decisions and conclusions. [This is logically inconsistent with other Bailey statements relative to separateness and appears to be used only as a deceitful appeal to human pride.]


It is here that the major quarrel between the {Great White Lodge} and the {Black Lodge} is to be found. It is a battle in which humanity itself is the decisive factor, and for this reason the {Black Lodge} is working through the group which is controlling the destiny of Russia and also through the Zionist movement.


The leaders of the U. S. S. R. are working intelligently and potently against human freedom and particularly against freedom of thought. Communism per se has no such objective;...Zionism today stands for aggression and for the use of force, and the keynote is permission to take what you want irrespective of other people or their inalienable rights." (1, p. 679-680).

Of course, as demonstrated, it is 'Bailey's God that actually wants to take these rights away from the individual'.

"The true communistic platform is sound; it is brotherhood in action and it does not - in its original platform - run counter to the spirit of the {Christ}." (1, p. 680).


Bailey then says that people have interpreted the writings of Marx and Lenin incorrectly for their own gain and this is,

"just as the 'theologians of the Church interpret the words of Christ [Jesus], which has no relation to {His} original intention'." (1, p. 680).


"The leaders of the Zionist movement of aggression constitute a real danger to world peace and human development and their activities have been endorsed by the expediency policy of the U. S. A.... It is the Zionists who have defied the United Nations, lowered its prestige and made its position both negative and negligible to the world.... These activities [returning to a homeland in Palestine] run counter to all the plans of the spiritual Hierarchy and mark a point of triumph of the forces of evil." (1, p. 681).

{Master Jesus}

As it is slowly being demonstrated, 'that which the Bible considers as "good" and "proper" Bailey's control considers as evil, and that which Bailey's control considers as "good" and "proper" the Bible considers as evil'.


In fact, to Bailey's control Master D.K., the evil presented by the Jews return to the Holy Land, or what is called "isolated separativeness" is the supreme portion of the ultimate evil - cosmic evil.

"The true nature of cosmic evil finds its major expression in wrong thinking, false values and the supreme evil of materialistic selfishness and the sense of isolated 'separativeness'." (1, p. 753)

Master D.K. introduces the code phrase 'seal the door where Evil Dwells'.

'The sealing is to be done violently.'

This demon not only advocates that the 'door be closed on the Jews', but begins to allude to the same 'cosmic evil as being present in the Christian Church'.


What is most certain, however, is that Satan, as stated through Master D.K. and all other members of the Hierarchy, hated Judaism prior to May 1948.


In the section entitled The Hidden Source of the Outer Turmoil (January 1939) of the book The Externalization of the Hierarchy the Jews are again attacked.

"... you can come to an understanding of the Jew, his 'separateness', his desire for racial purity and his interest in that which is commercial and tangible.


The Jew, down the ages, has insisted upon being 'separated' from all other races but he brought over from the previous system the knowledge (necessary then but obsolete now) that his race was the 'chosen people.' "

(6, p. 77).

Notice that the 'knowledge presented in the Old Testament is now, according to Bailey, "obsolete."'


The conservative Christian Church takes on the characteristics of the Black Lodge, in Bailey's view.


With respect to the New World Religion, we have the following remarks.

"1. The reorganization of the world religions - if in any way possible - so that 'their out-of-date theologies, their narrow-minded emphasis and their ridiculous belief that they know what is in the Mind of God' may be offset, in order that the churches may eventually be the recipients of spiritual inspiration.


2. 'The gradual dissolution - again if in any way possible - of the orthodox Jewish faith, with its obsolete teaching', its 'separative' emphasis, its hatred of the Gentiles and its failure to recognize the {Christ}." (6, p. 544).


"That the 'Vatican cease its political scheming, its exploitation of the masses and its emphasis upon ignorance' is as important; that the manifold 'divisions of the Protestant churches be bridged' is imperative." (6, p. 545).

{Master Jesus}

I point out that it will soon be demonstrated that the phrase Bailey uses "in any way possible" means by every possible and violent means.


