Chapter 19

To understand how 666 relates to this discussion…

I scanned this excerpt in from the book, »The Delicate Balance«, written by John Zajac. 1989-1990. ISBN Number 0-910311-57-9.
** Begin Excerpt **
Automation ---------

To understand how 666 relates to this discussion, one needs to explore technology. One pertinent contributor to this technology is the International Business Machines Corporation. IBM developed a laser method of information transfer that has now become universally accepted. Lasers are used for many different applications in society today, such as measuring distances, detecting structural flaws, determining straightness, and so forth. You can see the IBM system at your local supermarket quickly reading prices and controlling inventory as it prints out a list of all purchased items. Since checkers no longer have to punch keys on a register, check-out time and errors are reduced. This system also provides the shopper with an itemized receipt. That receipt information is stored in a central computer, which keeps inventory and indicates what products the store should order, as well as which products should no longer be carried.
But the use of automation is going considerably further. In fact, in Fresno, California, one of eight regional test cities, a new computer system called Behavior Scan gives shoppers a bar code card that is read at each purchase. The computer then keeps a detailed list of all purchases made by a family, including brands and quantity of each product. This same computer is also attached to the user’s home television set to monitor what is being watched.
It then selects commercials to be shown to that customer to affect his specific
buying habits. While most customers claim that they are not affected by
these commercials, the advertising companies have spent a lot of money
on research proving otherwise. Is this the start of a more modern version
of George Orwell’s »1984,« the complete control depicted in Vance Packard’s
‘The Hidden Persuaders’? Certainly, computers are powerful and indispensable
tools. Thanks to computers, paychecks are deposited automatically into

checking and savings accounts at predefined rates while many bills and loans are automatically paid on time every month. The system works so well that many institutions give a discount on loans and insurance payments if automatic payment is used (they are more confident that they will be paid and on time). This can convenientiy save time, postage, and worry. The world is positioned to facilitate the ever growing requirements for increased automation and convenience.
The convenience of computers is everywhere. Even a simple inexpensive $3 watch contains a computer. No longer does it merely tell time; it also can add and subtract, keep time in three different zones, give the day and the date, and beep at predetermined intervals. Computerized voices in fancy cars warn you if you have not fastened your seat belt, that your oil is low, or that you are almost out of fuel. The proliferation of computers has created a strong dependence on them, for real need and pure convenience. The average American’s name is accessed 35 times a day by computer, and this is only the beginning as we become plugged into the ever-growing system.
Our credit card system is also very convenient. Carrying cash is unnecessary and sometimes useless, for example, when renting a car or cashing a check. With a credit card, transactions are easier, and banks are now able (and more then willing), to deduct payment of your credit card bill automatically from your main account.
In fact, paper money soon may become a thing af the past for three reasons:
1. The government is concerned about the advances being made in color xerographic technology. Advanced copy machines will soon be able to produce counterfeit bills that are indistinguishable from government issues. The FBI reported that up to 20 percent of people having access to advanced color copiers will produce some counterfeit bills.
2. The successful introduction of the Smart Card in France and U.S. test cities such as Washington, D.C., and Norfolk, Virginia, may render cash obsolete.
This Smart Card, manufactured by Motorola and Toshiba carries a complete
history of the user, including a physical description and health record. The
card allows direct payment to the seller by instantaneously deducting the
purchase amount and any service charges directly from the cardholder’s

account. Thus, not only is the seller paid immediately but, also, the card companies save millions of dollars by eliminating bad payments and personal bankruptcy debts. Reducing credit card fraud should also save card companies large sums of money. For example, MasterCard could save $25 million annually by eliminating fraudulent cards. By the end of 1990, 20 million fraud-resistant cards will be in use in France. Seventeen other countries have agreed to a standard card for all bank machines. Visa, Eurocheque, Eurocard and MasterCard have already agreed to a method to make their cards, systems, and money access interchangeable. Thus, by eliminating checks and voluntary payments, the credit card industry would save 3.2 billion dollars per year.
3. The Federal Government is paying close attention to methods for taxing the $300 billion underground economy in the United States. Unreported income costs the U.S. Treasury $90 billion per year. If cash were eliminated, computers could keep track of all income.
Evidence that cards may soon replace cash (and checks) was provided by Arco service stations and Lucky supermarkets, which announced in September 1986 that their pumps and check-out stands now accept automatic teller bank cards. With this system, payment is deducted electronically from the user’s bank account before the user received his purchase. Within one month, 6,400 service stations and supermarkets in 23 states were fitted with the system.
The gentlemen who came up with the laser reader in supermarkets for IBM also invented the means of placing the same kind of bar code beneath living tissue in one-billionth of a second. This marking is totally invisible to the naked eye, and it can be read only by a certain type of laser. The writing and reading is totally harmless and painless. The inventor demonstrated this system in 1979 by marking salmon as they swam downstream. The fish were totally unaware of the process as the laser burned a code into their flesh.
The computer then keeps track of the codes. Years later, these fish will be
detected by the same system as they swim back upstream and are forced
through fish ladders and chutes. *
Just as impressive is what Walter Wriston, the chairman of CitiCorp did in
1983. He passed a rule within the bank that was later withdrawn as a result
of public outcry. His rule stated that unless you were a depositor of $5,000

or more, you were not entitled to a teller. This meant that the vast majority of depositors would have to stand in line outside the bank and »talk« to machines. This was an economic move, of course, because banks have had some problems of late. But its message was that people would no longer talk to people. If banks could establish such a policy, then they could make the minimum deposit higher and higher. Finally everything for everyone would be done by machines. The concern is that we are reaching a highly automated state, which if followed to the next logical step might have profound impacts on how we rate life.
Even more startling was an »off the cuff”’ statement made by an other chairman of an eastern megabank: He announced that a method is in place that can imprint in human hands a silicon chip the size of the head of a pin. That chip will include not only the person’s identification number, Social Security number, name and birthplace, but also his criminal background, educational level financial worth in the community, and his political affiliations.
• Such a system is currently manufactured by Taymar, Inc., Westminster, CO The U.S. Agriculture Department uses the product for cattle. Will it be used for people in the future?
With such a system, the minute someone walked through the door of the bank, he would be sensed and the bank would know who he was, where he came from, what he did, and how much he was worth. All this would occur before a person could reach the counter.
Now this was one step further than even progressive thinkers envisioned. There had been discussions about placing codes on the hand to be used as identification marks, like fingerprints, similar to package bar codes in supermarkets. With such a system you would not need cash or a validated check or even a Smart Card. You could put your hand through a laser and be read by the computer. The store would automatically deduct the amount of the purchase from your account. The method would be efficient in terms of cost, speed, thoroughness, and elimination of bad checks. * But the price of all this automation is individual independence from nameless bureaucrats looking over your shoulder and approving (allowing) every transaction.

The amount of control would be unprecedented: however, the government would immediately know how to put this control to use. People would no longer be able to cheat the government because every time anyone had any money, the government would know about it. The government could collect taxes each time you spent your money, and, thus, there would be no more filing on April 15th. It also means that advanced printing and photocopying machines could not be used for counterfeiting. Even a law breaker who traded with stolen goods would have his purchase and sale traced by computer as he tried to move or »spend« funds. The government would monitor every transaction, knowing precisely everyone’s location, actions, and worth. Instant evaluations, approval or disapproval, and tax deductions on every individual would be made.
• Such systems are not in the distant future. Six thousand people in Sweden have accepted a mark on their right hands in a test of a totally cashless society. Tests also have been conducted in Japan and the Dominican Republic in Latin America.
Small wonder that the government likes this idea. Governments have always liked control. They would like to control everything, even the areas they say they do not want to control, such as business, transportation, education, religion, entertainment, and other governments. If this sounds the least bit exaggerated just look at our government’s actions regarding the restrictions of business concerning tax credit, labor laws, advertising, antitrust, and corporate subsidies. Even in deregulation, transportation requires licensing, registration, inspection, subsidies, price controls, flight approval, and government flight controllers. Although there may be talk of eliminating the Federal Department of Education there is no attempt to reduce control of school curriculum, subsidies, and even school lunches. Most universities are dependent on federal aid and research grants.
The government controls religion by granting tax exemption to »desired
religions« and by making it illegal to pray in school. The government exercises
control of entertainment by licensing and or censoring television, radio, movies,
and books. The Federal Government also seeks to control other governments
by rewarding or threatening them with trade concessions, military or econonic

aid, sanctions, or war. The highest people in government, it would seem, want the government to have total control of everything.
In Orwell’s 1984, the government »took over,« and everyone was controlled by »Big Brother.« In reality, government may take over, not through control of transportation and censorship, but through the economy, the lending institutions, and every financial transaction. Is it too far-fetched to imagine that you may have to take a mark on your hand to be able to buy and sell and exist in a modern society? The technology exists. The chairman of the megabank was asked what it would take to motivate people to put little pieces of silicon under their skin. He answered, »a major catastrophe.« He knew people would not do it voluntarily.
Of course if there was a financial or national emergency (catastrophe), the government would exercise unprecedented control, and compliance of citizens would be anything but voluntary.
Central Computing ----------------

