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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

from USNISA Website


Table of Contents



Introductory Remarks

  1. Fire in the Macrocosm

  2. Fire in the Microcosm

  3. Fire in Manifestation


Division A - The Internal Fires of the Sheaths

  1. The Three Channels for the Fire

  2. Fire Elementals and Devas


Division B - The Personality Ray and Fire by Friction

  1. The Work of the Three Rays

  2. The Personality Ray and the Permanent Atom

  3. The Personality Ray and Karma


Division C - The Etheric Body and Prana

  1. I. The Nature of the Etheric Body
    1. Its Purpose and Description
    2. Eight Statements

  2. The Nature of Prana
    1. Solar Prana
    2. Planetary Prana
    3. The Prana of Forms

  3. The Function of the Etheric Body
    1. The Receiver of Prana
    2. The Assimilator of Prana
    3. The Transmitter of Prana
    4. Disorders of the Etheric Body
    a. Microcosmic Functional Disorders
    b. Microcosmic Organic Disorders
    c. Microcosmic Static Disorders

  4. Macrocosmic and Microcosmic Ethers
    1. The Planetary Logos and the Ethers
    2. Cosmic and Systemic Ethers
    3. The Protective Purpose of the Etheric Body

  5. Death and the Etheric Body


Division D - Kundalini and the Spine

  1. Kundalini and the three Triangles

  2. The Arousing of Kundalini


Division E - Motion on the Physical and Astral Planes

  1. Preliminary Remarks

  2. The Effects of Rotary Motion

  3. The Qualities of Rotary Motion

  4. Rotary Motion and Symbolism

  5. Motion and the Centers
    1. The Nature of the Centers
    2. The Centers in connection with the Rays
    3. The Centers and Kundalini
    4. The Centers and the Senses, Normal and Supernormal
    Microcosmic Sensory Evolution
    a. Hearing
    b. Touch
    c. Sight
    d. Tasting
    e. Smelling
    5. The Centers and Initiation


Division F - The Law of Economy

  1. Its Effect in Matter

  2. The Subsidiary Laws



Introductory Questions

  1. What is the Relationship of the Son to the Sun?

  2. What is Evolution and how does it proceed?

  3. Why is this Solar System evolving along the lines of Duality?

  4. What is Consciousness? What is its Place in the Scheme of Things?

  5. Is there a direct Analogy between the Development of a System,
    a Planet, a Man and an Atom?
    An Atom
    A Man
    A Heavenly Man
    A Solar Logos

  6. What is the Mind Aspect? Why is the Manasic Principle of
    such Importance? Who are the Manasaputras?
    1. The Nature of Manifestation
    2. The Objective Development
    3. The Subjective Development
    4. The Heavenly Men and Man

  7. Why is the Progress of Evolution Cyclic?
    1. The Idea of Repetition
    2. Repetition of Cyclic Action is Governed by Two Laws
    3. The third idea involved is that of the Two Types of Cycles

  8. Why is Knowledge both Exoteric and Esoteric?

  9. What is the Relation betwen the 10 Schemes, the 7 Sacred Planets,
    the 7 Chains in a Scheme, the 7 Globes in a Chain, the 7 Rounds
    in a Globe, the 7 Root Races and Subraces?
    1. The Interrelated Parts
    2. The Work of the Atomic Units


Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature

  1. Three Manifestations of Manas

  2. Definitions of Manas or Mind
    1. Manas is the Fifth Principle
    2. Manas is Electricity
    3. Manas is that which produces Cohesion
    4. Manas is the Key to the Fifth Kingdom in Nature
    5. Manas is the Synthesis of five Rays
    6. Manas is the intelligent Will or Purpose of an Existence