Of course, we also have major discussions as to the "Plan" that, when coupled with the above quotations, indicates what Christianity is not considered to be.

"The establishing, by all means available, of right human relations."

(6, p. 546).

In 1946 and as part of the "Plan," Master D.K. continues through Bailey to state, when the New World Religion is discussed, why the Jews should be eliminated.

"2. The Gradual Dissolution of Orthodox Judaism. Reason.

a. Because of its presentation of a wrathful Jehovah, 'caring only for his chosen people. This is a basic evil.' The Lord of the World, the {God} in whom we live and move and have our being is totally otherwise.

b. Because of its 'separateness'. c. Because it is so ancient that its teachings are largely obsolete." (6, p. 551).


Bailey's demons continue to escalate their attacks upon the Christian Churches that do not accept Bailey's form of non-Christian ecumenicalism. First, we have the emphasis on separateness.

"Basic cleavages and 'separateness' unrecognized 500 years ago is now recognized as harmful, and remedies are sought."

(SH, p. 6).


"The spiritual awakening of men everywhere (within or without the worlds faiths, and largely outside of them)... ."

(ROC, p. 5).

Further, we have Bailey's description of the New World Religion,

The Reorganization of the World Religions. Reasons. a. 'To make way for the World Religion, universal religion'. c. To 'rid the world of theology and ecclesiasticism'." (6, p. 551).


"Because having a religious basis [the next world war], the hate involved would be far greater than anything hitherto known." (6, p. 552).


"This second group [of World Servers] will implement this new religion; by the time they come into control the old theological activities will have been completely broken; Judaism will be fast disappearing; Buddhism will be spreading and becoming increasing dogmatic; Christianity will be in a state of chaotic division and upheavals."

(6, p. 573).


"... 'offset the scheming of reactionary and conservative politicians and churchmen', and teach the young of the age the 'new modes of living indicating to them the better values'..."

(6, p. 576)

Notice the use of the term "conservative." Further, these so-called "better values" are not those found in a conservative interpretation of the Scriptures.

Master D.K. continues with his denouncements.

"... this same orthodox Christian will find it increasingly difficult to induce the intelligent masses of people to accept the 'impossible Deity and feeble Christ [Jesus] which historical Christianity has endorsed'." (6, p. 590).


"... these people will 'not tolerate authoritarianism in any Church' [such as the authority of the Bible]... (6, p. 618).


"... 'defeat of all that which infringes human free will and which keeps humanity in ignorance; it applies equally to any established system - Catholic or Protestant -'... ." (6, p. 701).

Let me now close this section with two quotations that characterizes absolutely Bailey's basic evil. I note that another code word for her theology is 'Christ consciousness'. Of course, her "Christ" is the AntiChrist and this means 'overshadowing for the purpose of embedding Satanic concepts'.


In the next quotation, more of what Bailey considers to be absolute evil is identified; equating her "Christ" with the Scriptural Jesus Christ.

"Why this triumph of the {Christ consciousness} must always be spoken of in terms of religion of church-going or orthodox belief is one of the incredible triumphs of the forces of evil." (ROC, p. 11)

This continues the theme that her "Christ" is not the same as the Christ concept of Judeo-Christian doctrine.


But, how is her demon control going to control the forces of "evil," and exactly who or what are they? What is the material Power that Sanat Kumara is going to evoke?


He tells us that,

"The atomic bomb emerged from the first ray Ashram, working in conjunction with a fifth ray group [scientists]... its intent was and is purely beneficent. As a means in the hands of the United Nations to enforce the outer forms of peace and on the growth of goodwill to take effect...


It belongs to the United Nations for use (or let us rather hope, simply for threatened use), when aggressive action on the part of any nation rears its ugly head. It does not essentially matter... whether it is generated by political groups of any powerful religious organization such as the Church of Rome..."

(6, p. 548).

These statements are so immediately clear that they need little further illumination.