As mentioned earlier, the impact of computers on society has been enormous. However, their likely future role may be overwhelming. As powerful as computers are, their effectiveness is greatly multiplied when they can communicate with other computers. For example, missile launch command computers talk to U.S. Weather Bureau computers to update the possible flight paths of thousands of Minuteman missiles every hour. Thus, to enhance a system’s capabilities, computers need to talk to computers. To sort out the enormous amount of cross-references, a central computer is needed.
The central computer for America is in Texas, and the international computer
that ties all the national central computers together is situated in Brussels,
Belgium. The Brussels computer is housed in a 13 story building, the first
three floors of which are occupied totally by this system’s hardware. Because
of its size. the Brussels computer is referred to affectionately as »the Beast.«
This immense computer has enough capacity to store every detail about
the lives of every human being on Earth, the information contained in the
Library of Congress, and every book ever printed. Having operated for years,
it stores a growing volume of information as additional countries tie into

it ever more heavily. This allows international banking, interstate banking, and quick credit references. Money can be moved from New York to California or London in minutes. If a deposit is made in a bank other than where the check was drawn, banks usually impose a 5 to 10-day holding period. Actually, this practice is just a means for banks to increase their »float« and thus to increase their profits, since the money is transferred within one day. What happens to the money for the other days? The bank uses it to float shorter loans by which the bank earns interest. Banks typically wait longer to issue credit because they want to use the money for as many days as possible.
Daily manipulation of funds by banks is common. Many banks are forced to move their funds around the globe with the sun to have their reserves where they are needed-in the banks that are open. Even the CIA likes the capability of the central computer because it can check on personnel mobility, foreign trading, and all financial transactions.
Many advanced computers are available with many designations, but one is especially interesting. NCR produced a six-core memory computer with 60 bytes per word in conjunction with six bits to the character. It is named and advertised as the 6-60-6 which defines the size and shape of the computer. The only way this can be pronounced is six sixty-six (666). In computer language, 666 has a unique significance.
A computer is an information retrieval system, and all of its information is stored as numbers. A computer’s memory cell has only two states-on and off, or mathematically 1 and 0. Thus, every number must be represented in 1’s and 0’s. We use a decimal system based on 10; thus, it has 10 symbols:
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Computers use a binary system using two symbols (0 and 1). To manage large numbers, computers use a binary coded decimal system (BCD) which consists of groups of four digits, to make up all numbers. By comparing the groups of number listed below one can find each system’s equivalent symbol. Thus, 0011, 0111, 0101 in the binary coded decimal system is equal to our decimal system number 1,375.

Decimal System Binary System
0 - 0000
1 - 0001
2 - 0010
3 - 0011
4 - 0100
5 - 0101
6 - 0110
7 - 0111
8 - 1000
9 - 1001

(For various reasons, some computers use Base 8 (0-7) and therefore do not use the last two symbols shown.)
As shown in the BCD system, the number 6 is represented by 0110. This is unique because 0110 written backwards or upside-down is still 0110. The only other number in the BCD system with the same property is its complement 1001, or 9. (However, not every computer counts past 7.) This consistency is the same in every country in the world, unaffected by language because every computer speaks the same language of »1’s« and »0’s.« Thus, 0110,0110,0110 is 666 universally.
In the Book of Revelation; John said that 666 is the mark of the beast. This number also represents the universal consistency of the computers that will be required to control the world’s finances and thus the world’s people. When John wrote 1,900 years ago, he did not know anything about the binary number system, computers, or why computers would require binary coded decimals. Yet, he stated emphatically that the mark of the beast is 666.
Is this to say that the endtime beast is merely a building located in Belgium?
No! The Brussels computer is no more the beast than a general is an army.
The significance is that computerization for financial dominance is the financial
beast. The beast is a false god and the worship of that false god. Worship
means »worth respect.« A false god does not have to assume the figure of
a man: It is the physical representation of that which controls, that which

is worshipped. So, if people worship the »$« symbol too much for what it can acquire, influence, or accomplish, then that can qualify it as the false god. The Brussels computer is only the figurehead of a vast, soon-to-be indispensable financial network that will control all financial transactions and thus all business and people.
He who controls the system controls all. What is feared by some is that whoever is in control wiil demand that all take the code (mark) on their hand to be able to buy and sell. Money, credit cards, and checkbooks would be totally eliminated. Everything would be done through the government, through the computer, giving the government total control. The greatest fear is that when receiving the mark, you also may be forced to pledge allegiance to your flag and (as in the days of kings) to your ruler, but in this case the world leader would be the Antichrist. Of course, to have allegiance with the Antichrist is to make a pact with the Devil. If you think that this unified system is very far away, then you have missed some intriguing news items.
As you probably are aware, the government has been talking about a national identification number for some time. It is supposed to make record keeping easier and to provide a means of crosschecking. It will help find deserting husbands who owe child support as well as locate tax evaders. Most people anticipate that the Social Security number will play a part in this national identification code.
The government’s system for identification uses 18 digits, the last nine of which are the Social Security number. Virtually every citizen in the country over the age of 1 will be forced to have a Social Security number. At present, a Social Security number is necessary to have a job or a savings/checking account. Starting 1990, every child over one year old must have a Sociai Security number to qualify as a dependent on tax returns. Preceding this 9-digit Social Security number are 3 digits corresponding to one’s telephone area code. Obviously, the whole world is tied by phone; even barren deserts with no inhabitants have area codes. In front of these numbers is a country code; for America it is 110. From this single universally consistent number, the government will instantly know a person’s country, region, and identity. Does that seem logical so far? But that accounts for only 15 digits, and the system is based on 18. The missing 3-digit code specifes that you are in the system: 666.

All computerized companies are going to 18-digit identification codes.
According to the report ‘666 Is Here,’ Sears Roebuck is going on this system
and is committed to changing over all its credit cards. J.C. Penney’s is reported
to be switching over, as well as New York Telephone. The U.S. Government
used to prefix all the serial numbers of everything it owned with the code
451. But that also is changing; the dog tags on every soldier in America are to be converted to 666.
Is that enough to concern you? The point is that 666 is a significant and
important part of what the future is going to hold. The Bible prophesied
it. Nostradamus explained it, and we are presently at the very edge of seeing
it become enacted. Rumors abound about people receiving checks with
these marks, governments admit they need better financial control, and the
chairman of one of the largest banks says, »It’s ready; we just need a major
** End Excerpt **




Chapter 20
The Gemstone File!

Provided courtesy of A-albionic Research, PO Box 20273, Ferndale, MI 48220 James Daugherty is the volunteer Postmaster of A-albbionic Research. This document is provided without endorsement.

The following person claims to have written the Skeleton Key below from the notes of Bruce Roberts provided by her associate Mae Brussell.

Stephanie Caruana 70 Lincoln Street Watertown, MA 02172
Stephanie Caruana, Editor of the Spear Shaker Review
Mae Brussell, now deceased, claimed to have met Bruce Roberts before
he disappeared and obtained his massive notes from which the Skele

ton Key summary was written.

Subject: The GEMSTONE file (conspiracy)
Part 1:
**** The GEMSTONE FILE ***

July, 1986 This is a verbatim transcript from a photo-copy that some person gave me. He said that part of this document or related documents were published in serial form in the late 1970’s in some kind of men’s magazine (Penthouse, Ramparts, After Dark?, I can’t remember, but I know it wasn’t Playboy as that would have stuck in my mind). I got this in 1984. Punctuation and grammer errors are included (there are plenty of punctuation errors and I think this guy’s horrible use of commas and parentheses is rubbing off on me.)
The gemstone file was written in many segments over a period of years by an American man named Bruce Roberts. Parts of the file were released to certain Americans beginning in 1969. The number of handwritten pages is well over a thousand, of which I have read about four hundred. I do not have the time of the research facilities to verify the entire story. Perhaps others can help.
Since the scope of the work is so large, and the events described so complex and interlocking, it may be more easily understood with this skeleton outline of the gemstone thesis. Individual papers can then be read with greater comprehension.
1932: Onassis, a Greek drug pusher and ship owner who made his first million selling »Turkish tobacco« (Opium) in Argentina, worked out a profitable deal with Joseph Kennedy, Eugene Meyer, and Meyer Lansky. Onassis was to ship booze directly into Boston for Joseph Kennedy. Also involved was a heroin deal with Franklin and Elliott Roosevelt.
1934: Onassis, Rockefeller and the Seven Sisters (major oil companies) signed an agreement, outlined an oil cartel memo: Beat the Arabs out of their oil, ship it on Onassis’s ships; Rockefeller and the Seven Sisters to get rich. All this was done.