Division B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor

  1. The Origin of Manas or Mind
    1. Cosmic Manas
    a. The Process of Individualization
    b. The Method of Initiation
    2. Planetary Manas
    a. Consciousness and Existence
    b. Will and Ordered Purpose
    3. Human Manas
    a. Man and the Planetary Logos
    b. The Logos of our Scheme
    c. Venus and the Earth Chain
    4. Manas and the Earth Chain
    a. The Earth Chain and the Incarnating Monads
    b. The Fourth Kingdom and the Hierarchy of the Planet
    c. A Prophecy
    d. Summation


  2. The Position of Manas
    1. Manas and Karma
    2. Manas and Karmic Purpose


  3. The Present Stage of Manasic Development in the Three Groups
    1. In the Planets
    2. In the System
    3. On the Earth
    a. The five Kumaras
    b. The Moon Chain


  4. The Future of Manas
    1. Characteristics of Manas
    a. Discrimination
    b. Ordered Activity
    c. Adaptability
    2. Development of the Human Mind
    a. Ray Effects - The Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art
    b. Animals, Human Beings and the Rays
    c. Types of Karma
    3. Manas in the Final Rounds
    a. The Transmutative Process
    Conscious Manipulation of the Fires
    The five Postulates
    b. Synthesis
    Manasic Characteristics and the Planes


Division C - The Egoic Ray and Solar Fire

  1. The Nature of the Egoic or Causal Body

  2. The Nature of the Permanent Atoms
    1. The Purpose of the Permanent Atoms
    2. Their Place in the Egoic Body
    a. The Importance of the Astral Permanent Atom
    b. The Atomic Triangle
    3. The Spirillae and the Egoic Ray
    a. The Composition of the Permanent Atom
    b. The Planes and Fiery Energy
    c. The Planes and the Three Fires
    4. Summary

  3. The Egoic Lotus
    1. Centers or Wheels of Energy
    2. The Twelve-Petalled Egoic Lotus
    3. Summary







Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals

  1. Thought Forms
    1. Their Function
    a. Response to Vibration
    b. To Provide a Body for an Idea
    c. To Carry Out Specific Purpose
    2. The Laws of Thought
    a. Three Cosmic Laws
    b. Seven Systemic Laws
    The Laws and the Planes
    1. The Law of Vibration
    2. The Law of Cohesion
    3. The Law of Disintegration
    4. The Law of Magnetic Control
    The Laws in the Three Worlds
    5. The Law of Fixation
    6. The Law of Love
    7. The Law of Sacrifice and Death
    The Principle of Mutation


  2. Thought Elementals and Devas
    1. The Ruler of Fire - Agni
    a. Agni and the Solar Logos
    b. Agni and the Mental Plane
    c. Agni and the Three Fires
    2. The Fire Devas - The Greater Builders
    a. Introductory Remarks
    b. The Functions of the Devas
    c. The Devas and the Planes
    The Agnichaitans - Physical Plane Devas
    Group C. Agnichaitans
    Group B. Agnichaitans
    Group A. Agnichaitans
    Agnisuryans - Astral Plane Devas
    1. The Function of the Agnisuryans
    2. Summary
    3. The Solar Angels - The Agnishvattas
    Introductory Remarks
    a. The Fifth Principle
    Cosmically considered
    Hylozoistically considered
    The Solar Angels and the Fifth Principle
    b. On Individualization
    The Work of the Solar Angels
    Individualization and the Races
    Methods of Individualization
    Avatars, Their Nature and Their Work
    Cosmic Avatars
    Solar Avatars
    Interplanetary Avatars
    Planetary Avatars
    Human Avatars
    Individualization, a form of Initiation
    c. On Incarnation
    Cosmic, Planetary and Human
    The Nature of Pralaya
    The Period of Pralaya between two Incarnations
    The Period between Egoic Cycles
    Next comes the Period wherin the man has attained Freedom
    Planetary Pralaya
    The Great Pralaya
    Types of Human Rebirths
    The Future Coming of the Avatar
    Impulse and Incarnation
    Activity of the Pitris
    The Work of Form-building
    Incarnation and Karma
    d. On the Building of the Causal Body
    Introductory Remarks
    The Evolution of the Petals
    Purificatory Fire
    The Names of the Egoic Lotuses
    The Petals and the Etheric Centers
    Initiation and the Petals
    4. The Fire Elementals, the Lesser Builders
    a. Introductory
    b. Physical Plane Elementals
    The Elementals of Densest Matter
    The Elementals and Lesser Devas of Liquid Matter
    The Devas of the Gaseous Subplane
    c. The Elementals of the Ethers
    The Devas and Energy
    The Transmitters of Prana
    The Devas of the Etheric Double
    d. The Elementals and the Microcosm
    Man and the Building Devas
    The Work of the Building Devas