I suppose that if atomic weapons are not available, then other such 'violent means will be employed'. It is not necessary that one assume that this specific means will be the "Power" used only that violent means of one sort or another will be utilized.


Of great importance to Bailey's control is the use of violent means for purification, purification which her control describes.


"Shamballa Force.


1. The Energy of Purification....It involves the elimination of all that hinders the nature of divinity from full expression.

2. The Energy of Destruction. This is a destruction which removes or changes the forms which imprison the inner spiritual life and hide the inner {soul} {light}." (Sham.).


{soul = demon controlled soul} {light = Luciferian enlightenment}

I feel that no additional quotations with respect to Bailey's wish to destroy certain church organizations is necessary. 'Being a Jew or being a member of any "church" body different from her New World Religion, or not following in any fashion Bailey's teachings adds additional content to the code word separateness.'


The first article that appears in the July-August (1982) issue of the "Beacon" journal (founded by Bailey in 1922) is entitled, The Greatest Heresy.

"The Ageless Wisdom teaching informs us, in no uncertain terms, that 'separation' is the greatest heresy, or evil, from which the most serious world problems spring."

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8. The Greatest Dangers

'Bailey takes advantage of many human weaknesses.'

In fact, it is explicitly stated that the controlling demons of the New World Order will take advantage of these human weaknesses.

"The gullibility of the average citizen, his willingness to accept what is told him if it is said loudly enough and with sufficient force is well-known. Mass psychology and mob determination have been exploited down the age... . But this negative receptivity can be easily turned to good ends as bad." (SH, p. 8).

Then we have that within the New World Religion "pagan" festivals play an important role.


Of course, this is justified since some of today's so-called Christian festivals were originally pagan in character.

"... new world religion emphasizing the three major spiritual festivals at the time of Aries, Taurus and Gemini full moon periods and nine lesser festivals." (TMW, p. 11).


"The Wesek Festival is the festival of the Buddha and is held each year at the time of the full moon of May or more correctly the full moon in the sign of Taurus." (ROC, p. 7).

We now come to the greatest dangers of all. Bailey's demon control 'takes complete advantage of the "prideful" nature of mankind and exploits it absolutely'.

"We are human beings, but we are also divine." (7, p. 482).


"'If there is really a God-man, there is also a Man-God',... ." (7, p. 482).


"... 'man is divine'." (7, p. 459).

Bailey concentrates upon the assumed sinless (in her sense of sin, I suppose) Godlike qualities of all human beings throughout every piece of her writings.


Repeatedly she dismisses the Scripturally described sin concept and states that "'you will be like God'" exactly as stated by the serpent in Gen 3:5 (NIV). Moreover, 'group meditation and absolute mind control will be fostered'.


All of this is outlined in the booklets entitled Meditation at the Full Moon, The Science of Meditation, and Techniques of Goodwill handbook pages 31 - 35. These booklets appear on the 1982 literature selection received from the Lucis Trust and may be obtained free-of-charge from their various offices. I should also mention one other important aspect of the New World Order - The New Astrology. But, I need not give any details of this aspect since it actually contains nothing new.


A vast number of individuals have the impression that Bailey's Christ is Jesus Christ. As an example, in reference 3 on page 54, one can find a brief biography of Alice A. Bailey. The writer of this biography leads one to believe that Bailey's Christ is, indeed, Jesus Christ. He writes, "... the figure Christ continued to play a central part of her beliefs."

Thus far, many examples of the ingenious ways Bailey has re-interpreted Scriptural concepts and used dialectic argument have been presented, but a few more examples will definitely be beneficial.


With regard to the return of Jesus Christ, where the Scriptures state the exact manner he will return, Bailey writes,

"The symbolic prophecies found in all the world scriptures anent this imminent event will prove their veracity; their symbolism will nevertheless elicit re-interpretation; circumstances and happenings will not necessarily be exactly as the Scriptures would appear to indicate." (ROC, p.7).