Roberts, studying journalism and physics at the University of Wisconsin learned these things via personal contacts. His special interest was in crystallography -and the creation of synthetic rubies, the original Gemstone experiment.
1936-1940: Eugene Meyer buys the Washington Post, to get our news Media; other Mafia buy other papers, broadcasting, T.V., etc. News censorship of all major news goes into effect.
1941-1945: World War II; very profitable for Onassis, Rockefeller, Kennedys, Roosevelts, I.G. Parben, etc. Onassis selling oil, arms and dope to both sides went through the war without losing a single ship or man.
1949: Onassis buys U.S. surplus »Liberty Ships« in questionable (illegal) purchase. Lawyer Burke Marshall helps him.
1956: Howard Hughes, Texas millionaire, is meanwhile buying his way toward his own personal gain. He buys senators, governors, etc. He finally buys his last politician: newly elected V.P. Nixon, via a quarter-million dollar non-repayable loan to Nixon’s brother Donald.
Early 1957: V.P. Nixon repays the favor by having IRS Treasury grants tax-free status (refused twice before) to »Hughes Medical Foundation«, sole owner of Hughes Aircraft, creating a tax-free, non-accountable money funnel or laundry, for whatever Hughes wanted to do. U.S. Government also shelved anti-trust suits against Hughes’ T.W.A., etc.
March 1957: Onassis carried out a carefully planned event: He has Hughes kidnapped from his bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel, using Hughes’ own men (Chester Davis, born Cesare in Sisily, et al). Hughes« men either quit, get fired, or stay on in the new Onassis organization. A few days later, Mayor Cannon of Nevada (now senator Cannon) arranges a fake »marriage« to Jean Peters, to explain Hughes’ battered and brain damaged in the scuffle, is taken to the Emerald Isle Hotel in the Bahamas, where the entire top floor has been rented for thirty days and later dragged off to a cell on Onassis’s island, Skorpios. Onassis now has a much larger power base in the U.S. (the Hughes empire), as well as control over V.P. Nixon and other Hughes purchased politicians. L. Wayne Rector »Hughes« double since 1955, becomes »Hughes«.

September, 1957: Onassis calls the Appalachian meeting to announce to
U.S. Mafia head his grab of Hughes and his adoption of Hughes game plan for acquiring power: buying U.S. senators, congressmen, governors, judges to take control legally of the U.S. government. Onassis’s radio message to Appalachia from a remote Pennsylvania farmhouse intercepted (reluctantly) by FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover, on the basis of a tip-off from some Army Intelligence guys who wern’t in on the plan.
Also in 1957: Joseph Kennedy takes John F. and Jackie to see Onassis on his yacht, introduced John and reminds Onassis of an old Mafia promise: the presidency for a Kennedy. Onassis agrees.
1958: Hordes of Mafia-selected, purchased and supported »grass roots« candidates sweep into office.
1959: Castro takes over Cuba from dictator Battista, thereby destroying cozy and lucrative Mafia gambling empire run for Onassis by Meyer Lansky. Castro scoops up 6$ million in Mafia casino receipts. Onassis is furious, V.P. Nixon becomes operations chief for CIA-planned Bay of Pigs invasion, using CIA Hunt, McCord, etc., and Cuban ex-Battista strong-arm cops (Cuban freedom-fighters) Martinez, Consalez, etc., as well as winners like Frank Sturgis (Fiorini).
1959: Stirring election battle between Kennedy and Nixon. Either way Onassis wins, since he has control over both candidates.
1960: JFK elected. American people happy. Rose Kennedy happy. Onassis happy. Mafia estatic.
Roberts brings his synthetic rubies—the original gemstones to Hughes Aircraft
in Los Angeles. They steal his rubies—the basis for Laser beam research,
laser bombs, etc., because of the optical quality of the rubies. One of the
eleven possible sources for one of the ingredients involved in the Gemstone
experiment was the Golden Triangle area. Roberts was maried to the daughter
of the former French consul in Indochina. In that area, Onassis’s involvements
in the Golden Triangle dope trade was no secret. Roberts investigation revealed
the Onassis-Hughes connection, kidnap and switch. »Gemstones”—synthetic
rubies and sapphires with accomplished »histories”—gemstone papers—were
sold or given away to consulun offices—in return for information. A world-wide

information network was gradually developed-a trade of the intelligence activities of many countries. This intelligence network is the source for much of the information in the Gemstone File.
January 1961: Joseph Kennedy has a stroke, ending his control over John and Bobby. The boys decide to rebel against Onassis’s control. Why? Inter-Mafia struggle? Perhaps a dim hope of restoring this country to it’s mythical integrity? They began committing Mafia no-no’s: Arrested Wally Bird owner or Air Thailand, who had been shipping Onassis’s heroin out of the Golden Triangle (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam), under contract with the CIA (Air Opium):
arrested teamster Mafia Jimmy Hoffa, and put him in jail. Declared the 73$ million in forged »Hughes« land liens, deposited with San Francisco Bank of America, as »security« for the TWA judgement against Hughes, to be what they are: Forgeries.
April 1961: CIA Bay of Pigs fiasco. Hunt, McCord, CIA Battista’s Cubans and Mafia angry about JFK’s lack of enthusiasm. Mafia Onassis has his right-hand man »Hughes’top aid« former FBI and CIA Robert Maheu (nicknamed »IBM« for Iron Bob Maheu), hire and train a Mafia assassination team to get Castro. The team of a dozen or so includes John Roselli and Jimmy (The Weasel) Prattiano, expert Mafia hitmen, assisted by CIA Hunt and McCord and others. This was reported recently by Jack Anderson, who gets a lot of his »tips« from his friend, Frank (Fiorini) Sturgis—also on the Castro assassination team. The team tries five times to kill Castro with everything from long-range rifles to apple pie with sodium morphate in it. Castro survives.
1963: Members of the Castro assassination team arrested at Lake Pontechartrain, La. by Bobby Kennedy’s justice boys. Angered, Onassis stops trying to kill Castro. He changes target and goes for the head: JFK, who, according to Onassis, »welched« on a Mafia deal. JFK sets up »Group of 40” to fight Onassis.
August 1963: Two murders had to occur before the murder of JFK, or people who would understand the situation and might squawk:
Senator Estes Kefauver; whose crimes commission investigations had
uncovered the 1932 deal between Onassis, Kennedy, Eugene Meyer, Lansky,
Roosevelt, et al. Kefauver planned a speech on the senate floor denouncing

Mafia operations; instead, he ate a piece of apple pie laced with sodium morphate (used in rat poison), and had a sodium-morphate-induced »heart attack« on the Senate floor.
Phillip Graham: Editor of the Washington Post. Phillip had married Katherine Meyer, Eugene Meyer’s daughter, who had inherited the Washington Post and allied media empire. Graham put together the Kennedy-Johnson ticket and was Kennedy’s friend in the struggle with Onassis. According to Gemstone, Katherine Meyer Graham bribed some psychiatrists to certify that Phil was insane. He was allowed out of the nuthouse for the weekend and died of a shotgun wound in the head in the Graham home in Washington; death ruled »suicide«.
November 1, 1963: The hit on JFK was supposed to take place in true Mafia style: a triple execution, together with Diem and Nhu in Vietnam. Diem and Nhu got theirs, as scheduled. Onassis had invited Jackie for a cruise on the Christina, where she was when JFK got tipped off that big »O« planned to wipe him out. JFK called Jackie on the yacht, from the White House, hysterical: »Get off that yacht if you have to swim”’ and cancelled his appearance at a football stadium in Chicago, where this CIA-Mafia assassination team was poised for the kill. Jackie stayed on board, descended the gangplank a few days later on Onassis’s arm, in Turkey, to impress the Bey, Mustapha. Madame Nhu, in the U.S. bitterly remarked whatever has happened in Vietnam.
One of the assassination teams was picked up in Chicago with a rifle and quickly released by the police. Three weeks later the Mafia’s alternate and carefully arranged execution plan went into effect: JFK was assassinated in Dallas. A witness who recognised pictures of some of the people arrested in Dealey Plaza as having been in Chicago three weeks earlier told Black Panthers Hampton and Clark.
The JFK murder: Onassis-Hughes’ man Robert Maheu reassigned the Mafia-CIA
Castro assassination team to the murder of JFK adding Eugene Brading a
third Mafia hitman from the Denver Mafia Amaldones »family«. Two months
earlier Brading on parole after a series of crimes applied for a new driver’s
license explaining to the California DMV that he had decided to change
his name to Jim Brading. Brading got his California parole the first time to

look things over and the second time when JFK was scheduled for his Dallas trip.
Lee Harvey Oswald CIA with carefully planned links to both the ultra right and to the Communists was designated as the patsy. He was supposed to shoot Governor Connally and he did.
Each of the four shooters, Oswald, Brading, Frattiano and Roselli had a timer and a back up man. Back up men were supposed to pick up the spent shells and get rid of the guns. Timers would give the signal to shoot. Hunt and McCord were there to help. Sturgis was in Miami.
Frattiano shot from a second story window in the Dal-Tex building across the street from the Texas School Book Depository. He apparently used a handgun-he is an excellent shot with a pistol. Frattiano and his back-up man were »arrested«, driven away from the Dal-Tex building in a police car and released (without being booked). The Dallas police office is in the Dal-Tex building.
Roselli shot Kennedy once hitting the right side of his head and blowing his brains out with a rifle from behind a fence in the grassy knoll area. Roselli and his timer went down a manhole behind the fence and followed the sewer line away from Dealey Plaza.
The third point of the triangulated ambush was supplied by Eugene Brading shooting from Kennedy’s left fram a small pagoda at Dealy Plaza across the street from the grassy knoll. (Brading missed because Roselli’s and Frattiano shot had just hit Kennedy in the head from the right and the rear nearly simultaneously). Brading’s shot hit the curb and ricocheted off. Brading was photographed on the scene stuffing his gun under his coat. He wore a big leather hat, its hatband marked with large conspicuous X’s. (Police had been instructed to let anyone with an X-marked hatband through the police lines.
Some may have been told they were Secret Service). After his shot, Brading
ditched his gun with his back-up man and walked up the street toward the
Dal-Tex building. Sheriff rushed up to Brading, assuming he was »Secret
Service« and told him he had just seen a man come out of the Book Depository
and jumped into a station wagon. Brading was uninterested. Brading walked
into the Dal-Tex building to »make a phone call«. There he was arrested

