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January 22, 2012

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In light of the recent attacks to freedom of speech via the,

...this article has been moved from an obscure site to one that is more public.


The original article has been deleted and replaced with the updated version herein.


There have been two high profile attacks on free speech in the last week, one in Britain and the other in NZ, both sponsored out of the U.S.. Further, there is a good deal of confusion as to what laws are in place, what have been stopped and what else in in actual operation. We have to go by what is going on and confirmed by major media sources such as the BBC News.


As a result of these "arrests", confiscations and extraditions, no one is immune from this kind of action. If we fail to take action and the worst comes our way, we will have no one to blame but ourselves!

The term "useless eaters" was born out alienation from nature and form most of humanity in the developed world and those considered to be "in the way".


"Useless eaters" is a term that may include any animal that eats, such as wolves, cows, pest species like rats, racoons, pigeons and the like. But, useless animals are not included in what is defined as "useless eaters".


This is a particularly human label. It most certainly is applied to the poor people of the world by the elite who coined this term of denigration against the victims they rob collectively.


As such, the fate of "useless eaters" is like that of 3 million pigs in S. Korea that were surplus and could not find a market. They were simply buried alive and this was caught on film (9).


People are also classified as "useless eaters" if they do not fulfill some productive capacity in society as defined by the captains of that society. To them, productivity means the ability to make a profit for the boss.


If that does not happen and instead a loss occurs, then that instrument becomes useless in the equation of profit.


It matters little if that instrument is an obsolete machine or a worker who "costs too much" and "eats up the profit margin". This does not apply to the soldier who's principle function is to die for the profit of the war investor.

Who then is a useless eater?


Based on the basic premise of non productivity as defined, the "useless eater" can be defined by the list below.

  1. Pensioners

  2. Handicapped

  3. Hospitalized (chronic or ambulatory life support)

  4. Unemployed

  5. Mentally Challenged Persons

  6. Prisoners

  7. Dissenters and undesirables

How many are there in each group in U.S.?

  1. 100 million (2011) to 160 million (U.S. 2025). 1 in 3.3 soon to be 1 in 2: Approx. (2025)

  2. 52 million or about 1 in 5 complained of some level of disability in 2009

  3. 81.5 million, many seniors = 25 % population

  4. 35 million (2011 U.S.; 9.2 % Jul 2011)

  5. 1.5 million (those who faced mental conditions at least once in life)

  6. 2.4 million (U.S. ~ 0.8 % population incarcerated)

  7. Unknown but on the increase

Given the figures above, some of which are hard to find and some estimates, those who qualify as "useless eaters" range between 272.4 million (2011) to 330 million by 2025.


That figure ranges between about 87.41% (Sept. 2011) to 95 % (est. 2025) of the population in U.S.. Even now, that is the majority of the population. These figures are derived for the U.S. population by census set at 312.222 million people overall for 2011.


Given all these "useless eaters" what then is going to be done to "correct" the problem and move productivity closer to 100 percent instead of the measly 12.59% of the current population that is productive.

If history serves as any guide we can expect only the worst. Consider the problem of the original inhabitants of the western hemisphere that were "in the way" when the Europeans started arriving. Between 1830 and 1890 in particular, but extending all the way to 1519 "the problem" was dealt with by several means (7).


The primary ways was by encouraging inter tribal wars, by the destruction of the food base and through the spreading of biological weapons.


This does not include the differences in technology that gave the Europeans the edge considering that their numbers were puny compared to the tens of millions of original inhabitants arrayed against them. Originally, the Europeans fared poorly, but as more and more came over from all directions, it was only a matter of time before those in the way of the "new world" were removed so that places like New York, New Madrid, and other new places named after the old could be set up.


Moving forward, we see a similar pattern emerge in places of economic duress such as,

  • pre-Nazi Germany

  • Stalinist Russia

  • Maoist China

There is by now, dozens of vectors that refer to the New World Order (8).


This "new order" will be run much differently than what people have been used to up till recently. If successful, the New World Order,

The manipulated economic crisis of 2008 and thereafter is the first step of a several stage process.


It has a long history behind its development, but the result is what we see now with high unemployment and a growing population of retirees; all considered to be dead weight and "useless eaters".