"He will come indeed in the 'clouds of the air'... means little to our modern civilization." (ROC, p. 7).


"'He does not come as the omnipotent God of man's ignorant creation', but as the '{Christ} the founder of the Kingdom of {God} on Earth'... ."(ROC, p. 12).


"The generally accepted idea that He will return as a triumphant warrior, omnipotent and irresistible has surely no basis in fact." (ROC, p. 13).


"That the circumstances of {His} return are only symbolically related to the world scriptures; this may produce a vital change in perceived ideas of humanity." (ROC, p. 14).


"All this will not come as the result of some proclamation or some stupendous planetary event which will force human beings everywhere to say : 'Lo: He is there! Lo: Here are the signs of His divinity!' for that would evoke only antagonism and laughter, resistance or fanatical credulity." (ROC, p. 8).


{God = Satan} {Christ, His = AntiChrist}

Master D.K. tells us the actual plans for Bailey's "Christ" to return will not,

"... produce the wild claims and the credulous recognition of the well-meaning and the 'unintelligent' as is so frequently the case today [~1948] nor will someone appear and say 'This is the Christ. He is here or He is there.' " (ROC, p. 9).

After Bailey's "Christ" establishes "goodwill" and "right" human relations [the Scripturally defined evil concept] on earth, the D.K. tell us,

"Then His task will be done: He will be free again to leave us, this time not to return, but to leave the world of men in the hands of the great spiritual Server Who will be the new Head of the Hierarchy, the Church Invisible. (6, P. 604).

Why must Bailey's "Christ" leave? This is simply because Bailey claims that no supernatural heaven exists.

"It requires... a cessation of the constant presentation of a beautiful future in a mythical heaven... ." (SH, p. 8).


"That Kingdom exists but it is not a place of disciples or golden harps 'peopled by unintelligent fanatics'... ." (ROC, p. 10).

Bailey explains exactly why the human race is now receiving these "new" truths. Because,

"{His} earlier message has been negated, forgotten or misinterpreted for two thousand years... ." (ROC, p. 13).


[The Christian Church has produced a] "... distortion of {His} teachings... ." (ROC, p. 9).


[For the church] "... has made it appear that He [Jesus] and He only and no one else could possibly do the same works." (ROC, p. 9).


"These groups... have so distorted the teachings by dogmatic assertions on unimportant details and by ridiculous claims that they have evoked little recognition of the underlying truth, nor have they portrayed a {kingdom} which is attractive." (ROC, p. 10).

{kingdom = earth}


"The words {He} spoke were few and simple and all men can understand them, but their significance has been largely lost in the intricate legalities and discussions of St. Paul, and in lengthy disputations of theological commentators since {Christ} lived... ." (ROC, p. 2).


{Christ, His, He = Master Jesus}

Bailey claims that if a Christian wishes to determine the attributes of the returning Christ, then the Scriptures must not be relied upon.

"If men look for the Christ [Jesus] who left His disciples centuries ego, they will fail to recognize the {Christ} {Who} is in the process of returning. "(ROC, p. 16).


"'The {Christ} {Who} will return will not be like the Christ Who (apparently) departed.'" (ROC, p. 15).


[Moreover,] "{He} comes 'to correct the mistakes and the misrepresentations of those who have dared to interpret His simple words in terms of their own ignorance, and to recognize those whose faithful service has made {His} return possible'." (ROC, p. 13).


"He will gather around {Him}, in the flesh, {His} chosen associates and advisers; these will not be the ones who gathered around in those earlier simpler days but those members of our human family who today recognize {Him} and are preparing to work with {Him} as far as in them lies." (ROC, p. 13).

According to Bailey, one need not have any particular Scripturally directed beliefs.

"'The {Christ} has no religious barriers in {His} consciousness. It matters not to {Him} of what faith a man may call himself.'" (Roc, p. 16).


"There is a growing and developing belief that {Christ} is in us, as {He} was in Master Jesus." (ROC,p. 2).