by another deputy sheriff, showed his »Jim Braden« driver’s license and was released without being booked.
Oswald shot Connally twice from the Texas School Book Depository. He split from the front door. His back-up man was supposed to take the rifle out of the building (or so Oswald thought); instead he »hid« it behind some boxes, where it would be found later.
Three men dressed as tramps picked up the spent shells from Dealey Plaza. One was Howard Hunt. Then they drifted over to an empty boxcar sitting on the railway spur behind the grassey knoll area, and waited. A Dallas police officer ordered two Dallas cops to »go over to the boxcar and pick up the tramps«. The three ‘tramps’ paraded around Dealey Plaza to the Police Department in the Dal-Tex Building. They were held there until the alarm went out to pick up Oswald; then they were released, without being booked. In all, ten men were arrested immediately after the shooting; all were released soon after; none were booked; not a word about their existance is mentioned in the Warren Report.
Regarding Lee Harvey Oswald: Officer Tippitt was dispatched in his police radio car to the Oak Cliff Section, where Oswald had rented a room. Tippett may have met Oswald on the street. He may have been supposed to kill Oswald, but something went wrong. Tippett was shot by two men using revolvers. The »witness«, Domingo Benavides, who used Tippitt’s police car radio to report »we’ve had a shooting here«, may have been one of the men who shot him. (A Domingo Benavides« appears in connection with the Martin Luther King shooting also.) Oswald went to the movies. A »shoe store manager« told the theatre cashier that a suspicious looking man had sneaked in without paying. Fifteen assorted cops and FBI charged out to the movie theatre to look for the guy who had sneaked in. Oswald had a pistol that wouldn’t fire. It may have been anticipated that the police would shoot the »cop-killer« for »resisting arrest«. But since that didn’t happen, the Dallas police brought Oswald out for small-time Mafia Jack Ruby to kill two days later.
Brading stayed at the Teamster-Mafia-Hoffa-financed »Cuban Hotel« in Dallas.
Ruby had gone to the Cabana the night before the murder, says the Warren
Report. The rest, as they say, is history. Onassis was so confident of his control
over police, media, FBI, CIA, Secret Service and the U.S. Judicial System

that he had JFK murdered before the eyes of the entire nation; then systematically bought off, killed off, or frightened off all witnesses and had the evidence destroyed; then put a 75 year seal of secrecy over the entire matter. Cover up participants included among many: Gerald Ford on the Warren Commision (a Nixon recommendation): CIA attorney Leon Jaworski, of the CIA front Anderson Foundation, representing Texas before the Commission to see that the fair name of Texas was not besmirched by the investigation; CIA-Dallas Chief John McCone, his assistant; Richard Helms; and a passle of police, FBI, news media, etc.
Johnny Roselli received part of his pay off for the head shot on JFK in the form of a $250,000 »finder’s fee for bringing »Hughes« (Onassis) to Las Vegas in 1967. Jimmy Frattiano’s pay-off included $109,000 in »non-repayable loans«, from the S.F. National Bank (President: Joe Alioto). Credit authorization for the series of loans from 1961 to 1965, came from Joe Alioto and a high Teamster official. Dun and Bradstreet noted this transaction in amazement, listing how Frattiano could explain so much »credit« as his only known title (listed in D&B) was »Mafia-Executioner«. Frattiano went around for years bragging about it: »Hi there, I’m Jimmy Frattiano, Mafia Executioner….« A bank V.P. told the whole story to the California Crime Commission, where Al Harris, who later shot off his mouth a little too much—“Heart attacked«. When last seen March, 1975, Frattiano was testifying before a S.F. Grand Jury in regard to his participation, with East Coast Mafia Tony Romane, in the Sunol Golf Course swindle (which cost S.F. somewhere between $100,000 in »non-repayable loans« to start a trucking company in the Imperial Valley, where he engaged in a lot more swindling—involving U.S. Government member explained, »The Mafia is doing business directly with the U.S. Government now«. Brading was questioned by the FBI two months after his arrest and released in Dallas as part of the Warren Commission’s determination to »leave no stone unturned« in its quest for the truth about the JKF assassination. In spite of the fact that Brading was a known criminal with an arrest record dating back about twenty years, the FBI reported that Brading knew nothing whatsoever about the assassination. Brading became a charter member of the La Costa Country Club, Mafia heaven down near San Clemente. He also became a runner for the skim money from the Onassis »Hughes« Las Vegas casinos to Onassis’ Swiss Banks.

GERALD FORD; of the Warren Commission went on to become President by appointment of Nixon, then in danger of even further and more serious exposure—from which position of trust Ford pardoned Nixon one month later, for »any and all crimes he may have committed.« That covers quite a lot but Ford is good at covering things up. McCONE; the head of CIA-Dallas, went on to become a member of the ITT Board of Directors sitting right next to Francis L. Dale, the head of CREEP.
RICHARD HELMS; McCone’s assistant at Dallas, ultimately has been rewarded with the post of CIA Director.
LEON JOWARSKI; CIA Attorney, became the Watergate Prosecuter, replacing Cox, who was getting too warm. Jowarski turned in a startling performance in our »government-as-theatre« the honest, conscientious investigator who »uncovered« not a bit more than he had to and managed to steer everybody away from the underlying truth.
Dr. »RED« DUKE; the man who dug two bullets out of Connelly and saved his life was shipped off to a hospital in Afghanistan by a grateful CIA.
JIM GARRISON; New Orleans D.A. who tried to get Eugene Brading out of L.A. (but used one of Brading’s other aliases, Eugene Bradley, by mistake), had his witnesses shot out from under him, and was framed on charges of bribery and extortion. FBI officers »confiscated« photos of Brading taken on the scene, etc.
After JKF’s death, Onassis quickly established control over Lyndon Johnson
through fear. On the trip back to Washington, Johnson was warned by radio
relayed from an air force base; »There was no conspiracy, Oswald was a
lone nut assassin. Get it Lyndon? Otherwise, Air Force might have unfortunate
accident on flight back to Washington.« Onassis filled all important government
posts with his own men. All government agencies became means to accomplish
an end: rifle the American Treasury, steal as much as possible, keep the people
confused and disorganized and leaderless; persuade world domination. JFK’s
original »Group of 40” was turned over to Rockefeller and his man, Kissinger,
so that they could more effectively take over South America (Onassis was
one of the first to console Jackie when she got back from Dallas with JFK’s
body.) Silva, a S.F. private detective hired by Angelina Alioto to get the goods

on philandering Joe, followed Joe Alioto to Vacaville, to the Nut Tree Restaurant, where Joe held a private meeting with other Mafioso to arrange the details of the JFK assassination pay off to Frattiano.
1967: Onassis has always enjoyed the fast piles of money to be made through
gambling (in Manaco, in the 50’s and in Cuba under Battista). Onassis took
over Las Vegas in 1967, via the »Hughes« cover. U.S. Governmet officials
explained that it was alright because »at least Hughes isn’t the Mafia.« Mafia
Joe Alioto had Presidential ambitions, shored up by his participation in the
Dallas pay-off. Everyone who helped kill JKF got a piece of the U.S. pie. But
J. Edgar Hoover, FBI head, blew his cover by releasing some of the raw FBI files on Alioto at the Democratic National Convention. Joe was out of the running for V.P. and Humphrey had to settle for Muskie. Humphry planned to come to S.F. for a final pre-election rally, sparked by Joe Alioto. Roberts threatened to blow the hit-run story plus its Mafia ramifications open if Humphrey came to S.F. Humphrey didn’t come; Humphrey lost in San Francisco, California and the election.
October 1968: Jackie Kennedy was now »free« to marry Onassis. An old Mafia rule: if someone welches on a deal, kill him and take his gun and his girl: in this case, Jackie and the Pentagon.
July, 1969: Mary Jo Kopechne, devoted JFK girl, and later one of Bobby’s
trusted aides, was in charge of packing up his files after his assassination in
L.A. She read too much, learned about the Kennedy Mafia involvement and other things. She said to friends: »This isn’t Camelot, this is murder.« She was an idealistic American Catholic. She didn’t like murdering hypocrites. She died trying to get off Chappaquiddick Island, where she had overheard (alonf with everyone else in the cottage) Teddy Kennedy’s end of the D.H. Lawrence cottage telephone calls from John Tunney and to Joe Alioto, and Democrat bigwigs Swig, Shorenstein, Schumann and Bechtel. Teddy’s good friend John Tunney called to complain that Alioto’s friend Cycil Magnin and others had tried to bribe Jess Unruh to switch from the Governor’s race to run for the Senate for the seat John Tunney wanted so that Alioto would have an easier run for Governor. Teddy called Alioto, who told him to go to hell; then Teddy called the rest to arrange for yet another Mafia murder.
Mary Jo, up to there with Mafia ran screaming out of the cottage on her way
to Nader. Drunken Teddy offered to drive her to the ferry. Trying to get away