As we see in the case of the S. Korean surplus pigs (9), the "useless eaters" will have to be "buried". If not alive, at least in a manner where they are no longer devouring all the wealth. It matters little if that wealth was created by these same "useless eaters" and their ancestors.


Now that it is being done cheaper of by machine, the "useless eaters" are as much in the way as the First Nations were in the way in an earlier era.


As in the first case, the "useless eaters" of today won't and don't have much say in the matter concerning their ultimate fate. We saw a hint of this during the catastrophe of hurricane Katrina where seniors were "euthanized" rather than moved.


People in prison were either left to drown or were later shot by the guards. Both cases caused a lot of controversy when exposed and those responsible were charged in both cases.

Into this mix is added propaganda and it filters to us by all the controlled media in terms such as sustainability, that popular buzzword for moving to a greener world. In other words, to have a sustainable world; to protect the environment, we have to get rid of useless consumerism, such as that conducted by all the "useless eaters" who eat up space, food, oil, electrical power, material resources and the like and add billions of tons of pollution.


We can easily change the way things are done so that hundreds of millions don't have to die so that the few can maintain their way of life as is. But even this is not permitted.


Knowledge as it turns out, like any other commodity, is a controlled substance, fine for the few, but illegal for the many. This fact is corroborated by the rapidly increasing censorship on the internet and the long standing, appalling conditions of the education system. In order for the elite to get to their god like position, they needed pack animals to do all the dangerous, dirty, hard, unhealthy, polluting and boring donkey work.


The best pack animals turned out to be fellow human beings.


Original pack animals were undesirable owing to the fact that once tired, they just stopped working, whereas people would continue to work even in the most appalling circumstances such as Peenemunde and Mittlewerk.


And now that robotics is taking over, the human version of pack animals are no longer required.


As the horse was replaced by the automobile and truck, so to the human equivalent will be replaced by robots and artificial intelligence. Even in the field of combat, the soldier is increasingly being replaced by drones. These parts of the process are already well advanced.

If the people take the negative option out of their educated ignorance and do nothing, this is what we can expect.


Wars will continue of course on the pretext of 'war against terror' and primarily for resources, growing space and incredibly; sustainability. Famines will be engineered (10, 11) as well as covert biological war (12) to make mass death look natural.


At this time, everything is in line for the big push to the New World Order of Bush, which has strongly announced its presence with the enactment of the NDAA, SOPA/PIPA and the Extradition Act.


The only problem is that the majority of people are not invited. It is thus time for so called useless eaters to become useful eaters and remove the real parasites form the human body politic, but so far, only a tiny number of people have even made a noise and/or taken counter action.

What then is to be done? The very first thing is to determine if you are among what is classified as a "useless eater".


Chances are very high that you are. If for no other reason as listed above, by simply reading this places you in that category as a political or otherwise dissident.


Once you are aware of this label with its associated death warrant, the next thing to do is educate, not only yourself, but everyone else that is within your voice, pen or keyboard. This needs to get out in order to put up an effective resistance to this upcoming pogrom.


What is needed is nothing short of a full blown world wide revolution to oust the very terrorists who are planning the next great genocide.


We will have to vote with our actions and not in useless and dithering ballots that only serve as a smoke screen and buys the elite time to effect this most historically horrendous crime against humanity.


We have been their commodities long enough and it is late in the day to move to an egalitarian society of true democracy of peers world wide where the resources are shared among all according to need instead of profit. This can only be done if we who do and have done all the labour work together in unity around the world.


We have to dump these evil and scheming parasites from our collective backs and send them where they intend to send us; the dustbin of history!





Take a hard look at how we are classified


Under the definition, anyone who is not productive, has ceased being useful,

is born and alive as useless and cannot provide

 for themselves and society is defined as a useless eater.



This is a graphic of the Georgia Guide stones which have messages written in 5 languages

with "10 commandments" for sustainable living including keeping the human population at 500 million.

It also serves as a marker for celestial alignments.



This is one way to dispense with useless eaters.

Economic collapse and hard times are often followed by war.



This is another way to eradicate useless eaters according to many.

Just spray them with poison like you would to get rid of ants or cockroaches.



Are these dolphins also useless eaters to be poisoned

along with the human useless eaters?



So tell us then:

Is this soaring eagle an useless eater

because it does not produce anything of value

except the next generation?