[You can believe in reincarnation and the like and still remain an important part of Bailey's Kingdom of God on Earth for the Buddha and Christ are considered by Bailey to represent the same divine entity.]


"... the Buddha and the {Christ} will together pass before the {Father}, the Lord of the World...." (ROC, p.4).


[Christ is] "... the same great Identity in all the world religions." (TMW, p. 3).

{Father = Satan in this context.}

I close this section with the exact description of how the Masters, Bailey's "Christ" and other members of Bailey's Hierarchy will appear in their demon controlled dense physical plane manifestations as well as the exact sequence that Bailey claims will deliver the "Christ" to this world.

1. 'None of these dense physical plane individuals will differ physically from the ordinary members of the human race.'

2. "... the most probable method will be through overshadowing of some men, or some group of men, so that they will be inspired to bring about the victory of liberty." [Men = male or female] (6, p. 268).

3. "... that this {Rider} on the white horse is no extra-planetary Entity or Life, but essentially {One} like unto ourselves - human and animal combined as are we all, but fused with divinity and inspired from on high, informed by the same cosmic and divine Principle... . The {Rider} is one of our humanity {Who} has reached a pre-destined goal and {Who} - for very {love} and understanding of man - has remained for ages in the secret place of revelation... waiting until {His} hour comes around again and {He} can then issue forth to lead {His} people to triumphant victory." (6, p. 269).


"The Christian concept of the return of a triumphant Christ, coming in the clouds of heaven to Jerusalem, there to reign for a thousand years, is true in one way and utterly false as to design, location and method... . {His} coming in the air might be interpreted literally to mean that at the right time {He} will come by plane from a place on earth where {He} has been for many generations, watching over the sons of men; the words 'every eye shall see Him' might mean that, by the time {He} comes television [and the Internet] will have been perfected and {He} will then be seen, by its means, from even the most distant spot on earth.


To the orthodox Christian, the above will sound like the rankest blasphemy, but the question immediately arises: Why should it be blasphemy for {Him} to use modern methods?...


'A great deal of reactionary stupidity will have to be eliminated before {He} can come, and it will be as the new generation assert their hold over human thinking.' (6, p. 575-576).

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9. The Plan, More Code Words and the Great Invocation

The "Plan" is rather obvious from all that has preceded this section and will not be further analyzed to any great degree.


In general, however, the Plan means a one-world that is totally unified in all things and this unity is to be obtained completely by human endeavor that is inspired by members of the Hierarchy. Of course, this means complete unity with respect to the ideals of the Scripturally described Satan. In addition, this unity will be maintained by demon control. One of the code words for this Plan is The New World Order.


Many preparatory steps are needed in order to establish this demonic New World Order.

"In the preparatory period for the New World Order there will be a 'steady and regulated disarmament'. It will not be optional." (6, p. 191).

This is required so that Bailey's United Nations or a 'similar organization can utilize the Power of Destruction to control the religious "fanatics," among others'.


Today [1997], this is actually what is taking place within the United States. The United States is disarming while other nations and organizations in the Middle and Far-East are retaining, stockpiling or continuing to seek the ultimate weapons. Also we have The New World Education and The New International Economic Order that will 'redistribute all of the worlds economic resources'.


Bailey lists the terminology that The New Group of World Servers (her human disciples) should utilize.


Such terms as Right Understanding, Union, United, Human Welfare and especially World Goodwill. Notice that Bailey capitalizes the first letter in order to differentiate these terms from the usual ones with their different basic meanings. Indeed, any terminology, with the first letter a capital, that signifies complete unwavering unity in thought or in deed is to be a code word for this movement.

As far as the Great Invocation and other similar invocations is concerned, obviously the Lucis Trust and other such organizations 'wish to deceive the general public as to the true meaning of this and similar "mantras."'


We are told that this "prayer" is to replace the Lords Prayer and will thereby become the The New World Prayer. (GI, p. 8) (TMW, p. 7).