from curious Sheriff look, Teddy sped offf toward the Bridge, busted Mary Jo’s nose when she tried to grab his arm from the back seat, and bailed out of the car as it went off the bridge. Mary Jo with a busted nose, breathed in an air bubble in the car for more than two hours waiting for help, while Teddy, assuming she was dead, to set up an alibi. Mary Jo finally suffocated in the air bubble, diluted with carbon dioxide. It took her 2 hours and 37 minutes to suffocate while Teddy called Jackie and Onassis on the Christina. Teddy also clled Katherine Meyer Graham, lawyers, etc. Jackie called the Pope on Teddy’s behalf, who assigned Cardinal Cushing to help. The next morning, the first person Teddy tried to call after deciding he’d have to take the rap himself was a lawyer, Burke Marshall, Onassis’s friend in the U.S. Liberty shipps deal back in the forties and also the designated custodian for JFK’s brains after Dallas (the brains have since disappeared). Cover-up of the Chappaquiddick murder required the help of Massachusetts Highway Patrol, which »confiscated« the plates from Teddy’s car after it was fished out of the pond: the Massachusetts Legislature, which changed a 150 year old law requiring an autopsy (which would have revealed the suffocation and broken nose); Coroner Mills, who let Kennedy’s aide K. Dun Grifford, supply him with a death certificate, already prepared for Hill’s signature, listing cause of death as drowning: Police Chief Arenas: Cardinal Cushing’s priest who appeared before the Kopechne’s »direct from God« with personal instructions from Him that Mary Jo was not to be disturbed; a Pennsylvania mortuary where Mary Jo’s broken nose was patched up, East and West phone companies, whiched clamped maximum security on the records of calls to and from the cottage. S.F. Police Chief Cahill was reassigned to a new job; Security Chief for Pacific Telephone. The U.S. Senate, who never said a word about Teddy’s (required equipment) plug-in phone; the judge who presided over the mock hearing; James Feston, editor of Martha’s vineyard’s only newspaper, who never heard a word about Teddy’s phone at the cottage, though residents called in to tell the newspaper; the New York Times, Washington Post, etc. John Tunney’s sister, Joan, heard her brother’s end of the phone call, made from her house in Tiburon, to the Chappaquiddick cottage. The next day, after Mary Jo died, Joan ran away to Norway, where she was kidnapped by Mafia hoods Mari and Adamo. They locked her up in a Marseille heroin factory. Joan’s husband complained so she chopped his head off with an ax, and was subsequently locked up in a nuthouse belonging to the Marquess of Blandford, then Tina Livanos Onassis’ husband. Mari and Adamo got pressed into scrap metal in a New Jersey auto junkyard.

In the panic of trying to cover up Teddy’s quilt at Chappaquiddick, many things came unglued. The JFK murder threatened to creep out of the woodwork again; Black Panthers Hampton and Clark were murdered (the Chicago cops fired over Attorney Charles Garry’s because of what they knew about the JFK murder squad’s presence at Chicago on November 1,1963.
September 1969: »Gemstones«, with histories, had been released around the globe for several years. In 1969, Roberts gave a Gemstone with history to Mack, head of California CREEP, for Nixon, with the proposition: the Presidency in return for wiping out the Mafia. The »history« included Teddy’s phone calls to and from the Lawrence Cottage on Chappaquiddick billed to Teddy’s home phone in Havannisport. Nixon being Mafia himself, wasn’t interested; but kept the information to use on Teddy whenever it seemed advantageous.
May 4, 1970: Charlotte Ford Niarchos called her ex-husband Stavros, worried about the Ford Foundation’s involvement in the Chappaquiddick cover-up. Eugenie Livanos Niarchos, in bed with her husband, overheard the conversation. Stavros was forced to beat her to death; he ruptured her spleen and broke the cartilage in her throat. Cause of death was listed as »overdose of barbituates,« though autopsy showed these injuries.
NOTE: L. Wayne Rector was hired around 1955 by the Carl Byoir P.R. Agency (Hughes L.A. P.R. firm) to act as Hughes double. In 1957 when Onassis grabbed Hughes, Rector continued to act as his stand-in. Rector was the Hughes surrogate in Las Vegas; Robert Maheu actually ran the show; Maheu got his orders from Onassis; the six »nursemaids«, called the »Mormon Mafia«, kept Rector sealed off from prying eyes.
June 17, 1969: Bobby Kennedy knew who killed his brother; he wrote about
it in his unpublished book, The Enemy Within. When he foolishly tried to
run for President, Onassis had offed, usinf=g a sophisticated new technique
hypnotized Sirhan, Sirhan shooting from the front »security guard« (from
Lockheed Aircraft). Thane Cesar shooting from two or three inches away
from Bobby’s head from the rear. Sirhan’s shots all missed. Evelle Younger,
then the L.A. District Attorney, coverer it all up including the squawks of
the L.A. Coroner Thomas Noguchi. Younger was rewarded with the post
of California Attorney General later. His son, Eric Younger, got a second

generation Mafia reward; a judge-ship at age 30. (See Ted Charach, L.A. author and director, The Second Gun, a documentary film on the RFK murder, bought and suppressed by Warner Brothers for more details). After Bobby’s death, Teddy knew who did it. He ran to Onassis afraid for his life and swore eternal obedience. In return, Onassis granted him his life and said he could be President, too, just like his big brother, if he would behave himself and folow orders.
September 16, 1968: Hit and run accident on Robert’s car parked in front of the Russian consulate on S.F. who routinely takes pictures of everything that goes on in front of the consulate. Their photos showed the license plate of the hit and run car UKT-264, on a blue Cadillac belonging to Angela Alioto, Joe’s daughter, being driven by Tom Alioto, Joe’s son whose driving license had been revoked. His license and the cars license were both fraudulent. To cover up the hit and run circumstances, B.F. MPJ’s from the Presido quickly staged a few more hit and runs on the same corner all duly filmed by the Russians. Katheryn Hollister, the Alioto family nurse was »persuaded« to take the rap for the hit and run. Roberts threatened to spill the whole story in court with photos. Next evening Brading and Frattiano showed up in the Balck Magic Bar, Brading wearing his x-marked hat from Dallas to see whether Roberts recognized it, how much he knew, etc. A S.F. MP from the Presidio piped up from the end of the bar, »Iheard they let everyone with an X-marked hatband through the police lines at Dallas«. Cover up support for Alioto in the hit and run was completed.
End of 1970: Howard Hughes presence on earth no longer required. His
handwritting could be duplicated by a computer. His biography all the known
facts about his life had been compiled and a computerized biography issued
to top Hughes executives. His double – Rector – had been doing »Hughes«
for years. And Hughes was ill. Clifford Irving, author of Hoax, about an art
forger, became interested in »Hughes«. Living on Ibazza, he heard the
Mediterranean gossip that »Hughes« was a hoax, too. He went to »Hughes«
so-called »Mormon Mafia«, the six nursemaids for information. One of them,
Merryman perhaps, tired of the game, gave Irving the computerized Hughes
biography and from it Irving wrote his »autobiography«. Hughes’ death was
expected shortly. Preparations were being made so that it would not interfere
with the orderly continuation of his empire. Irving wrote his book and the
publishers anounced it. Onassis knew someone had given Irving the

information. He thought it was Maheu and fired him in November, 1970. On Thanksgiving Eve, 1970, in the middle of the night »Hughes« (Rector made a well-publicized »secret departure« from Las Vegas to the Bahamas).
December 1970: Onassis discovered his mistake and had Merryman killed. Robert Maheu accidentally deprived of his half-million dollars annual salary, sued »Hughes« for millions mentioning »Hughes« game plan for the purchase of Presidents, governors, Senators, judges, etc. Onassis paid off cheap at the price to maintain his custodianship of »American democracy« and the »free world« and keep from hanging for multiple murders. The »Hughes« Mormon Mafia party, plus Rector, fled around the world from the Bahamas where they murdered an uncooperative Governor and Police Chief, to Nicaragua, where they shot the U.S. Ambassador between the eyes for noticing that there wasn’t really any Hughes; and then to Canada, where Mormon Mafia nursemaid Sckersley looted a goodly sum in a swindle of the Canadian Stock Exchange; and on to London to Rothschild’s Inn of the Park.
April 18, 1971: Howard Hughes, a human vegetable as the result of serious brain damage during his 1957 hustle, plus fourteen years of heroin, grew sicker and sicker. A final overdose of heroin did him in. His coffin was lowered into the sea from a rocky headland off the coast of Skorpios. Present at the funeral were: Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Teddy Kennedy, Francis L. Dale, Director of CREEP, and a South Vietnamese cardinal named Thue. Onassis allowed some pictures to be taken from a distance; he himself did not appear.
The pictures were published in Midnight, a Canadian tabloid. Albanian
frogmen, tipped off, were waiting under the water. They siezed the coffin
and took the corpse off to Yugoslavia, then to China, Russia and then perhaps
to Boston in a foot locker. The corpse’s dental work was compared to Hughes
very own dental records and they matched. News of Hughes death, the U.S.
take-over by Onassis and the facts surrounding the murders of JFK, RFK,
Martin Luther King, Mary Jo Kopechne, and many more and the subsequent
cover-ups (involving still more murders) had been circulating around the
globe for several years. Any country with this information can blackmail the
U.S> Mafia government, which has no choice but to pay up. The alternative
is to be exposed as a bunch of treasonous murderers. This is why China-hating,
red-hating Nixon was forced to recognize China (which he now claims as
his greatest accomplishment). And this is also why the USSR walks off with
such good deals in U.S. loans, grains and whatever elst it wants. All they

