by Marc Lutter

from Academia Website

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  1. An over-all Briefing

  2. Something Weird

  3. Did Hillary give Rudy cancer?

  4. Illuminati Frontgroups

  5. JFK, Jr., and the ›13‹-Line

  6. Luciferian secrets of the U.S.P.S.

  7. New World Order

  8. Al Gore – Reagan Clone

  9. Media

  10. An Illuminati Outline of History

  11. Cosmic Conflict & the Da’ath Wars

  12. WHO murdered Africa

  13. What is REALLY going on?

  14. TSOG Theology [was CLINTON KILLS AGAIN]

  15. 1963: Dallas. The Government Decides That Truth Doesn’t Exist

  16. Diana: Loose Cannon Terminated by MI6

  17. Princess Diana is Still Alive

  18. Princess Di - The Horrible Truth!

  19. To understand how 666 relates to this discussion

  20. A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone Files

  21. Usage Guidelines for CTRL

  22. I know what the NWO really is