"First, the general public will regard it as a prayer to God Transcendent... . They will regard it finally as a prayer that some equally vague primeval condition of blissful happiness may be restored... . This is, for them, entirely good and helpful... ." (GI, p. 8).

Then, depending upon your "spiritual intelligence," the "Prayer" gathers more and more meaning. Nevertheless, we are strongly reminded that when it is employed an individual "... allies himself with the spiritual Hierarchy." (GI, p. 11).


Moreover, we are told that,

"... not a day does by that the {Christ Himself} does not sound it forth." (GI, p. 9).

As to new code phrases that appear in this invocation, I draw your attention to the center where the Will of God is known.


This center is Shamballa, among other names. Bailey's original definition for this term is The City of the Gods.... It is a sacred island in the Gobi Desert. (6, p. 255).


This term, however, has reverted to its original meaning in Vedic mythology but has retained this spelling. The term in Vedic mythology is spelled "Skambha" or "Stambha" and refers to the entire frame or supporting structure of Bailey's planetary Hierarchy, including the inner relations between the Hierarchy and humanity.


[This term is therefore similar in meaning to the Scriptural term "hypostasis." The Scriptural understanding of this term is that it means all of the real but hidden or underlying attributes or assumptions that control and yield all of the outward direct or indirect manifestations that characterize a material or immaterial thing. These attributes tend to be greater than any natural manifestation of their presence (the reality behind appearances).]


The changing of the spelling was apparently required so that Bailey could use a small and insignificant amount of occult numerology. In trivial modular 9 arithmetic, Shamballa is represented by the number 6, the number that Bailey defines as a representation of "perfection."


Then she re-interprets 666 to simply mean the basic materialism of the ordinary human being. As an individual moves along in their initiation, they drop the first digit 6 and can be represented by the number 66. Finally, at the end of their initiation, they can then employ the number 6. (1, p. 79-80).


Elsewhere, we are told that one of the Heavenly Men is associated with the number 666, while our Heavenly Man (Sanat Kumara) Bailey claims is associated with the number 777. However, none of this numerology is developed to any extent in any of the references used in this analysis.

Further code words that appear in the Great Invocation are now easily translated. The term Light means 'occult illumination or enlightenment'. This refers to actual or real information obtained from another natural or a supernatural mental source. This particular type of light is that which is associated with the Latin word lucis, a term that is usually employed to signify light produced by chemical means. (8, p. 1072).


It is to be differentiated from the Christian concept of "light" which is usually considered the middle English licten. (8, p. 1046). In what follows, since this illumination comes from Satan and the company that publishes Bailey's illuminations is the Lucis = Lucifer Publishing Company, then the term "Light" as it appears in The Great Invocation is translated as Luciferian enlightenment.

We are told that Bailey's "Christ" also carries the titles Lord Maitreya, World Teacher, Imam Mahdi and the Messiah.


However, as demonstrated, this term when it corresponds to a material entity is the Scripturally defined AntiChrist. Throughout Bailey's writings 'what she claims to be the unintelligent, the weak ordinary non-initiated human being is referred to as the little ones or those with little wills'.


These terms, at the very least, refer to 'anyone who follows the literal precepts of Judeo-Christian doctrine'. As previously detailed, 'the Plan is to obtain complete world domination even through violent means' as utilized by her disciples - The New Group of World Servers.


Of great importance are the terms "Black Lodge," "separateness" and the like which, at the least, refer to those that follow orthodox Judaic or conservative Christian doctrine. If all of the significant religions are place in order of Bailey's degree of hatred we would list them as Judaism, conservative Christianity, some liberal Christianity, and Islam.


Finally, it is obvious that the Bailey term "Love" corresponds in many respects to the Scripturally described term hate or evil. Recall that Bailey not only advocates restoring the Plan to the earth by the Power of spiritual dominance but suggests that the Destruction-Construction concept is right and proper to employ.