have to do is mention those magic words – ‘Hughes, JFK, RFK, MLK, Mary Jo – and the U.S. Mafia government crawls into a hole. Information once leaked can’t be unleaked. The only way to end the delema is through a nuclear war and that wouldn’t be one-sided. The other way would be to throw the Mafia out of the United States. Starting at the top with Ford, Rockefeller and Kissinger. Super-patriots please note: No one, not all of the radicals and subversives hounded by the US domestic intelligence put together has done one fraction of the damage done to US economy, morality, power and prestige as by the theives at the top. On the day that Hughes was buried, Clifford Irving’s wife presented a publisher’s check mode out to »H. Hughes« to Onassis’ Swiss Bank for payment. Onassis paid off cheaply at the price. Gemstone papers rolling around the world here and abroad kept the situation hot. Everyone was nervous. Rockefeller gave Kissinger $50,000 for Carlson and Brisson to write their ‘expose’ The Alioto Mafia Web for LOOK magazine. Their mission: find out everything that was public record about Alioto’s connection with the JFK murder. There was a pay-off to Frattiano, listed in D&B. They were to explain it any way that didn’t lead back to Dallas. The idea was to get Alioto to quietly go away but still keep the lid on everything.
May, 1971: Tina Livanos Onassis Blandford married Starvon Niarchos, her former brother-in-law until he killed her sister, Eugenie.
May, 1971: »Folk Hero« Daniel Ellsberg, a well-known hawk from the Rand Corporation, who had designed the missile ring around the »Iron Curtain« countries (how many missiles to aim at which cities) was told to release the faked-up »Pentagon Papers« to help distract people from Hughes, JFK, RFK, MLK etc. The papers were carefully designed by Ellsberg and his boss, Rand Chief and new World Bank Chief Bob (Body Count) McNamara, to make the Vietnamese War look like »just one of those incredibly dumb mistakes«. This helped to cover up the real purpose of the war: continued control, for Onassis and his friends of the Golden Triangle dope trade: Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia; and for Onassis and the oil people of Eastern oil sources, to say nothing of control over huge Federal sums, which could be siphoned off in profitable arms contracts, or conveniently ‘disappear’ in the war effort.
McNamara’s ‘World Bank’ handing-out of American money to ‘starving nations’
actually set up huge private bank accounts for various dictators in the Onassiscontrolled
Swiss bank. The money could be used as needed to support and
extend Mafia operations. Example: $8 billion in World Bank funds for ‘starving

Ethiopians’ wound up in Emperor Haile Selassie’s personal accounts in the Swiss bank. This would make him the richest individual in the world, but other dictators have Swiss bank accounts too. Perhaps they are even larger. The money drained from America and other captive Mafia nations feeds a greed that can never be satisfied.
Rand Corp., one of our major ‘think tanks’ has another goody in store for the public: »Project Star« – Rand’s cover-up fallback version of the JFK murder held in reserve should public restlessness over the Warren Commission Report cover-up ever threaten to get out of hand. That ought to confuse the people for at least another twelve years, and by that time most of us will be dead anyway….
NOTE IN PASSING: The dope trade routes are: Golden Triangle to Taiwan to San Francisco. Heroin from the Golden Triangle was sometimes smuggled into San Francisco in the bodies of American GIs who died in battle in Vietnam. One body can hold up to 40 pounds of heroin, crammed in where the guts would be. Some dope gets pressed into dinner plates and painted with pretty patterns. One dope bust in S.F. alone yielded $6 billion in herion ‘china plates’ – the largest dope bust in history. It was quickly and completely hushed up by the S.F.-Mafia press. The dope sat in the S.F.P.D. for a while, then was removed by FBI men and probably sent on its way to American veins. All this dope processing and shipping is controlled and supervised by the Mafia for the Mafia. Dope arrests and murders are aimed at independant pushers and maverick peddlers and smugglers who are competing with or holding out on the Mafia. While Nixon was conducting his noisy campaign against dope smuggling accross the Mexican border, his dope officer in charge of protecting the Mafia dope trade was E. Howard Hunt! Lots of heroin gets processed in a Pepsi Cola factory in Laos. So far, it hasn’t produced a single bottle of Pepsi Cola. Some dope gets processed in heroin factories in Marseilles. (See the French Connection). Still more dope comes from South America --- cocaine and new heroin. US aid went to build a highway accross Paraguay. Useless for the natives who have no cars. (They use it for sunbathing in the day), it becomes the longest landing strip in the world and serves airplanes loaded with cocaine. It is financed by US tax money for the benifit of the international Mafia dope pushers. And then there is opium from Turkish morphine. This was the starting point of Onassis’ fortune.

In case one is still wondering whether the Mafia can actually get away with such things, consider the benifits derived from controlling the stock market, the courts, the police, etc. In one swindle alone; the 1070 acquisition by »Hughes« of »Air West«, which involved swindling Air West stockholders of $45 million. Recently indicted for this swindle by the SEC in a civil suit were »Howard Hughes« and Jimmy (the Greek) Snyder, not usually associated with the Hughes crowd, and others.
June 1971: Ney York Times began publishing the Pentagon Papers, Rand Corp’s prepared cover-up of the real reasons for the Vietnamese war. Nixon had gotten a copy of the first Gemstone Papers circulated in the U.S. back in 1969. He was now wondering how much information Democratic Chairman Larry O’Brien had about Hughes, Onassis, JFK, RFK, etc. and more specifically how much of the dirt the Democrats planned to use. Nixon set up the »plumbers unit« to stop security leaks, investigate other security matters. Erlichman, Krogh, Liddy, Hunt, Young, etc. Hunt as »White House consultant« supposedly worked for the Mullen Corp. a CIA cover. Mullen’s head client was »Howard Hughes« Robert Bennett was the head of the Mullen Corp.
June 28, 1971: Ellsberg indicted for leaking the Pentagon Papers.
September 3, 1971: The Watergate team broke into Ellsberg’s docter’s (Fielding’s) office to get Ellsberg’s psychiatric records. Team members CIA Hunt and Liddy, Cuban »Freedom fighters« De Denio, Martinez, Bernard Barker. All except Liddy had worked together back at the Bay of Pigs.
Question: Why the intense battle between Mafia forces? Answer: While Onassis was the recognized crowned head of the Mafia, intense, no holdsbarred scuffling for the lucrative second spot (control of U.S. Presidency, government and so on) was permissible and encouraged under the Mafia code of rules. The only stipulation: Outsiders mustn’t know about it. »Hughes« contributed liberally and equally to both Democratic and Republican parties for the 1972 election. The winner would get even more for »Hughes«.
September 23, 1971: E. Howard Hunt spliced up the phoney cables implicating JFK’s administration in the Diem assassination.

October, 1971: Look magazine apologized to Alioto for their Alioto Mafia Web article and folded. The sticking point: they couldn’t prove Alioto’s Mafia Nut Tree meeting back in 1963 re: the JKF murder.
November, 1971: Alioto re-elected S.F. mayor.
December, 1971: Robets applied for a »Gemstone« visi from the Russian Consulate on a tapped phone. Phone was tapped by Hal Lipset, S.F. private investigator, who worked for Katherine Meyer Graham and others, and routinely monitored Consulate phone calls.
January, 1972: The Watergate team showed up at the San Francisco Drift Inn, a CIA-FBI safe-house hangout bar, where Roberts conducted a nightly Gemstone rap for the benefit of any CIA or FBI or anyone who wandered in for a beer. James McCord, Martinez, Bernard Barker, Garcia and Frank Sturgis showed up – along with a San Francisco dentist named Fuller. James McCord remarked: »Sand and Arab oil with hydrogen heat makes glass brick threat of war to Arab nations«. The event, like the other nightly raps, was taped by the Drift Inn bartender, Al Stern, who was paid to do so by his old friend, Katherine Graham, but told his other friend, Roberts, about it. The bar was also wired for sound by Arabs, Russians and Chinese.
January 27, 1972: Liddy and Dean met in Mitchell’s office, with Liddy’s charts for his $1 million »plan« for spying, kidnapping, etc. The plans included breaking into Hank Greenspun’s Las Vegas office safe, in hopes of recovering Greenspun’s file: on the Hughes kidnapping and Onassis’s Vegas operations, which Greenspun had successfully used to blackmail Onassis out of $4 million or so. A »Hughes« get away plane would stand by to take the White House burglers to Mexico.
February, 1972: Liddy and Hunt traveled around a lot, using »Hughes Tool Co.« calling cards, and aliases from Hunt’s spy novels.
Liddy, Hunt and other Watergaters dropped by for a beer at the Drift Inn,
where they were photographed on bar stools for Katherine Graham. These
photos were later used in the Washington Post, when Liddy, Hunt and others
were arrested at Watergate because CIA men like Liddy and Hunt aren’t
usually photographed. Roberts quoted to Liddy »the Chinese stock market