  3. Man as a Creator in Mental Matter
    1. The Creation of Thought Forms
    2. Thought Form Building in the Three Worlds
    a. Alignment with the Ego
    b. Physical Brain Impression


  4. Man and the Fire Spirits or Builders
    1. The Will Aspect and Creation
    a. The Condition of the Magician
    b. The Construction, Vitalization, and Actuating of the Thought Form
    c. The Occult Significance of Speech
    2. The Nature of Magic
    a. Black Magicians and White
    b. The Source of Black Magic
    c. Conditions for White Magic
    3. Fifteen Rules for Magic
    a. Six Rules for the Mental Plane
    Rule I
    Rule II
    Rule III
    Rule IV
    Rule V
    Rule VI
    b. Five Rules for the Astral Plane
    Rule VII
    Rule VIII
    Rule IX
    Rule X
    Rule XI
    c. Four Rules for the Physical Plane
    Rule XII
    Rule XIII
    Rule XIV
    Rule XV

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Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind

  1. Introductory Remarks

  2. The Nature of this Motion

  3. Results of its Activity
    1. The Law of Expansion
    2. The Law of Monadic Return
    3. The Law of Solar Evolution
    4. The Law of Radiation
    a. The Cause of Radiation
    b. Radiation in the Five Kingdoms
    c. Radiation and Cyclic Law

  4. The Turning of the Wheel

  5. Motion and the Form-Building Impulse
    1. Motion and the Mental Sheath
    Frictional Activity
    2. Motion in the Causal Body
    The Knowledge Petals
    The Love Wisdom Petals
    The Sacrifice Petals

  6. Effects of Synthetic Motion
    1. Introductory Remarks on Alignment
    2. Motion produces Periodic Manifestation
    3. Triangular Linking
    4. Relation between the Throat, Alta Major and Mental Centers


Division F - The Law of Attraction

  1. The Subsidiary Laws
    The Law of the Schools (Law 11)
    Planetary Schools

  2. The Effects of the Law of Attraction
    1. Association
    2. Form Building
    3. Adaptation of the Form to the Life
    Hierarchy I
    Hierarchy II
    Hierarchy III
    Hierarchy IV
    Hierarchy V
    Hierarchies VI and VII
    4. Group Unity

  3. Group Relations
    1. Three Atomic Relations
    2. The Seven Laws of Group Work
    The Laws and Symbols
    3. The Twenty-two Methods of Group Interplay
    Ray Methods of Activity
    The Seven Hierarchies



Division A - Certain Basic Statements


Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths


Division C - Seven Esoteric Stanzas



  1. Evolution of Matter

  2. Logos of a Solar System

  3. The Constitution of Man

  4. The Plerôma according to Valentinus

  5. Evolution of a Solar Logos

  6. Solar Septenary Chart

  7. Detail of Earth Scheme as shown on Solar Septenary Chart

  8. The Egoic Lotus and the Centers

  9. The Egoic Lotus

  10. The Science of Meditation

  11. The Atom

  12. Parabrahm

  13. Solar and Planetary Hierarchies



  1. Fire and the Aspects

  2. Evolution in the Universe

  3. The Aspects and Evolution

  4. The Building Entities

  5. Agni - Lord of Fire

  6. Lives and Goals

  7. Energies

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