Indeed, such violent means as the atomic bomb are justified in order to rid mankind of any large group or organization that stands in the way of Bailey's forthcoming kingdom of "God." With all of this in mind, I now present a certainly not unique translation of Bailey's Great Invocation.

With respect to The Great Invocation, the following are the specific Bailey code word correspondences that have been identified within this research.


The Bailey term or phrase appears on the left and the corresponding Scriptural (or otherwise identified) term or phrase appears on the right of the => symbol.

  • Light, light => Luciferian enlightenment.

  • God => Satan.

  • stream forth => overshadow.

  • love => various forms of Scripturally defined evil or, generally, hatred.

  • Christ => AntiChrist.

  • little wills of men => the claimed unintelligent, weak and inferior desires of individuals; especially those that follow conservative Judeo-Christian doctrine.

  • purpose => to prepare for the appearance of the AntiChrist.

  • Masters => demons or demon controlled individuals.

  • of men => "humanity," as ruled by Lucifer.

  • plan => complete world domination in preparation for and after the appearance of the AntiChrist.

  • seal the door where evil dwells => violent, if necessary, eradication of those that follow Judaism, conservative Christianity, some liberal Christianity, and other similar orthodox religions.

  • power => often hideous and actual destructive forces.

It is an interesting exercise to re-write The Great Invocation with the true meanings of the code words substituted into the appropriate places.

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10. References

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11. Internet Examples

Of course, the main example of an Alice Bailey organization that exists today and continues her work is the Lucis Trust running under the code words World Goodwill. They are rather ingenious in their approach and are intermediate in their "overtness."

For a very overt presentation of the Bailey theology, consider Benjamin Creme and his Internet site.


Indeed, please read his biography and the recommendations under the "Further reading" category. This is a prime example of such overtness and is what allows the covert groups to more easily carry on their efforts.

A covert, but slowly becoming an overt, manifestation of Bailey's Universal Church and the Kingdom of God on earth can be found in the present day Promise Keepers movement. But an analysis of this organization shows that it is a primary present day example of satanic control through re-interpretation of the Scriptures and overshadowing of "prominent" individuals.


Leaders of this organization us the same techniques as Bailey uses with respect to the Scriptures to promulgate, in a very clever manner, the desires of Bailey's satanic control; desires that will lead the way for the forthcoming AntiChrist.


A Christian with the usual amount of Scriptural knowledge will be very impressed by their official published statements. But, for an individual with an in-depth knowledge of the Bible with its unalterable fundamental interpretation, this control becomes obvious when one reads or hears how the leaders of this organization have either re-interpreted or ignored the Scriptures. The very existence of this large organization is yet another strong indication that the time of the AntiChrist is very near.

All of the 'so-called "psychic" heath and healing practitioners actually follow portions, if not all, of the Bailey theology'. This, of course, includes those that follow the teachings of Ambrose and Olga Worrall.


At least, one member of the Seekers Church accepts completely the demonic practices of the Worralls'. Bailey's influence upon some members of this organization appears to be very covert in character.


But, as with all such organizations, careful analysis of the official writings of some of the members of this organization reveals the true identity of their spiritual control. Due to the first stage of occult overshadowing, it is very possible that various members of this group are not aware of the relation of their beliefs to Bailey's theology.


As an example, see how occult aspects of the Worralls' healing "ministry" are discussed within the sermon entitled "Faith." As a second example, there are the Seekers Church: Core Documents. Relative to other "Seekers" writings that appear on the Internet, it is interesting to note what is missing from this organizations doctrine.


Another occult centered modern theology based upon what is called "authentic mysticism" is "Creation Spirituality." You will find a definition of this concept under the title What is Creation Spirituality?


This is a key theological concept as stated on the Creation Spirituality Network site. This doctrine is a blend of Catholicism, New Age pantheism, and the universal God concept. It uses many of Bailey's concepts under different code names such as the "Cosmic Christ," an impersonal type of universal spiritual force.


Matthew Fox is the major contributor to this movement.


There is material on the Internet in reference to his contributions and, maybe, on Web set


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