in cars« the price on Onassis’s head by the ear in retaliation for a few things Onassis had done; on Wayne Rector, the Hughes double; Eugene Wyman, California Democratic Party Chairman and Mafia JFK pay off bagman; and on Lyndon Johnson »four bodies twisting in the breeze«.
Robert’s quoting prices to Liddy at the Drift Inn made their deaths a mortal cinch. Liddy’s like that and that’s why the murdering slob was picked by the Mafia. »Gemstones« rolling around the Drift Inn in February inspired Liddy’s Gemstone plan that became Watergate.
February, 1972: Francis L. Dale, head of CREEP and ITT Board of Directors member, pushed Magruder to push Liddy into Watergate. In a Mafia-style effort to shut Roberts up, his father was murdered by »plumbers« team members Liz Dale (Francic L. Dale’s ex-wife), Martinez, Gonzalez, Barker; in Hahnemann’s hospital, S.F. where Mr. Roberts had been take after swallowing a sodium morphate »pill« slipped into his medicine bottle at home by Watergate locksmith (Miami’s »Missing Link« locksmith shop) Gonzales.
The pill didn’t kill him. He had a weak digestion and vomitted enough of
the sodium morphate up (it burned his lips and tongue on the way out) but
he had emphyxema and went to the hospital. In the hospital, »nurse« Liz
Dale and »doctor« Martinez assisted him to sniff a quadruple-strength can
of aerosol medicine enough to kill him the next day. The day before, Tisseront,
head of the College of Cardinals at the Vatican, was pushed out of a Vatican
window. Tisseront had followed the career of the present Pope, Montini
(whose mother was Jewish). Montini sodium-morphate murdered Pope Pius
XI; was banished from Rome for it by Pius XII; became Pope in 1963. Tisseront
wrote it all down; called the Pope »The Deputy of Christ at Auschwitz«, and
the fulfillment of the Fatima 3 Phophecy: that »The anti-Christ shall rise to
become the head of the Church«. Tisseront also wrote about all the suppressed
secrets of the Roman Catholic Church: i.e. that Jesus Christ was an Arab,
born April 16, 6 B.C. at the rare conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. Arab
(Persian) astronomers (the Magi) came to Bethlehem to look for their king,
an Arab baby and found him in a stable, because the Jews wouldn’t let Arabs
Joseph and Mary into their nice clean inns, even then. When Jesus overturned
the tables of the money lenders at the Temple, the Jews had the Romans
nail him to a cross. He died on the cross when the Roman soldiers stuck
a spear in his side, pulled out his liver, and ate it. Tacitus, the Roman historian,
described it all in a chunk of history deleted by the Church. Nero burned

Rome but that didn’t stop the spreading of Moses’ teachings by the early Christians, (Arabs). So the Romans decided to adopt the religion, clean it up, make Christ a Jew and Mary a virgin, and work out a chruch state deal to fool the people in the name of God and country that had been operating ever since. Around 311 A.D. at the Council of Nicasa the Christian Orthodoxy was established; a dissenting bishop had his hands chopped off; another bishop was assigned to round up all the old copies of the Bible and destroy them in favor of the »revised« de-Arabized version. Cleaned up Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were declared »it«, the other Gospels were declared Apocryphal, and heretical. Roman Emperor Constantine became the first »Christian« emperor. Later during the holy crusades the Bible was again rewritten to include Jesus’ warning against the »yellow race«.
»27 Gemstones, with histories, to 27 countries brought Red China into the
U.N. and threw Taiwan out.
April, 1972: Money pours into CREEP: »Gulf Resources and Chemicals Corp., Houston, Texas« contributes $100,000; illegal laundered through Mexico, comes back through Liedtke of Pennzoil Corp., Houston. Robert Vesco gives Maurice Stans $200,000 »campaign contributions«, etc. Liddy gives McCord $76,000. McCord buys $58,000 worth of bugging equipment, cameras, etc.
May, 1972: J. Edgar Hoover had the Gemstone File: threatened to expose Dallas-JFK in an »anonymous« book, The Texas Mafia. Instead, someone put sodium morphate in his apple pie. The corpse was carted away from his home in the back seat of a V.W.—and his files were »burned« but some of them got away.
May 28, 1972: First break-in at Watergate: McCord, Barker, Martinez, Garcia,
Gonzales, Sturgis, DeDiego and Pico stood guard outside. Hunt and Liddy
directed the operation from a (safe?) distance—across the street. The object
was to check on Onassis’s two men to Democratic Party HQ: Larry O’Brien
and Spencer Oliver. (O’Brien chief »PR: client had been »Hughes«; Oliver’s
father worked for Onassis). McCord wire-tapped their phones. But!!!! little
did McCord know that the plumbers were being observed by Hal Lipset,
Katherine Graham’s S.F. detective who had followed two of the plumbers
from Liz Dale’s side in S.F. to Watergate. Lipset »watched in amazement«
as the Plumbers broke in and bugged the phones: then reported back to

his boss Katherine Graham. Lipset and Graham set the trap for the Watergaters when they returned to remove their bugs and equipment.
»The style of the old Holy Roman Empire: a slave nation paying tribute to
the conqueror.«
October, 1973: Another »Holy War”—Israelis VS Arabs..
January, 1974: Joe Alioto grants Sunol Golf Course lease to Mafioso Komano, Frattiano, Nuniz, Madiros, Abe Chapman and Neil Neilson. Alioto sets up the Dallas murder squad in S.F. for more murders.
January 26, 1974: »Hughes« extradition trial cancelled in Reno by »Alioto Mafia Web« Mafia Judge Thomson after Moses Lasky from Mafia Alioto’s California Crime Commission waves the forged »Howard Hughes« signature under his nose.
Maheu »wins« his damage suit against »Hughes« his blackmail pay-off after discussing Hughes’ »Game Plan« for buying control of the U.S> by buying politicians: governors, judges, senators and presidents.
February, 1974: Mafia Hearst’s daughter Patty »kidnapped« by Lipset’s SLA in a fake terrorist action.
Martin Luther King’s mother was murdered by a black student, a self declared »Israelite”—“acting alone« who was escorted to the church by somebody-and who had a list of other mothers as targets. Next day the target Shirley Chisholm got the message and rushed to sign off the DNC suit against CREEP naming Francis L. Dale; she had been the last to hold out.
April 4, 1974: Mary McCarthy, a writer who had been given a copy of the Gemstone file, said in an article in the New York Review of Books, that the key to the formation of Liddy’s Gemstone plan lay in the where-abouts and activities of the Plumbers between December, 1971 and February, 1972. Answer: They were in the Drift Inn, watching Gemstones rolling around on the bar top.

August 6, 1974: Nixon and Ford signed a paper at the White House. It was an agreement: Ford could be President. Nixon got to burn his tapes and files and murder anyone he needed to cover it all up.
August 7, 1974: Roberts passed information to Pavlov at the S.F. Russian Consulate which led directly to Nixon’s resignation the »more« journalism review’s story about Denny Walsh’s »Reopening of the Alioto Mafia Web story for the New York Times, killed in a panic«, plug a long taped discussion of who and what the Mafia is. Hal Lipset listened to the conversation in the bugged Consulate room, had the phone lines open to Rockefeller and Kissinger who listened too. Rockefeller sent Kissinger to the White House with Nixon’s marching orders: »Resign right now«. Nixon and Julie cried. But there was still some hope, if Nixon resigned immediately, of drawing the line somewhere-before it got to the King of the Mountain himself—Onassis. Nixon, on trial, would blurt out those names to save himself: Onassis, Dale, »Hughes«, even JFK.
August 8, 1974: Nixon stepped down, and Ford stepped up: to keep the cover-up going.
August 23, 1974: Frattiano in San Francisco, staying at the Sunol Golf Course.
More murders scheduled RE: Gemstone cover-up.
August 30, 1974: Ford hires Mafia lawer Becker to work out a pardon deal for Nixon, who might otherwise name Onassis, Graham, and Pope Martini to save himself.
San Francisco Zebra Murders: A series of »random« killings, dubbed »Zebra murders« by the police because supposedly blacks were killing whites. The real target was Silva, the witness to Alioto’s Mafia Nut Tree meeting. Silva was shot to death in an alley. Careful Mafia planning went into this series, to kill several birds with one stone. 1.) Get witness Silva out of the way, without being too »obvious« about it. 2.) Spread fear of »black terrorists« and convince people that the police department needed more money and more repressive power. 3.) Blame and frame Black Muslims, knock off leaders of the opposition.

September 7, 1974: Roberts made made an agreement with a friend, Harp, of Kish Realty, over a bugged phone. Harp was to buy a Gemstone with history for $500, the price of a trip to Canada for Roberts to check into the »Hughes« Mormon Mafia Canadian stock market swindle and other matters. But Harp was sodium-morphate poisoned before the deal could go through on this date.
Note: Sodium morphate: a favorite Mafia poison for centuries. Smells like apple pie, and is sometimes served up in one, as to J. Edgar Hoover. Sometimes in a pill or capsule. Symptoms: lethergy, sleep, sometimes vomiting. Once ingested, there is a heart attack and no trace is left in the body. Proof is in the vomit which is usually not analysed. Not mentioned in your standard medical book on poisons, etc. It is a common ingredient in rat poison.
September 8, 1974: Ford pardons Nixon for »all crimes committed« from June 20, 1969, (opps, make that January) through August, 1974.
Gemstone papers still floating around the world. Gandhi talks about the U.S.’ bloody deeds.
October, 1974: Ford drops »extradition« of Hughes from the Bahamas. Explanation: »We dropped it because we knew he wouldn’t come«. THAT’S FOR SURE.
»Four documents; four bodies twisting slowly in the breeze«.
Lyndon Johnson: Sodium morphate »heart attack« at his ranch on the
Pedernales River. Among his last words: »You know fellows, it really was
a conspiracy….«
Alexander Onassis’s plane crash at the »1000 foot Walter Reuther Level«, via a fixed altimeter, at Athens Airport.
Eugene Wyman: California Democratic Party Chairman and JFK assassinatin pay-off bagman: Heart attack.
L. Wayne Rector, Hughes’ double: Killed at Rothchild’s Inn of the Park, London.

»Started the Shattering of the Mafia Economy«.
March 18, 1973: Roberts called Hal Lipset, discussing all these matters publicly over a tapped phone. Lipset reported to Dean, who had hired him away from Graham, after they figured out who had taped the door at Watergate. (Mitchell: Katie Graham’s liable to get caught in a wringer«).
March 21, 1973: Nixon said that on this date, he »received new evidence on Watergate«. Lipset bragged on T.V. that he had been the one to bring new evidence to Nixon.
Meanwhile, back at the Washington Post, Katherine Graham had been feeding Woodward and Bernstein information for their articles.
May 10, 1973: The first witness at the Watergate hearing running down the names on the CREEP organizational chart, mentioned the name at the top:
Francis L. Dale, Chairman. Dale was never mentioned again during the rest of the trial.
July 9, 1973: Roberts had used Al Strom’s Drift Inn bar as an open lecture forum for any and all and Al Strom taped it, for his boss, Katherine Graham. But Al was fair and told Roberts he was doing it, for which he was murdered on this date.
August 1973: Murder of Chile, by Group of 40: (Rockefeller and his man Kissinger), working with the CIA and $8 million. Allende’s Chile. Admiral Noel Gaylor, Navel Intelligence, told Roberts 1 ½ years earlier that Chile would get it: Roberts warned the Chilean consul in advance: Allegria, now »teaching« at Stanford. ITT had now extracted $125 million payment for its Chilean plants, a good return for their $8 million. Mafia controlled Chile’s annual inflation rate has set a world’s record.
March 19, 1973: Dean to Nixon, nervously: »There is a cancer growing on the Presidency«.
October 3, 1974: The Watergate trial, the cover-up of the cover-up got underway, starting Montini’s Bon Veniste, Onassis’s Neal, Graham’s Jill Volner.

In the White House, Mafia Mayors Alioto, Daley and Beame met with the truth squad Ford, Scott and Griffin and Mike Mansfield, in secret.
October 10, 1974: Tina Livanos Onassis Blandford Niarchos, sodium morphate poisoned by hubby Stravos, puked, slept and died of »heart attack«.
Losing his son Alexander, took all the fun out of killing for Onassis. Who was there left to inherit the world empire he had dreamed of handing over to his son?
December, 1974: Brezhnev had scheduled a meeting with Sadat. The outcome wouldn’t help the U.S. no matter how many trips Henry made to the mid-East with clean socks and blank checks. A new U.S. »secret weapon« was apparently used, a tiny speck of metal, introduced somehow into Brezhnev’s lymph system. It lodged in the cluster of lymph nodes over his heart, and there it was coated with layers of, much as an oyster created a pearl around an irritating grain of sand. Brexhnev’s lymph system clogged up: he got the flu and the meeting with Sadat was cancelled.
Russian doctors X-rayed him and found a hugh lump in his chest. Then they put him before a Kirlian camera and checked his aura for cancer. No cancer.
Note: Kirlian photography is the latest Russian diagnostic tool. It reveals the presence of disease physical or moral (it also detects lies).
Brezhnev’s lump had to be treated with radiation therapy: hence the rumors he had cancer> It took six weeks to clear up.
March, 1975: Onassis died. The Mafia Organization regrouped itself. Prince Fisal watched his uncle, King Fisal, silently watch the shift of Mafia Power and couldn’t stand it anymore. He shot his uncle, the spiritual leader of 60,000,000 Moslems, who had played ball with Onassis all along.
South Vietnam’s Thieu, dubious about which way the Mafia cooky would crumble, now that Onassis was dead, decided the time was right for him to split. He abandoned the war effort, cursed the U.S., and split for Taiwan, his plane so overloaded with gold bullion that he had to dump some of it overboard.

March 15, 1975: Roberts got the »Brezhnev Flu« and spent 2 weeks at U.C. Hospital. Doctors there without the Kirlian photography diagnostic technique, assumed the softball sized lump over his heart was cancer. It wasn’t.
April, 1975: The Cambodian domino was no fun at all – it fell right over.
Premier Lon Nol fled to exile in a Hawaiian suburb.
CIA chief Colby, in a fit of spite, leaked the stolen story of CIA Hughes Glomar Explorer’s raising of the drowned Russian sailors from their sunken nuclear submarine. Purpose: To bag the Russians and also to halt criticism of the CIA by pointing out how noble, brave and self-sacrificing they are in their efforts to save us.
The Russians are funny about their dead. They bitterly resented Colby’s game. They quietly went through a massive navel »war game«, the rehearsal of a nuclear attack on the U.S.
Which brings us almost to the present time. Ford, Kissinger and Rockefeller squat like toads on the corpse of America. By the time of the Bi-centenial the stink may be unbearable.
Ford now plans a propoganda mode version of his book, »Portrait of an Assassin«, which will reiterate the exploded cock and bull notion that Oswald was JFK’s lone assassin. With singular inept misunderstanding of the times, he seems to think Americans will take his word for it and be re-assured in the face of those crackpot conspiracy theories. He doesn’t seem to realize that he will be reminding or informing Americans of his role on the infamous Warren Commission.
I hope this outline will make individual Gemstone papers easier to understand.
-----END OF GEMSTONE FILE -------------------------------------------------




Chapter 21

Usage Guidelines for CTRL


Mission Statement
To go where many have tread before, to clarify, to identify and have fun; to create bibliographies and FAQs based on the combined research efforts of list participants.
Statement of Understanding
Rules of civility apply. Please let us keep some focus and let’s not post everything in the world to this list. CTRL is primarily a forum for serious discussion of conspiracy theory research; it is not a rumor mill. There are plenty of other lists with other foci which you can subscribe to if you have off-topic matters you wish to discuss with others.
Statements of Conjecture
A conspiracy theorist is a modern day heretic. Through its control of the media and ultimately the historical record itself, the established power structure denies the exposure of the hidden conspiratorial framework which allows it to operate with impunity.
In studying conspiracy theory, one finds many differing stories and spins.
Myself, I am researching to understand and hopefully help in a my own little
way to bring peace into this beautiful mudball we call home. Conspiracy
research customarily delves into questions of evil motives and agendas. I

believe evil is what man makes it. Man’s free will is the variable in life’s equation. The devil doesn’t »make« people do things—people choose to commit evil acts.
Based on my own research, I believe that a network or networks of multigenerational cults are fomenting conspiracy against mankind. Are there any good guys, really? Are there bad guys? Who’s to know? Like I said, there are many stories and many spins, all of which deserve much wider public debate in a forum such as CTRL. My personal take is that there is a definite group of »baddies« that move through various organizations at differing times and locales, similar to the plans which Adam Wieshaupt outlined in the Illuminati papers, which were seized by the Bavarian Government. (And there are those that put a whole another layer of conspiracy about that revelation).
There is much research and conjecture to draw from, and researchers may arrive at very similar, or completely different, conclusions. Lyndon LaRouche has his take on the conspiracy; A-albionic posits a power struggle between the Vatican and English Freemasonry; author John Daniel sees the conspiracy as a war between English and French Freemasonary. There are the Templers versus the Knights of St. John’s (Malta), there’s the Order of Skull & Bones, the Nazis and of course the all-encompassing, all-pervasive Illuminati. These a just a few examples of the various worldviews shared among conspiracy theorists. Amidst all these purported plots and sub-plots lies the role of organized religion and the recent disclosures regarding the relevations of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Hopefully CTRL can pull on the resources of the many to help us all understand and make use of that understanding to meet the future head on.
I do believe that we have an elite that suppresses both history and science.
I believe that we are in a time when all shall be made known, and I believe
it behooves us to understand the methods of propaganda that are being
used against our body politic. I believe that through our combined efforts,
we can progress from a society in which an elite uses the shield of secrecy
to abet their plans of darkness, into a new digital age which will breath new
life into our Republic, transforming it into a free and open society where

everyone has equal access to all information, the quintessential tap root of power.
Om, Shalom, Salaam. Peace Be Kris Millegan
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Chapter 22

I know what the NWO really is

Subject: I know what the NWO really is
Date: 23 May 2000 22:52:51 -0500
From: The guy called GoD <GoD@gOd.GoD>
Organization: Newscene Public Access Usenet News Service (
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
it is a new world »order«
a reversal
a balancing
an exchange of situation

different clans control each sector of the planet
for reasons of supply and conservation of
our planet’s natural resources
and conservation of the ecology of the planet

an agreement has been drafted between the clans
they either work together
and we all survive (speaking of clans)

or we look after ourselves (the sector of the planet)
and we all perish
therefore the agreement stands
that not all sectors will enjoy prosperity
some will have to suffer

the east until now had the duty
to make it’s people suffer
so that we (the west) could prosper

a change of guard is taking place
the fortunes will soon be reversed
and it will be
the turn of the west to suffer

this is what the New World Order is all about
it is planned and calculated

and this is why that George Bush Sr.
warned us about it’s approach
when he was president.